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sVo Showdown #045

Night defends the sVo Championship against Tobias Devereux in the main event!

sVo Showdown
20th June 2010
Goodfellas Casino Arena, Las Vegas
Episode #045


As the camera pans around the sold out arena, Pretty Vegas by INXS begins to blast out over the sound system as the sVo Showdown opening video rolls on the giant V-Tron! The crowd goes wild for the video, featuring action from top sVo stars such as Psyko Stevo, Gunner Lang, Chris Bond and Lupus Nebula! As the video begins to come to an end, the cameras begin to pan around the crowd as the fans jump up and down trying to get seen on TV! The announcer’s welcome the fans watching on TV to the latest Showdown episode as the camera pick out various signs in the crowd, including ‘You’ve been Gilmoured!’, ‘Psyko Stevo – The Best Around’ and ‘Kelly Flawless Just Slept With Your Dead Mom’! As the official sVo Showdown theme music begins to fade out, the attention of the fans turns towards the V-Tron on the top of the entrance stage as they eagerly anticipate tonight’s action getting underway.

In Light of New Evidence…

Backstage in the office of Paige All-Star the tension is visible. The brunette haired sVo President certainly had her work cut out for her between The Company lording over the sVo and now some unseen person KILLING staff members – Scotty Love met his end last week.

Her attention is stolen by a knock on the door.

Paige All-Star: “Come in!”

Through the door strides a huge security guard with his hand firmly on the shoulder of a considerably smaller man wearing a sVo t-shirt.

Paige All-Star: “What’s going on here?”

Security Guard: “We caught this guy snooping around, Mrs. All-Star.”

Fan: “Jimmy!

Security Guard: “What?”

Jimmy Johnston: “I said my name was Jimmy – and I’m sorry to be creeping around Mrs. All-Star – but I was backstage at Resurrection when Night was attacked. I filmed it, it’s on my phone.”

The surprise evident on Paige’s face at the news being delivered.

Jimmy Johnston: “I think if you watch what I have here, it will explain his actions these past few weeks.”

Paige sits stunned for a moment before snapping back to reality and nodding at the security guard who releases his grip on young Jimmy as we fade back to ringside.

Raven vs. William Vorheez vs. Limp vs. Canadian Crippler

Simon Austin: ‘S tiiime, baby! It’s time for da fatal four-way match!

Nick Harris: Indeed it is, Simon! The following match will see four of sVo’s brightest stars square off against one another. The first man to score a decision will have his hand held high in victory.

Simon Austin: Ain’t nobody gon be holdin’ my damn hand. Don’t even try it, Nick.

Sinner by Drowning Pool begins. On the big screen we see highlights of Raven. Then Raven comes out walking and taunting the crowd a bit toward the ring.

The arena goes black as “God of Emptiness” by Morbid Angel begins to play, white strobes pulse fast, as the entrance way fills up with smoke.

Vorheez slowly walks out to a mixed reaction of boos and cheers. He pays no attention to the crowd as he stares at the ring making his way down the aisle. He slowly walks up the steps and stops at the top step and takes off his robe.

Vorheez walks up onto the apron and climbs over the top rope into the ring as he walks to the corner and kneels down removing his upside down cross necklace.

The lights come up slowly as Vorheez slowly rises and leans in the corner. The solid black and white stripes of the referee’s shirt act as a brick wall, separating the four competitors from each other. The referee holds his arms out either side to further contain them in their corners and yells out a series of short guidelines for the match.

Referee: Alright, men – this ain’t elimination! One decision for the finish! Pinfall, submission or knockout all count! Understood?!

All except Vorheez give a small nod to acknowledge their instructions. Vorheez simply glares at the competition with unblinking eyes. The official signals for the bell and hastily retreats out of the way. This referee really needs a name, don’t you think?


Each man stands his ground in his respective corner; necks crack, knuckles pop and ropes are gripped tightly. Vorheez remains stoic and casts an intimidating shadow across the mat. Crippler snarls and bites his lip. Limp adjusts his ring gear. Raven remains the least animated of the bunch, though it could be argued that he is attempting to distract his opponents with his multi-coloured hair!

Nick Harris: We seem to be locked in a stare down here, folks! Each of these men needs to have eyes in the back of his head in order to emerge victorious in this environment!

Simon Austin: I’m pretty sho’ that Vorheez cat actually got eyes in da back a’ his head, Nick! He one creepy dude!

Raven suddenly throws caution to the winds and races out of his corner!

Nick Harris: Raven bolting out into the centre of the ring like a hound out of the gate!

The fearless Raven ducks a massive clothesline from the even bigger Vorheez and pounces on his back! The weight of Raven causes Vorheez to stumble forwards as he desperately tries to swipe him off! Like a pit bull, Raven hangs on for dear life and tries to shatter the skull of Vorheez with several vicious forearm blows!

On the opposite side of the ring, Crippler wastes no time and also advances on Limp. Crippler buries a boot deep into the gut of Limp, who doubles over and splutters over the canvas. Crippler follows up with a stiff right hand which sends Limp into the corner.

Vorheez manages to catch Raven out with a feint back elbow, before pulling him off of his shoulders by the hair! Raven slams onto the unforgiving wooden canvas and clutches at his back in pain! The Horror Icon wastes no time and grabs Raven by the throat before lifting him up to his feet. He places a huge hand over Raven’s wrist and shoves him away before pulling him back into a short-arm clothesline! Raven’s colourful head snaps back violently as he is taken to the ground!

Nick Harris: Oh my! I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the rainbow-haired Raven has just suffered a concussion from that move!

Simon Austin: Don’t worry about it Nick, he probably lost count of how many he got anyway!

In the corner, Crippler is still pounding away at Limp as though he were a punchbag. Crippler grabs the rope beside him and plants his boot into Limp’s gut several times, gradually wearing down his opponent. Crippler spots something in the corner of his eye and turns around just in time to block an attack from Vorheez. Grabbing the tattooed arm of Vorheez, Crippler stomps the mat hard and wrenches the limb. Vorheez growls in pain and tries to break the grip, but Crippler is too fast for him.

Crippler spins underneath the arm and around the back of Vorheez, now trapping him in a wristlock. Vorheez uses his free arm to reach for his opposite shoulder joint, but Crippler keeps the limb isolated. Frustrated by his inability to outwrestle his opponent, Vorheez instead utilises his impressive strength. He struggles and eventually loosens the hold just enough to be able to pull his own arm towards himself. Crippler holds on to the arm and is simply dragged along in its wake, and Vorheez soon throws him through the air and into the corner – slamming him chest-first into Limp!

Before either man has a chance to escape, Vorheez takes a few paces back and runs into them with a bulldozer-like corner splash!

Simon Austin: Day-um, man! Vorheez just crashed into ‘em like a wreckin’ ball!

Crippler bounces off of Limp and falls to the mat. Limp – after being pancaked between the turnbuckle and his opponents – staggers out from the corner drunkenly.

