Monday Night Destruction (Date: 10th December 2001)

The beginning of a new era.. -part one

[ The scene opens up in the parking lot of an EWF arena. Wrestlers can be seen arriving to the arena, as a white Honda Civic can be seen pulling in. Chris Cage steps out of it to a mixed reaction from the crowd. He is wearing his usual black leather jacket, blue jeans and black Oakleys. He takes his bag out of his car, as he locks it and heads for the locker room.The scene goes back to ringside. ]

Announcer: Well, ladies and gentleman, “The Enigma” Chris Cage has arrived to the arena.

Announcer #2: What do you think he wants? I mean, he’s not scheduled for a match here tonight..

[ “I disappear” hits the P.A system to a mixed reaction, mostly cheers. ]

Announcer #1: I think we’re just about to find out…

[ Chris Cage steps through the curtains to cheers from the crowd as pyros starts shooting up the side of the ramp. He has a mic in hand, as he starts walking down the aisle. He slides into the ring, as he waits for the crowd to settle down before speaking. ]

Cage: I would like to address the EWF World Heavyweight champion, Havoc.

[ The crowd boos as they start a “Havoc sucks!” chant. ]

Cage: That’s right, Havoc does suck.

[ The crowd cheers to Cage’s comments. ]

Cage: That’s right Havoc, just as this 20,000 people think you suck, I feel the same way. You know, you can bring all the girls you want, hit all the interviewers you like, but it all comes down to this, I will be champion at CyberSlam.

[ The crowd erupts in cheers as Cage continues to speak. ]

Cage: So you think you’re a tough guy beating on interviewers? You think you’re great bringing chicks around? You know what? All this makes you nothing more than a worthless piece of crap that you already are. But you got one thing right, I lost my match on Monday. But think about it carefully, I didn’t get pinned for the first fall and I got disqualified for the second. They didn’t beat me fair and square. They can never beat me Havoc, and you know it. You know as well that I have all it takes, to beat you. That’s exactly what I’m going to do at CyberSlam, I’m gonna beat you and become World champion. And I’m gonna do it, fair and square.. so you can rest assure that Idol won’t be running down there. And yeah before I forget, Idol.. with all due respect, after I win the title.. I will give you a title shot, but you got one thing wrong.. I’m not going to lose.

[ The crowd gives a mixed reaction to what Cage just said. Cage drops the mic as his music hits, he leaves the ring and heads to the back as the scene fades to black. ]

There is a lot of shit flying around!I don’t know wot in the hell ppl are on!All rival/allies read!

(The Assassin is seen by a camera and zooms into him putting his dollar into the machine and getting a cheery coke out. The ripper walks up to him and begins to talk)

The Ripper – Hey bud!

Assassin – Yo ‘sup? Hey you’re here you feelin better?

Ripper – Not really i still have a fractured ligament in my knee but i should be alright for destruction!

Assassin – Wicked!

Ripper – I’m confused since i’ve been away for a bit wot the hell is going on?

Assassin – Pff i know about as much as you do! I do know though that we have two piece of crap bullshitters who fancy me because there devoting there career to me, really i’m honored! I just wanna know where they get there bullshit from like me training Inamoto?

Ripper – Wot the hell didn’t he train you for most of it?

Assassin – Near enough! We trained together and he taught me some of his most advanced techniques! Baz and Wiper reckon i’m trying steal the glory or summit!

Ripper – heh heh i don’t know what there talking about so i would just ignore them!

Assassin – heh heh those blumbering idiots keep slaggin me n u off when they addmitted to millions of the EWF fans that they’ve had one, i’ll repeat that ONE! match!So i don’t really know how that gives them the right to start telling me there gunna beat me!

Ripper – Its funny too because the one match they had was against us and we all know what the outcome was! We kicked there arses and we’re gunna do it again at cyberslam!

Assassin – Alright calm down RIP you’re startin to sound like the owl keep threatening to beat people when hes had the same amount of experience and matches in the EWF as us! Personally i’m gunna stay in the back seat of things until cyberslam!

Ripper – Why i like it when you get all worked up about people bullshitin stuff!

Assassin – Thats exactly the reason why i’m keepin a backseet. I’m goin into heavy trainin before cyberslam because i want those tag titles as much as you do!

Ripper – Then i’m joinin you!

