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DW Clash 12

The DW UK Championship tournament gets started!

DW Clash 12
Live on the HOTv Network on PWA:TV
The Stratford Arena, London, England
8th January 2024

[The camera pans over the lively crowd in the Stratford Arena, the anticipation palpable in the air. The DW logo shines brightly on the big screen as the pyrotechnics erupt, signaling the start of another electrifying episode of DW Clash.]

Steve Pringle: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to DW Clash 12, live from the iconic Stratford Arena in London! I’m Steve Pringle, joined by my partner Eddie Bates, and we’ve got an incredible night ahead.

Eddie Bates: That’s right, Steve! Tonight is extra special as we kick off the much-anticipated DW UK Championship tournament. Eight hungry competitors vying for the chance to be the first-ever DW UK Champion.

[The camera shifts to the entrance ramp where the competitors’ names are displayed on the Tron: Geoffrey Hobbs, Kral, Harry Black, Stijn De Raaf, Kandi Sparks, Union Jack, Brendon Patrick, and the favorite Angus Blackhart.]

Steve Pringle: It’s a diverse field with seasoned veterans and rising stars. Angus Blackhart seems to be the odds-on favorite, but anything can happen in this tournament.

Eddie Bates: Absolutely, Steve. Let’s not forget, surprises are the name of the game in professional wrestling. I can’t wait to see who will emerge as the DW UK Champion.

[The camera focuses on the ring, where the DW UK Championship belt gleams under the arena lights. The crowd buzzes with excitement as the first-round matchups are about to unfold.]

Steve Pringle: Well, folks, grab your seats and get ready for an unforgettable night. The road to the DW UK Championship begins right here, right now at DW Clash 12!

[The crowd erupts in cheers as the camera fades to black, signaling the start of DW Clash 12.]


[The Stratford Arena buzzes with anticipation as the theme music of the DW Heavyweight Champion, Jean Louis Duval, blares through the speakers. The boos from the crowd intensify as Duval, adorned in his lavish robe, makes his way to the ring with a smug grin on his face.]

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the reigning DW Heavyweight Champion, Jean Louis Duval!

[Duval steps into the ring, microphone in hand, soaking in the disdain from the fans.]

Jean Louis Duval: Mesdames et messieurs, thank you, thank you! Your DW Heavyweight Champion is here, and I know you missed me.

[The crowd responds with a chorus of boos, but Duval waves them off with a dismissive gesture.]

Jean Louis Duval: Last week, I demonstrated once again why I am the top-tier athlete in this industry. I vanquished Alexander Hate, a valiant competitor, with ease. But, my friends, tonight, I have a little surprise for you all.

[Duval pauses, reveling in the anticipation he’s building. The arena goes silent, curious about the impending revelation.]

Jean Louis Duval: Allow me to introduce my new associate, the powerhouse, the former boxing sensation—Royce Lacroix!

[The crowd erupts in boos as Royce Lacroix makes his way to the ring, an imposing figure with an aura of intimidation. He stands stoically behind Duval, who continues to revel in the attention.]

Jean Louis Duval: With Royce by my side, there is no force on this planet that can wrest this championship away from me. I am untouchable!

[Duval raises his championship belt high, basking in the chorus of boos from the audience.]

Jean Louis Duval: Vous ne pouvez rien faire contre moi. I am the pinnacle of excellence, and with Royce Lacroix guarding my back, I am impervious. Get used to it, my dear fans, for I am your unbeatable DW Heavyweight Champion!

[Duval’s music blares once again as he and Lacroix exit the ring, leaving the crowd seething with resentment. The camera captures the defiant smirk on Duval’s face as they make their way up the ramp, leaving no doubt about the arrogance that defines the French champion.]

Ascending the Throne

[The backstage area is bustling with activity as William Smith stands by, ready to conduct an interview. Geoffrey Hobbs, dressed in his refined English attire, approaches with a confident demeanor.]

