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sVo Events

sVo Showdown #049

Night and DJ meet in the final of the Victory Cup with a title shot on the line.

sVo Showdown
25th July 2010
Goodfellas Casino Arena, Las Vegas
Episode #049


As the camera pans around the sold out arena, Pretty Vegas by INXS begins to blast out over the sound system as the sVo Showdown opening video rolls on the giant V-Tron! The crowd goes wild for the video, featuring action from top sVo stars such as Night, Isaac White, La Envidia Mata and William Vorheez! As the video begins to come to an end, the cameras begin to pan around the crowd as the fans jump up and down trying to get seen on TV! The announcer’s welcome the fans watching on TV to the latest Showdown episode as the camera pick out various signs in the crowd! As the official sVo Showdown theme music begins to fade out, the attention of the fans turns towards the V-Tron on the top of the entrance stage as highlights of last weeks show play on the giant screen before tonight’s episode gets underway!LAST WEEK ON sVo SHOWDOWN

Matt Anderson extended an invitation to JVD and DJ to join the Company


BBD & Rosoce Shame defended the Tag Team Titles against Vorheez and Whipwreck

Corporate Meeting

SVO Showdown is now on the air and it quickly goes to The Corporation’s locker room where we see all the members of The Corporation except…

Chris Wrestling: Where the hell is DJ?

Raven: I don’t know he has not answer my calls.

Chris Wrestling: For now DJ cannot be trusted. He has been receiving offers from The Company and we don’t know where he stands.

Juliana Torres: Isn’t that a bit harsh? DJ has been in The Corporation since day one if there’s somebody that we can trust is DJ.

Rey Rosario: I second that. Not only that but with his recent success he should be the leader of The Corporation.

Chris Wrestling: Nice one, Rey. Still bitter after I beat you weeks ago?

Rey Rosario: If it wasn’t for the ropes the story would have been a lot different and by the way, how does it feel to lose to DJ?

Chris Wrestling: You want to see how it feels?

Raven: Guys, settle down. This is what The Company wants. They know we are their only competition so they’re trying to cause problems within ourselves so they don’t have to worry about us.

Chris Wrestling: You’re right Raven. We have to focus on our matches tonight starting with Juliana against El Locon. Can you handle the big man or you want some insurance?

Juliana Torres: Don’t worry I can take care of myself. El Locon might be big but I know I can beat him.

Chris Wrestling: Crippler, you have Johnny Stylez. This should be an easy one for you.

Canadian Crippler: I will just pulverize his ass back to where the hell he came from.

Chris Wrestling: Rey, are you over your losing streak? You can’t lose this match.

Rey Rosario: I have prepared mentally, I know I can succeed here in SVO once again and it will start tonight.

Chris Wrestling: Raven, ready to take the International Championship?

Raven: I’m more than ready. I have defeated Roscoe Shame before and tonight I will do it again and walk out International Champion.

Chris Wrestling: Guys, don’t worry about me I’ll take care of BBD he cost me the Psyko Stevo Memorial and tonight will be payback when I take from him the Las Vegas Championship. It’s go time!

The Corporation cheer as the scene comes to an end.


{Colt Cooper’s limo pulls up to the Goodfella’s arena. Jed gets out first opening the door for Coop. He steps out looking as stunning as can be. A Polo collar t-shirt to coordinate with a pair of Valore cargos. Instead of sneakers he’s wearing a pair of sandals. His shades pinning his hair back. His grin on the face is typical for knowing the lust he has to embrace the SvO. You don’t get to many fellows like Colt in this modern day. He grabs his bag from out of the limo and gives Jed a high five. He pushes open the door to the Goodfellas Casino Arena and it’s a bit quiet. Everyone is inside the arena waiting on the show to begin. Colt’s makes his way into the locker room area and is met by Candi Cross. Who already has a mic in her hand.}

Cross:: Colt…Colt…a few words?

{Colt smirks. He puts his hands on his hip so he could show off his unique sculpture.}

Colt:: Something told me that you would be showing up on this evening. I’m glad you came. There are a couple of things that I wanted to elaborate on before getting ready for my match.

Cross:: Yes…your match. Your second showing in the Goodfellas arena and you’re taking on Ray…..

{Colt puts one finger on Candi’s lips.}

Colt:: Sweetcakes…I’m not taking on Ray Rosario. What I’m really taking on is someone who doesn’t have any guidance. A guy that’s basically no fit for what’s dawning upon him. I mean really? At first he’s ready to leave the SvO…but when he hears he’s taking on a rookie he all of sudden feels he should stay. The thing that’s not connecting with me is that he’s the one who needs help on how to wrestle. He’s the one who think he’s yet not ready to embark. He’s the one whose really the rookie. I’m just saying. Rosario…you really do need a break to get your head on straight.

{Colt laughs. He rhymed a bit at the end of his statement.}

Cross:: I’ve been doing my research…and I hear there is one thing you have to do for everyone to pay attention. Are these rumors fact?

Colt:: There is one thing I’ve been wanting to do, and it’s centered around where we are today. It’s what every newcomer like me wants. Though, on Rosario’s claim…i’m not a newcomer at all.

{Colt’s eyes begin to gloom. Almost firery. The eyes he get’s when he’s ready to go into his world.}

Cross:: What’s with the look?

Colt:: It’s the look of what’s now. It’s the face that should be everywhere. It’s me who Rosario doesn’t want to see right now. That’s what this look is. Now excuse me…I have a demolition to get ready for.

{Colt walks away and the scene begins to fade out.}

El Locon vs. Juliana Torres

Ding Ding Ding

The bell rings and El Locon charges right at Juliana who delivers a drop toe hold to the much bigger Locon. Torres quickly secures a crossface on El Locon who gets up carrying her weight with him and pushes her off sending her all the way to the other side of the ring. Both competitors now start to circle each other and El Locon goes for a tie up but Juliana ducks it and starts to attack El Locon from behind. El Locon turns and pushes her way and charges once again at the former Las Vegas Champion but The Corporate Lady is ready for her psychotic opponent nailing him with a dropkick to the knee which makes the American wannabe go face first into the turnbuckle.

El Locon turns around in pain as Juliana Torres bounces off the ropes connecting with a beautiful spinning kick taking the big man down. Torres makes the pin as the referee slides in for the count.


El Locon throws her far away from him. Torres bounces off the ropes quickly after El Locon but runs right into El Locon’s boot putting the toughest female in wrestling down to the mat. El Locon bounces off the ropes and connects with an elbow drop and stays on Torres hooking a leg looking for the quick win.



Juliana reaches down and kicks out at the count of two. El Locon gets up and tries to get the people behind him chanting “USA”, “USA” but the people boo him making the next American Hero very upset. El Locon turns back his attention to The Corporate Lady who is in a corner trying her best to stay vertical. El Locon goes over to the corner and delivers a couple of shoulder tackles to the ribs of The Corporation member. El Locon now grabs Torres and throws her half way around the ring with a hip toss. The people start to chant “You Suck” at El Locon who gets face to face with the camera saying that the people in the Arena where Un-Americans and should move to Canada with Juliana.

El Locon turns his attention back to the match and turns right into a standing spin kick from Torres who now delivers a kicking combination at the remaining Locos member. Juliana bounces off the ropes but charges right into a samoan drop from El Locon. El Locon makes a cocky cover on the Corporate Lady.



Juliana quickly turns it into a crucifix pin on El Locon.



El Locon kicks out just in time. Both competitors get up and El Locon gets back the advantage with a boot to the midsection of his sexy opponent and delivers a thunderous powerbomb. El Locon turns to the crowd and starts tapping his arm signaling for El Locon From Hell. Torres starts to get up staggered as El Locon goes after her with El Loco From Hell but Torres side steps El Locon who hits hard against the turnbuckle. He turns and Torres wastes no time in grabbing him in a front face lock and running toward the turnbuckle jumping off the turnbuckle delivering a picture perfect tornado ddt. Juliana gets an arm on top of her opponent.



3…NO! El Locon was able to get a shoulder up at the last possible moment. Both competitors make it back to their feet and Juliana once again starts delivering kick after kick to El Locon until El Locon finally catches one of her kicks. Torres quickly reacts with an enziguri kick that staggers the Uncle Sam follower. Juliana seeing her change boots El Locon in the midsection and goes for The Corporate DDT but El Locon uses his superior strength to power out with a back body drop but Torres turns it into a sunset flip pin.



