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CJ Newfield

Wrestler Name: CJ Newfield

Height: 6’4″

Weight: 237 lbs.

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

Alignment: Heel

Entrance Music: “Remedy” by Seether

Entrance Description:

The lights cut out in the arena, prompting the fans in attendance respond with a chorus of screams. “Remedy” by Seether explodes from the PA system as the arena is illuminated with green and gold lights. Special gold spotlights highlight the entranceway as a figure makes its way out into the spotlight. Head down, the figure strikes a statue-esque pose, arms straight out from his sides in a cross figure, before lifting his chin to reveal himself as the “Underground Phenom” CJ Newfield.

Newfield slowly saunters his way towards the ring, peering around the arena, taking in the moment while his name is announced over the PA.

CJ slides into the ring and takes his place atop one of the ringposts, striking the same pose as he did to signal his arrival. Dismounting himself from the turnbuckle, CJ once again peers around the arena awaiting his opponent as the lights return to normal.


Basic Body: CJ has a very athletic look to him. He’s 6’4″, so he’s not thickly built. He’s more of a cut, athletic built individual. He’s got a very tan skin complexion to complete his look. Throughout his description, you almost have to envision Randy Orton.

Head: CJ has short brown hair spiked up in front, but laid down everywhere else, with a soul patch as his only facial hair. He has green eyes and shining white teeth.

Upper Body: CJ’s got no hair on his chest. He has an array of tattoos ranging from his CJ script on his triceps (C on his left and J on his right, both in Olde English lettering), his tribal design stretching across his wide shoulders, his tribal tattoos on both shoulders (pretty much connecting with the one on his back), and his tribal cross that is etched into the inside of his right forearm. He also wears white tape on both wrists.

Lower Body: CJ wears sparkling dark green short tights (ala AJ Styles), that are detailed with a yellow/black/white stripe on the outside of each leg. Also on the front of his tights is a tribal design in yellow outlined in black, and the back of his tights is “UNDERGROUND PHENOM” in yellow Old English lettering. He wears black boots that go about halfway up his shins, with black kneepads which have a dark green/yellow trim.

Wrestling Style: High Impact Grappler

Finishing Move:

Indie Cutter (With the opponent up in a powerbomb, CJ pushes the victim forwards slightly so they fall straight down off the attackers shoulders but not down as if in a powerbomb, straight down as if to their feet or stomach. As the victim is falling to the mat, CJ applies a 3/4 face lock (basically, the victim’s head on the attacker’s shoulder with the attacker forming a headlock around the top of their head as the attacker has their front to the victim) and drops to the mat, impacting the victim’s chin into CJ’s shoulder.)

The Alternative (Elevated Texas Cloverleaf.)

Shooting Star Press (Shooting Star Press; Very rare finisher for CJ. Used it when he was at a lighter weight in his KCW-days, but is still known to pull it out of retirement in very desperate situations.)

Set Up Move:

Low Level Moves:

In the early stages of matches, CJ tends to try and keep up with his opponent, and basically just wear them down. He likes to stick to the traditional moves for the beginning of the match.

– Headlocks

– Arm bars


– Suplexes of all sorts (Germans, verticals, hanging/stalling, releases, whatnot.)

– Body slams

– Clotheslines

– Sleepers

– Neckbreakers

– Body shots

Medium Level Moves

The midpoint of the match is where CJ really starts to pick up steam, and throws in more high impact moves, trying to take advantage of his opponent’s weaknesses.

– Stalling Brainbuster

– 3/4 Face Lock Bulldog

– Jumping Backbreaker

– Double Underhook Piledriver

– Spinning Neckbreaker

– Samoan Neckbreaker

– Spinning Gutwrench Powerbomb

– Twisting Reverse DDT

– Missile Dropkick

– Flying Body Press

High Level Moves

CJ’s high level moves are what he’s known for, and some of these are even “finisher-worthy,” but he normally uses these to set up his finisher.

– Twisting Snap Suplex

– Double Powerbomb

– Release German Suplex

– Spinning Brainbuster

– Tornado DDT

– Elevated Boston Crab (Single or double leg.)

– Spiking DDT (or ‘Planting DDT’.)

Brief Character Overview: CJ Newfield was a three-sport athlete in high school (football, basketball, and track), where he excelled in all three sports. His athletecism is unparalleled, and there aren’t many wrestlers out there with his endurance. CJ decided to make his jump to the pro wrestling circuit after his senior year of high school. Scouts from KCW (Keystone Championship Wrestling) were amazed with his athletic ability and offered him a full-time contract.

Needless to say, CJ accepted immediately. He was an immediate hit in KCW, jumping up the ranks in a matter of months. He soon had won his first title (the KCW Television Title) in his third month with the company. His merchandice was selling like hotcakes, and CJ was a star on the rise. His persona and ego was also skyrocketing too, to the point at which nobody in the company liked him or wanted to work with him.

In CJ’s sixth month with the company, he won his second championship (the KCW Heavyweight Title), making him the company’s first double champion in it’s history. CJ wasn’t satisfied, though. He started to book dates with bigger independent circuits, on a match-by-match basis. He was soon traveling all over the country, competing with different independent organizations, becoming a huge hit with the fans.

In early 2005, CJ decided it was time to make the jump from the indies to the professional circuit. He signed with Jolt Wrestling and competed there for three months. The fans weren’t buying it, though. He just wasn’t getting the attention he was used to. Stars like Carson Nash, Geo Vacton, Jeff Garvin, and Brandon Youngblood were getting the exposure, not CJ. CJ left Jolt after a botched program with Geo Vacton, and returned to the indy circuit, where he began to redeem his status as one of the best independent wrestlers in the country.

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