Assassin -Way mate! Its definately sound like the old you whos back. If any insults come at us then its just goin straight over my shoulder with out a second though uless its a challenge worth exceptin.

Ripper – One thing though why exsactly did Owl leave us? and on top of that turn against us?

Assassin – Dunno but i’m leavin him alone he just likes to take things way out of proportion!

Ripper – Sounds alright then.

Assassin – I’ll also talk promos and to our allies! But my main focus is trainin for this match!

**The assassin drains the rest of his cherry coke put two dollars in the machine and gets another two. One he throws to the Ripper the other he keeps they both walk off and gt into separate limos and drive out of the car park and way out of sight!

Tag Team Match – Wyld Thyng and X Vs. The Ripper and The Assassin

Enter Sandman booms over the PA. Suddenly flames burst from the stage As X rises up through from the ramp through the flames. He walks to the middle of the ramp and holds up an “X” sign as Wyld Thyng descends from the rafters. The two walk down to the ring and go up opposite stairs from one another. They both climb on the turnbuckles and taunt the crowd. Then they get into the ring and punch hands. The fans then start to cheer as Sum 41- ‘In to deep’ hits the PA system and The Ripper and The Assassin make there way out. Clips are shown of there big hell in a cell match last week as the two men run and slide into the ring.

The Ripper start off with X and hits him with a Spinning wheel kick before whipping him in to the ropes and knocking him down with a clothesline. As Ripper picks up X he taunts Wyld Thyng to get into the ring before nailing X with a Twist of fate. Ripper then jumps to the top rope and attempts a Senton Bomb on X, but X rolls out of the way and makes the tag to Wyld Thyng.

Wyld Thyng knocks down Ripper with a big right hand before running across and nailing The Assassin off of the ring apron. Wyld Thyng then picks up Ripper and hits him with a huge fall away slam. The fan boo as Wyld Thyng tags in X. X then jumps up to the top rope and nails Ripper with a frog splash before making the cover. But he only gets a two count before Ripper kicks out. Both men then get to there feet but are both knocked back down after hitting each other with double clotheslines. Both men crawl to their corners and make the tag’s to their partners.

The Assassin hits Wyld Thyng with a belly to belly suplex and then with a short clothesline as he gets up. Assassin then goes to hit ‘The Assassin bomb’ onto Wyld Thyng much to the delight of the crowd. Assassin looks around and sees that no one else is standing in the ring apart from him. He then goes for the cover. 1..2..No! Joe Chambers who ran through the crowd broke up the count! The fans boo as ‘ChamberGod’ hits ‘The Providence’ his finishing move on Assassin before putting Wyld Thyng onto Assassin! 1..2..3!

The Winner’s of the match – Wyld Thyng and X!

After the match as the fans are booing Chambers who is taunting in the ring until Little Nikki makes his way through the crowd with a steel chair and nails Joe Chambers in the back of the head with it! The fans then cheer as Nikki stands over Chambers with the chair.

(no subject)

The scene opens up in a park. The camera focuses on The Spiker sitting on a bench in his street clothes. He’s wearing a bubble jacket, a pair of cargo pants and a dark-blue Yankees hat backwards.
When he sees the camera, he gets up form the bench and and gets into his 1969 Z-28 Camaro. The Spiker turns on the car and blasts away. Then you could see a shot of The Spiker in the Camaro driving.

Spiker: Yeah, right now we’re in the streets of Brooklyn, New York. This is my home town. I grew up here. This kind of reminds me of the wrestling business. I grew up here and I really didn’t have anything given to me, just like in the EWF. I had to work hard for what I got. My parents weren’t there to help me out with my math homework, or give me money for my college education. I had to work hard by myself to kepp off the streets.

The Spiker makes a sharp turn and continues driving down the street.

Spiker: I used to see some of my friends have their parents support them and I really wished I had that. My friend got a Mercedes Benz for his sixteenth birthday. I always thought of how lucky he was to get a car like that at such age from his parents. Also reminds me of some of the wrestlers here in the EWF. See, some of these guys here get everything too fast. What they don’t realize is that they’re not ready to take responsibility for it. But I’m alright with that because soon, when I get in a few of the bigger matches, everyone will see what The Spiker is made of.

The Spiker stops the car and gets out. The camera follows him. They seem to be at the bay. You could see The Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan right across the bank of water.

