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Haruki “Thunderstorm” Hayashi

Intense and focused, Haruki exudes a quiet determination. Known for his unwavering resolve, he’s a stoic figure in and out of the ring, earning respect for his no-nonsense approach to competition.


Name: Haruki “Thunderstorm” Hayashi

Nicknames: “Thunderstorm”

Height: 6’0”

Weight: 220lbs

Date of Birth: September 5, 1989

Hometown: Fukuoka, Japan

Personality:  Intense and focused, Haruki exudes a quiet determination. Known for his unwavering resolve, he’s a stoic figure in and out of the ring, earning respect for his no-nonsense approach to competition.


Fighting Style: Powerful striker with a background in judo. Haruki’s style emphasizes powerful throws, stiff strikes, and a relentless offense, embodying the force of a thunderstorm.

Crowd Reaction: The crowd hails Haruki with cheers, appreciating the raw power and intensity he brings to each match. He is a revered figure, often seen as a symbol of strength and resilience.

Finisher Name: Raijin’s Roar

Finisher Description:  Haruki lifts his opponent onto his shoulder, unleashing a spine-tingling roar before driving them into the mat with a powerful sit-out powerbomb, capturing the force of a thunder god’s strike.

Signature Moves: 

1. Kyushu Quake Slam: Haruki executes a thunderous scoop slam, emphasizing his strength and the impact of his moves on the ring.

2. Stormbreaker Kick: Haruki delivers a devastating roundhouse kick, showcasing his striking prowess and the precision of a cyclone’s destructive force.

Entrance Music: “Thunderous Resolve” by Fukuoka Fury


Career History:  Haruki Hayashi emerged from the dojos of Fukuoka, forging his path through the Japanese wrestling scene. He later ventured into international promotions, leaving an indelible mark with his powerful performances.

Biography: Born in the vibrant city of Fukuoka, Haruki Hayashi’s journey in wrestling is a testament to unyielding strength and determination. From the disciplined training halls of Kyushu to the grand arenas of global wrestling, Haruki has become a force of nature, embodying the power and intensity of a thunderstorm. His wrestling style is a symphony of strikes and throws, a reflection of the relentless force that defines his persona.

Haruki’s legacy is one of power and resilience, proving that in the world of professional wrestling, sometimes the most impactful statements are made in the quiet moments before the storm. Haruki “Thunderstorm” Hayashi stands as a symbol of the unwavering resolve that propels him forward, leaving opponents and spectators alike in awe of the force of nature that graces the squared circle.


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