El Locon powers out again. El Locon gets up in a hurry and goes for a haymaker but Juliana ducks and takes El Locon down with a school boy pin.




The referee waves it off as El Locon had a hold of the ropes which should have stopped the count. Juliana has a disbelief look on her eyes but grabs El Locon and tries to throw him to the turnbuckle but El Locon easily reverses the Irish whip throwing The Corporate Lady to the turnbuckle. El Locon charges at Juliana but Torres gets both feet up nailing El Locon square in the face. She quickly jumps on the second rope and from there gets to the top rope and delivers a blockbuster on El Locon. Juliana Torres makes the cover.



Thre…Not quite as El Locon got a shoulder up once again. Juliana Torres looking to use her speed advantage bounces off the ropes and goes for a Lou Thesz Press on El Locon who simply catches her and drops backwards nailing Torres’ throat against the top rope. El Locon wastes no time in bouncing off the ropes as Torres turns around hitting El Locon From Hell making Juliana spin in the air from the impact. El Locon pins The Corporate Lady.




RESULT: Blank def. Blank via pinfall

The Start of Something New

The house lights dim as the crowd is immediately restless, desperate for more red-hot sVo action. Clint Mansell’s “Lux Aeterna” begins to play over the arena sound system, bringing a slightly eerie hush over the crowd. On the sVo-Tron an image is slowly fades into view, clearer with every passing moment…

The image remains on the screen for almost a full minute, before fading away with the song and the arena lights return to their usual hue.

Johnny Stylez vs. Crippler

Pyro lights up the stage, bright gold in colour. Dancers of both genders saunter out onto the stage, performing a routine with a breakneck pace that’d make B-Boys holla all across the world. During the routine, more pyro explodes, showering the people in flares and sizzly bits as the ceiling opens up, revealing a blinding white light. A platform begins to lower and the silhouette of Johnny Stylez is seen. He stands on the platform, posed, hands on hips and surveying the crowd. The platform lowers to the bottom of the stage, and all at once the dancers drop to their knees and bow to the Stylez.

Johnny Stylez then walks down to the ring, ignoring fans and generally being a smarmy duck. He is about to jump onto the apron when he turns and snaps his fingers. Two burly men trot out from behind the security wall and drop to their knees, forming a staircase. It is a staircase that Stylez uses to ascend to the apron, to which he rubs his feet on the man’s t-shirt, and steps into the ring. He walks over to his corner, where another of his minions places a stool for Johnny Stylez to sit, awaiting his opponent.

Last Resort plays as Canadian Crippler comes out completely focused on the ring. He enters the ring and awaits the bell.

The referee calls for the bell to be rung, and this one is soon underway! Stylez moves forward quickly on his debut and catches Crippler with some big right hands straight off the bat. Crippler reels from the punches, as Stylez bounces into the ropes before bouncing back to hit a flying dropkick onto his opponent. The move knocks Crippler over, but he quickly rises back up to his feet and dodges out of the way of another punch from Stylez. Crippler grabs hold of the legs of Stylez as he aims a kick at him, and takes him down to the mat with a leg sweep takedown. With Stylez down, Crippler quickly locks on a knee bar submission move to try and wear down the legs of Stylez and slow down the high flyer.

Crippler keeps the move locked in for around half a minute, before releasing it and rising to his feet. Stylez lays on the mat holding his knee in pain, as Crippler flips him over and puts his foot on the back of the knee of Stylez, before pulling his leg up and then stomping it down into the mat. Crippler repeats the move a few times, trying to live up to his name and end the career of the man making his sVo debut tonight.

Stylez struggles up to his feet holding his knees in pain, but Crippler shows no mercy to his opponent as he bounces off of the ropes and then slams into Stylez with a clothesline to send him down. Crippler of the Corporation tries to get the fans on his side as he signals to them, before pulling Stylez up from the mat and hitting him with an uppercut to the face. Crippler lays into Stylez with some stiff right hands that back the newcomer into the corner of the ring, before Crippler steps up onto the second rope and then begins to slam his fist into the face of Stylez! Stylez takes a few punches to the face, before pushing Crippler down and hitting him with some stiff punches of his own! Stylez jumps to the top rope and throws himself at his opponent with a big missile dropkick to take down Crippler.

Crippler rises up to his feet, but Stylez is quickly back onto him with some stiff crossface shots. Stylez pulls Crippler up before taking him down with a dropkick to the face, before running to the ropes and bouncing back at Crippler. Crippler rises up to his feet, only to be hit with a flying forearm smash to the face from Stylez. The crowd boo Stylez as he taunts to the fans as Crippler gets to his feet. Stylez hits Crippler with some big chops across the chest, before sending him into the ropes. Crippler bounces back to the middle of the ring, where Stylez hits him with a scoop slam. With Crippler down on the mat, Stylez bounces into the ropes before hitting a running leg drop on Crippler and making the cover.




Stylez doesn’t look too happy that he only managed to get a two count there as he rises back to his feet and argues with the referee. The crowd boo the arrogant new sVo star as behind him Crippler rises to his feet. Stylez turns around and walks straight into a right hand from Crippler, who then takes him down to the mat with a hip toss takedown. With Stylez down on the mat, Crippler locks in a head scissors in an attempt to try and get his opponent to submit! Stylez tries desperatly to get out of the submission move, but Crippler has it locked in tight in an attempt to get the win by submission.

The referee asks Stylez if he wants to submit, but the newcomer says no as he continues to bravely try and battle out of the hold. Styles spins Crippler around and manages to pop his head out of the hold by grabbing the shins of Crippler, and then struggles back up to his feet. Crippler hits some stiff forearms to the face of Stylez, who then throws a right hand at his opponent. Crippler ducks under the right hand and goes behind on Stylez, to lock in a cobra clutch submission hold!

The fans rise to their feet thinking that this might be the end of the match right here, as Crippler pulls Stylez down to the mat with the cobra clutch submission hold locked in! Stylez desperately tries to struggle out of the hold, but once again Crippler has the submission move locked in tight! Stylez looks to be fading fast under the submission hold as the referee takes his arm and then holds it in the air, before dropping it down. The arm drops straight back down to the mat! The referee repeats the move, and once again the arm of Stylez drops down to the mat! If that happens once more, then this match is over! The referee pulls Stylez’s arm into the air, however before it drops to the mat, Stylez’s arm shoots up into the air at the last second! The fans boo as Stylez seems to come to life and fights out of the hold with some back elbows.

Crippler looks stunned as Stylez rises up to his feet, only for Crippler to grab him by the arm and shoot him into the corner. Stylez hits the corner hard and Crippler bounces into the ring ropes to clothesline him down to the mat. Crippler rises up to his feet and screams at Stylez to get to his feet, before pulling up and sending him into the ropes. Stylez bounces back and Crippler aims a back elbow shot at his head, but Stylez ducks under the arm of Crippler! Crippler spins back around, and walks straight into a superkick from Stylez! The fans boo the big move from Stylez, who then runs to the ropes. Stylez bounces into the ropes and spears Crippler down to the mat as he gets up! With Crippler down on the mat, the fans boo as Stylez makes his way to the corner of the ring and climbs the turnbuckle, before leaping off and landing a ‘Major Stylez’ onto Crippler! Stylez wastes no time in making the cover on his opponent after that massive finishing move from the top rope!




This one is all over, and its Stylez who picks up the win on his sVo debut! Stylez celebrates the win in the ring despite the boos from the fans, as Showdown #49 heads to a commercial break.

RESULT: Johnny Stylez def. Crippler via pinfall

sVo Ultimate Victory II – 08/08/10
Featuring the sVo World Championship Match
Night vs. Victory Cup Winner

The Ultimatum

Running a federation is tough work. Just ask Mr. Matthew Anderson who is currently in his office, formerly Paige Johnson’s office, buried underneath paperwork. Suddenly there is a crash as the door to his office is slammed open. Matt glances up as “The Coolness” Pat Fullam comes in, slams the door behind him and plops down in the chair in front of the desk. Anderson sighs and says.

“Mr. Fullam, to what do I owe this, uhm, pleasure?”

Pat looks deadpan at his “boss,” as he says.

