DW Clash 16
Live on the HOTv Network on PWA:TV
The Stratford Arena, London, England
5th February 2024

The arena pulses with anticipation as the lights dim and the crowd roars in excitement. The camera pans across the enthusiastic audience, signs waving and cheers echoing throughout the venue. In the commentary booth, Steve Pringle and Eddie Bates prepare to guide fans through the electrifying night ahead.

Steve Pringle: Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to another explosive edition of DW Clash, broadcasting live from the Stratford Arena in London!

Eddie Bates: That’s right, Steve! Tonight promises to be nothing short of sensational, with high-stakes matches and intense rivalries set to take center stage.

The camera cuts to various shots of the arena, highlighting the eager fans and the larger-than-life atmosphere.

Steve Pringle: In our main event, Angus Blackhart puts his DW UK Championship on the line against the formidable Stijn De Raaf. It’s a clash of titans, and the stakes couldn’t be higher!

Eddie Bates: And let’s not forget the personal vendetta brewing between Kyle McRae and Cedric Thornfield. McRae has been a target of Thornfield’s relentless attacks, and tonight, he’s out for redemption.

The energy in the arena intensifies as the anticipation builds for the action-packed night ahead.

Steve Pringle: It’s an evening filled with drama, athleticism, and pure adrenaline. So grab your seats, folks, because DW Clash 16 is about to begin, and it’s going to be one for the history books!

Join the Queue

Backstage in the dimly lit corridors of the arena, Stijn De Raaf stands, his gaze fixed on the ground as he mentally prepares for the monumental challenge ahead. His focus is unwavering, his determination evident as he runs through his strategies for the upcoming DW UK Championship match.

Suddenly, a shadow falls across the floor, and De Raaf looks up to see Maxwell Blackwell, known as ‘the Mirage’, approaching with an air of quiet confidence.

Stijn De Raaf: nodding “Maxwell, what brings you here?”

Maxwell Blackwell: “Stijn, I just wanted to wish you luck tonight. You’ve earned this opportunity, and I respect that.”

De Raaf regards Blackwell with a nod, acknowledging the sentiment.

Stijn De Raaf: “Thank you, Maxwell. I appreciate it.”

Maxwell Blackwell: smirking “But just remember, if you do manage to walk out of here with that DW UK Championship tonight, I’ll be right there, waiting for my shot.”

De Raaf’s expression shifts slightly, a flicker of intensity in his eyes as he absorbs Blackwell’s words.

Stijn De Raaf: “Understood, Maxwell. Trust me, I’ll be ready for whatever comes next.”

With a final nod of acknowledgement, Blackwell steps back, his enigmatic presence lingering in the air as De Raaf returns his focus to the task at hand. Tonight, the stakes are higher than ever, and he’s more determined than ever to seize his moment in the spotlight.

A Message to Amy Page

William Smith: Good evening, DW fans. I’m here backstage with the General Manager of DW, Matt Anarchy. Matt, last night on sVo Showdown, Angelo Anderson successfully defended the International Heavyweight Championship against sVo legend William Vorheez. What are your thoughts on this victory?

Matt Anarchy: Well, William, let me tell you, it’s a moment of immense pride for Dynasty Wrestling. Angelo Anderson’s victory over William Vorheez isn’t just a win; it’s a statement. It’s a testament to the caliber of talent we have here in DW.

William Smith: Absolutely, it’s a significant achievement for Angelo and for DW as a whole. How do you think this victory will impact the ongoing relationship between DW and sVo?

Matt Anarchy: Well, let’s just say it’s a reminder to everyone, especially to sVo COO Amy Page, that Dynasty Wrestling is a force to be reckoned with. We’re not here to play second fiddle to anyone. Angelo’s victory speaks volumes about the strength and competitiveness of our roster. So, Amy, if you’re listening, watch closely because DW is here to make waves, and we’re just getting started.

William Smith: Strong words from the GM himself. Thank you, Matt, for your time and insight.

Matt Anarchy: Anytime, William. DW fans, stay tuned because the best is yet to come.

Single Match
Alexander Hate vs. Leo Lewis

Striking Fear

William Smith: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here backstage with the Scottish Brute himself, Angus Blackhart, who’s set to defend his DW UK Championship in tonight’s main event. Angus, how are you feeling heading into this high-stakes match?

Angus Blackhart: William, let me tell you, I’m feeling more focused than ever. Defending this championship means everything to me. Stijn De Raaf may be a tough opponent, but I didn’t claw my way to the top of the mountain just to let someone take this title away from me.

William Smith: Absolutely, Angus. Your reign as DW UK Champion has been nothing short of dominant. But how do you plan to overcome the challenge posed by Stijn De Raaf tonight?

Angus Blackhart: Stijn De Raaf is a worthy competitor, there’s no denying that. But tonight, I’ll show him and everyone else why I’m the Scottish Brute, the one who strikes fear into the hearts of my opponents. I’ll do whatever it takes to walk out of that ring with my championship held high.

William Smith: Strong words, Angus. The entire DW Universe is eagerly awaiting this showdown. Thank you for your time, and best of luck in the main event tonight.

