DW Clash 20
Live on the HOTv Network on PWA:TV
The Stratford Arena, London, England
4th March 2024

[The lights in the Stratford Arena dim as the crowd buzzes with anticipation, signaling the start of another electrifying edition of DW Clash. The cameras pan across the packed arena, capturing the energy and excitement radiating from the audience.]

Steve Pringle: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to DW Clash, coming to you live from the heart of London, England! I’m Steve Pringle, alongside my partner Eddie Bates, and we have an incredible night of action ahead!

Eddie Bates: That’s right, Steve! The atmosphere here is absolutely electric, and tonight promises to be one for the record books! We’ve got some of the finest talent in professional wrestling ready to tear the house down!

[As the camera focuses on the ring, Steve and Eddie’s voices echo throughout the arena, setting the stage for the thrilling showdowns to come.]

Steve Pringle: And what a main event we have in store for you tonight, folks! The dynamic duo of British Hospitality, Alexander Hate and Harry Black, are set to clash with the formidable French pairing of Royce Lacroix and the reigning DW Heavyweight Champion, Jean Louis Duval!

Eddie Bates: It’s a battle of nations, Steve! England versus France! The stakes couldn’t be higher, and you can bet we’re in for one heck of a showdown!

[The crowd erupts into cheers as the anticipation mounts for the night’s marquee match. The cameras pan to the backstage area, where competitors prepare for their respective battles, their determination palpable in the air.]

Steve Pringle: But before we get to our main event, we’ve got an action-packed lineup of matches that are sure to keep you on the edge of your seats! From high-flying aerial assaults to hard-hitting ground battles, tonight’s Clash has it all!

Eddie Bates: Strap yourselves in, folks, because DW Clash is about to kick off in style! Get ready for an unforgettable night of professional wrestling action, right here in London town!

[With the stage set and the anticipation building, DW Clash 20 is poised to deliver thrills, spills, and non-stop excitement. The camera fades to black, signaling the beginning of an epic night of competition.]

Single Match
Maxwell Blackwell vs. Leo Lewis

No Challenge

[The bustling atmosphere outside the Stratford Arena sets the scene as the camera captures the arrival of Jean Louis Duval and Royce Lacroix. The duo, exuding confidence and arrogance, strides purposefully towards the arena entrance, flanked by a small entourage of supporters.]

[William Smith, microphone in hand, approaches them, eager to capture their thoughts ahead of the evening’s main event.]

William Smith: Jean Louis, Royce, may I have a moment of your time?

[Jean Louis Duval glances dismissively at William Smith, his expression a mix of nonchalance and superiority. Royce Lacroix stands beside him, his posture exuding quiet confidence.]

Jean Louis Duval: (in a thick French accent) Ah, mon ami, what is it that you wish to know?

[William Smith, undeterred by Duval’s demeanor, presses on with his questions.]

William Smith: Tonight, you two face British Hospitality in the main event—a formidable challenge, to say the least. What are your thoughts as you prepare to defend your honor against Alexander Hate and Harry Black?

[Jean Louis Duval chuckles smugly, exchanging a knowing glance with Royce Lacroix.]

Jean Louis Duval: Ah, monsieur Smith, you seem to underestimate the prowess of the French! We have faced greater challenges than this, and emerged victorious each time. British Hospitality may think they stand a chance, but tonight, they shall learn the true meaning of defeat.

Royce Lacroix: Indeed, mon ami. The DW Heavyweight Championship is ours to protect, and no mere mortal can stand in our way.

[With a dismissive wave, Jean Louis Duval and Royce Lacroix continue their journey towards the arena entrance, leaving William Smith behind with a sense of bemusement. As they disappear from view, their air of confidence lingers, setting the stage for a dramatic showdown in the ring.]

Single Match
Oliver Harrington vs. Union Jack

Future Titans

[Oliver Harrington, adorned in his signature flashy attire, strides confidently backstage following his victory over Union Jack. His demeanor exudes satisfaction, basking in the glow of his triumph. As he rounds a corner, he unexpectedly collides with Maxwell Blackwell, ‘The Mirage’, whose expression borders on disdain.]

Oliver Harrington: Whoa there, watch where you’re going!

[Maxwell Blackwell, his gaze icy and unwavering, regards Harrington with a mixture of skepticism and displeasure.]

Maxwell Blackwell: My apologies if I disrupted your victory parade, Harrington. But let’s not mistake luck for skill.

[Oliver Harrington, never one to back down from a challenge, meets Blackwell’s gaze with unwavering confidence.]

Oliver Harrington: Luck had nothing to do with it, Blackwell. But if you’re doubting my skills, how about we settle this in the ring?

[Maxwell Blackwell, a smirk playing at the corners of his lips, considers Harrington’s proposition before responding.]

Maxwell Blackwell: You’re on, Harrington. Let’s see who the better man truly is. At Titans, you and I will determine once and for all who reigns supreme.