“Good evening Mr. Anderson. How’s the Matrix treating you?”

Matt rolls his eyes as he responds.

“Listen Fullam, I’ve had it with your crap! You trashed a hotel room that sVo paid for, something I’m STILL trying to reassure the hotel won’t happen again. You stomp around acting like you deserve something when in reality, you really don’t. What the FUCK do you want?”

Pat continues to stare at Anderson, his face losing any traces of any smile as he kicks his feet onto the desk, kicking paper everywhere. Losing his temper Matt says.

“Fine. Get out.”

Pat shakes his head.

“No. I want Paige Johnson. Every time I try to get any information as to where she might be, you and ‘your people’ cock block me. Honestly I don’t know why you’re trying to protect her. Hasn’t she been nothing but a thorn in your side? Isn’t she still technically general manager here at sVo? Why are you blocking me from getting to her?”

This time it’s Matt who shakes his head.

“I’m not. I would just prefer that as a sVo star, you concentrate your efforts on this federation, NOT your love/hate relationship with Paige. The Company and myself have deemed her unfit to run sVo on a weekly basis and she is gone indefinitely. I will not tolerate…”

But Mr. Anderson doesn’t get a chance to finish as Pat takes his feet down off the desk and pounds his fist down onto it in one fell swoop.

“Listen to me ass clown! You can tell me what you can and can not tolerate all you want. The catch is that I don’t really care about what you say and only about how you’re going to help me fix my problem. If you’re not going to help you had better get the fuck out of my way, otherwise, I’ll steamroll right over you. It’s your choice but you should make it easy on yourself and step aside. One way or another, I’m getting to Paige.”

Matt looks shocked but quickly composes himself as he says.

“Fine. Here’s what I can do for you, but JUST because I want you to focus your efforts here. Since I signed the contract to become general manager over Paige, I have taken all her responsibilities, past and present, under me. What happened in the past between you two, is no longer relevant as according to the paperwork, it happened between you and me. So Mr. Fullam, WHAT is it that I can do for you?”

Pat’s face twitches. Almost as if he is about to smile but stops himself. He stands up as does Matt and…Offers his hand?!? Matt takes it, almost hesitantly. The two shake hands, each staring hard at each other. Suddenly Matt’s face contorts in pain as Pat begins squeezing his hand. In one solid movement, Pat yanks Matt’s hand down and uses that momentum to slam Matt’s face into his desk! Pulling Matt’s hair back, Pat pulls him back up and using his other hand, takes him by the throat.

“Listen to me you pencil pushing moron! I don’t care what you used to do. I don’t care if you were a legend ‘back in the day’ when dinosaurs ruled the Earth. I DON’T CARE. You want to take full repercussion for the sins of Paige’s past? You might want to take a look into the past and figure out exactly what you’re getting into. I’ll give you a week. If by next week you still want to take full responsibility, I’ll GLADLY go through you to get to where I want. If you decide you want me to talk to Paige first, I suggest you do everything in your power to get her the fuck back here. Either way, I’m getting what I want. Do you understand me?”

Matt Anderson nods and Pat smiles.


With that, Pat pulls Matt toward him a little further just to push him with all his might back over the desk! Matt lands awkwardly on his chair and then falls to the floor as Pat proceeds to the door, yanks it open, and slams it shut behind him.

Tripp Whipwreck, William Vorheez & Brock vs. Asesino, Limp & DVD

Headstrong by Trapt plays on the sound system as Limp, DVD & Asesino slowly walk down the entrance ramp eyeballing the crowd as they make their way to the ring. The three man team look to be in confident mood as they climb into the ring, and then walk around in a dominating style as they await the arrival of their opponents for tonight.

As his music kicks in, Brock appears on the stage. Giving the crowd a once over, he smirks, throwing a few punches, and jabs, as he makes his way to the ring.

Sliding in, he climbs the first turnbuckle in reach, and scans the crowd, raising one finger skyward, as he takes in the fans response. Jumping down, he paces the ring, waiting for the match to begin.

Brock stands in the corner of the ring facing off against the three opponents for tonight, as “Suicide Messiah” by Black Label Society hits the sound system, and fans rise to their feet waiting for the arrival of Tripp Whipwreck and William Vorheez! Brock looks to the entrance ramp for the arrival of his opponents, but even after thirty seconds of the music playing there is no sign of the tag team!

Brock wonders what is going on as Whipwreck and Vorheez don’t appear at the entrance ramp, but behind his back Asesino, Limp and DVD are ready to get started! The three members of the team rush Brock from behind and knock him down to the mat! The referee has no option to call for the bell to be rung, and it seems as if this match has now become a three on one handicap match! DVD and Limp stomp away on Brock on the mat, before the former tag team champions pull him to his feet. The fans boo the events unfolding as Aseesino gets some free shots in on Brock, before taking him down to the mat with a Killswitch!

Brock looks to be in a bad way as the three men continue to beat him down with stiff punches and kicks, before DVD pulls him to his feet. Asesino hits Brock with a knee to the midsection, before DVD takes down Brock with a ‘DVD Cutter’! With Brock down on the mat and hurting Asesino makes the cover!




This one is all over, and thanks to the no show from Whipwreck and Vorheez, its Asesino, DVD & Limp who have beaten Brock to a pulp and picked up the three count! The winning team stand over the broken body of Brock, as the fans continue to boo, wondering just why Vorheez and Whipwreck didn’t manage to make an appearance for their team tonight.

RESULT: Asesino, DVD & Limp def. Brock via pinfall

An Update from your Future World Champion

In the backstage area interviewer Candi Cross is standing by with the man who might tonight win a title shot by beating DJ in the main event, as well as walk away with the Victory Cup to his name in only his third match in the SVO, James Von Drake. Von Drake is dressed in head to toe with designer clothes, and flashes his $1,000 watch to the camera as he casts his eye over Candi Cross who is standing in front of him with her mic at the ready.

Candi Cross – ‘I am here backstage with the man who has been tearing through the SVO like a tornado since his arrival a few weeks ago, James Von Drake. Now JVD, tonight you have a chance to become the winner of the Victory Cup, do you think you can pull the win off against DJ?’

James Von Drake looks at Candi Cross for a few seconds as if he didn’t understand the question.

James Von Drake – ‘Do you think I can pull off the win? Are you fucking serious? Tonight the results is as much as decided. We might as well pack up the show and go home right now Candi. DJ does not have a hope in hell of walking out of Showdown tonight with a win. Hell I don’t think he even believes he can win the match himself!’

Von Drake dusts off his shoulder in an arrogant manor whilst waiting for the next question.

Candi Cross – ‘How do you respond to the accusation that you are being too arrogant since your arrival here, and that you should be working your way up to the top?’

James Von Drake – ‘Work my way to the top? Are you serious? Did I come in here demanding to be put in matches to get title shots or win tournaments? All I have done since I got here is beat everyone that has been put in front of me so far in the SVO. If that’s the best that the SVO has got to offer then I feel sorry for all the fans that have been watching for the last few years! All I can do is put the people that get put in front of me, and that is what I will continue to do! Tonight I will beat DJ to become the Victory cup winner, and then at the PPV I will go on to become the fastest man to win the World Championship by beating Night!’

Candi Cross – ‘Last week we saw Matt Anderson offer you a place in the Company. Are you going to accept his offer?’

James Von Drake strokes his chin whilst looking back at Candi Cross with a mischievous grin on his face.

James Von Drake – ‘No comment.’

The Teacher vs. Jadien Daniels

‘Stand Up’ – Trapt begins to play over the sound system and the lights in the arena cut out. A spotlight searches around the crowd until it picks out The Teacher slowly making his way through the fans towards the ring. The Teacher leaps over the barrier and slides into the ring, ready to bring another wrong-doer to justice.

Jaden Daniels comes out from behind the curtain wearing a fur coat, and opens the coat, showing his abs to the crowd, which sets off a pyro. As he makes his way down the aisile, lights around the arena flash to imitate flash bulbs. As he steps into the ring, he steps on to a corner posts, and taunts one more time, as a fountain of gold sparklers surrounds the ring.

