DW Collision Course PPV
Live on the HOTv Network on PWA:TV
The Stratford Arena, London, England
23rd December 2023

[The lights dim in the Stratford Arena, and the roar of the crowd echoes through the venue. The DW Collision Course PPV is about to kick off, promising a night of intense action, fierce rivalries, and the culmination of months of anticipation. The camera pans over the excited fans, signs waving and anticipation written across their faces.]

[The DW Collision Course logo appears on the big screen, accompanied by a burst of pyrotechnics. The Stratford Arena is electric with energy as the commentary team, Steve Pringle and Eddie Bates, welcome the viewers to this spectacular event.]

Steve Pringle: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to DW Collision Course! We’re here in the heart of London, and tonight, we’ve got a card stacked with incredible matchups.

Eddie Bates: That’s right, Steve! It’s the final DW show of the year, and what a way to cap it off with some of the hottest feuds in wrestling!

[The camera cuts to various highlights from recent clashes, showcasing the heated rivalries that will be settled tonight. Clips of Duval’s cunning tactics, Yutaka’s silent intensity, and the explosive battles between other DW superstars flash across the screen.]

Steve Pringle: The DW Heavyweight Championship is on the line as Jean-Louis Duval defends against the enigmatic Yutaka. Can Duval continue his reign of dominance, or will Yutaka be the one to bring the championship to new heights?

Eddie Bates: Plus, we’ve got a colossal battle royal featuring a mix of DW’s finest. The winner earns a future title shot. Who will outlast the competition and stake their claim for championship gold?

[The camera switches to backstage interviews, where competitors express their determination and intentions for the night. The tension is palpable as the athletes gear up for their clashes.]

Steve Pringle: It’s not just about championships tonight. We’ve got longstanding grudges and personal vendettas coming to a head. Collision Course is living up to its name!

Eddie Bates: So buckle up, folks! DW Collision Course is about to kick into high gear. Get ready for a night of unforgettable moments, jaw-dropping action, and maybe a few surprises along the way!

[The crowd’s anticipation reaches a fever pitch as the DW Collision Course logo reappears on the screen. The arena is alive with energy, signaling the beginning of an epic night in the world of Dynasty Wrestling.]


[The backstage area of the Stratford Arena is buzzing with activity as Jean Louis Duval, the DW Heavyweight Champion, arrives at the venue. The usually confident and arrogant Frenchman appears visibly tense, a stark contrast to his usual demeanor. As he walks down the corridor, the camera catches up with him, and William Smith approaches for an interview.]

William Smith: Jean Louis Duval, tonight is a crucial night for you as you defend the DW Heavyweight Championship against Yutaka. You seem a bit… apprehensive. Any thoughts on tonight’s match?

Jean Louis Duval: [In a slightly shaky voice] William, tonight is not just any match. Yutaka is an unknown force, an enigma, and I cannot underestimate the threat he poses. This championship means everything to me, and losing it is not an option.

William Smith: Yutaka has proven to be a formidable competitor, and many believe he could be the one to dethrone you tonight. How do you plan to handle the silent assassin in the ring?

Jean Louis Duval: [Gulps audibly] Yutaka may be silent, but he speaks through his actions. I must stay focused, vigilant, and outsmart him. I am the DW Heavyweight Champion for a reason, and I won’t let anyone take that away from me.

William Smith: The pressure is undoubtedly high tonight, Jean Louis. Any final words before you step into the main event?

Jean Louis Duval: [Takes a deep breath] Tonight, I will prove why I am the rightful champion. Yutaka may be a mystery, but I am the master of this ring. No one, and I mean no one, will take my championship away. Prepare for a masterclass in wrestling.

[Duval strides away, trying to regain his composure as he heads toward the locker room. The uneasiness in the air suggests that Collision Course is about to deliver on its promise of unpredictability.]

Tonight is the Night

[In the bustling backstage area of the Stratford Arena, the locker room door swings open, and Ben Noble is seen lacing up his boots, intensely focused on the task ahead. The atmosphere is charged with anticipation as Kandi Sparks, a fellow competitor and supporter, enters the room.]

Kandi Sparks: Hey, Ben. Tonight’s the night, huh? The final showdown with Stijn De Raaf. You’ve got this.