Vorheez goes for a big boot, but Limp sidesteps it. Limp throws a stiff kick into the hamstring of Vorheez, who limps on the spot and places a hand on his leg. Limp places another hard shot into the hamstring, causing Vorheez to go down to one knee. Seizing his chance, Limp races into the ropes and comes back to Vorheez. Using the knee of The Monster as a platform, Limp tries to take Vorheez down with a shining wizard, but Vorheez catches Limp with a nasty throat chop. Limp springs off of Vorheez and lands on the canvas, clutching at his throat as he tries to catch his breath.

Raven has since recovered from Vorheez’s earlier assault and now makes his way over to the others. Vorheez turns around and is met with a knee lift from Raven which doubles him over. As Vorheez coughs and splutters on the canvas, Raven hammers him in the back with a big forearm. He follows up with a sharp elbow into the back of Vorheez’s head before grabbing The One Man Horror Show and taking him down with a swinging neckbreaker!

Raven quickly rolls over on top of Vorheez for the cover.



Crippler makes the save!

The Grappling Machine snaps his boot into the side of Raven’s head, breaking up the pin. Crippler stomps Raven several more times for good measure and rolls him onto the ring apron. He grabs the rope for leverage and begins to choke Raven with the heel of his boot! The referee quickly intervenes and admonishes Crippler, who breaks the hold reluctantly. Just as he goes back for me, Limp approaches him from behind.

Limp manages to get the drop on Crippler and traps him in a waistlock. Crippler, however, still manages to wrestle out of the hold and reverses it into his own waistlock on Limp. Crippler arches his back and lifts Limp off the canvas for a German suplex!

No – wait a second, from out of nowhere Vorheez now has Canadian Crippler trapped in another waistlock! What’s going to happen here? Each man in this ‘Human Centipede’ (for fuck’s sake, DON’T google that) struggles with the other, before Vorheez uses his superior strength and –


Vorheez heaves with all of his might, and both Limp and Crippler are sent flying backwards through the air!

Nick Harris: OH MY WORD! WHAT A MANOEUVRE! I don’t think I’ve ever seen that take place within an sVo ring, ladies and gentlemen!

Simon Austin: There’s damn bodies urv’where, Nick! Dat was like a human train wreck!

Limp hits the mat back-first, landing in a puddle of perspiration. Winded and rattled, he lies on his back and gazes up at the lights above him. What the heck? There’s some kind of strange solar eclipse (shitty movie, by the way) inside of the arena, blocking out the lights… oh shit.


Having achieved phenomenal hang-time, Crippler finally lands – right on top of Limp! Crippler bounces off of Limp, who pounds his feet into the mat as he clutches his ribs in agony!

Simon Austin: OMALORD! I think Limp’s lungs just got collapsed!

Nick Harris: The chest cavity is certainly well-protected, but there’s no way Limp’s could possibly have stood up to that kind of strain!

With Limp and Crippler temporarily removed from the picture, Vorheez sets his sights on Raven once more. However, Raven is already there to meet Vorheez as soon as he gets back to his feet from the double German suplex. Still exhibiting his balls-to-the-walls style, Raven once again latches onto Vorheez. He locks in a somewhat scruffy headlock and squeezes the air out of Vorheez like a punctured tyre!

Nick Harris: Good tactic displayed by the fluorescent Raven! It looks like he’s trying to take down the larger Vorheez by cutting off the oxygen to the brain.

Simon Austin: I don’t know if that’d matter. I swear I ain’t seen that boy breathe at all since this match started! This is some supernatural shee-it!

Unable to break the grip of his veteran opponent, Vorheez instead uses his weight advantage to shift the both of them to the ropes. He pulls Raven into the ropes and shoves him loose with all his might. Raven races into the opposite ropes and bounces off, coming right back into a mouthful of boot! Raven’s arms fall limp as he crumples to the canvas in a broken heap. The referee attempts to intervene to check on Raven, but Vorheez shoves past him and hooks the leg.



Crippler drags the foot!

From out of nowhere, Crippler re-emerges into the fray and pulls Vorheez off of Raven to break the cover. Vorheez slams a fist into the mat in fury before getting to his feet and advancing on Crippler. The smaller, nimbler Crippler quickly sidesteps the imposing Vorheez and cuts him down with a sharp kick to the hamstring! Vorheez limps and lets his guard down in order to nurse his leg. Seizing his chance, Canadian Crippler grabs Vorheez by the head and flips him over with a snapmare! Vorheez lands on his tailbone and a sharp jolt travels up his spinal chord! Before he has a chance to recover, Crippler quickly traps him in a chinlock! He wrenches Vorheez’s neck so much that it looks like he may just tear his head off on the spot!

Nick Harris: Crippler seems to be using the same strategy as Raven – taking the big man out of the equation. If the biggest threat is removed, the remaining three would have a level playing field between them.

Vorheez now starts to turn purple as his airflow is cut off by Canadian Crippler.

Simon Austin: I knew it! He a zombie! Lookatdat!

The referee waves his arms in the air frantically as he yells to Vorheez, trying to ascertain if he wants to submit or not. Vorheez just about manages to squeeze out a response as a large vein pulsates in his temple.

Vorheez: Give up *cough* to a *choke* chinlock!? Gimmeabreak!

Crippler applies even more pressure to the hold. Vorheez’s eyes bulge out of their sockets as his system is slowly deprived of oxygen.


Raven makes Crippler eat canvas as he takes him down with a one-arm bulldog, breaking the hold in the process! The only man in the world to hold a 9-year subscription to ‘What Hairdye?’ quickly rolls Crippler onto his back and makes the cover.



Limp breaks it up!

Even with the possibility of having several failed organs, Limp leaps across the ring and breaks the cover with a diving forearm to the back of Raven’s magical rainbow head! Raven rolls away from Crippler and buries his head in his arms. As soon as Limp looks set to make a comeback, he is grabbed from behind by Vorheez! The Slasher of sVo wraps a huge hand around Limp’s skull, before throwing him out of the ring like a ragdoll –

Wait a minute, Limp held on to the ropes! Using all of his strength, Limp pulls himself up to his feet on the ring apron. Vorheez, unaware of Limp’s presence, stands with his back to the ropes while waiting for either Raven or Crippler to get to their feet. Limp reaches into the ring and taps Vorheez on the shoulder. Alarmed, Vorheez turns on the spot and comes face-to-face with Limp. He slices through the air with a clothesline, but Limp evades it and ducks through the ropes to deliver a headbutt into the abdomen of Vorheez!

The giant Vorheez stoops over and gasps for air. Limp vaults off the ring apron and dives over the ropes for a sunset flip!

Nick Harris: Limp catches the big man out with a textbook example of a sunset flip! This could be it right here, everybody!

He executes the move beautifully, but Vorheez now takes his turn to hold onto the ropes instead! Limp wriggles and squirms in a frantic bid to roll Vorheez up, but it is to no avail.

Simon Austin: Or not.

Vorheez shoots a hand down and grasps Limp by the neck. He squeeeeezes the windpipe and jerks Limp back to his feet. After doubling Limp over with a knee lift, Vorheez shoves Limp’s head between his thighs. Shut up. You’ll see where this is going.

