Name: Colt “The Lone Star” Thompson

Nicknames: The Texan Titan, The Rodeo Renegade

Height: 6’4”

Weight: 260lbs

Date of Birth: March 15th, 1988

Hometown: Austin, Texas

Personality: Colt exudes the rugged charm and independence associated with the Lone Star State. He’s charismatic, bold, and fiercely proud of his Texan heritage.


Fighting Style: Colt’s fighting style is a mix of power moves and high-impact strikes, influenced by his Texan roots and cowboy ethos. He combines brute force with agility, often surprising opponents with his quickness despite his size.

Crowd Reaction: The crowd goes wild for Colt, especially in Texas where he’s a hometown hero. His entrance elicits thunderous cheers and chants of “Yee-haw!” as fans rally behind their Lone Star wrestler.

Finisher Name: Lone Star Lariat

Finisher Description:  Colt delivers a bone-crushing clothesline known as the Lone Star Lariat, sending opponents sprawling to the mat with sheer force and velocity.

Signature Moves: 

Texas Tornado Slam: Colt hoists his opponent into the air before spinning them around and slamming them down with authority, reminiscent of a Texas twister.

Alamo Armbar: An armbar submission hold executed with precision, paying homage to the historic Battle of the Alamo.

Entrance Music: “God Bless Texas” by Little Texas


Career History:  Colt “The Lone Star” Thompson has blazed a trail across the wrestling circuit, capturing championship titles and leaving a lasting impression on audiences nationwide. From humble beginnings in Texas wrestling circuits to headlining arenas around the country, Colt’s journey has been one of grit, determination, and undeniable Texan pride.

Biography: Raised in the heart of Texas, Colt Thompson grew up with a love for wrestling and a deep appreciation for his Texan heritage. From working on his family’s ranch to competing in rodeos, Colt’s upbringing instilled in him a rugged toughness and unwavering spirit. As “The Lone Star,” he embodies the essence of Texas, standing tall as a symbol of resilience, independence, and cowboy grit in the world of professional wrestling.


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