Ben Noble: [Nods] Thanks, Kandi. It’s been a long road with that guy. Tonight, I aim to put an end to this rivalry once and for all.

Kandi Sparks: You’ve shown the world what you’re made of, Ben. You’ve got the heart and the skills. Now, it’s time to close this chapter and move forward. I believe in you.

Ben Noble: [Smiles] I appreciate that, Kandi. This isn’t just about me tonight; it’s about proving something to myself and everyone who’s been on this journey with me.

Kandi Sparks: Well, consider me part of that journey. And tonight, when you step into that ring, remember that you’ve got a whole lot of people cheering you on, including me.

Ben Noble: That means a lot, Kandi. Let’s do this. [He stands up, ready for battle, and the two wrestlers share a nod of determination as they head toward the curtain for Collision Course.]

[The Stratford Arena is filled with an electric atmosphere as Ben Noble prepares to settle the score with Stijn De Raaf in what promises to be an intense encounter.]

Single Match
Stijn De Raaf vs. Ben Noble


[In the backstage area of the Stratford Arena, the cameras catch Kyle McRae, Alexander Hate, and Harry Black arriving, their expressions a mix of determination and camaraderie. William Smith, the ever-curious interviewer, approaches them for a quick word.]

William Smith: Gentlemen, a quick moment before you head into Collision Course. Tonight, in the battle royal, you find yourselves working together. Some might say it’s an interesting alliance, and do you think it’s morally right?

Kyle McRae: [Smirking] Well, Will, in the world of professional wrestling, alliances can be formed for various reasons. It’s about survival and outlasting the competition.

Alexander Hate: Morality? This is the wrestling business, not a Sunday school class. In that ring, it’s every man for himself, and if teaming up helps us secure the win, then so be it.

Harry Black: Besides, everyone knows the real battle starts when it comes down to the final competitors. When it’s just us left, it’s fair game.

Kyle McRae: So, Will, the way I see it, there’s nothing morally wrong with strategizing and working together for the greater goal. Tonight, we’re a united front.

[The trio exchanges knowing glances, suggesting a shared understanding of the cutthroat nature of the wrestling world. With that, they make their way into the arena, ready to face whatever challenges await them in the battle royal.]

Next Champion?

[The camera captures the silent and stoic Yutaka as he arrives at the Stratford Arena, the air filled with a palpable sense of focus and determination. The quiet intensity surrounding him sets the stage for the impending DW Heavyweight Championship match. Yutaka steps out of his car, his gaze fixed forward. His body language, calm and collected, radiates an aura of undeniable purpose. The silence speaks volumes—a man who lets his wrestling prowess do the talking. As Yutaka proceeds towards the arena, the mysterious air in his wake builds anticipation for the championship showdown.]

Single Match
Aleksandr Bortsov vs. Angus Blackhart

Rough Night

[The backstage area is bustling with activity as Angelo Anderson stands ready for his interview with William Smith. The atmosphere is charged with anticipation for his upcoming match against Kandi Sparks. Smith approaches Anderson with the microphone in hand.]

William Smith: Angelo, tonight you’re facing Kandi Sparks. What are your thoughts going into this match?

Angelo Anderson: [Smirks] Kandi Sparks should worry less about her opponents and more about staying out of other people’s business. She’s in for a rough night.

[Anderson’s confident demeanor sets the tone for the impending showdown, leaving an air of intrigue hanging in the backstage area as the interview concludes.]

UK Gold

[The camera fades in to reveal the office of Matt Anarchy. Angus Blackhart stands across from the General Manager, an air of determination radiating from him.]

Angus Blackhart: Matt, I want a shot at that DW UK Championship next year. I’ve proven myself, and it’s about time I had some gold around my waist.

Matt Anarchy: [Nods] Angus, you’ve earned it. You’re the first name into the DW UK Championship tournament. Make sure to bring that Scottish fire to the competition.

[Blackhart grins, pleased with the response, as the scene ends with Anarchy contemplating the potential intensity of the upcoming tournament.]

