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DW Clash 4

Jean Louis Duval defends his DW Championship in the main event.

DW Clash 4
Live on the HOTv Network on PWA:TV
The Stratford Arena, London, England
2nd October 2023

[The Stratford Arena in London, England, is once again bathed in the vibrant lights of ‘Dynasty Wrestling’ as the anticipation for ‘DW Clash 4’ reaches its peak. The arena crackles with energy as fans from around the world gather for another thrilling night of wrestling action.]

Announcer (V.O.): Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to the electrifying battleground of ‘Dynasty Wrestling Clash’! We’re back in the iconic Stratford Arena, where legends are made and champions rise!

Announcer (V.O.): Tonight, history will be written as our DW Heavyweight Champion, Jean-Louis Duval, steps into the ring to defend his title. But who will dare challenge the champion? The question hangs in the air like a tantalizing mystery.

Announcer (V.O.): From high-flying daredevils to powerhouse brawlers, ‘DW Clash 4’ promises to deliver heart-pounding, bone-crushing action, raising the stakes higher than ever before.

Announcer (V.O.): It’s a night of surprises, shocks, and unforgettable moments as we embark on another epic journey in the world of ‘Dynasty Wrestling.’ Who will seize the spotlight, who will rise to the occasion, and who will emerge as the top contender for the coveted DW Heavyweight Championship?

Announcer (V.O.): The Stratford Arena is buzzing with excitement, the stars are ready, and the crowd is on the edge of their seats. London, are you ready for ‘DW Clash 4’? Let the battle begin!

Single Match
Stijn De Raaf vs Roddy King

Man of Few Words

[In the backstage interview area of ‘DW Clash 4,’ William Smith stands ready with a microphone in hand, preparing to speak with the enigmatic Yutaka. The anticipation is palpable as Yutaka’s stoic presence commands attention.]

William Smith: [Turning to the camera, speaking with curiosity] Ladies and gentlemen, we have the mysterious Yutaka here with us. Last week, Yutaka, you faced Union Jack in a match that ended in a count-out. Can you tell us why you’ve requested a rematch against Union Jack tonight?

[Yutaka remains silent, his expression impassive as he gazes forward.]

William Smith: [Pressing on, still hopeful for a response] Yutaka, the fans are eager to hear your thoughts on this rematch. Can you shed some light on your motivation for wanting to face Union Jack again?

[Once again, Yutaka doesn’t utter a word. His silence remains as impenetrable as ever, leaving the backstage area in a state of intrigue and anticipation.]

William Smith: [Slightly taken aback, but maintaining his professionalism] Very well, Yutaka. We’ll have to see how this rematch unfolds later tonight. Back to you, folks.

[As Yutaka continues to maintain his silence, the backstage area is filled with an air of mystery, leaving fans to wonder about his motives and strategy heading into the rematch with Union Jack.]

Single Match
Union Jack vs Yutaka

The Opponent

[Inside the bustling office of Matt Anarchy, the DW Commissioner, the atmosphere is charged with anticipation as ‘DW Clash 4’ approaches its main event. Anarchy sits behind his desk, focused on his plans for the evening.]

[Suddenly, the door swings open, and in strides Jean-Louis Duval, the current DW Heavyweight Champion. Duval, with the championship belt slung over his shoulder, exudes an air of impatience.]

Jean-Louis Duval: [In French, with a demanding tone] Anarchy, où est mon adversaire pour le match de ce soir? Je suis prêt à défendre mon titre!

[Translation: Anarchy, where is my opponent for tonight’s match? I am ready to defend my title!]

[Anarchy looks up, acknowledging Duval’s presence.]

Matt Anarchy: [In English, with a calm demeanor] Duval, I’ve got someone very special lined up for you tonight.

[Anarchy gestures toward the doorway, and in steps ‘Upperclass’ Geoffrey Hobbs, a debonair wrestler known for his cunning tactics and technical prowess.]

Matt Anarchy: Duval, allow me to introduce you to ‘Upperclass’ Geoffrey Hobbs, a man who has been winning week after week. He’ll be your opponent tonight, and your DW Heavyweight Championship will be on the line.

[Duval, taken aback by the introduction, sizes up Hobbs with a mix of curiosity and determination. Hobbs, dressed impeccably in his wrestling attire, maintains an air of confidence.]

Jean-Louis Duval: [In French, his tone conveying his competitive spirit] Bien, Hobbs, ce soir, tu auras l’honneur de me faire face. Mais sache que je ne partirai pas sans mon titre!

[Translation: Very well, Hobbs, tonight, you will have the honor of facing me. But know that I will not leave without my title!]

[As Duval and Hobbs lock eyes, the tension in Anarchy’s office escalates. The DW Heavyweight Championship hangs in the balance, promising an explosive main event for ‘DW Clash 4.’]

Single Match
Ben Noble vs Kral

Going it Solo?

[In the bustling locker room of British Hospitality, the fan-favorite tag team, Harry Black and Alexander Hate, sit side by side, deep in conversation. The atmosphere is tense as they discuss their current situation in ‘DW Clash 4.’]

Harry Black: [Running a hand through his hair, looking frustrated] I can’t believe Hobbs got a shot at the DW Heavyweight Championship tonight, Alex. We’ve been in the game for a while, and we’ve been on the losing end lately.

Alexander Hate: [Nodding in agreement, wearing a determined expression] You’re right, Harry. We can’t let opportunities slip through our fingers. But, you know, maybe it’s time we rethink our strategy.

