Interview with Nicholas Etch – 7th November 2007
By Katie Smith

Prelude: Earlier this week, I had the privilege of sitting down with the newest member of the Sanctioned Violence Organisation roster, Nicholas Etch. We discussed various topics, including his debut match against the Hardcore Champion, Spring Heeled Jack. The interview was conducted in a private room in the Goodfella’s Casino here in Las Vegas Nevada. The following is an exact transcript of the interview.

Katie Smith: Nicholas Etch, welcome to the Goodfella’s casino for what I’m going to guess is your first time here. I’ve got a lot of questions today I’d like to run by you, but first let me ask you; How are you?

Nicholas Etch: I’m doing pretty good, I’ve enjoyed my time here tonight and was really looking forward to doing this interview.

Katie Smith: A good time here? So I take it you had a chance to participate in some of the special attractions the Moretti family offer here at their casino?

Nicholas Etch: Of course! I spent quite a bit of time at the craps table to be honest. I didn’t do too well, but I’m not the luckiest person in the world so that’s to be expected.

Katie Smith: Fair enough, so let me ask you then how you found out about sVo and what prompted you to contact the Moretti family?

Nicholas Etch: After being released just a couple weeks ago, I decided that I wanted to get involved in Professional Wrestling, and this place really sparked my interest after seeing an advertisement for it.

Katie Smith: After being released? Care to elaborate?

Nicholas Etch: Well, I had a pretty lengthy prison sentence that basically just ended. I won’t get into details as to why I was there just yet, but that should be explained as I get a little more involved with the company here.

Katie Smith: Alright, I’ll just go ahead and move on then. So back to how you got here.

Nicholas Etch: I saw an advertisement for the sVo one day and thought it looked like something I’d be interested in. I was pretty much blacklisted from ever taking part in another WBF sanctioned event, so it was either Professional Wrestling or MMA. It was really the contact with Jimmy over the last few weeks that got me involved here. He knew of my interest and he jumped on it, he’s a shark like that though.

Katie Smith: That he is, that he is. So what are your initial thoughts of the product. Have you been able to catch any viewings of the events so far?

Nicholas Etch: Actually I was backstage for this past event, Ultimate Victory 2007 and I really enjoyed the show just watching as a fan even though I knew I was on the cusp of signing a contract to work here.

Katie Smith: So, what did the talks with Mr. Moretti center around?

Nicholas Etch: Jimmy told me what he’d like to see out of me, and then asked me what I wanted to achieve here in the sVo. We came to an agreement that suited the both of us, and I was more then willing to sign a contract. Performing is something I was born to do, I did it with the WBF when I was out there knocking people silly and I plan to do no less here in sVo.

Katie Smith: You’ve been booked for a match on this weeks Showdown which will be the fourth edition, any thoughts?

Nicholas Etch: Actually, yeah. I watched the Ultimate Victory 2007 show as I already told you and after the end of the event when Spring Heeled Jack showed utter disrespect towards the Champion, I immediately lost any form of respect for him. I’m one who fully believes you have to respect where others have been, walk their path all the while creating your own niche. Jack looked like a buffoon out there just making a mockery of things though.

Katie Smith: So you think you can beat him then?

Nicholas Etch: I’m not one to lay down a prediction, but I think I’ll fair well enough against him. I saw his match against Eshan Aariz and I know what he’s capable of and even though we won’t be wrestling in the hardcore environment I think I stand a fair chance of proving I’m something special in my debut. I don’t expect anything less then a win.

Katie Smith: If you were to win, would challenging for the Hardcore Title be something on your agenda?

Nicholas Etch: You can never say no. Any chance to hold a championship is something that I’m willing to take. I’m not one whose necessarily into the “hardcore” wrestling style, but if I have a chance to beat an opponent over the head with a chair and it be legal; sure why not. Plus the prestige of having a championship and being considered one of the “best” in the sVo is something I’m very interested in.

Katie Smith: What if you lose, what then?

Nicholas Etch: Just as much as I don’t like to gloat or lay down predictions, I also don’t even like to think about losing. I’m a winner, my WBF career proves that so I tend to go into every match with the outlook that I’ll win. So, I’ve not even thought about loosing.

Katie Smith: What are you goals here in the sVo?

Nicholas Etch: To continue to impress Jimmy and move right up the ranks in the sVo. Some might call it “writing checks I can’t cover,” but I wouldn’t be lying if I told you I wanted an eventual shot at the World Champion here. Mike Polowy looks like a hell of a wrestler, but he’s also got some sort of vendetta against Jimmy it looks like. I prefer to play along the rules and please those in charge. So if kicking his ass is something Jimmy would want, I’m all for that.

Katie Smith: You seem to side with Mr. Moretti when it comes to his war against Mike Polowy, do you have any idea who it was who attacked Mr. Moretti at the show?

Nicholas Etch: Not a clue, but I’m not ignoring the situation either. I have my eyes open and my ears are open as well. Any answers or clues I come across I’ve relayed to Jimmy, and if it means pleasing the boss, I’ll take matters into my own hands once we find out who is responsible.

Katie Smith: I thank you for sitting down with me to do an interview. I’m sure you’ve got some things you’d rather be doing right now, so I’ll let you get back to all of that.

Nicholas Etch: When you are on the side of the boss, the special treatment you get here at the Goodfella’s Casino is off the charts. I’ve got a hell of a night ahead of me. Thanks though for even bothering to sit down with me.

Katie Smith: No, thank you.

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