The bell rings and the match is officially on, as The Teacher takes Daniels into the corner, pounding about his head and face with illegal closed fist punches. The referee attempts to regain some resemblance of control attempting to pull the two men apart, but to no avail as The Teacher pushes him away, continuing the punishment on a defenselessly attacked Jaden in the corner. Finally, the ref begins a solid five count in an effort to get Teacher to back off.





The Teacher regains control over his actions for a moment, backing off of Daniels long enough to avoid an early disqualification. The referee begins to lecture him just long enough for Jaden Daniels to regain some composure. Daniels takes a few steps towards Teacher, cautiously, and The Teacher returns his attention towards the match, staring down his opponent. Jaden steps in and initiates a tight grapple, but is overmatched by The Teacher who easily tosses him into the ropes with a vicious irish whip.

This time, however, Daniels is ready and catches himself on the ropes, turning the offense around and nailing The Teacher with a hard missile dropkick on the rebound. Teacher is sent reeling backwards, holding his face as he hits the ground, as Daniels returns to his feet. He approaches his opponent, stepping over him and bearing down as he locks on a hard rear chin lock, getting a tight grip. The referee lowers himself to the mat to see if The Teacher is willing to tap out, but his face is barely registering the pain as Jaden Daniels pulls back even harder, tightening the hold. Strain begins to show in the face of his opponent, who viciously fights to grab hold of the nearby ropes. He groans through the pain as he lunges an arm forward his fingertips barely touching, before giving one final lurch and grabbing hold of the bottom rope. The referee points this out, and Daniels quickly drops the hold, returning to his corner and getting down into a fighting stance, waiting for The Teacher to return to his feet.

The Teacher pulls himself up at the ropes, steadying his stance. He charges at Daniels, readying himself for a shoulder charge, but Daniels sidesteps it with ease lunging off the opposite rope in preparation for a counter. However, The Teacher sees it coming and levels Daniels down on the rebound with a devastating clothesline right across the neck! Jaden Daniels hits the mat holding his throat, as the referee once again begins to scold Teacher for a rules violation. Daniels rolls around on the canvas, trying to regain breath, as The Teacher shoves the referee right out of the way, grabbing his opponent by the hair and using momentum to lift him back to his feet. He boots Jaden Daniels hard in the stomach, bending him over, before tucking his head in and attempting a DDT! Daniels can barely keep his balance and his head hits the mat with as his skull hits the canvas! A stirring is heard from the crowd along with some painful groans as The Teacher drops for the cover.



NO! Somehow, Jaden Daniels finds the strength to get a shoulder up at the last possible second. The Teacher is unhindered by the kickout, and quickly begins stomping his opponent flat on the mat. He gets in a few hard smashes before the referee pulls him away, checking on the fallen wrestler as The Teacher snarls again, ducking through the ropes and heading to the outside. Daniels coughs inside the ring, trying to catch his breath. The Teacher climbs to the top rope and lands his leg across the throat of Daniels with a leg drop off the top rope. He goes for the over.




Daniels finds a way to get his shoulder up once again. The Teacher can’t believe it and starts to complain to the ref. Daniels uses this opportune time to catch his breath. After finishing arguing with the ref Teacher turns his focus back to Daniels only to be met with a crippling low blow that sends the man to his knees. Jaden gets to his feet slowly pulling The Teacher up along with him. He scoops The Teacher up for a vertical suplex, but The Teacher is able to reverse and sends Daniels head into the canvas with a modified piledriver. Teacher wastes no time getting to the corner and climbing to the top rope. He signals and executes a perfect Top of The Class. He makes the cover.




RESULT: The Teacher def. Jadien Daniels via pinfall

Aim? Total Control

The scene heads backstage to the executive box high above the fans which has been taken over by the Company since their buyout of the sVo upon its reopening. With their backs to the camera and their faces disguised amongst the cigar smoke floating through the air, the only member of the group who is recognisable is the man currently installed as the figure head of the sVo, Matt Anderson.

Matt Anderson: “Tonight DJ and JVD battle it out for the right to face Night at the PPV, I am pretty confident that one of those two men will be the man that wins the title from Night.”

Unknown: “How close are we to getting them on board?”

Matt Anderson: “I put the feelers out last week, and I think they were both interested. Let’s see who wins the match tonight, and then we will make sure they are signed up before Ultimate Victory and ready to be installed by us as World Champion. At the end of the night, we will have every belt in the sVo under out control.” The laughter and murmurs of approval are unanimous from every shady character in the ring, as the camera heads back to ringside.

Colt Cooper vs. Rey Rosario

Rey Rosario is already in the ring awaiting his opponent.





After waiting a few seconds, Colt Cooper appears on the ramp with his normal cocky smile. He positions both of his arms out, tapping his chest taunting the crowd. A spectrum of black and blue strobe lights fill up the arena followed by a down pour of confetti. Colt struts his way to the ring extending his hands to some of his fans, and gives the middle finger to the fans of SVO who don’t like him.

Both men begin to circle the ring as the referee calls for the bell to start the match. Rosario and Cooper close in towards each other and lock up in the middle of the ring. Rosario shows a little strength, backing the young Cooper into the corner. The referee gets in between the two, and calls for a clean break. Rosario backs off slowly, allowing Cooper to exit to the corner. Once again, the two competitors lock up at center ring, this time with a little more back and forth, with each man struggling to gain control. For a second time, Rosario backs Cooper into the corner, drawing the ref into the middle of the action. He calls for another clean break, and again, Rosario backs off slowly. However, this time, Colt reaches over the crouching referee, and sticks a thumb into Rosario’s eye.

Rosario staggers back slightly, blinded by the thumb shot. Cooper pushes past the referee, and takes Rosario out with a charging knee to the stomack. As soon as Rosario hits the mat, Cooper drops to his knees and applies a headlock. Rosario struggles to free himself from Cooper’s clutches, but the ‘A-lister’ only squeezes harder on his opponent’s neck. The referee checks to make sure there is no illegal choke, but everything checks out.

Finally Cooper releases the hold only to deliver a clubbing blow across the side of Rosario’s head. The hard shot knocks the man for a loop, as he falls over onto his side. Seeing that Rosario is down and out, Cooper taunts the crowd, then leaps up to the top rope.

Cooper screams at the fans once more, then leaps into the air with a moonsault, but Rosario manages to roll out of the way. Amazingly, Cooper lands on his feet, but is out of position to mount any kind of an attack. As he turns around to face Rosario, Rey is already lunging from a kneeling position. He crashes into Cooper with a stunning shoulder block that forces Colt backwards and out through the ropes.

The crowd cheers as Rosario gets to his feet. He plays up the crowd a bit before heading to the ropes. As he nears the edge of the ring, Cooper reaches under the bottom rope, and drags Rosario off his feet and out of the ring. He immediately jumps on Rey and begins to smash away with lefts and rights. Inside the ring, the referee begins to count both men out.






Keeping one eye on Rosario, and an ear on the ref, Cooper slides in the ring. He gives the ref a few seconds and tries to slide back out of the ring but Rosario has already gotten back into the ring and sends Cooper down with a clothesline. Rosario stays on the attack with stomps to the ribs of Colt. The ref pulls Rosario off of his opponent after nine stomps in a row. Rey waits in the corner for Cooper to get to his feet. Colt gets to his feet and is a bit wobbly. Rosario is crouching down and is in position for a spear. Rosario takes off toward Colt, but Colt smiles jumping into the air and landing on his feet. Ray runs into the ropes and hurts his right shoulder a bit. Colt realizes the pain Rosario is in as Rosario begins to separate himself from the turnbuckle Colt runs toward the ropes, jumps on the second line of ropes, jumping off and landing The Big Dipper. He makes the cover.




NO! Rosario finds a way to kick out at the last second. Colt starts to stalk Ray. Rosario gets to his feet, and Colt charges but is caught in the hands of Ray who lifts him for a belly to belly suplex, but Cooper lands on his feet and grabs Rosario from behind connecting with a back neck breaker. Colt wastes no time getting to his feet, while he brings Rosario to his feet along with him. He picks up his opponent and crashes him to the mat with The Goldmine. He makes the cover.




RESULT: Colt Cooper def. Rey Rosario via pinfall


{Colt Cooper is walking backstage after a tough match. A towel is wrapped around his head. Instead of going to his locker room, he thought he’d take a stop by in the casino. He wipes his face of some more because of the sweat droplets dropping. He steps inside the casino and takes a seat at the bar.}

Colt:: Give me two shots of Goose.