Harry Black: [Curious] Rethink our strategy? What do you mean?

Alexander Hate: [Explaining] Well, we’ve been known for our in-ring chemistry and tag team excellence, but maybe it’s time we focus on our singles careers a bit. Hobbs got a title shot because he’s been making a name for himself, right?

Harry Black: [Thoughtful] You’re onto something, Alex. We can still be a tag team, but maybe we need to prove ourselves as singles competitors too. That way, when the opportunity comes knocking, we’ll be ready.

Alexander Hate: [Encouraged] Exactly, mate. We’ll support each other, but let’s also focus on climbing that ladder, one step at a time. Hobbs got his shot tonight, but there’s no reason we can’t do the same in the future.

Harry Black: [Smiling] You know what, Alex? I’m with you on this. Let’s show everyone what British Hospitality is truly made of.

Alexander Hate: [Fired up] That’s the spirit, Harry. Tonight’s just the beginning. We’ll get back to winning ways, one match at a time.

[As Harry Black and Alexander Hate share their determination and renewed focus, the locker room buzzes with the sense of unity and purpose. British Hospitality is ready to prove themselves in singles competition while maintaining their tag team excellence.]


[In the backstage area, the anticipation builds as Angelo Anderson makes his way toward the ring, ready to address the ‘DW Clash 4’ crowd regarding his shocking attack on Kandi Sparks the previous week. The fans are buzzing with curiosity, eager to hear Anderson’s explanation.]

[Anderson steps through the curtain and into the arena, greeted by a raucous chorus of boos that reverberate throughout the arena. He tries to raise the microphone to speak, but the fans’ disapproval drowns out his words.]

[With frustration evident on his face, Anderson makes several more attempts to speak, but the wall of boos remains relentless. The fans show no signs of letting up.]

[Finally, after struggling to be heard over the deafening noise, Angelo Anderson throws his hands up in exasperation. He hurls the microphone down to the mat in frustration, the loud clatter echoing through the arena.]

[Turning his back on the audience, Anderson storms out of the ring, his explanation left unsaid. The fans continue to boo, unsatisfied by his actions, as ‘DW Clash 4’ carries on without the answers they were seeking.]

[The unanswered questions hang in the air, leaving a cloud of mystery and tension as the event proceeds.]

Not Over Yet

[In the backstage area, Ben Noble sits on a bench, gingerly applying ice to the bruises and welts that cover his body. The battle against Kral was intense, and it left him battered and sore. Despite the pain, he wears a satisfied smile, having emerged victorious in a classic match.]

[As Noble tends to his injuries, William Smith approaches, holding a microphone, ready to interview the victorious wrestler.]

William Smith: [Approaching Ben Noble with caution, his tone inquisitive] Ben, congratulations on a hard-fought victory over Kral tonight. The fans are buzzing about that incredible match. Can you tell us about your mindset during the bout?

Ben Noble: [Grimacing slightly as he speaks, but with determination] Thanks, William. Tonight, it was all about leaving everything in that ring. Kral’s a tough competitor, and I knew I had to dig deep to come out on top.

[Noble’s response is cut short as the atmosphere suddenly shifts. Stijn De Raaf, the Dutch technical wrestler who had previously attacked Noble mid-match, appears from the shadows. De Raaf, with a sinister grin, clutches a steel chair in his hands.]

William Smith: [Surprised and alarmed] Wait a minute, it’s Stijn De Raaf!

[Before Noble can react, De Raaf swings the steel chair, crashing it into Noble’s back with brutal force. Noble cries out in pain as the chair bends from the impact, and he collapses to the ground, writhing in agony.]

[De Raaf, still holding the mangled chair, stares down at his fallen rival with a malevolent smirk, reveling in the chaos he has caused. The backstage area erupts in shock and concern as Noble nurses his fresh injuries.]

[As the situation unfolds, ‘DW Clash 4’ continues with an unexpected twist, leaving questions about the rivalry between Ben Noble and Stijn De Raaf unanswered.]

Main Event
DW Championship Match
Jean Louis Duval (c) vs ‘Upper-class’ Geoffrey Hobbs

He’s Here…

[As ‘DW Clash 4’ reaches its climactic finale, the Stratford Arena is filled with a chorus of boos as the reigning DW Heavyweight Champion, Jean-Louis Duval, celebrates his hard-fought victory over ‘Upperclass’ Geoffrey Hobbs in the main event. Duval raises the championship belt high above his head, basking in the mixed reactions from the passionate crowd.]

[The arena is pulsating with tension when, suddenly, the familiar music of Kyle McRae fills the arena. The fans erupt in astonishment as McRae, who had been absent from ‘Dynasty Wrestling’ due to his sVo commitments, rushes down to the ring, a determined look on his face.]

[As McRae enters the ring, Duval’s celebration comes to an abrupt halt. The two formidable competitors lock eyes, and a charged silence falls over the arena as they stand face to face.]

[The crowd, torn between their disdain for Duval and their admiration for McRae, watches in anticipation as the two champions, representing different promotions, engage in a tense standoff. It’s a collision of two worlds, and the wrestling world holds its breath.]

[With the DW Heavyweight Championship hanging in the balance and the simmering rivalry between McRae and Duval, ‘DW Clash 4’ concludes with a cliffhanger, leaving fans eager to see what unfolds in the days and weeks to come.]

[As the show fades to black, McRae and Duval continue their intense staredown, the Stratford Arena buzzing with excitement and anticipation for the future of ‘Dynasty Wrestling.’]

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