Angus Blackhart: Thank you, William. And to all my fans out there, get ready for a battle you won’t soon forget!

Single Match
Ben Noble vs. Union Jack

The Lion vs. The Snake

Alexander Hate: Kyle, mate, you’ve got this. Thornfield may be a snake, but you’re a lion in that ring.

Kyle McRae: Thanks, lads. I know Thornfield’s been on a rampage lately, but tonight, it ends. I’ll show him what happens when you mess with British Hospitality.

Harry Black: You’ve got the whole team behind you, Kyle. We’ll be watching your back from ringside.

Kyle McRae: That means a lot, Harry. Tonight, Thornfield learns that no one messes with us and gets away with it. Let’s do this!

Alexander Hate: Absolutely, Kyle. Go out there and give him hell!

The trio share a determined look, their camaraderie evident as they prepare to face Cedric Thornfield in the upcoming match.

Single Match
Cedric Thornfield vs. Kyle McRae

The Save

As Cedric Thornfield stands victorious in the ring, a sinister smirk playing on his lips, the crowd buzzes with a mixture of awe and trepidation. Suddenly, the atmosphere shifts as Thornfield’s expression darkens, his gaze fixating on the fallen Kyle McRae.

With a cruel grin, Thornfield reaches out for a steel chair, his intentions clear to everyone in the arena. But just as he raises the chair high, ready to strike, the crowd erupts into cheers as Alexander Hate and Harry Black charge down the ramp, their eyes blazing with determination.

Hate and Black slide into the ring, their presence a beacon of hope for McRae. Thornfield’s smirk wavers, replaced by a scowl of frustration as he realizes his plans have been thwarted. The arena reverberates with chants of support for McRae as Hate and Black stand guard, ready to defend their friend.

Thornfield, sensing the shift in momentum, retreats from the ring, his malevolent intentions thwarted for now. McRae, though battered and bruised, rises with the support of his friends, his resolve unbroken despite the onslaught he endured.

As the tension in the arena gradually subsides, Hate and Black help McRae to his feet, their unity a testament to the unbreakable bond of British Hospitality. Together, they stand tall, ready to face whatever challenges lie ahead, their loyalty unwavering in the face of adversity.

Looking for Another Chance

Inside the bustling office of GM Matt Anarchy, Kandi Sparks stands with determination etched across her features. She takes a deep breath, steeling herself for the conversation ahead, as she waits for Anarchy to acknowledge her presence.

Kandi Sparks: “Hey, Matt. I know last week didn’t go my way against Emily Shaw, but I’m not one to stay down for long. I need another shot at her, and I’ll make sure this time, things end differently.”

Anarchy, seated behind his desk, listens attentively to Sparks’ request, his expression thoughtful as he considers her words.

Matt Anarchy: “Kandi, I respect your tenacity. You’ve proven yourself time and again in that ring, and I understand your desire for redemption. Emily Shaw is a formidable opponent, but I believe in giving everyone a fair chance.”

Anarchy leans forward, his gaze unwavering as he meets Sparks’ determined stare.

Matt Anarchy: “Consider it done. Next week, you’ll have your rematch against Emily Shaw. Show her what you’re made of, Kandi. I have a feeling you’ll come out on top this time.”

Sparks nods, a spark of determination igniting in her eyes as she accepts Anarchy’s decision. With a sense of purpose, she turns to leave the office, her resolve stronger than ever.

As the door swings shut behind her, Anarchy leans back in his chair, a faint smile playing at the corners of his lips. Another chapter in the ongoing saga of DW is about to unfold, and he’s ready to see what the future holds.

DW UK Championship Match
Angus Blackhart (c) vs. Stijn de Raaf

The Crowning

The arena erupts with thunderous applause as Stijn De Raaf stands tall in the center of the ring, the DW UK Championship held high above his head. The new champion basks in the glow of the spotlight, his face etched with a mixture of relief and triumph after a grueling battle.

The crowd’s cheers reverberate throughout the arena, echoing their admiration for the Dutchman’s hard-fought victory. De Raaf’s resilience and determination have paid off, culminating in this defining moment of his career.

Confetti rains down from the rafters, adding an extra layer of jubilation to the celebratory atmosphere. De Raaf’s theme music fills the air, punctuating the scene with an electrifying rhythm.

As De Raaf continues to soak in the adulation of the crowd, Angus Blackhart slowly rises to his feet, his expression a mix of disappointment and respect. Despite the defeat, the Scottish Brute acknowledges De Raaf’s achievement with a nod of appreciation.

In a show of sportsmanship, De Raaf extends his hand toward Blackhart, offering a sign of respect between competitors. After a moment’s hesitation, Blackhart accepts the gesture, clasping hands with the new champion.

The arena reverberates with applause once more, a testament to the hard-fought battle and the mutual respect shared between these two fierce competitors. For Stijn De Raaf, this victory represents the culmination of years of dedication and perseverance, marking the beginning of an exciting new chapter in his career as the DW UK Champion.

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