DW Clash 14
Live on the HOTv Network on PWA:TV
The Stratford Arena, London, England
22nd January 2024

[The camera pans across the buzzing Stratford Arena in London, capturing the anticipation and excitement of the fans filing into their seats. The arena is alive with energy as the stage is set for another thrilling edition of DW Clash.]

Steve Pringle: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to another spectacular night of Dynasty Wrestling! We’re here at the iconic Stratford Arena in London, and the atmosphere is absolutely electric!

Eddie Bates: That’s right, Steve! After the historic DW UK Championship tournament, the action doesn’t stop. We’ve got an incredible lineup tonight, featuring your favorite DW superstars ready to ignite the ring.

[The camera shifts to the commentary booth, where Steve Pringle and Eddie Bates are ready to guide the audience through the night’s events.]

Steve Pringle: And what a night it’s going to be! New champions, intense rivalries, and surprises await us. I can hardly contain my excitement, Eddie.

Eddie Bates: Absolutely, Steve. DW Clash is the place to be for top-tier wrestling action. So, buckle up, fans, because we’re about to witness the next chapter in the DW saga. Let the Clash begin!

[The DW theme music reverberates through the arena as the camera pans to the enthusiastic crowd, eagerly awaiting the start of another unforgettable evening. The stage is set, and the anticipation builds for the explosive action about to unfold at DW Clash 14.]

Who to Deal with the Raven

[The backstage area is bustling with activity as Harry Black and Alexander Hate make their way to the arena. Both men, focused and determined, engage in a conversation about their next steps.]

Harry Black: Hate, we need to do something about Thornfield. He can’t just attack McRae and get away with it.

Alexander Hate: I get it, Harry, and I’m on board. But remember, I’ve got a crucial match tonight, the four-way for the UK Championship contendership. I can’t afford any distractions.

Harry Black: I understand, Hate. Take care of business in the ring. As for Thornfield, leave him to me. I’ll make sure he pays for what he did to McRae.

[The duo continues walking down the corridor, their expressions conveying a shared sense of determination.]

Alexander Hate: Just be careful, Black. Thornfield is no ordinary opponent. He’s cunning, sneaky, and downright dangerous.

Harry Black: I’ve dealt with my fair share of troublemakers, Hate. Thornfield won’t be any different. Focus on your match, and I’ll handle this Thornfield situation.

[They reach the locker room area, where Hate nods in agreement before heading into his locker room. Harry Black continues on his path, a steely resolve in his eyes as he prepares for the looming confrontation with Cedric Thornfield. The tension in the air is palpable as Clash 14 promises more twists and turns.]

Single Match
Union Jack vs. Maxwell Blackwell

Into the Squared Circle

[The backstage area is abuzz with activity as Emily Shaw stands by, ready for her in-ring debut. William Smith approaches her for an interview.]

William Smith: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here with Emily Shaw, who’s moments away from making her in-ring debut against Roddy King. Emily, you’ve been closely observing Kandi Sparks for weeks. What prompted this sudden shift from watching to competing?

Emily Shaw: William, I’ve been studying Kandi Sparks because she represents everything I despise – the false glimmer of success, the undeserved attention. But tonight, it’s not about Kandi. It’s about me showcasing my skills, my dominance in that ring.

[Shaw’s eyes gleam with a fierce determination as she continues.]

Emily Shaw: Roddy King is just the beginning. Kandi, if you’re watching, understand that every move I make is a reminder of what awaits you. I’m not here for fanfare or cheers. I’m here to dismantle anyone who stands in my way.

[Smith nods as the intensity in Shaw’s gaze intensifies.]

William Smith: Strong words, Emily. How do you plan to approach this match against Roddy King?

Emily Shaw: Roddy is a stepping stone, a mere pawn in this game. My approach is simple – swift, precise, and calculated. He’s about to experience the undeniable force of Emily Shaw, and Kandi Sparks, you’ll be next. Prepare yourself for the reality check you’ve been avoiding.