Vorheez locks his massive arms around Limp and lifts him effortlessly onto his beefy shoulders for a powerbomb! Again, Limp finds himself squirming desperately to try and relinquish the vice-like grip of Vorheez.

Crippler hits a low dropkick! Vorheez crashes down to the ring like a felled redwood! In a beautifully poetic moment, Limp gets some form of payback as he crashes down on top of the chest of Vorheez, setting up an unintentional cover!




Crippler barely realises the pinning predicament before breaking it up with a stiff kick to the back of Limps’ head! Limp collapses onto the mat in a daze. Crippler picks Limp up and props him against the ropes.




Crippler slices through Limp’s chest like a knife through hot butter with some brutal chops! I love chops, even if Bret Hart disapproves of them. Just as Crippler is gearing up for some more delicious chops, Raven grabs his arm and spins him around by it. Crippler is caught off-guard with a sucker punch from Raven, who puts up his dukes for a good ol’ slugfest! Crippler shakes the cobwebs loose and strikes back with a meaty fist into Raven’s jaw. The Man of 1,000 Hair Colours is seeing stars, but delivers another blow to Crippler.

Limp now staggers out from the ropes, sporting a bruised and swollen chest. Raven and Crippler cease their fistfight to cast a glance over at Limp. All three men shrug their shoulders and engage in a three-way brawl! Limp throws a punch! Raven with a left hook! Crippler with a haymaker! The crowd cheer on enthusiastically and accompany each punch with a loud OOMPH!

Simon Austin: Yeee-ah, baby, pop ‘em on the jaw! Come on, baby! YEEEAAH!

In the background of the ongoing melee, Vorheez has risen to his feet. Blanketed in his ominous shadow, all three stop trading blows and turn to face Vorheez. Having each found out first-hand just how damn strong he can be, they all seem to enter into an unspoken bond. Looking each other in the eye with a small nod, all three make a beeline for Vorheez! Before The Horror Icon has a clue what’s going on, he is swarmed by all three of his competitors! They push him back into the corner and unload on him with lefts, rights and kicks!

Just like that other fella named Voorhees, the one in the corner soon overpowers his victims. With a shockwave-inducing shove, he sends all three men flying from the corner! The World’s Most Violent Man then haphazardly stumbles out from his corner, still dazed by the myriad of punches he just received.

After shaking the cobwebs loose, Vorheez advances on Raven, the instigator of the slugfest. Vorheez scoops him up by his chemically murdered hair and doubles him over with a stiff body shot. He then grabs Raven by the arm and hurls him as hard as he can across the ring to the corner! Raven manages to slow his momentum just enough so as to jump onto the turnbuckle! The Vibrant Veteran quickly ascends the ropes and leaps back into the air, twisting his body around to meet Vorheez with the Whisper in the Wind!

Nick Harris: Raven hitting the signature move! We all know what’s coming next! It’s elementary, folks – The Raven Time Bomb!

The crowd erupt at the momentum-shifting move, which takes Vorheez back down to the ground. Raven, feeding off of the energy of those in attendance, springs up to his feet and chucks his hair back, causing any fans under the influence of marijuana to shit bricks. He claps his hands together and takes to the top rope once more. Unfortunately for him, Crippler ‘accidentally’ trips into the referee – causing him to knock the ropes. The result of all this is that Raven probably won’t be having any children for a while.

Simon Austin: I tell you whut, Nick – I swear on my life that urv man in this audience and watching at home just felt something for my boy there, Raven!

The referee scolds Crippler for his underhanded tactic, but Crippler shrugs him off. Just as he seems poised to take advantage of Raven’s precarious situation, Limp storms across the ring with a lightning-quick pace and clothesline both Crippler and himself right over the top rope and out of the ring! Both men land on the floor like a sack of shit, with a resounding SPLAT!

Vorheez himself now tears across the ring, limping slightly due to his bruised hamstring. Raven is a sitting duck. Vorheez grabs him by the fried hair and starts to climb up the ropes himself. Raven, however, makes a last-ditch effort to defend himself and hammers away at the ribs of Vorheez! The Horror Icon stoops over, almost unable to breathe after the damage inflicted on his airways. Raven makes one final push – literally.


Vorheez soars through the air, framed against the blinding camera flashes in the audience, and lands in a broken heap in the centre of the ring! Raven throws caution to the winds as always and –




Raven SLAMS into the ring with bone-jarring impact. The fans collectively wince and groan at what could well be Raven’s downfall in this match. Sure enough, Vorheez quickly rolls him over for the cover.




Result: William Vorheez def. Raven, Limp & Canadian Crippler via pinfall


Cut backstage, to show Nathan Paradine walking down a narrow corridor filled with various generators, clutter and the occasional member of the backstage crew. He avoids them all, exchanging only a curt nod in greeting. As he rounds a corner however he stops dead in his tracks and slides his sunglasses down to the tip of his nose, frowning slightly.

“What do you want?” he asks in an irritated tone. The camera pans around to reveal “Beautiful” Bobby Dean leaning up against the way, teasing his bleached blond hair. He glances up at Paradine and makes a noise somewhere between a squeal and and a shriek.

“Naaaaaathan! OH-MY-GOD! I can’t believe I ran into you back here! I mean, like what are the chances?” BBD chuckles and walks forward, holding out his hand. Nathan raises an eyebrow.

“I don’t think I will, Bobby. Last time I shook your hand I ended up getting beaten down in the middle of the ring.”

“Well, can’t we just let bygones be bygones?” BBD waves his arm airily. “After all, I said some thinks, you said some things-“

“I seem to remember,” says Nathan loudly, “I agreed to help you out after Chris Bond humiliated you on live television. Then you turned you back on me at Resurrection and joined up with Bond to form The Industry again.”

“BUT,” says BBD indignantly as he wiggles his finger, “you locked me in a cupboard! I nearly suffocated!”

“Let’s just say we’re even then, eh?” Nathan sighed and folded his arms across his chest. “Do you mind if I go now? I’ve got a match-“

“In a minute, sure! But there’s something I want to ask you first…” BBD smiles and shrugs. “Tell me Nathan, you want to get some revenge on Bond yes? Well, what if I told you I could give you that chance?”

“Let me guess… You want me to join your little band of merry men, right? All working for the Company.” Nathan chuckled, while BBD flashed him a bemused smile.

“Well, yes. I thought that you’d naturally want to join, since all the major sVo power players are signing up. Shame, Night, White… and me, of course. We’re obviously going to come out on the winning side of this war.”

Nathan appears to muse over BBD’s words, and BBD himself slaps Nathan on the shoulder.

“Well, think over it anyway. But don’t keep me waiting too long for an answer!” BBD grins, and holds out his hand again. Nathan simply stares down at it, before chuckling and walking down the corridor and out of sight.

Juliana Torres vs. Christopher St. James

The opening beat of “Money” performed by Velvet Revolver starts to play over the loudspeakers as the lights dim, only to be replaced with gold and white spot lights peppering the arena in what appears to be silver and gold flashes. As the opening verse is played CSJ appears in a shower of golden sparks at the top of the ramp accompanied by two beautiful women one wearing a silver dress while the other wearing a golden dress, each standing on either side of CSJ as he poses for everyone to admire him.

