DW Clash 2
Live on the HOTv Network on PWA:TV
The Stratford Arena, London, England
18th September 2023

[The camera pans across the iconic Stratford Arena in London, capturing the buzz and anticipation in the air as the fans fill the venue for ‘Dynasty Wrestling Clash 2.’ The energy is electric, and the atmosphere is charged with excitement.]

Announcer (V.O.): Wrestling fans around the world, welcome back to the Stratford Arena, the epicenter of wrestling greatness! We’re here for another unforgettable evening of ‘Dynasty Wrestling Clash’!

Announcer (V.O.): Last week, Clash gave us jaw-dropping moments and unforgettable challenges, setting the stage for what promises to be an incredible night. And tonight, the stakes are higher than ever!

Announcer (V.O.): In our main event, the DW Champion, Jean-Louis Duval, will put his championship on the line against the man who pinned him last week, Alexander Hate. The battle for the DW Championship promises to be an explosive showdown that London won’t soon forget.

Announcer (V.O.): And speaking of challenges, ‘Unbreakable’ Angelo Anderson has thrown down the gauntlet with an open challenge for any wrestler brave enough to step into the ring with him. Who will answer the call and face the unbreakable spirit of Angelo Anderson?

Announcer (V.O.): From rising stars to seasoned veterans, from fierce rivalries to epic clashes, ‘Dynasty Wrestling Clash 2’ is set to deliver a night of action and drama that will leave fans on the edge of their seats.

Announcer (V.O.): So, prepare yourselves for a rollercoaster ride of emotions, a symphony of suplexes, and a barrage of body slams as we bring you the finest in professional wrestling. Welcome to ‘Dynasty Wrestling Clash 2’! The stage is set, the stars are ready, and the London crowd is roaring – let the clash begin!

Ready To Go

[The camera focuses on Alexander Hate and Harry Black, collectively known as ‘British Hospitality,’ as they make their way toward the arena. Hate’s jaw is set with determination, while Black appears focused and supportive.]

[William Smith, the interviewer, approaches the duo, microphone in hand.]

William Smith: Alexander, Harry, you two had a thrilling victory last week and secured the opportunity for Alexander to challenge Jean-Louis Duval for the DW Championship tonight in our main event. What are your thoughts going into this championship match?

Alexander Hate: [With unwavering determination] Tonight is a night we’ve been waiting for, William. I pinned Duval last week, and now I’ve got the chance to take that championship from him. We’re gonna show him and the whole world what ‘British Hospitality’ is all about – fighting with heart, with honor, and with the fans behind us.

Harry Black: [Nodding in agreement] That’s right, mate. Alexander’s earned this shot, and we’ve got every intention of bringing that championship home to London.

William Smith: Absolutely, it’s a well-deserved opportunity. Now, one topic that’s been making headlines is the absence of Kyle McRae, who’s currently stuck in the sVo due to Roulette Championship obligations. How does his absence affect your mindset heading into tonight?

Alexander Hate: [Sighing] It’s a shame, really. Kyle’s a hell of a competitor, and we’ve been through a lot together. But right now, it’s about focusing on the task at hand. We’ve got a championship match tonight, and we’re not gonna let anything distract us from that. We know Kyle would be here if he could, but we’ll make him proud by bringing that championship home.

Harry Black: [Determined] That’s right, mate. Kyle’s got his battles to fight, and we’ve got ours. We’ll hold down the fort for him, and when he’s back, we’ll be even stronger.

William Smith: Thank you, Alexander and Harry, for your time. We’ll be watching closely as you compete in tonight’s main event. Good luck!

[The duo nods in appreciation, their focus unyielding as they continue their journey toward the main event. The camera follows them, capturing the resolve in their expressions as they prepare to make history at ‘Dynasty Wrestling Clash 2.’]

Submission Match
Ben Noble vs Stijn De Raaf

Answering the Challenge

[In the bustling interview area backstage at ‘Dynasty Wrestling Clash 2,’ Angelo Anderson stands alone, his arms crossed over his chest, a hint of disappointment in his eyes. The camera zooms in as the interviewer, William Smith, approaches Angelo with a microphone.]

William Smith: Angelo, last week, you issued an open challenge to any wrestler willing to step into the ring with you, and tonight, it seems like we’re in the right place to find out if anyone has accepted that challenge. Have you had any takers?