[Shaw walks away, leaving William Smith pondering the ominous warning. The anticipation builds as Emily Shaw is set to make her presence felt in the ring.]

Single Match
Emily Shaw vs. Roddy King

Stare down

[The arena is buzzing with energy as Emily Shaw stands tall in the ring, having just secured her victory against Roddy King. The crowd’s reaction is a mix of cheers and jeers, uncertain about what to make of the enigmatic newcomer. As Shaw revels in the moment, Kandi Sparks’ music hits, drawing the attention of everyone in the arena.]

[Kandi Sparks steps onto the top of the entrance ramp, her gaze fixed on Shaw in the ring. The two women lock eyes, a tense silence falling over the arena.]

[Shaw, confident in her victory, smirks at Sparks. The crowd’s anticipation grows as the confrontation unfolds.]

Kandi Sparks: Emily, you might be celebrating a win, but don’t mistake a victory against Roddy King for dominance over me.

[The fans react to Sparks’ strong words, sensing the building animosity between the two competitors.]

Kandi Sparks: You’ve been lurking in the shadows, watching my every move. Well, here I am, standing in the spotlight, unimpressed by your little victory.

[Shaw responds with a dismissive laugh, taunting Sparks from the ring.]

Emily Shaw: Kandi, enjoy your moment in the spotlight while it lasts. You’ll soon realize that I’m not here for the applause; I’m here to expose your weaknesses and take everything you hold dear.

[The tension between Shaw and Sparks intensifies, creating an electric atmosphere in the arena. The fans are on the edge of their seats as the staredown continues, setting the stage for a fierce rivalry in the weeks to come.]

Preferred Opponent

[William Smith stands backstage with the newly crowned DW UK Champion, Angus Blackhart, who proudly carries the championship belt over his shoulder.]

William Smith: Angus, congratulations on becoming the first-ever DW UK Champion. Tonight, you’re scheduled to face the winner of the four-way #1 contenders match. Do you have a preference on who you’d like to defend your title against?

[Angus Blackhart looks at the championship belt for a moment before turning his attention to William Smith.]

Angus Blackhart: Thank you, William. As for my preference, it doesn’t matter who comes out on top in that four-way clash. I’m the champion now, and I’m ready to face anyone who thinks they can take this title from me. Stijn, Ben, Alexander, Angelo – it doesn’t make a difference. They’re all just obstacles in my way.

[The imposing Scotsman exudes confidence as he adjusts the championship on his shoulder.]

Angus Blackhart: I didn’t come this far to back down from a challenge. Whoever it is, they better be ready for a fight, because the DW UK Championship isn’t leaving my grasp anytime soon.

[Angus Blackhart gives a determined nod, signaling his readiness for the challenges that lie ahead. The backstage area buzzes with anticipation as the DW UK Champion prepares for his next battle.]

Single Match
Riley Smith vs. Leo Lewis

Viva La France!

[Backstage in the DW arena, Jean Louis Duval stands alongside his imposing new bodyguard, Royce Lacroix. Duval appears confident, and he addresses Lacroix with instructions before his match against Geoffrey Hobbs.]

Jean Louis Duval: Royce, last week you made a statement. Tonight, against Geoffrey Hobbs, I want you to make it even clearer. Show everyone in this arena why France is superior to England. Dominate him, crush his spirit, and let the world see the power of our alliance.

[Royce Lacroix, a silent force, nods in acknowledgment, his stoic expression unchanged.]

Royce Lacroix: Understood.

[Jean Louis Duval smirks confidently, seemingly pleased with Lacroix’s response.]

Jean Louis Duval: This is our stage, Royce. Make them remember that the dominance of the French cannot be challenged. Let the world witness the strength and superiority we bring to Dynasty Wrestling.

[The duo shares a focused look, determined to make a significant impact in the upcoming match. The backstage area is filled with an air of anticipation as Duval and Lacroix prepare for the contest ahead.]