Slowly and deliberately he makes his way down to the ring, taking his time to ensure that everyone can pause and admire his Godlike presence. He makes his way to the ring and allows the two women on each of his arms to go before him and climb onto the apron. They sit on the second rope as The Personification of Perfection, Mr. #1derful, and God’s Gift To Everything climbs onto the apron, enters the ring through the second rope and helps his divas into the ring as the lights return to normal. He pauses again for all to admire him as the two ladies take their places on either side of him and look up at him admiringly as the music continues to play.

Sinner by Drowning Pool begins. On the big screen we see The Corporate Lady holding a white owl in her left side of her shoulder and walking toward the ring smoke comes out when she shows up on the screen and she walks on heavy steps looking to the crowd with a mad look and showing no happiness in her eyes a firework sound on her background while she gets inside the ring.

The referee calls for the bell to ring and this one gets underway as CSJ makes his way towards Torres and takes her down with an arm drag take down. Torres quickly gets to her feet, but she is backed into the ring ropes by CSJ who looks to get early domination in the match by locking Torres in a side headlock. However Torres shows how tough she is by shaking out of the headlock with some stiff punches to the side of CSJ before irish whipping him hard into the ropes. CSJ bounces back out of the ropes, but is met with a big drop-kick from Torres to knock him down to the floor.

With CSJ down, Torres quickly moves to put the boots into her opponent, before he slowly rises back up to a standing position. Torres grabs hold of CSJ and hits him with some stiff chops across the chest which leave some red marks on CSJ’s torso, before CSJ finally has enough and steps through Torres, knocking her down with a clothesline! Torres staggers quickly back up to her feet, however CSJ hits Torres with a pavement slam before landing a legdrop on the former Las Vegas Champion.

CSJ makes the cover on Torres, however she quickly kicks out after a two count. CSJ looks slightly irritated that he hasn’t had the match won by now as pulls Torres back up to her feet. CSJ throws the member of the Corporation into the corner of the ring before taunting to the fans. The fans loudly boo CSJ as he begins his run up and launches himself at Torres looking for a big splash in the corner of the ring!

However at the very last second, Juliana Torres seems to come to life as she darts out of the way and CSJ hits the corner hard! CSJ staggers out of the corner of the ring looking very much in pain, and Torres manages to take him down to the mat with a swinging neckbreaker!

Juliana Torres looks in confident mood as CSJ slowly rises up to his feet, only to become the victim of a Back Spinning Wheel Kick from Torres! CSJ staggers back from the move, but Torres is quickly onto him with a Corporate DDT! CSJ’s head bounces off of the mat hard as Torres wastes no time in rolling him over and making the cover.




Its Juliana Torres who has won this one with an impressive display, whilst CSJ is left nursing a headache after that massive Corporate DDT!

RESULT: Juliana Torres def. CSJ via pinfall

Beautiful Shame

The newest member of The Company, Roscoe Shame, enters backstage of the Goodfellas Arena with the International Championship draped over his shoulder. He walks briskly through the hall as he whistles an unknown tune out loud. He finds his locker room, but immediately freezes as the door is partially open. Roscoe leans his head towards the door to try and see if he can hear any noises. With no luck, he grabs his title from his shoulder, clenching it in his right hand waiting to hit somebody with it. He pushes the door open with his foot only to find Jeremiah Sloan and “Beautiful” Bobby Dean smiling from ear to ear at him. Well Bobby is more or less sneering at him in his own friendly way.

Shame – What in the hell are you two doing in here?

Sloan – We went over this last week Roscoe, I’m your agent I’m allowed to come and go as I please, remember?

BBD – Well if it isn’t Mr. International himself! How’s it going champ?

Shame – The two of you about got the shit knocked out of you with this title! Did I miss something? Why are you both grinning at me like lunatics?

Sloan and Dean trade glances with each other, BBD simply rolls his eyes as Sloan looks back to Shame and explains. Sloan – After talking with Bobby here, we’ve decided that the two newest members of The Company should team up and be one of the most formidable teams in the sVo.

BBD steps forward and sweeps his arm out in dramatic fashion.

BBD – Just picture it Roscoe….. The NEW sVo Tag Team Champions, “Beautiful” Bobby Dean and “Mr. International” himself, Roscoe Shame! Huh? Huh?

Shame begins to scratch his head while he thinks about the proposition brought forth to him. He stares out into outer space picturing the marquee now. He then looks back and watches the two men in front of them as they eagerly await his answer. Shame – Sure, why the hell not? I am sure one of you already have a name thought up?

Sloan – You know it!

Sloan looks over at BBD but BBD simply stands there smiling, letting the anticipation build. When BBD doesn’t respond any further Shame sighs and asks.

Shame – And…..

BBD – “Beautiful Shame!”

There is silence as Sloan and BBD look to Shame who simply stands there mulling things over. Sure the name wasn’t the best, quite ordinary if you think about it but Shame can’t help but think aloud.

Shame – It’s got a certain ring to it, I’ll give you that… But what about “Shamely Beautiful?”

BBD shakes his head, letting his ego get in the way a bit.

BBD – No, I think “Beautiful Shame” is the way to go.

Jerimah Sloan steps forward to prevent this little discussion from blowing up into something more violent. Getting to know BBD, he’s realized just how conceded BBD can be. The only reason why he chose “Beautiful Shame” was so that his name could be listed first. As if that truly made any difference.

Sloan – Listen guys, let’s just go with “Beautiful Shame”, we can always change it later! Plus you got to admit, it sure beats the name “Xtreme Fusion!”

BBD – Oh god! Not another Gilmour reference!

Sloan – Roscoe… Bobby… Welcome to the newly formed tag team…. Beautiful Shame!!

Greg Venom vs. El Locon

Both men have already made their way down to the ring and are standing in their respective corners. As the bell rings, both men immediately lock up, El Locon throwing Venom off balance almost immediately. El Locon catches Venom in a bearhug, and shakes one of the newest sVo members as if he were a rag doll. Venom struggles violently, throwing errant punches aimed at El Locon’s head, but to no avail. Locon releases Venom, and allows him to slide to the mat. El Locon backs away, as the referee ducks in to check on Venom. Venom stirs, and the referee gives the okay to continue. Venom climbs to his knees, and as El Locon swoops back in, he gives him a swift elbow to the gut for his troubles. El Locon backs away, doubled over, as Venom stands up again. Venom dishes out the punches, but with the momentum on his side El Locon sends Venom crashing down to the mat with a massive clothesline.

On the mat, El Locon applies a headlock and Venom threatens to tap out. El Locon furiously wrenches on his opponent’s neck teasing at him to just give up. Venom refuses and climbs up onto one knee. He throws an elbow back and it catches El Locon in the side of the head. El Locon lets out a cry and releases the hold allowing Venom to rise to his feet, holding onto his neck. Venom runs at the ropes bounces off and hits El Locon with a swinging neckbreaker! El Locon is down and Venom tries for a cover!




