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Diamond Legend

Diamond Legend




Fuck Me Paradise

Theme Music
Let The Sparks Fly by Thousand Foot Krutch

Wrestling Style:

Finishing Move:
End Of Story

Finishing Move Description:
(Flip Piledriver) With two variations. A simple set up, into Flip Piledriver and running into quicker Flip Piledriver.

Top Moves:
1. Enzugiri
2. Rear Naked Choke Hold
3. Grapevine Ankle Lock
4. Figure Four Leg Lock
5. Running Punt Kick
6. Koppu Kick
7. Running Knee Kick
8. Butterfly lock
9. Wheel Barrow Kick
10. Guillotine
11. Alabama Slam
12. Toture Rack
13. Inverted DDT
14. Inverted Leg Lock
15. Sidewalk Slam

Character Bio:
Diamond Legend was born on July 4, 1991 to the parents of Henry and Diamond Legend. His parents were quite the odd couple. They stayed on the move from place to place picking up jobs here and there. Reason being they were porn stars. They made their own porn movies and would sell them for ten dollars. With all the fucking they did they somehow only managed to have one child and that is Diamond Legend. Now, I know it’s awkward that he is named after his mother. They decided to name him that on the day he was born because his father said he was shining while coming out of his mother’s vagina. Plus the fact that his mother was named Diamond. This only happens when your father is coked up. Diamond Legend would grow up on the road with his porn star parents. Never going to school. When his parents thought about putting him in school he was already ten years old. But he always had a teacher in his father. When Diamond turned seventeen he started his role in the family business by becoming a stripper in his mother’s strip club. By now his parents have made alot of money off of their porn’s. Never becoming legends of the porn world, but they were well known. Now 21 Diamond Legend is a full time bouncer/stripper/ owner of a club called Krave that’s in Hollywood and Las Vegas. With the money he has made from his club Diamond Legend feels their is only one thing left to do, and that’s follow his real dreams of becoming a wrestler.

He’s wrestled before around North Carolina when his parents were located there. It was an indy fed by the name of Pearl Fights. Diamond’s gimmick was a disco dancer stuck in the disco dancing days. Nobody took him serious and eventually he stops taking wrestling serious as well. Now, after all the coked up years Diamond Legend believes he can be a big time wrestler and wants to prove to the party world that Diamond Legend is more than good looks.

Earlier this year for a few months Diamond Legend was contracted with CRW. Code Red Wrestling. In just those few short months he became one of the most hated men on the roster. In just his second CRW match he went on to defeat “The Real Show “Terry Marvin. One of the wrestling world’s prized fighters. Diamond would also sign with APW, but only to be terminated after his first match in which he won. Also due to drug use. Many people felt Diamond was signed by President Jeff for revenge on Terry Marvin signing with CRW, but to this day they both will tell you that was not the case. Over the last few months Diamond has been working at his club Krave looking for employment with another wrestling company. Now, still on drugs and still partying hard, Diamond thinks he and his best friend Mighty Midget also known as Hungcock can get their names back out there.

Also, Diamond Legend has condoms on sale in all stores by the name of Legendary’s. Along with sex toys and sex enhancement pills. Plus Muscle Milk, his newest installment.

Entrance Description:
Let The Sparks Fly by Thousand Foot Krutch blares throughout the pa speakers. The lights suddenly flicker and smoke arises atop of the entry ramp. Suddenly from behind the smoke Diamond Legend appears on the stage. His head lowered with his hood over his head. Slowly lifting his head up the lights lights come back to a steady. Looking left, looking right Diamond Legend smiles and continues his slow, cockish walk to the ring. He blows kisses at beautiful girls and give little boys nudgies while telling them to fuck off. He spits at people and swears at them consistently.

Before stepping in the ring he walks up the steel steps slowly before walking along the ring before putting his back to the ropes and lowering his head again. Once again the lights begin to flicker. From all four turnbuckles little pyrogryhphic stars burst from out them. A plethora of different colors. Diamond Legend picks up his head and now he looks infuriated. He jumps over the top rope and begins running around the ring talking to himself as he looks off into the crowd and taunts them. Finally he jumps to the middle of the ring and whilst doing so, BOOM! In unison some more pyro comes from the turnbuckles and together they make one big baby blue star that vanishes into thin air. Diamond taps his chest and takes a seat outside of the ring on the steel steps and waits for the match to begin.

Appearance Description:
Diamond is a white young male with brownish blondish hair, not long, basically low around the edges but hair at the top. (Basically hair like Robbie E.) Blue eyes. He has a sleeve of tatoos on both arms, and tat that says ‘Live’ across the chest. Normally backstage he wears a baby blue shirt that says Fuck Me Inc in lime green, blue jeans, and sneakers, and a pair of lime green shades. His match attire is simply wrestling tights, the tidy whitey ones. Color scheme purple and pink.(Design—Ty dye type.) Purple knee pads, and one purple half sleeve with pink in it as well(also ty dye). In his micro pick i’ll rather have him with a smirk.

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