Angelo Anderson: [Slightly disheartened] Well, William, I was hoping for some real competition. I wanted someone to step up, to test their mettle against ‘Unbreakable’ Angelo Anderson. But it seems like everyone’s a bit too scared or maybe just not up to the challenge.

[As Angelo’s words hang in the air, a burst of patriotic music suddenly fills the interview area. The camera shifts, capturing the entrance of Union Jack, the fan-favorite wrestler from England. He’s clad in a mask adorned with the Union Jack flag, and the crowd’s excitement is palpable.]

Union Jack: [Grabbing a microphone and speaking with passion] Hold on there, Angelo! If you’re looking for a fight, look no further! Union Jack is here, and I’m more than ready to take you on!

[The crowd watching the backstage screen erupts in cheers, fully behind Union Jack.]

Angelo Anderson: [Smirking, ready for the challenge] Well, well, well, Union Jack, the high-flyer himself! You think you can step into the ring with me, the powerhouse of ‘Dynasty Wrestling Clash’? You might have the crowd behind you, but when you’re facing me, it won’t be enough.

Union Jack: [Confidently] That’s what makes this so exciting, Angelo. I’ve got heart, the spirit of the fans, and the determination to take on anyone, even the so-called ‘Unbreakable.’ So, what do you say, mate? Let’s give these fans a match they won’t forget!

[The crowd watching the backstage screen roars in approval, eager to see this unexpected matchup unfold.]

Angelo Anderson: [Accepting the challenge with a nod] You got it, Union Jack. Tonight, in front of this roaring crowd, they’ll witness the unbreakable spirit collide with the soaring heart of England. Let’s do this!

[The camera captures the intensity in the eyes of both wrestlers as they exchange a final nod of mutual respect and determination. ‘Unbreakable’ Angelo Anderson vs. Union Jack is set to be a clash of styles and spirits.]



[The backstage area at ‘Dynasty Wrestling Clash 2’ is dimly lit, with shadows dancing along the concrete walls. Ben Noble, the fan-favorite Londoner, makes his way through the corridor, a mix of exhaustion and satisfaction on his face following his earlier victory. He’s clad in his wrestling gear, his tattooed arms glistening with sweat as he heads toward the exit.]

[Unbeknownst to Ben Noble, a figure lurks in the shadows, plotting a sinister act. Stijn De Raaf, the conniving Dutch wrestler with a bitter vendetta, watches Ben’s every move, waiting for the perfect moment to strike.]

[As Ben reaches the exit, he pauses to catch his breath, unaware that danger is about to descend upon him. Suddenly, De Raaf leaps from the shadows and crashes into Ben, striking him with a devastating blow to the back of the head.]

[Ben Noble crumples to the ground, his face contorted in pain as De Raaf mounts him, delivering a relentless barrage of punches to his head and face. Blood starts to flow, pooling around Ben’s battered and bruised form.]

[The backstage area descends into chaos as crew members and security personnel rush to the scene, attempting to pull De Raaf off of Ben Noble. De Raaf’s face is a twisted mask of rage as he continues his brutal assault, showing no mercy.]

[The camera captures the horrifying scene as Ben Noble, the beloved fan favorite, lies battered and bloodied on the concrete floor, a victim of Stijn De Raaf’s ruthless attack. The crowd watching on the backstage screen is left in shock and disbelief as ‘Dynasty Wrestling Clash 2’ takes an unexpected, violent turn.]

Single Match
Angelo Anderson vs Union Jack


Single Match
Yutaka vs Geoffrey Hobbs


[In the bustling backstage interview area at ‘Dynasty Wrestling Clash 2,’ Jean-Louis Duval stands with the DW Championship belt draped over his shoulder. His demeanor is one of nonchalance, exuding an air of indifference as the interviewer, William Smith, approaches with a microphone.]

William Smith: Jean-Louis Duval, tonight you defend the DW Championship against Alexander Hate, a man who pinned you last week in a tag team match. How are you preparing for this high-stakes main event?

Jean-Louis Duval: [With a dismissive wave of his hand] Preparing? Mon ami, I do not prepare for commoners like Hate. I am the DW Champion, and I face challenges with the grace of a true champion.

[Duval’s response is met with a mixed reaction from the crowd watching on the backstage screen.]

William Smith: Some might say that underestimating your opponent could be a costly mistake, Jean-Louis. What do you have to say about that?

Jean-Louis Duval: [Arrogantly] Underestimate? Non, non, non. I simply do not waste my energy on the insignificant. Hate may have pinned me last week, but he will soon learn the difference between a momentary victory and a true champion’s reign.

