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‘Razor’ Rick Reid

One of the most powerful stars on the roster, Rick Reid is a force to be reckoned with.

Name: Rick Reid

Aliases: Razor

Height: 6’7″

Weight: 290bs

Date of Birth:

Crowd Reaction: Boo

Hometown: Allentown, Pennsylvania

Entrance Music: “Army of One” by Mark Nolan

Fighting Style: Powerful

Finisher Name: Razor’s Wrath

Finisher Description: In this fearsome maneuver, ‘Razor’ Rick unleashes his full power and fury, setting up his opponent for an impactful display of strength. He hoists his adversary onto his shoulders, showcasing his Army Ranger-trained muscles in a display of dominance. With a menacing growl, ‘Razor’ Rick performs a lightning-fast spin, generating tremendous momentum before driving his opponent down to the canvas with a devastating sit-out powerbomb.

The “Razor’s Wrath” leaves opponents gasping for breath, unable to withstand the sheer force and intensity of the move. It’s a testament to ‘Razor’ Rick’s uncompromising demeanor and his unrelenting desire to overpower anyone who dares to challenge him.

With each successful execution of the “Razor’s Wrath,” ‘Razor’ Rick Reid solidifies his reputation as a merciless and formidable heel wrestler, leaving fans and fellow competitors in awe of his incredible power and the wrath he unleashes upon his adversaries.

Signature Moves:

Personality Traits:

Career History: sVo (Roulette Champion x2),


Prepare to face the wrath of ‘Razor’ Rick Reid, a formidable force in the wrestling world who proudly wears the badge of a former Army Ranger. Standing tall and imposing, Richard Reid transformed into ‘Razor’ Rick Reid, an intense and ruthless wrestler determined to conquer the squared circle through sheer power and intimidation.

Hailing from a distinguished military background as an Army Ranger, Rick Reid carries the discipline, precision, and unwavering determination instilled during his time in the service into the wrestling ring. Embracing a villainous persona, ‘Razor’ Rick believes that strength and dominance are the only paths to success, showing no mercy to those who dare to stand in his way.

With every step he takes, ‘Razor’ Rick exudes an aura of authority and control, commanding both the ring and the audience’s attention. His towering stature makes him an imposing figure, and his chiseled frame serves as a constant reminder of the strength he brings to each match.

In the ring, ‘Razor’ Rick employs a bruising and physically dominant style, showcasing his Army Ranger training through powerful strikes, impactful suplexes, and bone-jarring submissions. He revels in delivering pain and punishment, targeting his opponents’ weaknesses with a calculated and relentless approach.

Outside the ring, ‘Razor’ Rick is not one to mince words, often berating fans and boasting about his military background, claiming it makes him superior to anyone who steps before him. He feeds off the negative energy he generates, embracing the boos and jeers as fuel to further amplify his villainous persona.

Drawing from his Army Ranger ethos, ‘Razor’ Rick believes that no obstacle is insurmountable and no opponent is unbeatable. He carries a chip on his shoulder, convinced that he must prove his dominance every time he enters the ring.

While some may admire ‘Razor’ Rick’s strength and resilience, the majority view him as a relentless and unrepentant villain. Yet, love him or loathe him, there’s no denying the impact ‘Razor’ Rick Reid has on the wrestling world, and his reign of dominance continues as he sets his sights on achieving ultimate supremacy in the realm of professional wrestling.


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