Overall Bobby Dean has taken part in 50 sVo shows spanning a two year period between 2010 and 2012. Dean was originally teased to make  his debut in the sVo at Showdown #035 when the lights in the arena went out mid show and the letters ‘B B D’ were shown on the screen as “You’re the Best” by Joe “Bean” Esposito blasted over the sound system! At this point no one in the sVo truly knew what they were in for!

The next week on Showdown #036, the familiar music once again played, however instead of getting their first sight of BBD, the sVo fans were treated to Chris Bond making his way down to the ring doing his very best impression of the Beautiful one! Bond called out BBD and challenged him to a match the next week. Showdown #037 finally rolled around, however instead of fighting the actual BBD, Chris Bond ended up wrestling against a blow up doll dressed as Bobby Dean until interrupted by Nathan Paradine.

At Showdown #038 the sVo fans actually got their first sight of Bobby Dean in the flesh, where BBD unfortunately mistook Japanese wrestler Night as a porter, hit on backstage interviewer Candi Cross and then got drunk with fellow Industry member Chris Bond on appletinis before showing up late for his match. Despite arriving late, Bobby Dean managed to win the Psyko Stevo Memorial rumble and progress towards a match against Nathan Paradine and a potential $10,000 prize fund. BBD would unfortunately (for the Vegas strippers) come up short in his match against Paradine on Showdown #39 and miss out on the prize money. At Showdown #40, Psyko Stevo hired Howie Banks to take out BBD with a baseball bat due to making the previous week’s memorial tournament match a mockery and the show closed out with BBD on the floor in pain and Stevo looking on smiling.

BBD would miss over a month of action as a result of the attack, before returning at Showdown #044 to find that Chris Bond had recruited Kid F’N Cool, Billy Jacobs and Talon to join the pair in ‘The Industry.’ All looked well for the Industry to dominate the sVo, only for BBD to turn on the group later in the show to side with Roscoe Shame as part of ‘The Company.’ At Showdown #045 BBD would be victorious against Kid F’N Cool in singles action, whilst also working on Roscoe Shame to persuade the International Champion to join forces and form the ‘Beautiful Shame’ tag team and go after the Tag Team titles. Later in the night, BBD would also go on to cost Tobias Devereux his sVo title shot against Champion Night, and help Shame defeat Industry member Talon. The next week Tobias Devereux would challenge BBD in an attempt to get revenge, with BBD emerging victorious. However BBD’s lifestyle would begin to grate on fellow Company members Night & Isaac White.

The friction between the group would continue in July 2010 at the Showcase PPV, with Bobby Dean buying his stable mates some unwanted gifts, however the PPV would be a successful one with BBD capturing the Las Vegas Championship in a triple threat match & then preventing Chris Bond from capturing the sVo Championship in the main event!

The next week on Showdown #047, BBD would add to his gold collection, winning the sVo Tag Team Championships with Roscoe Shame in the main event, before successfully defending them on Showdown #048 against future sVo Champion William Vorheez and his tag team partner Tripp Whipwreck. Bobby Dean would successfully defend the Las Vegas Championship on Showdown #049 against Chris Wrestling despite interference from Colt Cooper. However the two titles wasn’t enough for BBD, as he paid a $35,000 bribe to booker Matt Anderson on Showdown #50 for a future shot at the International Championship, a belt held by his tag team partner Roscoe Shame!

The next week at the Ultimate Victory 2010 PPV, Bobby Dean became the first man in sVo history to hold three belts at one time as he captured the International Championship, but potentially ruined his friendship with Roscoe Shame, his tag team partner, by hitting him with a low blow during the match to do so!

Bobby Dean went about trying to defend all three titles he held as he managed to defeat Colt Cooper to defend the Las Vegas Championship at Showdown #51, however the damage to his friendship to Shame was too much to endure at the pair lost the Tag Team Championships to Pat Fullam and Night on Showdown #52. Roscoe Shame then got some revenge on the previous betrayal as he cost Dean the Las Vegas Championship in his match against future sVo Champion & hall of famer Jay (Grimnir) Wildman at Showdown #053. 

With only the International Championship left, BBD impressively defeated future hall of fame star Night in the main event of Showdown #54 and Rey Rosario in the main event of Showdown #55 to retain his title. However his previous friction with Company stable mate Isaac White cost him dearly at the Battle of Britain 2010 PPV, with BBD left without any gold after White cost him the triple threat match and left Rey Rosario to pick up the International Championship! To add further insult to injury, on the same night BBD’s former friend and Tag Team Partner Roscoe Shame would go on to capture the sVo Championship from Night in the main event!

BBD looked to climb back up the sVo rankings as he defeated Pat Fullam in the main event of Showdown #56 and stole his Tag Team Championship belt! Bobby Dean tried to defend the stolen title along with Night in the main event of Showdown #57, however, ended up losing the title he had never won to Colt Cooper and Joey Equinox and suffered injury due to a ‘Shame Time’ powerbomb from former partner Roscoe Shame.