{The bartender whose name tag read Boobz poured Colt two shots of Goose. He kinda looks at her boobs and figures out why they gave her the name.}

Colt:: So did you get that name?

{Even though he knows he still will ask. Get a conversation going.}

Boobz:: Just look at them.

Colt:: I’m looking alright.

{Colt’s eyes have become glued to her chest. He goes to pour down one shot of the Goose but the shot glass slides from his lips due to his eyes still being glued to Boobz’s…boobs.}

Colt:: I’m guessing you saw my match just now…pretty impressive?

Boobz:: I don’t really pay attention to the matches. I just glance at you guy’s body’s to see who has the better one.

Colt:: I know you always say I do.

{Colt stands up from his stool and flex’s a bit.}

Boobz:: You are one hot thing.

Colt:: You’re more than hot. Like you’re like flaming fire, but hotter.

Boobz:: Well thanks.

{Boobz glows. Colt could sense that she’s blushing.}

Colt:: You know Boobz…There is something important i’ve been meaning to show to you since I laid eyes on you. You want to see?

{Boobz is a bit hesitant. Her shift isn’t over yet.}

Boobz:: Alright, what the hell.

{Colt downs his last shot and grabs Boobz by the hand. He escorts her backstage where she’s been welcomed into his world of???}

DJ has arrived

The camera goes to the backstage area where we see Corporation member DJ apparently just arriving to the Goodfellas Casino Arena carrying his bag and walking toward his locker room. He finally arrives at the door and enters his locker room. As he does, he sees Canadian Perfect Chris Wrestling with a very angry look on his face.

Chris Wrestling: Where the hell have you been, we have been waiting for you for hours?

DJ: Take it easy Chris, I was stuck in traffic.

Chris Wrestling: Stuck in traffic? That’s the best excuse you can come up with.

DJ: What’s the rush? I’m in time for my match which is later on.

Chris Wrestling: We had a meeting earlier tonight and you were notified to be there and as your leader you need…

DJ: Leader of what?

Chris Wrestling: Leader of The Corporation!

DJ: Who made you the leader?

Chris Wrestling: That’s not the point. The point is what’s the deal with Matt Anderson and The Company?

DJ: I received an offer, big deal.

Chris Wrestling: You better not cross me because if you do I’ll be the first one to kick your ass…

DJ: Like last week?

DJ smiles arrogantly.

Chris Wrestling: You were lucky last week. Now about your match this week, you better beat this James VoNOBODY if you want to save face and represent us with dignity at Ultimate Victory.

DJ: That one is in the bag, you should be worrying about your match with BBD. You would not want to lose on back to back Showdowns if you want to be the leader of The Corporation.

Chris Wrestling: BBD, could not beat me on his best day that Las Vegas Championship is coming back to The Corporation.

DJ: Good to hear now if you excuse I have to get my gear on my match is rapidly approaching.

With that Chris Wrestling walks toward DJ and looks him straight in the eye before side stepping him and leaving the locker room. As Chris walks out we see DJ reach into his bag and take out The Company’s business card. The scene fades out.

Pat Fullam vs. Isaac White

The arena goes black and the tron flickers on. In icy blue writing the words,

Lo as I walk through the valley of shadow and death
I fear no evil…
For I am the biggest and baddest guy around.

“Rebirth of Slick (Cool Like Dat)” by Digable Planets starts to play over the sound system. The writing on the tron fades away as blue sparks flare out on the stage. As the sparks die down the one and only “The Coolness” Pat Fullam comes out on stage. The tron flickers to life once again with clips of all of the 7’2″ giant’s time in the ring throughout the various federations he’s been in.

He tosses up the metal head salute as he begins to walk down to the ring to the beat of “Rebirth of Slick.” Making it to the ring he reaches up and grabs the top rope, pulling himself up onto the apron and stepping over the top rope. He swaggers to the center of the ring and tosses his hair back before giving one final metal head salute as the music fades.







The audience stomp their feet and clap their hands in rhythm with the introduction of “God’s Gonna Cut You Down” by Johnny Cash. The melancholic chords of an acoustic guitar reverberate throughout the arena, soon joined by the baritone vocals of Cash.

You can run on for a long time
Run on for a long time
Run on for a long time
Sooner or later God’ll cut you down
Sooner or later God’ll cut you down

The entrance curtains slowly part as the hunched figure of Isaac White emerges. Although he may be far from a traditional ‘fan favourite’, the spectators instantly begin to cheer for him in recognition of his lengthy career. Despite the energy of the crowd, still stamping and clapping enthusiastically, Isaac retains a distinctively passive demeanour. Though it should have quite the opposite effect, the sight of this miserable and pessimistic man only further fuels the crowd’s excitement as they continue to join in with the downbeat rhythm of “God’s Gonna Cut You Down”.

Go tell that long tongue liar
Go and tell that midnight rider
Tell the rambler, the gambler, the back biter
Tell ’em that God’s gonna cut ’em down
Tell ’em that God’s gonna cut ’em down

White marches forth towards the ring, hat pulled down low and cane in hand. He ignores the two-faced liars and rats in the crowd, his nose crinkling at the stench of hypocrisy. He taps his cane on the steel steps three times before slowly ascending them. He then walks onto the ring apron, wiping his feet as he does so, before climbing in through the ropes.

Once in the ring, “God’s Gonna Cut You Down” begins to fade. White removes his hat and places it on top of the turnbuckle post. He then stoops over and leans through the ropes to prop his cane against the stairs. Resuming his stance in the corner, he reaches inside his left knee pad, withdrawing his trademark black gloves. He proceeds to pull them onto each hand slowly, milking the crowd’s excitement for all they’re worth. White leans back against the ropes, maintaining an apathetic approach to things.

The old lion White kneels in his corner, his greying mane concealing a wary look on his aging face. The gargantuan Pat Fullam stands tall, his chiselled shoulders jutting out like majestic mountains against the landscape. The referee paces into the centre of the ring, steeling a nervous glance at Fullam as he is quickly enveloped by his shadow. The official then turns his head to the opposite side and makes eye contact with White. The Enemy of Everyone gives a small nod, seemingly reading the referee’s mind. There’s no turning back now…


The referee immediately retreats into the far corner as the giant Fullam exits his corner. White cautiously edges out of his own corner, not taking his eyes off of his mammoth opponent. Pat quickly takes charge by striding into the centre of the ring, confining White to the edges of the ring. Isaac keeps a level head about him and begins to circle Pat slowly. The giant’s deep voice booms across the ring.

Fullam: I’ve got all the time in the world, White!

Undeterred by Pat’s early mind games, Isaac continues to stalk his opponent. Pat chews his bottom lip and wrings his hands as White circles him like a Great White shark, his hunched back protruding like a fin. Again, the hulking Fullam yells across the ring.

Fullam: Come on, little man! I’m gonna tear you in half!

Still showing no sign of altering his game plan, White simply changes direction and reverts to circling Pat. Growing tired of White’s own mind games, Fullam reaches out with a girder-like arm. Seizing his chance, the cunning Isaac grabs him by the wrist and spins underneath, nearly tearing Pat’s arm off with a vicious arm wrench! A beastly growl escapes the throat of Fullam, who seems more pissed off than hurt! He shrugs off what little pain there is and takes another swing at White.

The Preacher of Pessimism repeats his previous attack, trapping Pat’s monstrous limb in an arm wrench! Isaac quickly steps back from the angry giant, who shakes the ring ropes in frustration. As Fullam glares at his opponent, White gestures to the seven-feet-two behemoth to bring it! Incensed, The Coolness races over to Isaac and raises a massive boot! Once again, Isaac outsmarts Goliath and side-steps the huge foot, striking Fullam in the hamstring with a sharp kick!


Pat grunts and reaches down to the back of his leg with a ham-sized hand! White follows up with a clubbing blow to Pat’s left shoulder blade, sending Fullam into the ropes. With the juggernaut slouched against the ropes, the Hater of Humanity grabs him by the left wrist. With a sharp twist, Isaac delivers a third arm wrench, before raising his leg and dealing out a stinging kick to the elbow joint! As Pat nurses his aching limbs, White grabs the arm once more and sends the giant into the ropes – no! Fullam uses his distinct size advantage to counter, instead sending White into the ropes. On the rebound, White runs right into a super-sized clothesline! The crowd pop wildly as the move turns White inside-out, causing him to somersault in the air!

