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DW Events

DW Clash 5

Kyle McRae competes in the main event against the Czech killer Kral.

DW Clash 5
Live on the HOTv Network on PWA:TV
The Stratford Arena, London, England
13th November 2023

[The pulsating energy of the Stratford Arena reverberates through the air as ‘DW Clash 5’ prepares to ignite the stage. The iconic venue in London, England, buzzes with anticipation, ready to host another unforgettable night of ‘Dynasty Wrestling.’]

Announcer (V.O.): Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to the heart of professional wrestling! We’re live from the Stratford Arena, the home of ‘DW Clash 5’!

Announcer (V.O.): Tonight, the stakes are higher, the excitement is palpable, and the Stratford Arena is once again filled to capacity with passionate fans from all walks of life.

Announcer (V.O.): In our main event, two titans clash in a battle that transcends borders! Kyle McRae, fresh off his return, faces off against the formidable Kral. The echoes of their collision will resonate through the annals of ‘Dynasty Wrestling’ history.

Announcer (V.O.): Get ready for heart-stopping action, jaw-dropping maneuvers, and the drama that only ‘DW Clash’ can deliver. It’s a night where legends are born, and the road to glory is paved with triumph and tribulation.

Announcer (V.O.): So, London, are you ready to witness the next chapter in the saga of ‘Dynasty Wrestling’? Grab your seats, hold onto your hats, and let the Clash begin!

[With the crowd roaring in anticipation, ‘DW Clash 5’ is set to kick off in the Stratford Arena, promising an electrifying night of world-class wrestling action!]

Single Match
Union Jack vs. Roddy King

Going it Solo

[In the bustling locker room of British Hospitality, the air is charged with a mix of excitement and focus as ‘DW Clash 5’ approaches. Harry Black, Alexander Hate, and Kyle McRae, the members of British Hospitality, prepare for their respective singles matches. The camaraderie among the trio is evident as they exchange words of encouragement.]

[Harry Black, adjusting his wrist tape, looks up as Alexander Hate enters the room, and they share a nod of acknowledgment. Kyle McRae, lacing up his boots, looks over and smiles, ready to join the conversation.]

Harry Black: [Grinning at Alexander Hate] Tonight’s the night, mate. Show ’em what British Hospitality is all about.

Alexander Hate: [Returning the grin] Absolutely, Harry. Tonight, it’s all about making a statement, each one of us in our own way.

[Kyle McRae, finishing his preparations, joins the conversation with a confident demeanor.]

Kyle McRae: [Punching his fist into his palm] And speaking of making a statement, Kral better be ready. I’ve got a score to settle.

Harry Black: [Clapping McRae on the shoulder] You’ve got this, Kyle. And Alex, you’re gonna tear the house down in your match.

Alexander Hate: [Appreciatively] Thanks, Harry. And Kyle, go out there and give Kral a taste of what British Hospitality feels like.

[The trio shares a moment of solidarity, each man wishing the others luck in their individual contests. The room is filled with a sense of unity and shared purpose as they prepare to represent British Hospitality in their respective matches.]

Kyle McRae: [Smirking] Let’s make tonight a night to remember.

[With a collective nod, the members of British Hospitality exchange one last round of good luck wishes before heading out to face their individual challenges in ‘DW Clash 5’.]

Single Match
Alexander Hate vs. Leo Lewis

Ready for Revenge

[In the backstage interview area, Kandi Sparks stands resolute, her spirit undeterred despite the recent assault by Angelo Anderson. William Smith steps forward with a microphone, ready to discuss Sparks’ recovery and her plans for the future.]

William Smith: Kandi, after the brutal beatdown from Angelo Anderson, how have you been holding up?

Kandi Sparks: [Smiling defiantly] I’ve weathered worse storms, William. Anderson may have thought he could break me, but I’m still standing, and I’m ready for whatever comes next.

William Smith: [Inquisitive] Speaking of what’s next, do you have any plans regarding Angelo Anderson? Is there a rematch in the cards?

Kandi Sparks: [Nodding with determination] Oh, there’s definitely unfinished business between me and Anderson. I’m not just here to recover; I’m here to issue a challenge. Angelo, you wanted to make a statement by attacking me? Well, I’m making a statement of my own. I challenge you to a match, anytime, anywhere. I want the chance to settle the score in the ring.

[The declaration from Kandi Sparks adds a new layer of anticipation to the ongoing saga, and the Stratford Arena echoes with the promise of a future clash between Sparks and Angelo Anderson. The challenge has been thrown down, and the wrestling world eagerly awaits the response.]

Single Match
Harry Black vs. Riley Smith

Not Over Yet

[In the backstage corridors of the Stratford Arena, the atmosphere is charged with tension as Stijn De Raaf makes his way toward the interview area. The camera captures his focused stride, unaware of the storm about to descend upon him.]

[Suddenly, the scene erupts into chaos as Ben Noble emerges from the shadows, launching a surprise attack on Stijn De Raaf. The ambush catches De Raaf off guard, and the two wrestlers engage in a fierce brawl, fists flying in every direction.]

[The backstage area becomes an impromptu battleground as Noble, fueled by a desire for revenge, unleashes a relentless assault on De Raaf. The exchange of blows echoes through the corridors, attracting the attention of crew members and other wrestlers nearby.]

[Security personnel rush to the scene, desperately trying to separate the two brawlers. However, the grudge-fueled intensity between Noble and De Raaf keeps the skirmish alive, with both men determined to settle their score.]

[As security manages to pull them apart, both wrestlers continue to exchange heated words, promising further retribution in the ring. The backstage area is left in disarray, the fallout from the sudden brawl leaving an air of anticipation for the next chapter in the ongoing rivalry between Ben Noble and Stijn De Raaf.]

Single Match
Kyle McRae vs. Kral

Laying down a Marker

[The electric energy in the Stratford Arena reaches its peak as ‘DW Clash 5’ concludes with the main event’s climactic ending. Kyle McRae, victorious over Kral, stands tall in the center of the ring, soaking in the cheers and adulation from the passionate fans.]

[As McRae celebrates, a sudden shift in the atmosphere grips the arena. Boos start to echo through the venue, creating an ominous undertone. The camera pans to the entrance ramp, revealing the DW Heavyweight Champion, Jean-Louis Duval, sprinting down to the ring with a malevolent gleam in his eyes.]

[Before McRae can react, Duval strikes like a viper, blindsiding him with a vicious attack from behind. The fans’ cheers turn to jeers as Duval ruthlessly pummels McRae, unleashing a fury of strikes and kicks. The Stratford Arena is a mix of shock and displeasure.]

[The assault seems unrelenting until, suddenly, the arena erupts once more, this time with a different energy. The familiar entrance music of British Hospitality blares through the speakers, and Harry Black and Alexander Hate charge down the ramp, determined to put an end to Duval’s attack.]

[Black and Hate slide into the ring, and as a united force, they force Duval to retreat. The DW Heavyweight Champion smirks, seemingly satisfied with the chaos he’s caused, as Black and Hate stand guard, protecting their fallen comrade.]

[The tension in the air is palpable as the show goes off the air, leaving the ‘Dynasty Wrestling’ faithful eager for the next chapter in the unfolding drama between Kyle McRae and Jean-Louis Duval. The Stratford Arena, though still buzzing, is left in a state of anticipation and uncertainty.]

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