The next week on Showdown #58, BBD showed up in a wheelchair and successful petitioned sVo management into banning the Shame Time finishing move, before leaping out of the wheelchair at the end of the show and costing the sVo Champion Roscoe Shame his main event match against Jay (Grimnir) Wildman thanks to some brass knuckles! On Showdown #059, Bobby Dean defeated current sVo star the Teacher in singles action before sending a message to Roscoe Shame through the masked man after the match, before The Teacher was saved by his tag team partner Ethan Rider.

At Showdown #60, Bobby Dean narrowly avoided a sexual harassment lawsuit after his interview with backstage interviewer Tamara Boyd, before forcing his rival Roscoe Shame to defend his sVo Championship in the main event against his own manager Jeremiah Sloan, making the match a first blood match when he didn’t think they were taking it seriously enough!

In the main event of the Roll the Dice 2010 PPV, BBD finally got his long awaited shot at Roscoe Shame’s sVo Championship in the main event. However November’s PPV ended in one of the most controversial moments in sVo history, with BBD secoming to the finger poke of doom from Shame, causing Shame to retain the title and the reformation of the Beautiful Shame tag team!

BBD was kicked out of the ‘Company’ due to his actions in the main event and forced into a series of tough matches. He defeated Cody Williams on Showdown #62 and helped Roscoe Shame against the company’s Nightmare in the main event. BBD was then defeated by Jay(Grimnir) Wildman in the main event of Showdown #063, before Beautiful Shame were defeated by Colt Cooper and Ethan Rider of the ‘Company’ in the main event of Showdown #64.

Dean got back to winning ways against the young Alex Brooks on Showdown #065 after unsuccessfully trying to persuade Roscoe Shame to change their team name to the ‘Beautiful Bitches’. At the Seasons Beatings 2010 PPV Bobby Dean was part of the main event where Roscoe Shame’s sVo Championship was defended in what was a glorified handicap match against Grimnir, who unmasked after winning the title that night to reveal himself as Jay Wildman! On the same night Shame and Dean were joined by long time friend Reaper in the sVo. 

At the One Shot 2011 PPV, BBD made it down to the last two of the 30 man rumble to try and earn himself another sVo Championship shot, however was eliminated by Samuel Amos. At Showdown #66, Bobby Dean and Roscoe Shame dropped $100,000 each to buy themselves the rights to be GM’s for the night at the upcoming ‘Destiny’ PPV, before defeating the Canadian Connection in a tag team steel cage match. At Showdown #67, Dean announced that the Beautiful Shame would be going after the Tag Titles once again, before defeating Ethan Rider in a singles match the same night. However the night didn’t go all of BBD’s way, with new sVo signing Nero targeting him in several backstage incidents causing him to have to wear a mask to hide a facial injury. 

On Showdown #68, BBD was forced by the ‘Company’ to fight against his tag team partner Roscoe Shame once again, this time in a table match. However this time it was Roscoe Shame who did the job for his friend, throwing himself through a table and allowing BBD to win!

At the Destiny PPV, BBD & Roscoe Shame used their GM for the night powers to arrange pink slip matches for members of the roster that had wronged them in the past and also get their friend Reaper a Las Vegas Championship reign! Shame & Dean also booked themselves in a Tag Team Championship match against the Rodriguez Brothers, winning their second title reign!

At Showdown #70, Dean used his GM powers from the week before to book himself as special guest referee for the Roscoe Shame vs. Nero match, counting a quick three count for his partner to pick up the victory. At Showdown #71 Bobby Dean pretended to be his twin brother Billy to avoid signing autographs for children whilst trying to shill his unofficial sVo merchandise, before successfully defending the Tag Team Championships along with Roscoe Shame. Later in the night BBD then threw out a challenge to newcomer Sara Pettis who had taken to wearing the same baby blue colour as BBD!

On Showdown #072 BBD would end up losing the ‘loser loses blue’ match by DQ to Sara Pettis after interference from Roscoe Shame and Sheldon Hossteder! BBD would have to take a few weeks off after losing his blue, however would return at Showdown #074 to help Reaper and Roscoe Shame attack Cody Williams backstage. This attack would then lead to Williams’s tag team partner Nathan Paradine stepping up to take on BBD and Shame in a handicap match in the main event of Showdown #75. Bobby Dean and Roscoe Shame would then be unsuccessful in trying to defend their Tag Team Championships against Paradine and Williams at the Vendetta 2011 PPV.

The next week on Showdown #79 would see a gauntlet for the gold match for the sVo Championship, where Bobby Dean shockingly stabbed his former Tag Team partner Roscoe Shame in the back a second time! However the feud between the two was short-lived as Roscoe Shame made the move to GM of the sVo & BBD made his final appearance in the sVo in a losing effort to JVD at the Infamous 2011 PPV event. 

Bobby Dean of course is one of the most entertaining superstars in sVo history, the first man to ever hold three belts at one time and also possibly the best superstar to never hold the sVo Championship!

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