ACE Fight Night 5
Live from the Goodfellas Casino Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada
17th January 2024

[The dazzling lights of the Goodfellas Casino Arena in Las Vegas illuminate the excitement in the air as ACE 5, a monumental event, is about to unfold. Jon Page, the owner of ACE, stands at the center of the cage, addressing the raucous crowd in attendance]

Jon Page: Ladies and gentlemen, fight fans from around the world, welcome to the illustrious Goodfellas Casino Arena for a night that will go down in the history books—ACE 5! Tonight, we are not just witnessing a series of fights; we are on the verge of crowning the very first ACE Heavyweight Champion!

[The crowd erupts in cheers, the anticipation for the crowning moment evident in every face]

Jon Page: In our main event, two powerhouse contenders, Angelo Ortega and Hugh Taylor, will step into this hallowed cage to vie for the prestigious title. Angelo, with an impressive record of 3 wins, 0 losses, 0 draws, faces off against Hugh Taylor, boasting a record of 2 wins, 0 losses, 0 draws. Who will emerge as the first-ever ACE Heavyweight Champion?

[The arena screens showcase highlights of both Angelo Ortega and Hugh Taylor’s previous victories, building the suspense in the crowd]

Jon Page: Angelo Ortega, known for his electrifying knockouts, and Hugh Taylor, a force to be reckoned with in the heavyweight division—tonight, one of them will etch their name in history as the inaugural ACE Heavyweight Champion!

[The crowd’s roar intensifies as the gravity of the main event settles in]

Jon Page: But that’s not all, fight fans! We have an incredible lineup of bouts that will keep you on the edge of your seats. From rising stars to seasoned veterans, ACE 5 is a showcase of the best in mixed martial arts.

[The camera captures glimpses of the fighters warming up backstage, the anticipation building for each scheduled bout]

Jon Page: So, Las Vegas, are you ready for an unforgettable night? ACE 5 promises heart-stopping action, jaw-dropping moments, and the birth of a new heavyweight champion! Let the fights begin!

[The arena lights flash, the music pulses, and the crowd roars in unison as ACE 5 kicks off with the first bout of the evening. The cameras capture the excitement in the faces of the fans, the energy electric as the fighters prepare to make their way to the cage]

Jon Page: Las Vegas, let’s make history tonight at ACE 5! Enjoy the fights!

[Jon Page raises his hand in salute to the crowd, and the cameras pan across the electrified audience, capturing the buzz and fervor that permeates the Goodfellas Casino Arena on this monumental night of ACE 5]

LHW Bout
Damien Steele (#16- 0/0/1) vs Huang Cui (#20 – 0/4/0)

Commercial Break

LHW Bout
Zrinko Dujam (#4 – 2/0/0) vs Kyle Reynolds (#7 – 1/0/0)

Commercial Break

MW Bout
Leon Mabaso (#8 – 1/0/0) vs. Simon Jones (#10 – 1/1/0)

Commercial Break

MW Bout
Mason Reynolds (#9 – 1/0/0) vs Jackson Hartman (#17 – 0/1/0)

Commercial Break

HW Bout
Milo Morgan (#5 – 2/1/0) vs. Victor Volkov (#16 -1/0/0)

Commercial Break

ACE Heavyweight Championship Bout
Angelo Ortega (#2 – 3/0/0) vs. Hugh Taylor (#3 – 2/0/0)

[The Goodfellas Casino Arena is still buzzing with the energy from the epic main event at ACE 5. The lights dim, and the focus shifts to the center of the cage, where Jon Page stands holding the newly minted ACE Heavyweight Championship. The crowd erupts in cheers as Angelo Ortega, victorious in the main event, makes his way back into the cage to be crowned the first-ever ACE Heavyweight Champion]

Jon Page: Ladies and gentlemen, what a night we’ve had! ACE 5 delivered unforgettable moments, and now, it’s time for the crowning glory—the presentation of the inaugural ACE Heavyweight Championship!

[The crowd’s anticipation reaches a fever pitch as Angelo Ortega steps forward, his demeanor a mix of humility and triumph]

Jon Page: Angelo, you’ve showcased incredible skill, determination, and power tonight. In the main event, you faced a formidable opponent in Hugh Taylor, and you emerged victorious with a stunning knockout!

[The crowd’s cheers intensify as highlights of Angelo Ortega’s knockout victory are displayed on the arena screens]

Jon Page: On behalf of ACE and all the fight fans around the world, it is my honor to present to you the first-ever ACE Heavyweight Championship!

[Jon Page holds the championship belt high, its gleaming surface catching the spotlight. He hands the belt to Angelo Ortega, who looks down at it with a mix of disbelief and gratitude]

Jon Page: Angelo, this belt symbolizes your journey, your sacrifices, and your triumphs. You are now the ACE Heavyweight Champion!

[The crowd erupts in a standing ovation as Angelo Ortega hoists the championship belt above his head. The arena is filled with the sounds of cheers, applause, and the triumphant echoes of victory]

Jon Page: Let’s give it up for your ACE Heavyweight Champion, Angelo Ortega!

[Angelo Ortega, beaming with pride, raises the championship belt high for all to see. The camera captures the moment—the confetti falling, the crowd’s cheers echoing, and Angelo Ortega standing tall as the newly crowned champion]

Jon Page: Las Vegas, thank you for being a part of history tonight at ACE 5! Angelo, enjoy this moment, for you are now etched in the annals of ACE as the first-ever Heavyweight Champion!

[Angelo Ortega takes a moment to soak in the atmosphere, the championship belt draped over his shoulder, a symbol of his hard-fought victory]

Jon Page: That concludes ACE 5! To all the fighters, to our incredible audience, thank you for joining us tonight. Until next time, this is ACE—where champions are born!

[The arena lights up, and the cameras capture the celebration—Angelo Ortega embracing the championship, the confetti falling, and the ecstatic cheers of the crowd echoing through the Goodfellas Casino Arena]

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