Single Match
Geoffrey Hobbs vs. Royce Lacroix

May the Best Man Win

[Backstage in the DW arena, Stijn De Raaf is seen talking with Angelo Anderson, the atmosphere tense yet collaborative.]

Stijn De Raaf: Angelo, we’ve got a common goal tonight – clean house, eliminate the competition, and then may the best man win, eh?

Angelo Anderson: I can get behind that, Stijn. Clear the ring, and then we can settle our business.

[As Angelo Anderson starts to walk away, Stijn De Raaf’s expression shifts slightly, and a devious glint appears in his eyes.]

Stijn De Raaf: (under his breath) Indeed, may the best man win.

[As Angelo Anderson walks away, Stijn De Raaf watches him with a sly smile, hinting at potential treachery in the fatal four-way match later tonight.]

The Mirage

[Backstage in the DW arena, William Smith catches up with Maxwell Blackwell, who is still basking in the aftermath of his debut victory against Union Jack.]

William Smith: Maxwell, congratulations on your impressive debut victory against Union Jack tonight. How are you feeling after your first match in Dynasty Wrestling?

Maxwell Blackwell: Thank you, William. Tonight was just the beginning. The shadows have a way of enveloping everything, and I’ve only just emerged from the darkness. Union Jack was merely a glimpse of what I can do.

William Smith: You seem to have a unique and mysterious aura about you. Can you shed some light on what the DW Universe can expect from Maxwell Blackwell?

[Maxwell Blackwell smirks mysteriously, his eyes reflecting an enigmatic confidence.]

Maxwell Blackwell: The shadows hide many secrets, William. In due time, DW and its audience will come to realize the true nature of those secrets. For now, let the anticipation build.

[With that cryptic message, Maxwell Blackwell walks away, leaving William Smith and the DW Universe intrigued by the enigma that has entered Dynasty Wrestling.]

Fatal Four Way #1 Contenders Match
Stijn De Raaf vs. Ben Noble vs. Alexander Hate vs. Angelo Anderson

Word with the Raven

[Backstage, William Smith stands with the enigmatic Cedric “The Raven” Thornfield, his dark presence commanding attention.]

William Smith: Cedric, last week you made a bold statement attacking Kyle McRae. Tonight, you’re facing his ally Harry Black in the main event. Care to shed some light on your motives?

Cedric Thornfield: (smirking) Light, Mr. Smith, is overrated. People like McRae, Black, they live in a world of false illumination. I am the shadow, the harbinger of truth. Tonight, Harry Black will learn what it means to face the darkness.

[Cedric Thornfield stares ominously into the camera as the interview concludes, leaving an air of mystery and anticipation for the main event.]

Single Match
Cedric Thornfield vs. Harry Black

A Lack of Hospitality

[In the closing moments of Clash, the arena is electric as Cedric “The Raven” Thornfield stands tall over a fallen Harry Black. Thornfield, with a sinister grin, appears intent on inflicting more punishment. Suddenly, the atmosphere shifts as Alexander Hate charges down to the ring, a look of determination on his face.]

Eddie Bates: What’s this, Alexander Hate rushing to the aid of his British Hospitality teammate!

[Alexander Hate slides into the ring, confronting Thornfield. The Raven, undeterred, smirks and steps back, seemingly reveling in the chaos he’s created.]

Steve Pringle: Thornfield may have won the match, but Alexander Hate is not letting him do any more damage tonight!

[The two men exchange intense glares, Hate ready to defend his fallen comrade. Thornfield, displaying a twisted sense of satisfaction, retreats with haunting laughter echoing through the arena.]

Eddie Bates: This rivalry is far from over, and Thornfield has just added another layer of darkness to it.

[As Hate and Thornfield continue to exchange heated stares, the camera fades to black, leaving the fans eagerly anticipating the next chapter in this intense saga.]

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