“Heavenly Warrior” Joshua Curtis

215 Pounds

6 Feet Even


Tokyo, Japan

Theme Music
“Fuyu Tokyo” by LAREINE

Wrestling Style
Technical w/ Submission mixed in

Finishing Move
“Warrior’s Pride”

Finishing Move Description
Triangle Choke Sleeper

Top Moves
Pile Driver
Sleeper Hold
Hammerlock Slam
Delayed Vertical Suplex

Character Bio

July 19th, 1988 was a good time in Tokyo or at least it was if you were Joshua Curtis!

Born in Tokyo and raised by a Father whom was a teacher and a Mother whom was a member of a political office Joshua was very much a well-mannered and polite child. His parents wouldn’t accept anything less to be honest.

Joshua’s school life was pretty much a problem free time with the exception of the occasional jerks that wanted to mess with him. He was on several athletic teams in the 4 years he attended school and was tops athletically in almost all subjects but yet there was something else the man from Japan wanted but what could it be?

The answer would come after his High School Graduation when the 18 year old left the nest and decided to go pursue a career in the pro wrestling business. This decision was met with some hesitancy from his parents but they let him go his way and accepted that it was what he honestly wanted to do. After getting their blessing Joshua went to Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada and trained with Chester Clarke and Brad Cummmings for about 2 years before he went to go to England to compete in their promotion where at first things didn’t work out but over time not only did Joshua become a popular figure in the company but he was one of the top attractions on the cards nightly. It was certainly a good time to be Joshua.

One night the owner of the company, Eric Daniels, was having issues with his World Champion and Curtis heard it all! Daniels, whom was respected by all in the locker room, wanted to get the belt off his disrespectful champion and asked Joshua to win the belt in a match on that night’s show. Joshua agreed to the match and also asked for his specialty which was the cage. Daniels agreed to the match knowing that if this didn’t straighten out his champion then NOTHING would

And then it happened…

The match had been going on for about 20 minutes plus when the champion, a woman by the name of Tina Davis, busted Curtis open by slamming Curtis’s head into the steel bar around the door. The blood was gushing out of Curtis like a faucet and Davis was parading around the ring like she had just one on a stoppage! What she got was a nasty surprise!

Curtis rose up from his blood stained spot on the mat and charged Davis like a man that was possessed by a demon! The flurry that he attacked her with was such that no one could have seen it coming and no one knew what to do! The cage was locked and the ONLY way to win it was pinfall or submission so the ref was powerless!

The next moment defined EVERYTHING…

Curtis grabbed Davis by the hair and took her to the top of the 15 foot high cage and sat atop it with Davis positioned like he was about to do something REALLY bad…and he did! He threw her in a powerbomb motion from the top of the cage as he was falling with her and she landed square on her neck! How she didn’t get killed no one knew and the surprising thing was months later she WOULD be cleared to wrestle again but Curtis on this night had her number and when the bell rang the name “Dark Angel” rang out from the crowd as a battered and bloodied Curtis stared out into the crowd knowing what he had done.

After that match Curtis abruptly disappeared from the company and went to a church in Japan to seek “Spiritual Guidance” but he didn’t come alone. A young man that worked in the company with him that had seen everything in Zack Johnson went with Curtis to see the two people that ran it in Father Maxwell and Sister Helen. It wasn’t long after that that Joshua took up a new moniker and a new purpose.

The “Dark Angel” died and the “Heavenly Warrior” was born!

In Joshua’s world there are two kinds of pride: That which cowards revel in and that which those with the heart and spirit of a Warrior have.

I think we know which is Curtis’

Entrance Description
As “Fuyu Tokyo” begins to play out to the crowd and the opening lyrics are sung Joshua walks out through the curtain smiling and bowing to the assembled crowd on hand as he walks around the ring slapping hands with the fans and playfully messing with the kids in attendance around the ring. As he makes one more lap he produces a rose from his jacket pocket and gives to one lucky lady before kissing her on the cheek and making his way onto the ring apron and giving one final bow before stepping through the ropes and handing his jacket off to the ring attendant before the bell rings

Apperance Description

Curtis is of a “semi-muscular” build which means that, while not the most muscular person on the planet, he’s certainly no slouch and can match up with the strong men of the federation. He has black hair, blue eyes and when he’s not wrestling he usually is seen in a suit and tie wearing wire framed glasses.

When Joshua comes to the ring he is wearing a red and white sequined jacket with the flag for his home country of Japan on the back crossed over with the flag for the United States (The two countries he has homes in) with white tights and a red stripe down the pant legs and on each boot is a flag each for the US and Japan.

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