As Isaac crumples to the mat with a dull thud, Pat steps over him as though he were a wad of chewing gum on the floor. The Coolness takes a moment to flex his leg and slaps his knee, encouraging the circulation to start flowing again. Pat rubs his shoulder blade as he stares at his downed opponent. It’s a well known fact within the locker room that Fullam’s left shoulder is a prime target for his opponents, though to do so would be like poking a sleeping bear!

Fullam: I told you I was gonna rip you in half, small pint!

As Isaac stirs on the ground, massaging his jaw, Pat suddenly grips him around the throat with both hands. Showcasing incredible strength, The Coolness peels White off the canvas and lifts him high above his head! White struggles to free himself, but Pat begins to squeeze the life out of him like a boa constrictor! As Isaac’s eyes begin to roll into the back of his skull, Pat hurls him into the far corner! White’s body collides with the turnbuckle with the impact of a train wreck! The aging misanthrope collapses to the ground, struggling to fill his lungs as he clutches his bruising back!

Fullam flashes a sadistic smirk as he wipes his mouth the back of his hand. White slowly reaches out a gloved hand to the ropes, fruitlessly attempting to pull himself up. Pat earns his scout badge of honour for helping the elderly as he pulls Isaac up to his feet – only to kick him right in the gut! White goes down to his knees as he coughs and gasps for air. Pat takes a moment to flex to the crowd, who heckle him and shower him with abuse. Revelling in the moment, Fullam is caught off-guard as White suddenly begins to unload with a barrage of body shots! Swinging away like a batsman, Isaac damn near breaks his own hands on the massive ribs of Fullam! The giant doubles over just as White begins to hobble his way back to his feet. Just as he does, however, the giant sends him straight back down with a forearm to the back!

This time, Pat doesn’t allow himself to get carried away with posing, and simply jerks White back up from the mat. Still dazed and confused, White finds himself being hoisted into the air for a powerbomb! Fullam lifts Isaac onto his broad shoulders and gets ready to deliver the spine-shattering move! Wait…

White drops onto the turnbuckle behind Pat!

What the hell is White going to do here? He very rarely goes to the top rope! Fullam staggers forwards after being suddenly relieved of White’s dead weight. The giant turns around just in time…

Lens glare flashes across the screen as thousands of cameras flash within the audience…




White hangs on to Pat for dear life, but is sent flying through the air with a XXL Fall Away Slam! Isaac lands in a broken heap with a sickening splat! Fullam climbs back to his feet and surveys the damage. Convinced that he has done enough to silence White, Pat simply places a giant foot onto his chest for the cover. The referee slides into action. That’s the most action that guy gets all year. Ba-zing!




White just barely manages to dig deep and throw a shoulder up!

Fullam sneers and shakes his head at the fallen Isaac, shocked that he didn’t just give in. He bends down and scoops White up as though performing a tedious duty such as washing the dishes. With an almost bored expression on his face, Pat grabs White’s arm and gingerly shoves him into the opposite ropes. Isaac bounces off and comes back right into a backbreaker!

Rather than just let the old man lay down, Pat keeps his arms locked around the waist of White and arches his spine over his knee! Isaac writhes in agony as he feels his vertebrae grind into each other! His fingers convulse grotesquely as Fullam pushes harder and harder, attempting to literally snap White in half just as he promised!

Concerned for White’s welfare, the referee squats down next to him and leans in close. Isaac is seemingly unresponsive, as the official quickly picks up his arm and holds it in the air. As the referee lets go, White’s arm droops lifelessly by his side as he begins to lose consciousness due to the pain.

Again, the referee picks up White’s arm into the air. He lets go…

The arm dangles by Isaac’s side, its fingertips curling in towards the palm. Is White unconscious?!

For a third time, the arm is raised…

White smashes his knee brace into Fullam’s skull!

The giant is knocked silly as his sadistic sneer is replaced by a dazed expression! For just a second, his vice-like grip loosens and White manages to squirm his way out of the backbreaker submission! Unfortunately, it appears the damage has been done; White tries to scramble to his feet, but collapses to his knees. An unpleasant tingling sensation runs up his spine as he nurses his back. The extremely pissed off giant has now shaken off the cobwebs and breathes heavily, smoke furling out from his nostrils. That’d be pretty fucking intimidating, huh? With an almighty ROAR, Fullam throws a tree trunk-like clothesline at Isaac!

The Enemy of Everyone drunkenly ducks underneath and instinctively latches onto the back of the giant! As Pat stumbles around the ring attempting to swat White away, Isaac clambers onto his shoulders! Fighting off of pure adrenaline, White rains down on Pat with shot after shot to the left shoulder blade! Fullam howls in pain as his injured shoulder is put to work, with Isaac being so relentless and desperate that he even resorts to sinking his teeth into it!

The mammoth goes down to one knee, enabling the old lion to wrap his arms around Fullam’s neck, barely able to cover its beefy circumference! Pat quickly stumbles back to a vertical basis, but White has a firm grip right around the windpipe of The Coolness! Running off of fumes, Isaac grips tightly and traps Fullam in a sleeper hold! Fullam tries to prise White’s fingers apart, but it looks like he’d need a set of bolt cutters to do it! Fullam staggers into the ropes on all sides of the ring as he attempts to rid himself of White, but the persistent misanthrope hangs on like a pit bull!

Pat even tries to throw his body weight forwards in order to launch White off of him, but Isaac simply will not budge! In sheer desperation, Pat uses up what little energy he has left and staggers backwards. Displaying great ring awareness, Fullam drives White back-first right into the turnbuckle! White’s hold is immediately broken as the air is driven from his lungs. Fullam doubles over and clutches his throat as he gasps for breath. As the oxygen slowly re-enters Fullam’s body, he paces over to the opposite turnbuckle. White is still recovering in his corner. Fullam glances over at his opponent and slowly shakes his head. It looks like he’s going to end this thing!

With a slap of his thigh, he signals that it’s time for the running big boot! The fans give a mixed reaction as Fullam stamps his foot like an angry bull waiting to charge. Isaac lifts his head groggily, and with that, Pat stampedes across the ring! Canvas rumbling underneath his massive frame, Fullam closes in on White and raises the leg!



The audience laugh and jeer Pat as bounces up and down on the ropes, open-mouthed and wide-eyed! Isaac, sweating profusely, clumsily makes his way over to the giant. Pat, unable to defend himself as he nurses his gigantic testicles, soon finds himself being hoisted onto the back of White! The Preacher of Pessimism uses the ring ropes to aid him with the daunting task of picking the giant up onto his back! Knees buckling underneath him with the immense girth of Fullam just aching to comply with the laws of gravity, White grips Pat tightly and begins to apply the HATE MACHINE! Fullam groans in pain as gets a cold, hard dose of revenge! A shooting pain travels the length of his spine as he feels his extremities growing numb!

As White continues to apply torque to the move, Fullam’s feet come loose from the ropes! Without the aid of the steel cables, White now finds himself burdened with the weight of a three-hundred pound man! Sure enough, his heavily padded left knee soon begins to tell White that if he doesn’t let go, it’s time to retire. Isaac goes to reluctantly release his opponent, but Fullam cinches in a waistlock while still on the back of White!

Using his weight advantage, Pat kicks back with his meaty legs. White is lifted off the ground as Fullam lands on his feet, scooping Isaac back into a tombstone position! The giant quickly sets about re-positioning White until he eventually holds him over his shoulder. He drops White head-first into the turnbuckle! Snake Eyes!

White’s head snaps back violently as he staggers backwards blindly. Fullam spins him around and grabs him around the throat. It’s over.





The referee slides into the count!





He did it! Against all odds, the wily veteran has been able to overcome the giant! Glowing red with exhaustion, White is helped to his feet by the referee. Fullam races to his feet, positively furious with the outcome of the match! Running his hands through his hair, he kicks the ropes in defiance of the referee’s decision! White sneakily rolls out under the bottom rope just as Fullam turns his attention to him. Spitting with rage, Fullam makes a cut-throat motion to White, who frantically escapes up the ramp.