El Locon barely manages to get a shoulder up and Venom pounds the mat in frustration. Both men climb back to their feet, and lock up again. This time the struggle is more even, although again El Locon comes out on top. He whips Venom into the corner and with Venom momentarily stunned, he charges looking to take Venom’s head off with a deadly looking kick! However, Venom ducks and El Locon crashes and burns in the corner. Venom is back on his feet instantly and somehow manages to take El Locon down to the mat, applying a crossface chickenwing submission hold but this proves to have little effect as El Locon almost immediately manages to power out of the hold! El Locon, staggering now, looks down at Venom and viciously stomps down. Venom flails on the mat, but manages to somehow send his fist flying, and it catches El Locon in the groin. El Locon kneels over again and Venom climbs to his feet, seizing a handful of hair. Venom drives his knee into El Locon’s face, and again, eliciting grunts of pain from the crazy man. Venom hits a double underhook DDT and tries for another cover!



Again, El Locon kicks out of the pin. Venom climbs to his feet as does El Locon. El Locon grabs Venom and hits a suplex, followed up by driving some knees into Venom’s head on the mat. The crowd let’s out a huge cheer as El Locon has taken back control of the match. El Locon puts Venom in a sleeper hold. El Locon releases the hold however, leaving Venom gasping on the mat. He seizes his opponent pulling him to his feet. Venom however rakes El Locon’s eyes and sends the man crashing down to the mat with a spear.

El Locon is quick to his feet and attempts a punch, but Venom easily ducks under the punch. Venom fires back with his own stunning punch to the face. He then tries to lift El Locon up for a backbreaker, but El Locon shifts his weight and sends Venom to the mat with a body slam. El Locon falls to his knees in exhaustion.

The ref checks on both men and begins to count.




El Locon starts to move. He grabs a hold of the ropes and pulls himself up to his feet. He takes one last gasp of air before walking over to Venom. Grabbing the man by his hair, El Locon pulls Venom to his feet, but quickly takes him back down to the mat with a DDT. El Locon climbs to the top rope, takes a second to pose for the crowd before leaping. El Locon crashes down on the midsection of Venom with a Frog Splash. He makes the cover.




El Locon manages to win a hard fought match against Greg Venom

RESULT: El Locon def. Greg Venom via pinfall

You’ve Been Served

Roscoe Shame and Jeremiah Sloan are sitting comfortably in Roscoe’s locker room discussing the next stop for the “Mr. International” Tour. They reach a stopping point, which Sloan takes advantage of to use the bathroom. Seconds after he walks out of the room the door slings open.

Shame: You back already?

Shame is looking over the contract for his next tour stop when he realizes that Sloan didn’t answer his question. He looks up towards the door and instead of seeing Sloan standing there he sees Christopher St. James standing beside another man dressed in a suit with a brown envelope in hand.

CSJ: Not who you expected Roscoe?

Shame: Don’t you know how to knock prick? And what the hell do you want? We are through!

CSJ: I am Christopher St. James! I don’t have to knock and I will make my presence felt anywhere I damn well please. And on the contrary, we are not through.

Shame: Your presence is not wanted here so get the hell out! I’m sure your cajun butt buddy is waiting for you somewhere! Ignoring Roscoe’s last comment CSJ nods at the man standing beside him. The man reaches his arm out and produces the envelope in his hand. Roscoe looks down at th envelope, back up at CSJ, and then back down at the envelope before snatching out of the man’s hand.

Shame: What in the hell is this?

CSJ: I don’t want to ruin the surprise, so you will have to open it and see for yourself.

Roscoe rips open the envelope and pulls out a small stack of papers. He skims over the first page realizing that he is holding a lawsuit in his hands. He looks up with a look of fury, but CSJ and the other man have already left the room.

Nathan Paradine vs. Chris Wrestling

Sinner by Drowning Pool begins. On the big screen we see highlights of Canadian Perfect Chris Wrestling. Then Canadian Perfect Chris Wrestling comes out with a huge smirk on his face, trying to prevent the crowd from touching him.

“Sorry, You’re Not A Winner” by Enter Shikari blasts around the arena as Nathan Paradine appears at the top of the ramp, his arms crossed over his chest and his head bowed. He glances up, the lights reflecting off his sunglasses and he points out towards the crowd, oblivious to their boos. He marches down to the ring and slides in underneath the bottom rope, climbing to his feet and raising an arm up into the air as the music dies away.

The fans are on their feet at the prospect of seeing Nathan Paradine in action tonight as the fans favourite runs at former tag team Champion Chris Wrestling as the referee calls for the bell to be rung. Wrestling quickly lays into Paradine with some right hands, but the big man from Australia takes down Wrestling with a big double knee backbreaker which brings a cheer from the crowd. Wrestling struggles up to a standing position, and Paradine backs him into the corner of the ring with some right hands.

The fans cheer as Paradine continues with big punches in the corner of the ring, until Wrestling reverses the positions and lays into Paradine with punches! The fans boo as Chris Wrestling drags Nathan Paradine away from the corner of the ring and drops him with a suplex in the center.

Paradine struggles back to his feet, but once again Chris Wrestling is there again to twist Paradine around and then drop him down with an impressive German suplex. With Paradine down on the mat, Wrestling makes the cover, however only gets a two count before Paradine’s huge shoulders comes shooting up off of the mat to break the count.

Chris Wrestling looks pissed off as he pulls Paradine back up to a standing position, but as he does Paradine breaks the grip that Wrestling has on him and then nails him with a running bulldog! The fans cheer as the former Tag Team Champions’ face smashes off of the mat and Paradine rises up to his feet. Paradine puts the boots into Wrestling as he tries to get to his feet, before hitting him with a big boot to the face.

With Nathan Paradine in control, he signals to the fans that its time for the ParaPlex! Paradine pulls Wrestling up to his feet and positions him for his finishing move, but before he can execute it, Chris Wrestling counters with some elbows to the side of Paradine’s head! Paradine stumbles away from Chris Wrestling, and Wrestling hits a desperation clothesline on Paradine.

With Paradine on the mat, Chris Wrestling struggles to try and lock his opponent in his sharpshooter finishing move, but Paradine uses his leg strength to kick Wrestling away. Paradine staggers back up to his feet and throws a right hand in the direction of the former Tag Team Champion, but Chris Wrestling counters by ducking underneath Paradine’s arm and rolling him up with a Canadian Roll!




This one is all over, and its the Corporation’s Chris Wrestling who picks up the win over the fans favourite Nathan Paradine!

RESULT: Chris Wrestling def. Nathan Paradine via pinfall

Built to Last

The cameras cut to the labyrinthine backstage area. Somewhere in amongst these maze-like corridors stands the Head Interviewer of SVO, Candi Cross. The collective male audience groan as she smiles at the camera, her teeth sparkling. Guys love a girl who values oral hygiene – amirite?

She raises the microphone to her mouth.

CROSS: Hello ladies and gentlemen! Mere moments away from his dangerous hardcore match; I am joined here by Isaac White!

