Name: Trailer Trash Terry


Height: 6’5”

Weight: 260lbs

Date of Birth: 27th February 1983

Hometown: Grafton, West Virginia

Personality:  Imagine, if you will, that a man was born crossing the generics of Bruiser Brody and Necro Butcher. Further imagine that this man was raised by an alcoholic and unhinged Terry Funk in a trailer in West Virginia.


Fighting Style: Brawler

Crowd Reaction: Boo

Finisher Name: Double Wide DDT

Finisher Description: Double Arm DDT

Signature Moves: The 1st and 15th, Kitchen Sink, Jumping Knee Drop, Headbutt

Entrance Music: ‘Black Betty’ by Ram Jam


Career History: He’s been everywhere and nowhere.

Biography: T3 made it into the business at a young age and quickly developed a reputation for being a ferocious brawler. While never a world championship caliber athlete, his opponents knew they were in for a long night when they saw their name opposite his. He’s also notorious for random mental breaks and violent outbursts. Outside of the ring, T3 is a chronic alcoholic, absentee father, and generally disreputable man.


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