Single Match
Angelo Anderson vs. Kandi Sparks

Going Platinum

[The arena is filled with the remnants of Angelo Anderson’s victory as Kandi Sparks struggles to rise in the ring. Suddenly, the lights dim, and the atmosphere grows tense. The crowd buzzes with anticipation. The lights go completely out, plunging the arena into darkness. A hushed silence falls over the crowd. Moments later, the lights return, revealing ‘Platinum’ Emily Shaw standing menacingly behind Kandi Sparks. The crowd erupts into a mix of shock and excitement. Shaw seizes the opportunity and delivers a powerful move, leaving Sparks sprawled on the canvas. Shaw stands tall, looking down at her fallen adversary, as the fans boo in surprise.]

Ready for Action

William Smith: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here with Union Jack, and we’re just moments away from the highly anticipated battle royal. Union Jack, how are you preparing for this unique challenge?

Union Jack remains silent, staring intensely at the camera.

William Smith: Union Jack, the competition is fierce in the battle royal. Any particular strategy you have in mind to outlast your opponents?

Union Jack continues to stay silent, his focus unwavering.

William Smith: Well, there you have it, folks. Union Jack, staying tight-lipped, perhaps saving his energy for the upcoming battle royal. Back to you, ringside.

#1 Contendership Battle Royal
Alexander Hate vs. Kyle McRae vs. Harry Black vs. Leo Lewis vs. Kral vs. Brendon Patrick vs. Union Jack vs. Geoffrey Hobbs


The arena is buzzing after the intense battle royal that just took place. The final two participants, Alexander Hate and Kyle McRae, stand in the ring. Hate’s music hits, and he raises his arms in victory, relishing the cheers from the crowd.

Steve Pringle: What an unexpected turn of events! Alexander Hate has outlasted everyone and emerged victorious in this battle royal!

The camera pans to Kyle McRae, who looks visibly frustrated and disappointed. Hate extends a hand toward McRae, offering a sign of sportsmanship, but McRae hesitates before reluctantly shaking Hate’s hand.

Eddie Bates: A tough loss for Kyle McRae, but you can’t deny the resilience and skill of Alexander Hate.

Hate continues his celebration, and McRae exits the ring, contemplating the implications of this defeat. The crowd’s reaction is mixed, with some expressing admiration for Hate’s victory and others sympathizing with McRae’s disappointment.

Is It True?

The camera focuses on Matt Anarchy in his office, deep in conversation with Yutuka. Anarchy looks stern, while Yutuka remains silent, his expression unreadable.

Matt Anarchy: Yutuka, I need to know, is the rumor true? Are you planning to take the DW Heavyweight Championship to Rising Sun Pro Wrestling if you win it tonight?

Yutuka continues to remain silent, offering no response to Anarchy’s question.

Matt Anarchy: (sighs) Look, Yutuka, Dynasty Wrestling has been your home, and we’ve given you opportunities. If you’re planning to jump ship, at least have the decency to let me know.

Yutuka maintains his silence, leaving Anarchy with more questions than answers. The tension in the room is palpable as the looming main event hangs in the balance.

DW Heavyweight Championship Match
Jean Louis Duval vs. Yutuka

New Year, New Champ?

The arena is filled with a mix of boos and disappointment as Jean Louis Duval stands tall in the ring, still clutching the DW Heavyweight Championship. Yutuka is down, having given his all in a valiant effort.

Steve Pringle: Despite the controversy surrounding Duval, he has once again retained the DW Heavyweight Championship.

Duval raises the championship high above his head, soaking in the negative reactions from the crowd. As the camera focuses on the triumphant yet unpopular champion, suddenly, the arena darkens.

Eddie Bates: Wait a minute, what’s happening?

The tron lights up to show Alexander Hate standing at the top of the entrance ramp, the golden ticket in hand – a guaranteed shot at the DW Heavyweight Championship.

Steve Pringle: It’s Alexander Hate, the winner of the battle royal! He’s here to make a statement!

Hate stares intensely at Duval, who responds with a smug grin. The fans erupt in anticipation of the impending clash between the two competitors.

Eddie Bates: Clash 11 is going to be explosive! Duval versus Hate for the DW Heavyweight Championship!

As the tension in the arena reaches its peak, the screen fades to black, leaving the fans eager for the next chapter in the ongoing saga of Dynasty Wrestling.

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