The Enemy of Everyone steps into the shot proudly, clutching his steel cane tightly. A small confident smile may be seen underneath his thick beard.

CROSS: Isaac, thank you for agreeing to this.

Without looking her in the eye, White gives a small nod to acknowledge her.

CROSS: You seem to have a pretty confident attitude considering the nature of your match.

She extends the microphone to Isaac, who takes a moment to lick his lips and run a hand through his beard before responding.

WHITE: I suppose you could say that.

He says with a nod. Candi takes her turn.

CROSS: Why is that exactly? Care to share your strategy with us?

As she asks, he carefully removes his top hat. He reaches inside of it and produces two plastic cases. Candi presses him for information regarding the objects.

CROSS: What are those?

Smooth move. She could be a secret agent. White responds.

WHITE: These –

He holds the cases up and turns to the camera.

WHITE: Are the reason for my confidence, Candi. I have here one DVD and one VHS tape. The videotape is entitled, ‘The 10 Most Hate-Filled Matches of Isaac White’ released in 1993. The DVD is named, ‘sVo Stars of Tomorrow, Vol. 1 – Xtreme Fusion’.

He taps them together and smiles, the corners of his eyes creasing.

CROSS: Ah, gotcha! Looks like you’ve sat down and done some research on your oppon –

White holds out a gloved hand, silencing Candi. He places his fingertips over the head of the microphone and pulls it towards him. Candi is offended by his impertinence but remains quiet – well, wouldn’t you?

WHITE: Not quite.

He replaces his hat and takes a deep.

WHITE: I was planning on doing just that. Unfortunately, that plan never came to fruition. I was able to watch my old video effortlessly; despite its dented case, yellowing labels and dusty tape reels it still played fine. Then I tried to watch this –

Isaac hands the VHS tape to Candi and holds the DVD case up with both hands.

WHITE: And came to realise the relevancy of the situation.

He opens the case and retrieves the disk, holding it up to the camera. The stage lighting around him shines on the underside of the disk. A single scratch is etched into its surface.

WHITE: That one scratch has rendered this disk unplayable. How poetic. Whereas the aging and dusty technology still works perfectly, the supposed ‘new’ and ‘better’ innovations have failed.

I may be approaching fifty and have a bad knee, but much like that old videotape – I just keep going. Although my opponent may be younger and faster than I am, a little scratch is all it will take to stop him in his tracks.

Isaac suddenly snaps the disk in half, sending dozens of shards flying in all directions! Candi jumps out of her skin and even lets a little shriek out. White laughs as he hands her the empty case and walks out of shot. The camera zooms in on Candi’s alarmed expression and slowly fades as she catches her breath.

DVD vs. Isaac White

The cameras pan over the large audience in attendance tonight. Screaming fans hold up their signs and shove each other in a bid to appear on television. What grand lives they must lead. Our view cuts to ringside, where Nick Harris and Simon Austin are sat at the announce table.

Nick Harris: Ladies and gentlemen, tuck your children in tight and kiss ‘em goodnight, because this match is not going to be for the faint-hearted!

Simon Austin: You’d better follow my boy’s advice, urv’body. It ain’t gon be a beauty contest, tha’s fer sho’!

Nick Harris: Quite the opposite, this is going to be an ugly brawl of a match. DVD looks to take one for the team as he goes up against The Company’s own Isaac White! Hardcore rules!

Simon Austin: Which is ironic, if you tinkboutit, ‘cos that means there are no rules!

You could make the case that having an African American colour commentator could be deemed as racist. The problem would only be compounded if that commentator were to act in a stereotypical manner, particularly speaking in Ebonics. Thankfully, I’m too politically correct to portray such a thing …







The audience stomp their feet and clap their hands in rhythm with the introduction of “God’s Gonna Cut You Down” by Johnny Cash. The melancholic chords of an acoustic guitar reverberate throughout the arena, soon joined by the baritone vocals of Cash.

You can run on for a long time
Run on for a long time
Run on for a long time
Sooner or later God’ll cut you down
Sooner or later God’ll cut you down

The entrance curtains slowly part as the hunched figure of Isaac White emerges. Although he may be far from a traditional ‘fan favourite’, the spectators instantly begin to cheer for him in recognition of his lengthy career. Despite the energy of the crowd, still stamping and clapping enthusiastically, Isaac retains a distinctively passive demeanour. Though it should have quite the opposite effect, the sight of this miserable and pessimistic man only further fuels the crowd’s excitement as they continue to join in with the downbeat rhythm of “God’s Gonna Cut You Down”.

Go tell that long tongue liar
Go and tell that midnight rider
Tell the rambler, the gambler, the back biter
Tell ’em that God’s gonna cut ’em down
Tell ’em that God’s gonna cut ’em down

White marches forth towards the ring, hat pulled down low and cane in hand. He ignores the two-faced liars and rats in the crowd, his nose crinkling at the stench of hypocrisy. He taps his cane on the steel steps three times before slowly ascending them. He then walks onto the ring apron, wiping his feet as he does so, before climbing in through the ropes.

Once in the ring, “God’s Gonna Cut You Down” begins to fade. White removes his hat and places it on top of the turnbuckle post. He then stoops over and leans through the ropes to prop his cane against the stairs. Resuming his stance in the corner, he reaches inside his left knee pad, withdrawing his trademark black gloves. He proceeds to pull them onto each hand slowly, milking the crowd’s excitement for all they’re worth. White leans back against the ropes, maintaining an apathetic approach to things.

DVD is already stood patiently in his corner. His stern expression and plain black trunks indicate a no-nonsense attitude – which contrasts sharply with White’s somewhat over-the-top garb.

Both men stand opposite one another in the far corners of the ring. The referee, who also happens to be wearing goggles and protective gloves, throws his hands into the air to signal for the bell.




Taking a cautious approach to this dangerous type of match, both men exit their corners only to engage in a round of circling in the ring. The diameter of the circle gradually closes as the two draw closer to one another. White initiates a bout of mind games with his opponent, careful to remain out of arm’s reach.

WHITE: Remember boy, just a scratch and it’s all over …

DVD: You talking about me or that knee of yours, old man? –

White retaliates with a furious clothesline, but quicker than lightning DVD evades it and wraps his arms around the back of White’s waist. White leads the two of them into the ring ropes. DVD attempts a back suplex, but White grabs one of the ropes to block it. With a smug sense of satisfaction, White drives a back elbow right into the EYE SOCKET of DVD! DVD breaks the waistlock on White and staggers backwards, clutching his head.

White lurches towards DVD, who quickly recovers and grabs the arm of White, pulling him into an arm drag – but White counters! White sandbags the attempt before spinning around and pulling DVD into his own arm drag! DVD snaps into the mat, but is quick to rise to a vertical stance. He doubles White over with a quick knee to the midsection, and grabs his head for a Snapmare. White again manages to sandbag the move and quickly stands up straight, still behind DVD. He reaches around and clamps a hand onto the face of DVD, before pulling back and driving the back of his head into the canvas!