William Smith: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here with the English Gentlemen, Geoffrey Hobbs. Geoffrey, you’re set to compete in the DW UK Championship tournament, and your next opponent is none other than the ‘Czech King’ Kral. How do you feel about your prospects in the tournament?

[Geoffrey Hobbs adjusts his tie, maintaining a composed and dignified demeanor.]

Geoffrey Hobbs: Thank you, William. It’s an honor to be part of the DW UK Championship tournament, and I relish the opportunity to showcase the grace and strength of British wrestling. As for the ‘Czech King’ Kral, I hold the utmost respect for my opponents, but make no mistake—I am here to ascend to the throne and claim the crown for the United Kingdom.

[Hobbs glances at the tournament bracket, a steely determination in his eyes.]

Geoffrey Hobbs: Kral, you may be a formidable competitor, but I am an English Gentleman with a legacy to uphold. When we step into the ring, it won’t just be a match; it will be a display of English excellence. I intend to progress through this tournament with poise and precision, leaving a trail of defeated opponents in my wake.

[The English Gentlemen nods with confidence as the camera focuses on his unwavering determination.]

William Smith: Strong words, Geoffrey. Best of luck in your quarter-final match against Kral.

[Geoffrey Hobbs offers a polite nod, exuding an air of confidence as he heads off, ready to prepare for his upcoming bout in the DW UK Championship tournament. The camera fades as the anticipation for the tournament builds.]

DW UK Championship Tournament Quarter Final Match
Geoffrey Hobbs vs. Kral

For Britain

[The locker room of British Hospitality is somber, with Kyle McRae and Alexander Hate visibly downcast after recent losses. Harry Black, however, is determined to lift their spirits.]

Harry Black: Come on, lads, no need for long faces. We’re British Hospitality, and we pick each other up. We’ve had a tough go lately, but tonight, things are going to change.

[Harry Black, exuding confidence, checks himself in the mirror, adjusting the British Hospitality logo on his wrestling gear.]

Alexander Hate: Easy for you to say, Harry. I lost to Duval last week, and Kyle got dumped out of that battle royal.

[Alexander Hate nods in agreement, frustration evident on his face.]

Harry Black: Look, I get it. We’ve hit a rough patch, but that doesn’t mean we stop fighting. Tonight, I’m stepping into the ring for the DW UK Championship. Stijn De Raaf might be a tough opponent, but I’m not backing down.

[Harry Black approaches his despondent teammates with determination.]

Harry Black: Kyle, you’ve got my back, right?

[Kyle McRae looks up, a spark of hope in his eyes.]

Kyle McRae: Always, Harry.

Harry Black: And Hate, we’ll get you back on track, no doubt. But right now, let’s focus on what we can control—my match. I’m going to bring that DW UK Championship back to British Hospitality.

[Harry Black extends a hand, and both Kyle McRae and Alexander Hate join in a show of unity.]

Alexander Hate: Let’s do it, Harry. Make British Hospitality proud.

[With renewed determination, the trio shares a collective nod, ready to face the challenges ahead. The scene fades as the three members of British Hospitality prepare for the night’s action.]

DW UK Championship Tournament Quarter Final Match
Harry Black vs. Stijn De Raaf

Not A Prediction, A Spoiler

[In the backstage area, Ben Noble is focused on the monitor, gearing up to watch Kandi Sparks in her DW UK Championship Tournament match.]

Ben Noble: Come on, Kandi. You’ve got this.

[Suddenly, Emily Shaw enters the scene, a smirk on her face as she approaches Ben Noble.]

Emily Shaw: Oh, Ben, save yourself the disappointment. You know Kandi is just going to lose again.

[Ben Noble glares at Emily Shaw, unamused by her presence.]

Ben Noble: Why don’t you save your negativity for someone who cares? Kandi’s a fighter, and she’s going to prove it tonight.

[Emily Shaw chuckles condescendingly.]

