Name: Hugo Ryzing


Height: 6’5″

Weight: 279lbs

Date of Birth: Unknown

Hometown: Las Vegas, Nevada



Fighting Style: Powerhouse

Crowd Reaction: Boo

Finisher Name: Ryz-Up

Finisher Description: Running Crucifix Powerbomb

Signature Moves: Bicycle Kick, Rolling Firemans Carry Slam, Striking Spear, Forearm Upper Cut, Battering Ram

Entrance Music: “Keep on Swinging” by Rival Sons


Career History: sVo

Biography: Hugo Ryzing grew up in Henderson, NV. He experienced a moderate comfortable upbringing, not wanting for much, his mother a stay at home Mother, and his father in IT security at nearby Nellis AFB. With little or no effort Ryzing easily scraped by at school, instead putting all his effort into and excelling at sports, and everything social. He used his mind for more of getting what he wanted, he could have easily been an astrophysicist if focused on his studies. Instead, he competed in sports and hanging around with his friends. After graduating high school his father gave him an ultimatum; buckle down and attend an Ivy League school, all paid for; or it was time to move on. And move on he did. Moving out of his parents’ house he moved to neighbouring Las Vegas with what money he was able to save, got a small apartment and made money wherever he could, whether it was protection, delivering “packages”, underground fights, he did what he needed to survive. He made quite a name for himself on the Las Vegas small time crime scene. This is where Ryzings fate changed, one night after returning to his apartment after delivering a “package” a knock came to his door. He found sVo alum and Las Vegas own Johnny All-Star standing at his door. What are your plans for the future? were the first word that All-Star said to him. All-Star invited Ryzing to participate in his All-Star Challenge. All-Star basically handpicked a handful of people with potential to train and compete in his challenge, he handled all living expenses while the competitors trained and competed. It is now down to Ryzing and one other competitor and this is where our story picks up.


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