Spiker: You know what excites me the most about next Sunday, Cyberslam. It’s the fact that it will be held in my hometown of New York City. When I get into the ring with The Crow and The BeYoNdEr on December 16th, my actions will be a long standing testament for my purpose in this company.

The Spiker stands in front of the bay for a few minutes and watches the sun set behind the buildings. Then he gets into his Camaro and blasts away leaving the camera focused on the car as it leaves.

:::::FADE TO BLACK:::::

Special Guest Referee Match – The Spiker Vs. Stone Manson, Special Guest Referee: BeYoNdEr

Face 2 Face ‘Won’t lie’ down hits the PA system and the fans cheer as BeYoNdEr makes his way to the ring wearing a referee’s shirt. BeYoNdEr runs down to the ring and slides in before taunting the crowd which gets a pop. Then Marilyn Manson – ‘The Fight Song’ hits and the fans boo as Stone Manson makes his way to the ring. Manson stops at the top of the entrance stage and looks around at the ungrateful fans before calmly walking down to the ring and climbing inside. Manson and BeYoNdEr exchange words in the ring before the fans boo as Alice in Chains ‘Born Again’ hits the sound system and The Spiker makes an appearance on the entrance stage. The Spiker looks down at his enemy’s BeYoNdEr, who he meets at Cyberslam and Stone Manson who he faces tonight. Spiker then walks to the ring and slides in as the bell rings for the match to get underway.

The Spiker ties up with Manson from the start and hits him with a arm drag and then a straight punch to his head. As Manson goes down to the floor the fans boo as Spiker looks up at them. Spiker then grabs Manson off of the ground and nails him with a quick suplex before going for the cover. But Spiker only gets a very slow one count before Manson kicks out. Spiker looks up at BeYoNdEr as the fans cheer the referee’s decision. Spiker then starts to lay into Manson again with sharp kicks before throwing him to the outside. Spiker then turns his attention to BeYoNdEr. Spiker pushes BeYoNdEr who then bounces off of the ropes and hits Spiker with a clothesline!

As Manson gets back into the ring BeYoNdEr is standing over Spiker shouting down at him. BeYoNdEr then shouts at Manson to go for the cover. Manson crawls over Spiker and gets a very fast two count before Spiker shoots a shoulder up.

Manson then picks Spiker up before whipping into the ropes then hitting him with a flying clothesline. As Spiker gets back up Manson whips him again, this time into the corner and follows up with a body splash and then a bulldog. Manson then goes to lock a boston crab onto Spiker but Spiker crawls to the rope before any damage can be done. Manson then picks up the struggling Spiker and nails him with a huge neckbreaker. Manson then gets on top of Spiker and start to nail him with mounted punches .

As Manson brings up Spiker to his feet, Manson starts to hit him with more right hands until Spiker blocks and fires back a right hand of his own. Spiker then grabs Manson and starts to choke him out using the ropes until BeYoNdEr gets up to a 4 count. Spiker then picks up Manson and the fans boo as he hits his finishing move ‘The Spiker Drop’ onto him. Spiker then makes the cover. BeYoNdEr has no choice but to count. 1..2..3.

The Winner of the Match – The Spiker!!!

As BeYoNdEr raises Spiker’s hand in victory Spiker hits him with a huge clothesline which gets the fans booing again. Spiker then nails ‘The Spiker Drop’ onto BeYoNdEr and walks to the back as BeYoNdEr and Manson lay out in the ring.

Championship Gold

[A black limo pulls into the arena, the crowd wonder who has just arrived at the arena]

[The driver climbs out and opens the door on the far side of the car, a head pops up and is instantly recognised as Havoc, the crowd begin to boo as the driver goes around to the other side and opens the door for Havocs woman to step out]

[Havoc and Simone are walking down to Havocs locker room as you see Rick standing outside, Havoc stops as Rick notices him]

Havoc: Go on inside babe this shouldn’t take a minute

Simeone: ok sexy, don’t be too long

[Simone winks at Havoc as Rick begins with his questions]

Rick: Hey Havoc

[Havoc doesn’t answer he just smiles at Rick]

Rick: ok, anyway, Monday night Carnage is fast approaching as you the reigning EWF Champion take on Danny Y2D the Internet Champion and Christian Idol the Hardcore Champion

[The crowd burst out into a huge chant for Idol]

Rick: and the match is for Idols Hardcore Title, what are your views as the time nears this huge match up?

