Name: El Froggo


Height: 5’7″

Weight: 175lbs

Date of Birth: December 11, 1989

Hometown: Mexico City, Mexico

Personality:  El Froggo loves to entertain the fans, it is almost as important to him as winning the match. El Froggo is a proud Mexican luchador, and the mask is sacred to him.


Fighting Style: Luchador

Crowd Reaction: Cheer

Finisher Name: Feeling Froggy

Finisher Description: Frog Splash

Signature Moves: Back Suplex, Arm Drag Takedown, Snap Suplex, Jawbreaker, Head scissors takedown, Jumping Calf Kick, Double Knees in the corner, Springboard Dropkick, Springboard Moonsault, Springboard Tornado DDT

Entrance Music: 


Career History: GCW, P:V, sVo


In the heart of Mexico City, where lucha libre thrives, a masked marvel known as El Froggo emerges from the depths of the wrestling tradition. Beneath the vibrant mask lies Alejandro Martinez, a skilled and enigmatic wrestler who carries the legacy of lucha libre with honor and reverence.

As El Froggo, Alejandro embodies the spirit of the frog, drawing inspiration from its agility, adaptability, and cunning nature. Donning a mask adorned with vibrant colors and frog-like features, he becomes an embodiment of the animal’s mystical qualities, captivating the imagination of fans and foes alike.

Trained by a lineage of lucha libre masters, El Froggo has mastered the art of high-flying acrobatics, rapid maneuvers, and daring dives that mesmerize audiences. His unmatched athleticism and fluidity in the ring have earned him the admiration of wrestling aficionados worldwide.

Despite his mysterious persona, Alejandro Martinez is known for his humility and gratitude, never forgetting the importance of his Mexican heritage and the impact lucha libre has had on his life. He sees wrestling as a way to pay homage to the generations of luchadores who paved the way before him, as well as an opportunity to inspire future wrestlers to embrace the art form’s rich traditions.

When El Froggo leaps into the ring, the crowd is captivated by his seamless blend of grace and power. With every jump, flip, and twist, he channels the spirit of lucha libre, drawing upon the cheers of the passionate fans who chant his name with fervor.

Beyond the mask, Alejandro Martinez remains dedicated to the principles of honor, respect, and sportsmanship. He approaches each match with a determination to deliver an unforgettable performance, while always displaying reverence for his opponents and the craft of wrestling.

El Froggo’s journey is one of embracing tradition while pushing the boundaries of innovation. With each leap from the ropes, he leaves an indelible mark on the canvas, etching his name into the annals of lucha libre history, and inspiring a new generation of masked warriors to embrace the legacy of El Froggo, the mystical luchador from Mexico City.


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