We step into the well-lit alleys of Las Vegas, Nevada. As the camera leads us to the inside of a deserted gymnasium. Flickering light illuminates the entire room as the doors swing open wide, leaving the cameramen to advance into the gymnasium.

*Thump* *Thump* *Thump* *Thump*

The sound of fists impacting on sandbags surrounds the place, a dark figure is seen in the distance covered by a hood, and after hitting the bag with a European Uppercut the bag collapses on impact, crashing to the ground.


The sound of the bag, and the panic of some members of the recording team is replaced by the footsteps and laughter of the young promise that approaches the scene. His name is…

Adam Garcia: Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Adam García, feel welcome to my humble abode. I apologize for the delay of my introduction but I had to make sure you understood the gravity of my debut in this company before I could say a few words to you. Some of you may not know me yet, maybe some of you might be familiar with my dominance in companies like RAZOR Wrestling, perhaps Carnage, or my victory for the United Wrestling Kingdom title, or my recent runs in XHW or FTW. And if so, I imagine you guys understand the importance of bringing new blood to PV.

Adam Garcia: At PV 59, I’ll give you a trademark lesson. There’s no one better than the Spanish Ace, because I am number one, and you should remember that.

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