Havoc: Firstly your right, I am the reigning EWF Champion and don’t you forget it. Secondly, to me all this match is is a match where I shall win once again, end one of the biggest jackasses undefeated reign, and walk away with both the EWF Championship and the Hardcore Championship.

Rick: Which reminds me, Danny Y2D still has your belt, what have you got to say to him?

Havoc: Well apart from the fact that it is the closest he will ever, and I mean ever come to that belt I say savour every minute, every second you have left with it because on Monday Night after I kick both yours and Christian Idols asses I shall take back what’s rightfully mine and I shall enter the match at Cyberslam with the EWF Champioship belt and I shall leave after being victorious with the EWF Championship belt.

Rick: About Christian Idol, what are your thoughts on what he has said in the recent days since you were disqualified in that title match up?

Havoc: Well to him all I can say is unlucky

[The crowd who were expecting Havoc to insult Idol look on in disbelief]

Havoc: I say unlucky, that you gave all you had, you tried everything you could, you even brought your little pal Chrisy Cage down to help you out, but you still came up short, you still didn’t win the title, you still were not good enough.

You gave as good as you could but could not defeat me, that is what I have to say to him, he just isn’t good enough.

Also about his talk of me having to win by disqualification, hahahaha are you joking, I didn’t have to do it, I simply did it because I wanted to. I gave both him and his little friend, what they both deserved, and I gave them a taste of what it is like at the top of this federation.

Of course though maybe it is just me, but didn’t Idol cheat first, didn’t he send his new found friend down to the ring to try and take me out, to try and catch me unaware, from behind, and we all know how Chris likes hitting it from behind, just ask Idol if you don’t believe me

[The crowd start to boo]

Havoc: I know it’s not just me, let’s just take a look shall we?

[Footage rolls of Cage running down to the ring to attack Havoc and then being met with a superkick, Havoc then proceeds in nailing both Cage and Idol with a chair, the footage cuts before Danny Y2D runs down]

Havoc: there see, it’s beyond doubt, Idol was the one cheating I was just merely let us say repaying the favour.

I gave him and Cage some medicine that they were planning on giving me.

Rick: Speaking of Cage you face him at Cyberslam and he seems pretty confident in his ability to defeat you, what have you got to say in reply to the recent comments made by this young athlete?

Havoc: Well anyone can walk down to the ring pick up a mic and talk shit about beating someone here beating someone there, kicking his ass and spanking hers, anyone can talk the talk, but when it comes to stepping into the ring and walking the walk with the best damn wrestler in this Fed some wrestlers just can’t hack it.

Yeah Chris Cage is most probably one of those people, he couldn’t live up to his word last week and I almost certain he won’t be able to do it come Cyberslam, but still I do look upon him as a possible threat a threat to the quality of the matches here and also a threat to me because he is one half of the New Found Friends and there is always the possibility that his buddy Christian Idol may get involved.

Rick: While on the subject of Idols involvement in this match up, what is your reply to his request to participate in it?

Havoc: Well personally I feel that he has had his chance and he failed he needed someone to come down and help him out, yet still with the 2 on 1 situation he couldn’t beat me, no so I think he should stick to what he’s good at and that is getting in the ring with the unknowns in this Federation and grappling with them week in week out for the house show title

[The crowd boo and start chanting “Havoc Sucks”]

Rick: We all know about your rough past as a youngster what are your views on Idol keeping us all in the dark about his?

Havoc: Personally I don’t give a shit what Idol has done and I don’t give a shit what he thinks he is gonna do because I know that he will never conquer this mountain he shall never reach the top, at least not while Havoc is here, which I am planning on being a long long time.

Rick: ok then that’s all I’ve got for you

[Rick walks away and Havoc pulls him back]

[Footage rolls of Rick Young asking Idol the question “Obviosuly, everybody wants to know why you did what you did on Monday Night? In the minds of the fans, you had that Championship won.”]

Havoc: Now the question remains are you one of those fans, because I hope you aren’t for your sake, but sources tell me that you’re becoming quite friendly with The New Found Friends, is that so?