Simon Austin: O’MA’LORD, DVD gonna be feeling that one in the mornin’, brudda!

Nick Harris: Y’know, I think I have a couple of aspirin I can lend him if –

Simon Austin: Lend him!? What, you gonna e-spekt him to give it back to you when he done widdit!?

White goes for a quick cover to capitalise.



DVD quickly powers out of the pinfall, sitting up as he does so.

Nick Harris: DVD escaping an early cover by White! Notice how even though this is a hardcore match, both of these men – technical wrestlers – are starting things off slow and steady, trying to outclass one another.

Simon Austin: If ya axe me, DVD shouldn’t be tryin’ to outwrestle White, he –

Nick Harris: That’s a good observation, Simon! White does indeed have so many years of experience under his belt, and even more tricks up his sleeve!

Simon Austin: – Acshually, I was gon say he should just grab a chair and pound his head in widdit. IT’S A HARDCORE MATCH!

During a split-second respite in the match whilst flat on his back and gazing at the lights above him, DVD actually seems to stumble upon this same realisation. Things are still only getting started, but thus far White has countered everything he has thrown at him. Maybe he should abandon his technical approach and simply do whatever it takes to beat White?

DVD slaps the mat with his forearm and pushes against it to get to his feet. He is immediately met with a kick to the gut, doubling him over. White follows up with a stiff European uppercut, sending DVD reeling into the ropes.


The Moping Misanthropist deals out a knife-edge chop so sharp it’s a wonder he didn’t sever DVD in half!




Simon Austin: Mmm-mmm! Pork chops for dinner, baby!

White stops dishing out chops on DVD, whose chest is now starting to resemble a piece of raw meat. Merciless in his assault, White grabs DVD by the EARS and drags him back to the centre of the ring. He SLAMS a knee into his skull! DVD immediately collapses into the ropes, almost falling backwards out of the ring. He holds his face as though it were a crumbling antique, thrashing his legs violently in an attempt to distract him from the burning pain! Eyelids swelling shut, DVD drunkenly gets to his feet and staggers out from the ropes.

Barely able to distinguish between the blurred forms of White and the referee, DVD takes one second too long and is caught with a knee to the abdomen. He falls to his knees, clutching at his ribs and spluttering. Grabbing DVD’s head and tights, White raises him to his feet before ejecting him from the ring! DVD slides across the mat and under the bottom rope before crumpling onto the floor FACE-FIRST!

DVD rolls onto his back and caresses his swollen face with his fingertips, praying his face is one his mother could still love. He scrambles onto all fours as his opponent approaches the ropes. White reaches down to grab hold of DVD, but DVD drags White’s legs out from under him! White crashes onto the canvas, struggling to breathe after having the air driven from his lungs! DVD keeps on him and grabs White’s left leg. He raises it as high as he can and SLAMS it back down against the ring apron!


White howls in pain and frantically drags himself away from the ropes, but DVD seizes his opportunity and grabs The Enemy of Everyone by the foot. He proceeds to brutally hammer away at White’s heavily padded knee, almost breaking his own hand in the process!

Nick Harris: I think it’s safe to say that the technical approach of both men in the opening minutes of this match is now out the window! DVD has White trapped on the ring apron and is brutalising that fabled left leg of the Enemy of Everyone!

Simon Austin: This is the same kinda tactic that we saw Chris Bond use last week. I ain’t no doctah but I’m pretty sure White’s still feeling the effecks of that match!

A lightbulb suddenly appears above the head of DVD. Not literally, of course. That would be weird. Having had a sudden brainwave, DVD lies down on the floor and wraps his own legs around the damaged limb of his competitor.

He has White trapped in a leglock!

White groans and pulls at his hair as his hamstring is stretched far beyond comfort! DVD thrashes on the floor, further placing unimaginable stress on every string of sinew in White’s leg! White, fully aware that reaching the ropes would do him no good in this match, instead begins to claw his way towards DVD. He crawls closer to DVD inch by inch, gradually alleviating the pressure on his throbbing leg. Now lying parallel with the ring apron, White reaches his hands out to the tangled mess of limbs.

As though untying a complex knot, he begins to push and pull at DVD’s legs. After several fruitless attempts to break the hold, he resorts to striking DVD’s legs with a series of open-palm blows! Though DVD grimaces with each shot, he doesn’t relinquish the hold. White can now feel his leg turning numb (or … can he?) as his own knee brace cuts into him!

The Preacher of Pessimism ceases his attempts at freeing himself. He now drags himself backwards across the ring apron, in the direction of the far turnbuckle post. DVD is powerless to stop White, who uses the ring ropes to aid him. Eventually reaching the post, White reaches down.

He grabs his cane!

Wielding his cane, he quickly swipes DVD across the legs with it! DVD screams in pain as the unforgiving steel almost SHATTERS his kneecap on impact! He immediately breaks the hold and rolls on the ground in sheer agony, pounding the barricade beside him with his fists.


Nick Harris: Isaac White may have just broken DVD’s leg! This match could be over right now, ladies and gentlemen!

The brutal White takes a quick breather and readjusts his knee brace, allowing the circulation back into his leg. He then gingerly gets down off the apron, leaning against his cane for support.

White quickly surveys his surroundings, perhaps determining what part of the environment could be used as a weapon. As he does so, he does a double take. He places his cane on the ring skirt and looks into the camera at ringside, motioning for it to follow him. Isaac hobbles over to the barricade on the far side, and points at one of the fans stood behind it. As the cameraman steadies the view, he focuses on the sign held by the fan. It reads –


White stands next to the fan for a quick pose on camera, before tearing the sign from his hands. Brandishing the sign as a weapon, White advances on DVD, who is crawling up the steel steps …


He brings the sign down over DVD’s head … dealing no damage whatsoever! Ah well, it probably still looked funny on TV. White squeezes onto the steel stairs beside DVD and places a few well-aimed kicks into both his head and leg.

WHITE: How would you like to have to wear one of these things, huh!?

White grabs DVD around the neck and RAKES his head against his knee brace! DVD yells out in pain and tries to push White’s knee out from under him, but White stamps on his hands!

Simon Austin: Daaay-um, man! White’s using that knee brace of his like a cheese grater!

White finally relents, releasing his grip around the skull of his opponent. White momentarily focuses his attention on his knee brace once more. After making a fine adjustment, he diverts his focus back to DVD. He reaches down, only for DVD to thread an arm through his legs. With the other arm, he grabs White around the back of the neck –


White splatters onto the ring mats like a bug into a windshield! The fans lean over the barricade and slap their hands against the wall excitedly as White lands right next to them. DVD sits on top of the steps, resting against the steel post. His eyes are blackened and his ear dripping blood onto his shoulder. He wipes the blood onto his palm and looks at it. Something inside him seems to break, his eyes ablaze with steely determination!

He pushes off from the steps and stands on the floor. White still lying in a broken mess, DVD tears back the ring apron and pulls out a steel chair! He holds it aloft as the fans scream in anticipation. Almost dragging his leg behind him, DVD stumbles over to White. He swings the chair…


The Hater of Humankind lashes out with a swift kick right between the legs of DVD, who drops the chair and falls to his knees, mouth wide open in both shock and pain.

