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The Storyteller

Wrestler Name: The Storyteller
Height: 6’10”
Weight: 325lbs.
Hometown: Portland, Maine
Alignment: Heel
Age: Unknown
Where else does this character currently compete? Nowhere.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: The Storyteller is very tall, very muscular, and very evil looking. He has jet black hair that hangs down just past his ears, a black goatee, and wears a pair of cosmetic contact lenses that removes all color from his eyes. He has elaborate sleeve tattoos on both arms with scenes of graphic, gruesome death as well as his own artistic depictions of views of hell.

RING ATTIRE: To the ring, The Storyteller will be in a straightjacket, strapped down to a gurney with leather beltstraps, and with one of those masks they use on insane patients so they aren’t able to bite or do anything with their face. Once he’s unstrapped from the gurney and the jacket gets removed (INSIDE the ring to prevent harm to the fans), he wears a pair of hospital scrubs.


ENTRANCE THEME: Static X – “Push It (JB’s Death Trance Mix)”


RA: Making his way down the aisle…

[Cue “Push It (JB’s Death Trance Mix)” by Static X.]

RA: …hailing from the Insane Asylum of Portland, Maine.

[The crowd begins to boo loudly.]

RA: Standing 6’10” and weighing in at 325 pounds, he is…


[Two orderlies emerge from the back, each of them pulling one side of a gurney. As the gurney makes it way out from the back, the orderlies raise it so that The Storyteller comes into full view. He’s strapped down to the gurney by leather straps, and is also bound with a mask on his face and a straightjacket. As he’s wheeled to the ring, he fights to escape as the people boo.

Reaching the ringside area, the orderlies stop the gurney and undo the straps, then grab The Storyteller by each arm and forcefully lead him into the ring. The fans continue their assault, the orderlies try to quiet them, but it only fuels their fire. The orderlies try to calm The Storyteller before undoing the jacket, pulling out their electric “shock sticks” to taunt him.

With The Storyteller subdued, they release him, then quickly leave the ring to let him fight.]



1. Punch
2. Elbow Strike
3. Chop
4. Clothesline
5. Headbutt
6. Shoulderblock
7. Thesz Press
8. Boot Scrapes
9. Rope Choke
10. Knee strike
11. Stomp
12. Forearm Strike
13. Powerslam
14. Gorilla Press Slam
15. Turnbuckle Splash

1. Scratching
2. Biting
3. Choking

PRIMARY FINISHER: The Fall of the Antagonist
DESCRIPTION OF FINISHER: Two Handed Sit Out Chokeslam


1. Hardcore – Though he’s fairly laid back outside the ring, once the bell rings The Storyteller changes into a completely different person (due to his existing mental problems). This person is a character in his mind, the main character who he’s writing the story on, and a man who is very ruthless, very bloodthirsty, and a character who has no problem hurting himself to hurt another.

2. Size – Simply put, The Storyteller is an absolute beast of a man, spending a lot of time with weights, cardio, and keeping in shape. He’s very vain about his appearance for when his “book” is finally finished (though it’s nothing more than an inner monologue) to look good for his fans, in addition to the fact that he really has nothing else to do other than keep in shape and write.

3. Intelligence – For a man who lives in an insane asylum, The Storyteller is VERY smart. He can play mindgames and torture even the most sane of opponent, will work on a specific body part and then flip over to something else just to mess with them, and is able to size up an opponent even after a few short minutes of being in the ring with them. It’s a dangerous skill for him to have.


1. Wrestling Skill – As you can see by his limited moveset, The Storyteller hasn’t had much, if any, formal wrestling training. He’s a brawler by nature, a hardcore enthusiast by his own mind, but won’t pull off any fancy maneuvers or chain together moves aside from punches and kicks. If he’s put up against a mat technician, or anyone with skill really, he might be in for a problem.

2. High Flying – In addition to his limited moveset, The Storyteller has an UNBELIEVABLE fear of heights. It’s one of his main phobias, and will turn him from the “main character” that wrestles into a simple human who will show real emotion. In fact, it’s something that the asylum uses on him when he’s out of control to calm him. It’s definitely an “achilles heel” of sorts for him.

3. Orderlies – The two orderlies that bring The Storyteller to the ring are there for the safety of the fans and the opponent. However, the two men are EXTREMELY greedy, and have been known to take monetary bribes to mess with The Storyteller. They will interject themselves into matches, will use their electric “shock sticks” on him, and have caused him to lose matches on purpose.


Michael Morgan was a normal adult living a normal adult life in Houston, Texas. He worked for a publishing firm, made a decent salary, had a loving fiance, 2 dogs, and his own house. His life was falling into place, and he was loving it… and then it took a turn for the worse. Working late one night, Morgan walked into his house, greeted his dogs, and tried to greet his fiance.

Only problem? His fiance was busy on top of another man.

That’s when Michael Morgan ceased to exist, and when The Storyteller came to life. As his fiance and her lover tried to reason with Michael, The Storyteller grabbed the man and began to strike him over and over again, with no remorse for his actions. The man began to fight back with one last burst of energy, managing to push The Storyteller from the second story of his own house.

Michael/Storyteller was in a coma for the next 2 weeks, waking up with no recollection of who he was… except that he was an author from Portland, Maine. Going fully by the name of Storyteller he moved there under the impression that his life had always been there. A few weeks later, he was taken into custody, having no idea what for, and ended up being found innocent for insanity.

Finding himself in the Insane Asylum, The Storyteller writes of the life of Michael Morgan, a “fictional” character in his mind who does horrible things to people for retribution of the life he once had… little does he know, he’s writing his own autobiography. Nobody knows how he was able to get into wrestling or why he’s able to leave when other patients are confined, but he is.

With the rebirth of USJP on the horizon, a mysterious signed contract made its way to the USJP Executive Offices, complete with a stamped approval from the owner of the Insane Asylum. Some think that a large sum of money accompanied the letter. Others say that it was a glitch that got through the cracks, a glitch that has yet to be fixed. Either way, The Storyteller is in USJP.

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