Rick: I get on ok with them yes

[Rick looks nervous]

Havoc: Ok then, now if you don’t mind I’m gonna get back to my woman Simone

Rick: Yes, yes that’s fine

[Havoc turns to walk into his locker room and Rick Young lets out a sigh of relief]

[Suddenly Havoc spins around and lays out Rick Young with one punch]

[Rick is laid out on the floor with blood pumping out his nose]

Havoc: Say anything like that again b###h and it’ll be more than your nose that gets busted

[Havoc then walks into his locker room where he is welcomly greeted by Simone, as the screen fades to black]

Six Man Tag Team Match – Chooch (EWF International Champion), ‘Pretty Boy’ Peters and ‘Bad Boy’ Billy Thomas (EWF Tag Team Champion) Vs. The Owl, Spaz and Viper

Chooch comes out to Ja Rule’s ‘Watch Me’ with the International Title around his waist. He stops at the top of the ramp. Flex his muscles as the crowd goes crazy. Chooch walks down the ramp slowly as the fans continue to get louder. Chooch jumps in the ring and circles the ring showing his muscles to everyone. Then ‘Pretty Boys’ hits the sound system and Billy Thomas enters on the right and Peters enters on the left with the EWF Tag Team title belts over their shoulders. Thomas turns to the right as Peters turns to the left and they both put up their arms at the same time. Then they continue to walk to the ring. Then Rob Zombie ‘never gonna stop me’ hits and Spaz and Viper make their way to the ring. Spaz and Viper run down to ringside and slide in under the bottom rope. As they taunt Peters and Thomas, A flood of yellow coloured sparks fall from the ceiling as The Owls music booms from the speakers surrounding the arena. Suddenly two huge white Pyro’s explode from the ramp way and the crowd come alive! The Owl walks through the black curtain and onto the ramp. The thunderous applause and cheers from the arena meet his presence. He stops at the top of the ramp and paces back and forth looking at the crowd. The Owl makes his way down the ramp and up on to the ring apron, he walks along the side slowly and turns to look at the crowd. The Owl throws his arms into the air mightily as the crowd roar with delight.

The Owl start off the match with Peters hitting him with a barrage of right hands and then a huge neckbreaker. Owl then picks up Peters and whips him into the ropes before hitting a Samoan drop on him. The Owl then taunts Peters to get up as the crowd cheer. Peters then struggles up but walks into a spinebuster from the Owl. Owl then goes for the pin, but Thomas breaks up the three count. Thomas then picks up Owl with ease before drilling him back to the mat with a huge chokeslam. Thomas then stands over The Owl until Spaz and Viper attack him from behind. Spaz and Viper whip Thomas into the ropes and then nail him with a double team Superkick before leaving the ring. Peters then crawls across the Owl. 1..2..Kickout! The fans cheer as Owl gets to his feet and leaps across to his corner making the tag to Viper, Peters also tags in Chooch.

Chooch nails Viper with a clothesline and then shows great strength by power slamming Viper. Chooch then sets up Viper for the Inverted DDT but Viper counters into a northern lights suplex. Viper then tags in Spaz who gets knocked down by Chooch with a T-Bone suplex that gets a great crowd reaction. Chooch then goes for the cover but only gets a two count. Chooch then taunts the Owl to come in to the ring before nailing Spaz with the inverted DDT his finishing move! Chooch then goes for the pin. 1..2.. Broken up by Owl. Owl then hits Chooch with a pulling Piledriver! Chooch then tags in Peters who hits Spaz with a German suplex!. Spaz then reverses an attempted rolling leg lock from Peters and hits him with ‘The Rage’! Spaz then tags in The Owl who goes to the top ropes and hits ‘The Owlbow’ onto Peters! He then crawls across for the cover. 1..2..3!

The Winners of the match – The team of The Owl, Spaz and Viper!!

The beginning of a new era… -part two-

[ The scene opens up as Rick Young and the camera crew can be seen outside of a lockeroom. On the door of the lockeroom it says, “The Enigma” Chris Cage. After a few words with the cameramen, Rick knocks on the door. ]

Cage: Who is it?

Rick: It’s me, Rick Young. I would like to interview you.

Cage: Come in.

[ Rick enters the room as Chris Cage can be seen sitting down on a steel chair, watching his small monitor. He appears to be watching Spiker’s promo. ]

Rick: What are you watching?

Cage: Nah, it’s just Spiker making some comments about me.

Rick: Oh.

Cage: Set your cameras, I wanna cut a promo.