[As Duval continues to speak, Jon Page, the DW Owner, enters the scene, a smile on his face. He approaches Duval, extending his hand as a sign of goodwill.]

Jon Page: Jean-Louis, my friend, I wanted to wish you luck in your main event tonight. I know it’s going to be a tough battle, but I have every confidence in you.

[Duval glances at Jon Page’s outstretched hand but makes no move to shake it. Instead, he simply nods, his expression still aloof.]

Jean-Louis Duval: Merci, Jon. Your confidence is appreciated, but I need no luck. I have skill, talent, and the DW Championship. Excusez-moi.

[With that, Duval turns away from Jon Page and walks off, leaving the DW Owner standing there with his hand still extended, a look of surprise and disappointment on his face. The backstage area is filled with an air of tension as the interview concludes.]



[The camera slowly pans into Jon Page’s office backstage at ‘Dynasty Wrestling Clash 2.’ The room is filled with wrestling memorabilia and championship belts, a testament to Page’s history with the promotion. Page sits behind his desk, his eyes fixed on the monitor displaying the main event match about to begin. Beside him, there’s a familiar face – Matt Anarchy, the first-ever DW Champion, who has transitioned into a behind-the-scenes role. The anticipation in the room is palpable.]

Jon Page: [Adjusting his seat, speaking with a sense of concern] Matt, it’s been quite a night, and this main event… it’s a big one. Duval defending the DW Championship against Alexander Hate.

Matt Anarchy: [Nodding in agreement] It sure is, Jon. Hate’s been on fire lately, and Duval, well, he’s been a bit of a loose cannon, to say the least.

[The camera captures the intensity of the main event on the monitor, the crowd’s excitement palpable.]

Jon Page: [Sighing] That’s what worries me, Matt. If Duval retains the championship tonight, we might have a real problem on our hands. He’s been uncontrollable, and it’s affecting the whole roster.

Matt Anarchy: [With a concerned look] I’ve seen it happen before in this business, Jon. When a champion gets too big for their boots, things can spiral out of control fast.

Jon Page: [Determined] That’s why, Matt, I need you to understand something. Next week, when you take over as the DW Commissioner, if Duval wins tonight, your first task is to get him under control. We need a champion who respects this promotion, the fans, and the legacy of Dynasty Wrestling.

Matt Anarchy: [Nodding solemnly] I hear you, Jon. If it comes to that, I’ll do what’s best for Dynasty Wrestling. Duval or not, we can’t let things go off the rails.

[As the main event match gets underway, the tension in the room grows. Page and Anarchy watch intently, knowing that the fate of the DW Championship and the direction of the promotion hang in the balance. The room is filled with a sense of anticipation and uncertainty as ‘Dynasty Wrestling Clash 2’ heads towards its thrilling conclusion.]

Main Event
DW Championship Match
Jean-Louis Duval vs Alexander Hate

And Still…..

[As the main event of ‘Dynasty Wrestling Clash 2’ reaches its climactic conclusion, the crowd in the Stratford Arena is on the edge of their seats. Jean-Louis Duval, the reigning DW Champion, stands tall in the center of the ring, having just retained his championship against Alexander Hate. The referee approaches, DW Championship belt in hand, ready to present it to Duval.]

[The referee offers the championship to Duval, who snatches it away from him, his arrogant demeanor on full display. The boos from the crowd rain down upon him as he raises the championship high, taunting the fans who despise him.]

[Duval’s triumphant moment continues as he begins to make his way up the entrance ramp, the DW Championship belt still in his clutches. The jeers from the crowd intensify, their displeasure with the champion evident.]

[However, as Duval reaches the top of the entrance ramp, a new presence emerges. Matt Anarchy, the upcoming DW Commissioner and the first-ever DW Champion, steps out to confront Duval. The crowd’s cheers are deafening as they welcome Anarchy.]

[Duval and Anarchy lock eyes, the tension between them palpable. Duval’s arrogance is met with Anarchy’s unyielding determination to restore order to the promotion. The two wrestlers, one current champion and one former champion, stare each other down as the show goes off the air, leaving the audience with a sense of anticipation for what the future holds for Dynasty Wrestling.]

[The screen fades to black, and the arena is filled with a mix of cheers and boos, signaling the uncertain path ahead for the DW Championship and the promotion itself.]

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