RESULT: Blank def. Blank via pinfall

Another Package

Roscoe Shame and his agent Jeremiah Sloan are sitting in “Mr. International’s” locker room discussing his game plan for his upcoming match against Raven when someone knocks at the door. Sloan volunteers himself to answer the door. He walks over to the door and when he opens it one of the backstage workers is standing there with a small envelope in his hands.

Sloan snatches the envelope and shuts the door in the man’s face. It is addressed to Roscoe and his agent passes him the envelope. Roscoe looks down in curiosity before ripping it open. Once inside the envelope the contents are not what he expected to see, which his face gives away. A single photo of Jessica, his daugther’s mother, rests in the palm of his hand. A now beyond furious Roscoe looks up at his agent.

“That’s it! I’m officially going to kill the sick bastard!” Roscoe yells out.

A deflated Jeremiah Sloan is speechless. He knows that what is going on is way too far and he doesn’t blame his client how he feels. All he can do is shake his head.

“I’m going to find him!”

Roscoe puts the picture in his gym bag before jumping out of his seat and storming out of the door, leaving his agent praying this will soon end.

Bobby Dean (c) vs. Chris Wrestling

** Match Overview Check back tomorrow for full match **Bobby Dean wins a hard fought battle against Chris Wrestling with a ‘Starstruck’ to retain the sVo Las Vegas Championship belt! The match was nearly won by Wrestling when the apperance of Colt Cooper at ringside allowed Wrestling to take advantage of BBD’s shock with a rollup, but BBD was able to kick out just in time and get the match won.

** Check back tomorrow for full match **RESULT: BBD def. Chris Wrestling via pinfall


Bobby Dean comes charging into the backstage area immediately behind the curtain leading to the entrance ramp. Warming up for his upcoming match Roscoe Shame stands there with a spiteful smile on his face as he watches his tag team partner stomp around, overturning a table, kicking over a trash can, pushing anybody that happens to get in his way, including nameless wrestling who chuckle at his obvious distress.

Bobby Dean – The audacity!

Just then Jeremiah Sloan comes walking over to try and cool his client down. But just as he arrives, Bobby looks over Jeremiah’s shoulder and see Colt Cooper with Candi Cross conducting an interview with the rising star.

Candi Cross – Colt, I’ve got to ask, why? What made you intervene in Bobby Dean’s match?

Colt Cooper – The guy’s number is up. He’s walking around here like he owns the place, hoarding two titles, trying for a third, while guys like myself are chomping at the bit, ready to prove ourselves.

Just then a body comes flying across the screen as Bobby Dean barrels right into Colt Cooper, sending both men sprawling to the floor. Bobby and Cooper immediately begin throwing lefts and rights as each man struggles to regain their footing. Once on their feet they continue to lay into one another while a group of wrestling, including Roscoe Shame and their agent Jeremiah Sloan stand nearby simply watching it all unfold.

All of a sudden a large group of uniformed security officers enter the fray. They attempt to pull the two men apart but they continue to fight their way through the invading force only to lock up against one another again. After a few moments of fury both men begin to tire and soon the security guards littered with cuts and bruises, some down for the count, manage to separate the two, leading them off to their individual locker rooms.

Roscoe Shame (c) vs. Raven

“Drop Tha World” by Lil Wayne hits and Roscoe Shame appears at the top of the ramp pretending to play the guitar. The fans stand and cheer at the mockery he is making of himself. He makes his way to the ring while pyros shoot out from the ramp. He climbs into the ring stretches and awaits his opponent.

Sinner by Drowning Pool begins. On the big screen we see highlights of Raven. Then Raven comes out walking and taunting the crowd a bit toward the ring.

The referee calls for the bell to be rung, and this one is quickly underway as Shame and Raven make their way towards each other. The pair circle around each other in the middle of the ring, before diving forward and tying up. Roscoe Shame quickly pushes Raven back using his strength, however Raven grabs the arm of Shame and pulls him into a wrist lock. Raven keeps Shame locked in the wrist lock for a few seconds, before reaching forward and grabbing him in a side head lock. Roscoe Shame quickly fights his way out of the hold with some kidney punches to Raven. Roscoe Shame bounces into the ring ropes and runs at the challenger for his International title belt, but Raven counters with a big drop toe hold onto the Champion!

Shame’s head bounces off of the canvas, but he struggles quickly back up to his feet. Whilst he does Raven bounces into the ring ropes himself, before running into Roscoe Shame with a clothesline. The clothesline knocks the big man down, and Raven then begins to stomp away on his opponent. Roscoe Shame struggles to get to his feet from the constant stomps from Raven, however the Corporation member finally pulls him up and sends him into the corner of the ring. Raven runs at Roscoe Shame in the corner, however Roscoe gets his feet up and Raven runs face first into them.

Raven staggers away from the corner of the ring holding his face in pain, and Roscoe Shame regains his breath for a few seconds before following the challenger. Roscoe Shame grabs Raven before tossing him down to the mat with a big belly to back suplex. The Company member returns a few quick stomps to the body of Raven as he gets to his feet, before landing a big right hand on him. Raven stumbles backwards, allowing Roscoe Shame the chance to sprint forward and spear him down to the mat! The International Champion looks to be in control of this match as he pulls Raven to his feet. Roscoe Shame positions Raven for a suplex, but as he tries to execute the move, Raven locks his leg around the standing leg of Roscoe Shame to block the move! Raven then counters with a snap suplex of his own onto Roscoe Shame!

Roscoe Shame staggers up to his feet with a stunned look on his face, but Raven is right there and waiting with a knee to the midsection, followed by a one armed bulldog onto the International Champion! Roscoe Shame’s face is smashed into the mat from the stiff move, and Raven climbs back to his feet with a grin on his face. With Roscoe Shame down, Raven tries to wear down the big International Champion by beginning to choke Roscoe Shame with his boot. The referee quickly puts a stop to the illegal move, but Raven doesn’t look to bothered as he pulls Shame up and sends him into the ropes. Roscoe Shame bounces back, and the International Champion is powerslammed down to the mat by Raven! With Shame down, Raven makes the cover.




Roscoe Shame manages to kick out despite being hit by the powerslam from Raven, and saves his International Championship belt from being lost tonight! Roscoe Shame struggles to pull himself back up to a standing position using the ropes, but even as he does Raven is right back onto him with some stiff right hands to the face. Raven backs Roscoe Shame into the corner of the ring with the punches, before Roscoe Shame suddenly shows off his strength by scoop slamming Raven up and then down to the mat! Raven rises to his feet with a shocked look on his face as if he doesn’t know what has just happened, as Roscoe Shame follows that up with a big spinebuster onto the challenger! The momentum of the match has now swung in the favour of the Champion, and he looks more confident as he pulls himself to his feet!

Raven rises to a standing position, but Roscoe Shame is there to take him into his arms with a military press slam! Raven staggers up despite the impressive show of strength from Roscoe Shame, before Shame is able to dispatch him back down to the mat with a tilt-a-whirl slam! Roscoe Shame looks as if he is ready to put an end to this one and make sure he retains his International Championship belt, as he rises up to his feet and signals for his finishing move! The crowd rise to their feet in anticpation at seeing the ‘Shame Time’ however before Shame can hit it, the sVo-Tron suddenly comes to life with what seems to be live video footage of a house.

Roscoe Shame around and notices the sVo-Tron. A look of anger quickly spreads across his face as he realises just who’s house is up on screen being filmed…… its the house of Roscoe Shame’s daughter’s mother! Roscoe Shame shakes the ring ropes in rage at what he is seeing, allowing Raven to take the oppurtunity to sneak up behind him and roll him up with a small package!




Somehow Roscoe Shame manages to kick out at the last minute! The sVo-Tron returns to showing footage of the match as Raven pulls Roscoe Shame up and nails into him with right hands. Raven then whips Roscoe Shame into the ropes, and takes him down to the mat with a face buster. The Corporation stalks Roscoe Shame as he slowly begins to get to his feet, before grabbing him in prepeation for one of his finishing moves, the ‘Hardcore Twist’! We could see a new International Champion right here if Raven hits the move….. but before he can Roscoe Shame reverses with a knee to the midsection! Raven doubles over in pain, allowing Roscoe Shame to step over the top of his head, pull his body into the air and then toss Raven down to the mat to hit the ‘Shame Time’ on the challenger!