[ The camera crew enters the room as they set up their cameras. Cage looks up to the camera as he starts to speak. ]

Cage: Spiker, I don’t know what your problem is. Ever since the first day I arrived to the EWF, I know you didn’t like me. You attacked me from behind, like a coward. And since then, you’ve been making comments about me, which you shouldn’t. You’re beginning to piss me off, and trust me.. that’s not good news. You see, what I plan on doing at CyberSlam is to win that title. I will win it, whether you like it or not. But you seem to think otherwise. You think I’m not capable of winning that title. You see, I talk the talk, but I do also walk the walk. Unlike you, I actually have good wrestling skills. Unlike you, I’ve actually held several World titles. And unlike you, I don’t hit people from behind. You see, It took me 7 f’n years to get to the top of this business, and you want to prove me otherwise? I don’t think so. I’ve set my sights on that World title, and I’m not gonna stop til I get it. My loss to Danny and Chooch? First of all, like I said before.. they beat me, but they didn’t beat me with a clean win. Danny beat me to win the Internet title after he nailed me in the head with the title. I can accept the fact that I lost, but deep down inside, I know Danny or Chooch or anybody can never beat me fair and square. So Spiker, I’ve got a proposition for you. After I win that title at CyberSlam, I’m gonna give Idol a shot. After I defeat Idol, you’re next.

Rick: What do you have to say about Havoc’s comments?

Cage: Havoc, I don’t care what he says. Because he can talk all he wants, but that title is going around my waist, and there isn’t a single thing he can do about it. As for Danny Y2D, He’s a crappy wrestler with a crappy name, stealing the title is the closest he can get to it. After CyberSlam, Danny and Havoc will know.. I’m just better than them, THAT’S ALL.

[ The scene fades to black. ]

The Questions Remain…

::The question isn’t weather it’s true. The question, “Is it working for you?” The eye of the storm has brought the second half of the storm…Questions have been asked, and some have been answered…while others have remained a mystery…::

::The scene opens to Christian Idol and Rick Young sitting in Idol’s living room.::

Young: Chris, thanks for agreeing to this interveiw. I know you don’t like reporters that much…

Idol: No, that’s cool. I have a lot to say.

Young: Obviosuly, everybody wants to know why you did what you did on Monday Night? In the minds of the fans, you had that Championship won.

Idol: Like I said not too long ago, winning isn’t everything. Me and Chris Cage have got each other’s backs now, and Havok deserved more than to lose the Championship. It’s humiliating when you lose the title, but not when it’s a worthy opponent. Havok not only got beat down, he retained his title via the good old DQ. That makes you feel like a complete idiot. Like you are not good enough to win it, so you have to get a DQ. But the fact that Danny Y2D walked away with the title…I think that’s just kind of funny.

Young: That brings me to my next question. Danny Y2D and the World Championship just doesn’t sound right…

Idol: I know, and that will change at Cyberslam. Either Cage will win the title, or maybe I’ll get my hands on it…

Young: Are you saying you want in the match?

Idol: Yeah, I am. I think I deserve it. It’s a three-way dance…there’s always room for one more on the dance floor.

Young: But with recent alliance with Cage, don’t you think it’s a little soon to battle in the ring?

Idol: No. Like Cage said, we have respect for each other. I think he’ll be a worthy opponent, but just because we got each other’s backs doesn’t mean I don’t still have confidence in myself. I wouldn’t jump into a match I didn’t think I could win.

Young: So Chris, changing the subject, T.J. Dreamer has come back to the EWF, and he says it’s for good. Any thoughts on that?

Idol: I guess I do. I’ve had some respect for Dreamer since I first fought with him for the Hardcore Title I still have. It’s good to see him back, but if he wants to get to the top, he’s going to have to get past a lot of people in his way. And I for one, won’t move.

Young: You seem to be buddying up, if you will, with the heels. Do you see an allaince with Dreamer?

Idol: (Laughing) No, I don’t think so. Dreamer’s a worthy opponent, but if I get everybody on my side, what fun is that?

Young: Well, we are running out of time, any closing thoughts?

Idol: Just a few. Havok, you’re days as champ are numbered. You won’t walk out of Cyberslam with the Championship. After Cyberslam, if I don’t get into the main event, I want a shot at whoever holds the belt. Make sure the Owner sees this. Book me, man. Youre 5-0 Hardcore Champ, and probable Wrestler of the Month wants a shot at the big one. And by the way Havok, how does it feel to be THRILLED?