Emily Shaw: Fighter or not, it’s just not her night. Maybe she should consider a different career path—one that doesn’t involve stepping into the ring.

[Ben Noble clenches his fists, clearly angered by Emily Shaw’s dismissive attitude.]

Ben Noble: You don’t know the first thing about wrestling, and you certainly don’t know Kandi. So, do us all a favor and keep your opinions to yourself.

[Emily Shaw smirks and shrugs, walking away as Ben Noble refocuses on the monitor, determined to support Kandi Sparks in her tournament match.]

DW UK Championship Tournament Quarter Final Match
Kandi Sparks vs. Union Jack

Ready for War

[In the backstage interview area, William Smith stands ready with the microphone, anticipating an interview with Angus Blackhart. The Scottish powerhouse walks into the frame, his gaze fixed on the upcoming DW UK Championship tournament match.]

William Smith: Angus, tonight you face Brendon Patrick in a pivotal match in the DW UK Championship tournament. What’s your mindset going into this contest?

[Angus Blackhart takes a deep breath, his intensity palpable.]

Angus Blackhart: William, I’m here for one reason—to prove that I’m the absolute best. This tournament is my chance to show the world what I’m made of, and Brendon Patrick is just another obstacle in my way.

[As Angus Blackhart speaks, Brendon Patrick enters the scene, a smirk on his face.]

Brendon Patrick: Obstacle? More like a roadblock, Angus. You might be big and strong, but I’ve got the skills to outmaneuver and outsmart you in that ring.

[The tension in the air rises, and Angus Blackhart glares at Brendon Patrick.]

Angus Blackhart: Keep talking, Patrick.

[Suddenly, without warning, Brendon Patrick slaps Angus Blackhart across the face. The sound echoes through the backstage area, and Angus Blackhart’s eyes narrow.]

Angus Blackhart: You’ll regret that.

[Before the situation escalates further, security rushes in to separate Angus Blackhart and Brendon Patrick. William Smith looks on, stunned by the sudden turn of events.]

William Smith: This rivalry is reaching a boiling point, and it seems tonight’s main event is going to be explosive.

[As security keeps them apart, Angus Blackhart and Brendon Patrick exchange heated glares, foreshadowing the intensity of their upcoming match.]

Back on Track

[The scene opens in Matt Anarchy’s office. Anarchy is engrossed in a phone call, a stack of papers scattered on his desk. The door creaks open, and Kyle McRae enters, looking determined.]

Matt Anarchy (on the phone): Yeah, I’m telling you, we’re building something special here. The competition is fierce, but I want the best in DW.

[Anarchy glances up and sees Kyle McRae waiting patiently. He signals for McRae to take a seat.]

Matt Anarchy (continuing on the phone): Look, I’ve got another call coming in. I’ll get back to you later. Yeah, take care.

[Anarchy hangs up the phone and turns his attention to Kyle McRae.]

Matt Anarchy: What can I do for you, Kyle?

Kyle McRae: Matt, I need to get back on track. And to do that, I need to face Yutuka. It all fell apart for me when I lost that #1 contenders match against him last year.

[Anarchy raises an eyebrow, contemplating McRae’s request.]

Matt Anarchy: Yutuka, huh? Well, here’s the thing, Kyle. Yutuka’s not under DW contract anymore.

Kyle McRae: What? When did that happen?

Matt Anarchy: His contract expired on the stroke of midnight at the turn of the year. But you know what? I’ll make some calls, pull a few strings. Let’s see if we can arrange something for next week.

[Kyle McRae nods appreciatively, a glimmer of hope in his eyes.]

Kyle McRae: Thanks, Matt. I need this. I need to settle the score.

Matt Anarchy: Consider it in the works. You’ve got a chance to get back on track, Kyle. Seize it.

[As McRae leaves Anarchy’s office, the GM begins dialling his phone again, determined to make things happen for the Scottish wrestler.]

DW UK Championship Tournament Quarter Final Match
Angus Blackhart vs. Brendon Patrick

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