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Woodrew ‘Brickyard’ Burbank

Woodrew ‘Brickyard’ Burbank was born in the hardened streets of Detroit in 1978. He knew hardships. He knew sacrifice.

Woodrew ‘Brickyard’ Burbank




Detroit, MI

Theme Music
‘Brick’ by Albert Collins

Wrestling Style:

Finishing Move:
‘Hit The Bricks’

Finishing Move Description:
‘Roaring Double Sledge/Axehandle To Opponent’

Top Moves:
Short-arm clothesline
Left-arm hooking Lariat
Corner-Trap & 12 Knee Flurry
Running Headbutt into stomach
‘The Plasterin’ – A single Vader-stlye forearm swat [used in various ways]

Character Bio:
Woodrew ‘Brickyard’ Burbank was born in the hardened streets of Detroit in 1978. He knew hardships. He knew sacrifice. He knew ‘Freight Train’ Seddy Downs, who wrestled for 35+ years in obscurity. The community in which Woodrew Burbank was raised preyed upon the victim and the suspect. You were one or the other, and Burbank’s family cracked the proverbial whip on their children. Some went to community college, a few went nowhere but everybody knew where Woodrew would be.

Throwing heavy hands in Downs’ small run-down gym. While Seddy Downs had time, he taught the young Burbank all the necessary angles of fist-floppin’ an’ not stoppin’. Seddy, a pro wrestler who never bought into the grappling-side of things, meticulously encouraged Burbank to mimic his style. Burbank learned that heavy hands and positioning your opponents into a false sense of offensive attack is more of a successful tactic than forcing oneself to learn a thousand and eight reversals and counter-reversals.

Burbank stayed around Detroit up until the economy really started sucking. Local wrestling promoters began closing shop. Detroit became harder to will yourself to live in. He packed light and begun migrating south than further west doing bricklayer work and accepting wrestling bookings at sparse indy events that rarely survived one night. It wasn’t until he met E. Harland Grady in Tunica, Mississippi at an MIW event that he got the notion to head to Las Vegas, a city he never been to, to make a more-lasting impact.

Entrance Description:
The bluesy rhythm of Albert Collins begins to ricochet off the Goodfellas Casino Arena, as the song ‘Brick’ leads out Woodrew ‘Brickyard’ Burbank. His arms up in tight fists as he bull-walks down the aisle to an ever-growing fanbase with a mission of survival. Upon reaching the ring, he nods to a few fans and rolls under the bottom rope, rising to his feet and immediately running into the ropes to get a familiar feel as the song fades.

Apperance Description:
Dark brown skin, thinning dark black curls on his head, his brown eyes look swollen underneath with his left eye looking lazy. Some aging to his forehead and scar tissue. His skin fits tightly on his skull, there’s not much cheek to pinch and Aunt Minny is frustrated by that. Flaring nostrils, short-nosed and stern jawline. Full lips, but not Angelina Jolie-ish. Wintertime, he has a full beard and other seasons completely shaven. Body style is compact and muscled out, with hardly any neck. Drawing parallels to Michael Elgin from ROH in body type, if that is okay to do.

Inside the ring, he’s rocking the double strap singlet. Red Brick design with black grout inbetween the bricks. Black fingertape and wristtape. No kneepads. Simple Brick Red Boots. Outside the ring, pocketless t-shirts of any color and black/blue/grey workpants.

2012 sVo Victory Cup Winner

sVo Heavyweight Champion

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