Name: Sal Olivares

Nicknames: El Sicario

Height: 6’2”

Weight: 242lbs

Date of Birth: 5th May 1994

Hometown: Noria de Abajo, Mocorito, Sinaloa, Mexico

Personality: Calm, cool, collect perfectionist; Also a ticking time bomb


Fighting Style: Lucha Powerhouse Brawler

Crowd Reaction: Cheer

Finisher Name: Tiro de Gracia

Finisher Description: Superkick to the Back of the Head of a Kneeling Opponent

Signature Moves: Bridging Leg Hook Belly To Back Suplex Fireman’s Carry Double Knee Gutbuster Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker German Suplex on the apron, followed by a German Suplex on the floor Ankle Lock Knife Edged Chops Forearm Smash Front Dropkick (followed by kip up) Double Foot Stomp Military Press Slam Northern Lights Suplex followed by a Deadlift Vertical Suplex Snap Powerbomb Running Clothesline into the Corner Spinning Heel Kick

Entrance Music: El Centenario by Los Tucanes de Tijuana


Career History:  N/A

Biography: Born and raised in Sinaloa, Mexico, “El Sicario” Sal Olivares learned how to fend for himself and provide for his family at an early age. Due to his line of work, Olivares is a calculated individual, able to react accordingly in pressure situations. Sal has been investigated for being alleged members of [REDACTED], but no evidence has been found to prove so. Having turned to God, he turns to professional wrestling as a creative outlet.


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