Sara Pettis

137 Lbs.



Queens, New York

Theme Music
Numb World by Gary Jules/Linkin Park

Wrestling Style:
High Flyer (w/some dirty tactics added)

Finishing Move:
Petti-kick, Moonstomp

Finishing Move Description:
Pele Kick, Moonsault into Double Foot Stomp

Top Moves:
Various Springboard moves (ie Springboard Moonsaults, Springboard Crossbody Block, Springboard Shinning Wizard but anything that can be done from a springboard)
Tornado DDTs (any set up)
Flying Head Scissors
Various Spin Kicks
Dropkicks in any situation
Acrobatic Arm and Leg Drags followed by armbars and leglocks
Numerous unexpected and sudden small packages and roll up pins
Dragon Sleeper, sometimes followed by Guillotine DDT if opponent refused to submit
Fall Forward Russian Leg Sweep
Double Knee Face Smash
Double Knee Back Cracker
Variations of Over Castle Neckbreakers (both running and from top rope)
Figure 4 Leglock
Step over Toe Hold
Sleeper Hold with Legs
Wristlock on downed opponent followed by twisting shoulder jerk
Full Nelson Facebuster

Character Bio:
Sara was born April 17th, 1989. Her father, Anthony Michael Pettis also known to those in the wrestling world as AMP, and mother, Becky Thompson also known as the female wrestler Ice, were both legends in the New York area wrestling circuit. AMP, who was a cut throat business man as well as a wrestler, eventually took over Strike Towers, a wrestling group with which both he and Sara’s mother worked. The relationship between Ice and AMP didn’t last long though, and Sara eventually was raised solely by her mother.

Growing up around the wrestling ring, Sara was always interested in the sport, admiring her mother, and many of
the other faces around Strike Towers. She even spent her Summers growing up traveling the independent circuit with
her mother, after her mother’s unceremonious release from
Strike Towers when AMP took over. She’d spend her time during the school year though in the Ozone Park neighborhood of Q ueens, New York with her grandmother while Becky attempted to regain wrestling
stardom. This was hard for her though, as Strike Towers had trademarked the rights to the Ice character, logos, and
anything associated with her mother’s previous persona. As for Sara’s father, Anthony Pettis had little desire to be
involved in Sara’s life, and it’s been years since the two have seen each other.

As Sara was growing up, Sara showed tremendous amounts of natural athletic ability. Many attributed this to her
genetics, and being the daughter of two athletes. Sara was involved in every sport that was available to girls, track,
softball, basketball, soccer and the like. She also showed a knack for wanting to play against the boys, and by high school had
become a receiver on her high school football team due to her speed and acrobatic abilty to jump and make catches. She also was a member of the vars ity wrestling team using it to help hone her skills for the squared circle.

But her mother was decidedly against Sara following her into the wrestling ring, having known first hand the ways of the wrestling business. After High School Sara and Becky came to an agreement that she’d allow her to begin training for wrestling when she graduated from college. Sara accepted a gymnastic scholarship to the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, and majored in Sports & Entertainment Management, graduating this past Spring with a GPA of 3.7. Her mother stayed true to her word, and had Sara enrolled at CCWA&ICE wrestling academy after graduation, where she was trained by another Strike Towers alumni Will Schorg.

Just weeks after joining the academy, Will Schorg arranged a tryout with Hostility Wrestling, the company Will’s brother Declan was wrestling for. Sara impressed the Hostility scouts that day, and was immediately signed to a con tract. Not long with the company, Sara was named a member of Team Hostility, a random group of Hostility roster members who tried to stand up to the stable of Anarchy. This caused the blue haired maiden to be noticed by Ian Michaels, who lead an attack on Sara by Anarachy, which included Sara’s friend Declan Schorg, and Pat Fullam.

Unfortunately, HOSTILITY didn’t last long beyond that night, and Sara found herself out of a job. Sara’s contract was quickly picked up by DREAM Wrestling Federation, and Sara had a successful debut match against Casey Pierro-Zabotel, but was quickly drawn away by the front office staff’s mishandling of her talent, and differences in opinion of how go forward with the company. Thus bringing her to Las Vegas, and sVo. Early in her sVo career, Sara won the sVo Tap-Out Championship, and became a member of “Team sVo” at Vendetta, where she got the final pin to win Organized Chaos.

After Organized Chaos though, Sara went through a down turn in her career. After sVo was disbanded, she took a brief hiatus from wrestling, and actually competed in roller derby for the fun of the sport. But in mid-July, Sara found herself unable to lift her left arm suddenly, and was checked into a hospital in Queens, New York where it was determined she had suffered a minor stroke. After intense physical therapy to regain the use of her left arm, Sara has been cleared to return to wrestling.

Prior to her return to HOSTILITY in September of 2011, Sara wrestled a one off ‘comeback’ match against Stan ‘Bad Moon’ Risin for a small company in her native New York. It was a bloody affair which took the wrestling world by storm, videos of which circulated around the internet. When Sara returned to HOSTILITY, she feed off of this buzz and was able to best four of HOSTILITY’s best male competitors and became the first HOSTILITY World Heavyweight Champion in this most recent incarnation.

After Hostility’s closing though, Sara spent her time wrestling in Japanese promotions. Unlike in the US, Sara mostly competed against other female opponents as Japanese women’s wrestling was held in higher regard. On one card though (featuring a Exploding Ring main event) Sara and her opponent were victims of a terrible accident. Although the exploding ring match wasn’t for later that evening, the ring’s turnbuckles had been fitted with pyrotechnics that were supposed to go off along with other fireworks during that night’s main event. After irish whipping her opponent into the corner, Sara ran towards her and set up for a monkey flip. After jumping onto her opponent to begin the move, something triggered the pyro to go off, causing it to explode in Sara’s face, and in the back of her opponent’s head. Both women had serious burns. The left side of Sara’s face was completely scarred, along with her left shoulder and arm. On top of that the blast completely blinded her in her left eye.

After months of recovery, Sara wants to return to the ring to prove that this latest setback hasn’t discouraged her from wrestling. She returns wearing a black mask to hide her scars

Entrance Description:
“Numb World” begins to play, as the house lights go down in the arena. Blue spotlights illuminate the stage as from the back steps Sara Pettis. She walks out with her head down to the end of the ramp. White sparks begin to rain down on her as the spotlight transitions from blue to white. She raises her head, looking down at the ring. She begins to walk down the ramp, ignoring fans trying to reach out for a high five. She gets to the ring and climbs up onto the ring apron. She looks around slowly before climbing into the ring between the top and middle rope. The spotlight continues to follow her as she paces in the ring for bit before the house lights return to normal.

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