The Smith Report – 21st March 2008
By Katie Smith

Well Showdown #19 was certainly an interesting event, with more than a few surprises thrown into the mix as the sVo hit the Goodfellas Arena for their latest show. I thought that if there was going to be one upset during the night that it was going to be in the World Championship match. Unfortunately for all you Night fans out there, it was Psyko Stevo who managed to pick up the victory and retain his title in his first ever title defence. However Night certainly put up one hell of a fight and it looked as if he had got the job done on more than one occasion. By doing so, Night certainly showed why many have labelled him as a future World Champion here in the sVo, and why there is no doubt that Night will be involved in a lot more main event matches in the near future. On the other hand Psyko Stevo showed that he is more than capable of going on Mike Polowy like run and keeping the belt for a long time, as long as Jimmy Moretti doesn’t have his way…..

Speaking of Moretti’s, the surprise of the night was undoubtedly Anthony Moretti’s win over Kelly Flawless in the World Championship #1 contendership match. Kelly Flawless was the clear favourite in this match to go on and face Stevo for the strap at Destiny, but Anthony Moretti upset the odds to show that any one can beat anyone on their day here in the sVo. Whilst no one really expects Anthony Moretti to be able to defeat Psyko Stevo, if Anthony Moretti is able to provide a second upset in two weeks then it could shake the sVo to its very core.

Jason Fox threw his name into the hat to be included in the elite wrestlers of the sVo with another win over a champion last week on Showdown. Not content with defeating Rex Fury two weeks ago, Jason Fox defeated Cody Williams in another upset on Showdown #19. If guys like Fox continue to show form like that then Destiny might see several title belts changing hands if the current group of champions begin to show any sign of complacency. Jason Fox has a big match this week as he takes on Isaac White and Kerry Millano with a shot at the International Championship belt on the line. Fox has already shown that he can defeat Williams, all he has to do now is get past Millano and White!

The Destiny match for the International Championship is likely to be decided during the triple threat match at Showdown, but what for the World Championship match at Destiny? With Anthony Moretti taking his title shot early, it has thrown the whole World Championship picture into doubt. Kelly Flawless was the clear favourite for a title shot, but after his defeat to Anthony Moretti last week he has defiantly moved down the pecking order. Johnny All Star was defiantly a big contender for the belt after nearly winning it on a few occasions, however since his retirement he is also out of the picture. Obviously there is a core group of up and coming contenders that will challenge for the belt in the future, but is the Destiny PPV a PPV to early for them? It remains to be seen just who will step up this week and call out Stevo for a PPV showdown at Destiny. No doubt Stevo will take on all comers, with the new champion firmly looking to establish himself as the best sVo World Champion in history.

With Destiny just over a week away many fans are looking forward to the sVo Hardcore Championship match that is booked to take place within the ‘House of Hell’. Night has been a dominating champion in the Hardcore division so far, however this Sunday at Destiny he may face an up hill battle. Not only is he fighting within a match invented by Peter Gilmour, he is fighting in a triple threat match which is a major disadvantage to any champion. This is due to one big factor, you don’t have to be pinned to lose your title. Lance Diamond has been on fire since he joined the sVo with two wins over Peter Gilmour in his first two weeks, if he gets another pinfall over Gilmour or Gilmour gets some revenge, then its game over for Night as Hardcore Champion.

There is a similarly interesting situation in the sVo Las Vegas Championship division. Rex Fury has seemingly lost all form as of late and has been struggling every week. Unless he improves a lot this week we could see a title change on Showdown with Joesph Equinox walking into Destiny with the title already around his waist!

There was also some big news coming out of the sVo HQ this week with the announcement that sVo will be venturing outside the Goodfellas Casino for the first ever time and embarking on a world tour! I for one cannot wait to travel the world with the sVo roster and see just what they get up to on location!

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