::Fade to black.::

::A few question’s are answered, but what about the bigger picture. Is Christian Idol a raving lunatic, or is he a calm, intellegent man? Is he going to turn on the people that gave him a career, the fans? Who will walk out of Cyberslam the Champion? Havok? Cage? Danny Y2D? Idol? The answers await as the eye of the storm moves through the EWF…::

EWF Hardcore Title Match (And Winner is guaranteed to be involved in the EWF World Title Match at the January PPV) – Havoc (EWF Champion) Vs. Christian Idol (EWF Hardcore Champion) Vs. Danny Y2D (EWF Internet Champion)

Linkin Park – ‘One Step Closer’ hits the PA system and the EWF Internet Champion Danny Y2D makes his way to the ring with the Internet Title around his waist and Havoc’s EWF World Title belt over his shoulder as there is a huge pop from the crowd. Danny stands at the top of the entrance way soaking up the crowd response before walking to ringside and sliding into the ring. Danny hands the two title belts to the ref as P Diddy’s ‘Bad Boy For Life’ hits the PA system as the EWF World Heavyweight Champion Havoc appears as the fans boo. Havoc looks down the ring at his title belt before running down and sliding into he ring as Danny steps out. Havoc taunts the fans as Slipknot’s “Left Behind” hits the PA system and the crowd cheers as the lights go down. Red laser lights fill the arena as Christian Idol emerges from the back with the EWF Hardcore Title belt around his waist. Idol stands on the stage for a few seconds looking down at Havoc and Danny Y2D. Idol then stretches his arms out in a crucifix before sprinting down the aisle and into the ring.

Idol start off by spearing down the EWF Champion Havoc and hitting him with right hands but Danny grabs Idol by the hair and then hits him with a spinebuster that sends him down to the mat as Havoc gets to his feet. Havoc sneaks behind Danny and rolls him up only getting a two count. Havoc then leaps up onto Danny hitting him with a Lui-Thez Press before hitting him with right hands. Idol then cuts Havoc off with a sharp kick to his head.

Christian Idol then starts to beat up on Danny nailing him with a huge Fire Thunder Driver to the delight of the crowd. As Danny lays on the floor Idol turns his attention to Havoc. Havoc goes to hit Idol with a Snapmare, but Idol counters with a Sambo suplex before claming on the crossface submission hold! Havoc reaches for the ropes as Idol holds in the hold looking for a submission and an early end to the match. As Havoc slides towards the ropes iidol pulls him back to the centre of the ring and applies the hold again! As he does however Danny breaks up the move to the displeasure of the audience.

Danny then throws Idol over the top rope and out of the ring before picking up Havoc and ramming his shoulder into the turnbuckle. Danny then continues to work away on Havoc’s arm and shoulder hitting him with an arm bar takedown and then locking on the arm bar. But the move is two close to the ropes and Havoc places his foot on the bottom rope. Danny then goes to hit his finisher move on Havoc the ‘Y2D Bomb’, but Havoc hits him with a low blow before showing brute strength in hitting Danny with a Jack-knife powerbomb. He then goes for the cover on Danny but only gets up to a two count until Idol slides into the ring and nails Havoc in the back of the head with a chair.

Idol then picks up Danny Y2D nailing him with a snap suplex before retrating to the corner and waiting for Danny to get to his feet. As Danny gets to his feet the crowd cheer as Idol sprints over and spears Danny. Idol then gets another huge fan reaction as he walks around the ring doing his taunts and mocking Danny who is trying to get to his feet.

As Idol stares across the ring at Danny Y2D who is using the ropes to get to his feet the crowd cheer as Chris Cage runs to ring side. Chris Cage spins Danny around hitting him with a spine buster before locking on his finisher the ‘sharpshooter’ submission move. As Havoc gets up off of the floor Christian Idol takes him down by the arm and locks on the crossface submission move again. As Havoc and Danny scream out in pain Cage and Idol smile at each other as the crowd cheer. Havoc and Danny are finally forced to tap out to the pain.

The Winner of the match and still EWF Hardcore Champion and guaranteed to have a shot at the EWF World Title at the January PPV – Christian Idol!!!

After the match Christian Idol celebrates in the ring with his EWF Hardcore Title belt while Cage fetches the Internet and World Title belts and brings them into the ring. Cage lays the belts onto the fallen bodies of their owners before joining Idol in celebration.

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