With Raven down on the mat, the sVo International Champion wastes no time in making the cover on the challenger.




This one is all over, and its Roscoe Shame who retains the sVo International Champion over the number one contender Raven after a close battle! Roscoe Shame shoves the referee away as he tries to raise his hand in the air in victory, before sliding out of the ring and collecting his sVo International Championship belt from ringside. With the belt in his position Roscoe Shame has no time for celebrating as he marches up the entrance ramp and to the back, no doubt in search of the Teacher who has to be the number one suspect for the filming of Shame’s baby mamma’s house!

RESULT: Roscoe Shame def. Raven via pinfall

sVo Showdown #50 – 1st of August 2010
Featuring the Victory Cup Presentation

James Von Drake vs. DJ

A whisper…

“I’m dreaming…”

The distant chords of Deftones’ “Knife Party” cut through the PA as the arena lights cut completely. The Tron sparks to life as the words “I’m dreaming…” float onto it. As the song errupts the words are replaced by one.

A name.

” N I G H T “

An explosion of purple light as a man in a black mask appears. At least, the mask appears black at first, but on closer inspection it appears to be made of the night sky. The mask does not entirely cover the man’s head and a head of black dreadlocks stream out, tracing the man’s jaw.

The man stands at the top of the entrance ramp – motionless for a moment, his stance elegant and mysterious, giving away nothing of his motives. As the music swirls away, the man only known as Night begins his walk to the ring – only, he doesn’t walk, it appears more of a graceful glide. Although he moves seemlessly, he moves deceptively quickly to the ring, sliding deliberately and headfirst into the ring. Night walks around the ring for a few seconds wearing his referees shirt, before unclipping the sVo World Championship belt from around his waist and passing it to the outside of the ring.

The crowd cheer as ‘Sinner’ by Drowning Pool begins to play over the sound system. On the big screen we see highlights of DJ performing various high flying moves from his time in the sVo. After a few seconds, DJ comes out walking out to the top of the entrance ramp. DJ signals to the crowd before making his way quickly down the ramp and then sliding into the ring. DJ stares at Night for a few seconds, before making his way around the four turn-buckles to taunt to the fans.

There are boos in the arena as ‘JVD’ flashes up on the giant screen and the arena is basked in a pink glow. “All My Life” by Foo Fighters blares out as James Von Drake walks out, with his wife Lucy Von Drake as always by his side. JVD signals to the crowd before walking down to the ring and sliding in. JVD holds his arms in the air in the middle of the ring as Lucy Von Drake stands outside the ring clapping on her husband.

JVD and DJ stare at each other from opposite sides of the ring, knowing that tonight’s match is the most important in their sVo history to date. The anticipation is growing in the arena as Night calls for the bell to be rung, and the 2010 Victory Cup final is finally underway! JVD and DJ slowly make their way towards each other in the middle of the ring, and stand toe to toe. At 6’3” Von Drake towers over the smaller DJ, as the pair begin to trash talk each other to try and get a psychological edge over the other. After a few rounds of verbal sparring, Von Drake suddenly rises his arm up and catches DJ with a cheap shot! The crowd roar as DJ staggers backwards and Von Drake lays into him with some huge right hands.

JVD grabs DJ by the back of the head and slams him face first into the turnbuckle, before bouncing into the ropes and knocking DJ down to the mat with a stiff clothesline. Night tries to keep out of the way of the action as DJ quickly springs up to his feet. Von Drake lunges at DJ once again looking for a clothesline, however DJ ducks under his arm and then turns to nail JVD with a spinning heel kick! Von Drake stumbles back into the corner of the ring, allowing DJ the chance to run at his opponent and spear JVD in the corner! The crowd cheer the offence from DJ as he pulls the hurt JVD into the middle of the ring and positions him for a suplex.

DJ tries to lift JVD up into the air and suplex him down to the mat, however JVD blocks the attempted suplex from DJ and reverses it into a snap suplex of his own onto the Corporation member. The crowd boo the move from JVD, but DJ quickly gets back top his feet from the move. JVD nails DJ with two big punches, before grabbing him by the arm and throwing him into the ropes. DJ bounces back into the middle of the ring, before being thrown down to the mat by Von Drake with a sidewalk slam! Once again the fans boo the offence from Von Drake, but JVD doesn’t seem to notice as he quickly jumps over DJ and hooks the leg to make the cover.




DJ gets a shoulder up off of the mat before the three can be counted, and this one continues! JVD scowls at Night accusing the World Champion of a slow count, as he grabs DJ by the hair and yanks him up to his feet. Night signals that it was only a two count to Von Drake, who throws DJ into the ropes and then shoulder blocks him down to the mat as he bounces back. With DJ down on the mat, Von Drake tries his best to try and ground the high flyer with an arm bar submission move on the Corporation member! The fans boo the move from Von Drake, as Night drops down to his knees and asks DJ if he would like to submit. DJ shakes his head, and is finally able to break out of the painful move by swinging his legs around and kicking out at Von Drake.

Von Drake pulls DJ to his feet and tries to set him for a cradle piledriver in the middle of the ring, however much to the fans delight, DJ is able to counter the move with a backbody drop! Von Drake rises up to his feet with a stunned look on his face, but DJ is there waiting for him with a spinning heel kick to knock him back down to the mat! With Von Drake down, DJ quickly sprints to the corner of the ring and leaps to the top rope. Von Drake slowly rises up to his feet, but DJ leaps from the top rope and lands a cross body splash on Von Drake to take him down to the mat! With Von Drake down, DJ pins his shoulders to the mat.




Von Drake gets a shoulder up off of the mat before Night can count to three! Now its DJ’s turn to accuse Night of a slow count as he pulls Von Drake up to a standing position. DJ hits Von Drake with some stiff chops across the chest, before kneeing him in the midsection. Von Drake doubles over in pain, giving DJ the perfect chance to take him down to the mat with a stiff DDT! JVD’s head bounces off of the ring apron and the fans cheer as DJ flips himself back to a standing position! On the outside of the ring Lucy Von Drake tries to shout encouragement to her husband, but he looks to be down and out as DJ bounces into the ring ropes before bouncing back with a diving leg drop onto the prone body of JVD!

DJ looks like he is taking control of this match up as JVD staggers up to a standing position, only to find himself caught with some right hands from DJ! DJ backs JVD back with the punches, before tossing him down to the mat with an arm drag takedown. JVD tries to stagger back up, but DJ quickly dropkicks him back down! With JVD down on the mat and hurting, the crowd cheer as DJ looks around and then begins to make his way to the corner of the ring! Everyone knows who is coming next as DJ begins to climb to the top rope! JVD shows no sign of life in the middle of the ring as DJ taunts to the fans whilst standing on the top rope, but before be can jump off Lucy Von Drake jumps up onto the ring apron and shakes the ring ropes!

The crowd boo as DJ loses his balance and falls down off of the ring ropes and onto the floor below!

Night makes his way over to Lucy Von Drake and orders her off of the ring apron, but as he does JVD rolls out of the ring under the bottom rope. Grabbing a pair of brass knuckles from under the ring apron, JVD punches DJ in the face as he tries to stagger up! The crowd boo seeing what has happened, but Night is still being distracted by Lucy Von Drake! JVD rolls DJ into the ring under the bottom rope, before sliding in himself. Lucy Von Drake drops down off of the ring apron, and the fans boo loudly as JVD picks up the limp body of DJ, before dropping him on his head with the ‘Dollar Drop’! Boos ring out around the arena as James Von Drake makes the cover, and Night drops down to make the count!




This one is all over, and its JVD who has won the Victory Cup! ‘All my Life’ blasts out over the sound system, as JVD rises up to his feet in celebration! Night goes to raise the winners hand in victory, however JVD snatches his arm away from Night’s grasp! The fans boo as the arrogant Von Drake makes his way to the corner of the ring and climbs the turnbuckle! JVD celebrates in the corner of the ring, as Night stares at him in disgust. Night slides out of the ring and picks up his World Championship belt before backing up the entrance ramp. sVo Showdown #49 heads off the air with Victory Cup 2010 winner James Von Drake staring up the entrance ramp at the man he will face in the main event of Ultimate Victory, the sVo World Champion Night, who stares right back at him!

RESULT: JVD def. DJ via pinfall

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