[With a curt nod of agreement, the tension between Harrington and Blackwell hangs palpably in the air, setting the stage for an electrifying showdown at the upcoming PPV. As they part ways, their competitive spirits ignite, fueling anticipation for the clash that awaits.]

Single Match
Ben Noble vs. Riley Smith

Guilty by Association

[Matt Anarchy, seated in his office, closely observes the monitor displaying Ben Noble’s triumphant celebration following his victory over Riley Smith. Anarchy’s expression is one of keen interest, his eyes fixed on the unfolding scene. Suddenly, his focus is interrupted by the abrupt entrance of Stijn De Raaf, the current UK Champion, his demeanor seething with frustration.]

Stijn De Raaf: Anarchy, we need to talk.

[Matt Anarchy, unfazed by De Raaf’s assertiveness, turns his attention to the irate champion, acknowledging his presence with a calm yet attentive demeanor.]

Matt Anarchy: What’s on your mind, Stijn?

[Stijn De Raaf, his voice laced with simmering intensity, wastes no time in expressing his grievances to Anarchy, his frustration evident.]

Stijn De Raaf: I’ve had it with this situation, Anarchy. I shouldn’t have to defend my title against Ben Noble at Titans. It’s beneath me, and you know it.

[Anarchy, maintaining his composure, listens intently to De Raaf’s impassioned plea, his expression thoughtful yet resolute.]

Matt Anarchy: I understand your frustration, Stijn. But you know as well as I do that challenges come in all forms in this business. Noble has earned his opportunity, whether you agree with it or not.

[Stijn De Raaf, his patience waning, bristles at Anarchy’s response, his frustration boiling over.]

Stijn De Raaf: Enough of this! If I’m going to be forced to deal with Noble, then he’s not the only one who will feel the consequences. Kandi Sparks is about to find out just what happens when she associates herself with the wrong people.

[With a determined stride, Stijn De Raaf exits Anarchy’s office, his intentions clear as he prepares to confront Kandi Sparks in the ring. As Anarchy watches him depart, a sense of impending conflict hangs heavy in the air, foreshadowing the turbulent events to come.]

Single Match
Kandi Sparks vs. Stijn De Raaf


[Backstage in the locker room area, Kyle McRae stands at the center, his British Hospitality teammates, Alexander Hate and Harry Black, flanking him. The atmosphere is charged with anticipation as they prepare for their upcoming main event match against the formidable duo of Jean Louis Duval and Royce Lacroix.]

Kyle McRae: Alright, lads, tonight’s the night. We’ve got the opportunity to show the world what British Hospitality is made of. Duval and Lacroix think they’ve got us figured out, but we’re not about to let them walk all over us.

[Alexander Hate and Harry Black nod in agreement, their expressions steely with determination as they listen to McRae’s rallying words.]

Alexander Hate: Damn right, Kyle. These two think they’re untouchable, but tonight, we’re going to give them a reality check they won’t soon forget.

Harry Black: We’ve been through the trenches together, lads. We know what it takes to come out on top. Tonight, we show everyone why British Hospitality is the real deal.

[Kyle McRae, his confidence unwavering, locks eyes with Hate and Black, a sense of unity and purpose resonating between them.]

Kyle McRae: Let’s go out there and give it everything we’ve got. Duval and Lacroix may think they’ve got the upper hand, but they’re about to learn that when you mess with British Hospitality, you’re in for a world of hurt.

[With a final nod of solidarity, the trio of British Hospitality members share a determined glance, ready to face whatever challenges lie ahead as they prepare to make their way to the ring for the main event showdown.]

Tag Team Match
Royce Lacroix & Jean Louis Duval vs. British Hospitality

The Raven King

[As Clash 20 draws to a close, the camera focuses on the ring where Jean Louis Duval and Royce Lacroix stand tall, basking in the glow of their victory. The arena reverberates with a chorus of boos as they revel in their triumph.]

Jean Louis Duval: Mesdames et messieurs, behold the true champions of Dynasty Wrestling!

[Duval raises his DW Heavyweight Championship belt high above his head, while Royce Lacroix stands by his side, a silent yet imposing figure.]

Royce Lacroix: Nods in agreement, his presence exuding an aura of dominance.

[The camera slowly zooms out, revealing the entirety of the arena, the jeers of the crowd echoing throughout the venue. Suddenly, a figure is seen lurking in the shadows of the rafters, observing the scene below with keen interest.]

[Cedric Thornfield, known as ‘the Raven King,’ stands perched high above, his gaze piercing through the darkness as he watches Duval and Lacroix celebrate their victory. There’s an intensity in his eyes, a silent determination that hints at the brewing storm to come.]

[As the camera lingers on Thornfield, the scene fades to black, leaving the audience with a sense of anticipation and intrigue for the future clashes that await in the world of Dynasty Wrestling.]

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