Name: Takeshi “Rising Dragon” Kobayashi

Nicknames: “Rising Dragon”

Height: 6’1”

Weight: 215lbs

Date of Birth: January 20, 1984

Hometown: Tokyo, Japan

Personality:   Intense and determined, Takeshi exudes a fiery passion for the sport. Known for his relentless work ethic, he’s both a fierce competitor in the ring and a humble figure outside of it.


Fighting Style: Strong-style and martial arts fusion. Takeshi’s style blends powerful strikes, impactful throws, and technical grappling, reflecting his dedication to mastering various combat disciplines.

Crowd Reaction: The crowd roars with excitement as Takeshi enters the ring, appreciating his explosive energy and the raw power he brings to every match. He is a fan-favorite and a symbol of resilience.

Finisher Name: Dragon’s Fury

Finisher Description:  Takeshi hoists his opponent onto his shoulders and delivers a crushing spinning sit-out powerbomb, showcasing his strength and agility in a move that leaves spectators in awe.

Signature Moves: 

1. Tokyo Tornado Kick: Takeshi delivers a lightning-fast spinning roundhouse kick, demonstrating his striking precision and speed.

2. Rising Storm Suplex: Takeshi executes a powerful bridging German suplex, emphasizing his ability to lift and control opponents with unmatched strength.

Entrance Music:  “Rising Tempest” by Tokyo Thunder


Career History:  Takeshi Kobayashi emerged from the training dojos of Tokyo, earning his stripes in the Japanese wrestling scene. He later expanded his horizons, competing in renowned promotions around the world.

Biography: Born and bred in the bustling heart of Tokyo, Takeshi Kobayashi’s journey in wrestling is a tale of unyielding determination and martial prowess. From the disciplined dojos of Japan to the grand stages of global wrestling, Takeshi has become the embodiment of a rising dragon, ascending to new heights with each match. His wrestling style is a fusion of strength, speed, and technical finesse, reflecting the diverse martial arts influences that have shaped his journey.

Takeshi’s legacy is one of resilience and passion, a testament to the fiery spirit that propels him forward in the world of professional wrestling. As the Rising Dragon, Takeshi Kobayashi continues to soar, leaving a trail of intensity and impact in the ring, reminding fans that the tempest from Tokyo is a force to be reckoned with.


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