Nick Harris: There may be no rules in this contest, but if I were in charge of things around here I’d stop this match right now and disqualify Isaac White!

Simon Austin: Hey may-un, DVD was the foo’ who walked right into it! What, White was just gon let him bash ‘em in the head widda chair!?

White pulls himself up using the barricade. He places a fist into the small of his back and pushes sharply with the other, clicking his back. He shakes off the cobwebs and lumbers over to DVD. He shoves him onto the floor and hooks the leg.




DVD barely lifts his shoulder!

White slaps the floor in frustration. After nearly being rendered sterile, DVD puts up little resistance as White jerks him up by the head and rolls him into the ring. White then stoops over, holding his back as he does, and grabs the chair from the floor. He slowly makes his way back to the apron and slides in under the bottom rope with chair in hand. Wait a second … DVD has White’s cane! He must have grabbed it from the ring apron while White was fetching the chair!

DVD outstretches his arm, using the cane to ward off White while he gets to his feet. White stands frozen to the spot, clutching the chair tightly. DVD is now on his feet and also clutches his weapon of choice. The crowd roar for both men in this Wild West-style showdown!

Just as DVD looks set to get some sweet vengeance for the low blow, White holds out a hand to stop him. DVD stops dead in his tracks, bringing the cane up in front of him uncertainly. White seems to be explaining something to DVD, and points to the two weapons several times. What the hell is going on? DVD hesitates before nodding in agreement with White. Both men then slowly extend their weapons towards each other.


The spectators laugh with approval at the spot.

Simon Austin: Ha-ha, looks like White just wanted his cane back!

Nick Harris: I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before! DVD now has the chair in hand while Isaac White has reclaimed his signature steel cane!

The mood of the match soon shifts gear as things get serious again. Both men resume their circling from the beginning of the match, daring the other to make the first move. Convinced he has the superior weapon, DVD charges at White with the chair held high!



Utilising his cane like a baseball bat, White swings and sends the chair crashing back into DVD’s face. DVD instantly crumples to the mat. White laughs and mimics watching a baseball fly out of the field, inciting the ire of the fans. After playing to the fans, he drops the cane and slumps over DVD for the cover.





To the absolute astonishment of the crowd, DVD once again gets a shoulder up!

White simply cannot believe it, and counts to three on his fingers to himself. He pull on his hair, stunned as to what it will take to put DVD away. Thinking quickly, White gets to his feet and grabs the dented chair. He balances on one leg and attempts to pop the dent out with his good knee. As he does so, DVD stirs behind him. Eventually succeeding in applying his own brand of DIY to the chair, White turns around.

DVD is on his knees, the side of his head caked in blood from his ear. He defiantly motions to White to bring it on! White, spitting with rage, swings the chair – but DVD hits him in the knee with a low dropkick! White lands face-first into the chair as he crashes back to the mat! The crowd rally behind DVD, who almost trips over himself in his eagerness to get to his feet.

He picks up Isaac’s cane once more and groggily stumbles over to White, his balance impaired by the damage to his head. DVD uses the cane like a crowbar to turn over the dead weight of White, who is nearly out cold. DVD then scoops up White’s leg and holds the cane underneath it. Picking up the other leg, DVD drops back …


The Hate Machine sits bolt upright and howls at the top of his lungs in agony as DVD applies the innovative hold! He flails his arms wildly, chucking his head back and forth! The hard steel of the cane pushes against his legs, mere moments away from snapping them in half! White slams his fists into the mat to tap out, but the referee yells at him that doing so is useless and the match can only be stopped if White loses consciousness. Knowing his legs won’t hold out that long, White frantically throws his body against the canvas repeatedly. Every slam sends an uncomfortable jolt up his spine, but he continues to do it.

Eventually, he is able to start shifting the both of them towards the corner. With every violent slam White inflicts on himself, DVD loosens his grip. Again, White knows he may not have enough time to be able to completely break the hold. No, he’s got something up his sleeve …

The pair inch closer to the corner, and White extends his arms. Grabbing hold of the ropes, he pulls with all his might. Slowly but surely, he manages to lift not only himself but DVD also. Amazingly, DVD keeps the Figure Four locked in despite White’s near vertical basis. White reaches behind him –

AND – tries to nail DVD with his top hat?

What the hell is that going to accomplish?

Not willing to take a chance, DVD breaks his hold on White and rolls out of the way of the Mad Hatter. White bounds out from the corner and takes another wild swing with his hat. DVD again evades the attack, and grabs hold of the hat as he does. Both men tug on the hat with everything they’ve got.

Just as White seems poised to win the tug of war and keep his hat, DVD gets a little payback.


DVD swings his leg back and thrusts it right into the ladykiller of White! The Hate Machine opens his mouth wide, but only a small whimper escapes his vocal chords. He lets go of the hat abruptly, causing DVD to throw himself into the ropes. Coming back off the rebound, he instinctively clubs White over the head with the hat!

Knowing it wouldn’t do anything, DVD gets back to his feet quickly.

Wait … White is down … and out for the count from the looks of it. DVD is utterly bewildered but drops the hat and goes for the cover.




The referee signals for the bell, also having no clue what just transpired.


Result: DVD def. Isaac White via pinfall

The official moves to pick up the hat, but DVD cuts him off and gets it himself. He turns the hat over in his hands, inspecting it for some sign of tampering. Finding no obvious signs, he taps his knuckles on its felt surface. Though muffled by the layer of felt covering it, a metallic CLINK! reveals its secret; there must be a metal plate inside! DVD’s mouth hangs open in disbelief.

Nick Harris: I … I don’t believe it! Isaac White truly has pulled out all the stops to secure the victory here tonight! Who would have thought that a hat could be so dangerous!?

Simon Austin: I dunno man, how ‘bout that guy in James Bond?

DVD shakes his head and places the hat beside White. He bends over the prone form of his competitor, blood dripping onto him from his ear.

DVD: Just a scratch, huh? I don’t think so.

With that, DVD takes a moment to celebrate his hard-fought victory and leaves the ring. Meanwhile, the official kneels down next to White to rouse him into consciousness.

Taking the Bait

Backstage in the locker room of sVo World Champion Night. The masked man stands dressed and ready for his upcoming title defense – decked out in red and black tights (as his been his norm the past few weeks). Night sits calmly on a bench, leaning back against the lockers. The door swings open and fellow Company representative Isaac White hobbles through the door, using his cane for support. The effects of his match obviously showing on him, both mentally and physically – the mass exposure to the general public… to people in general taking a toll on White.

Without saying a word he grunts and sits down heavily on the bench next to Night.

Isaac White: “Think our employers would be happy with that match?”

He grimaces, although the source of the grimace is unclear – a physical pain… or perhaps a reaction to coming under the employ of The Company.

Isaac White: “Think it really matters?”

Night is non-responsive, he looks at Isaac silently, offering nothing.

Isaac White: “Bit nervous about your title defense? Some big shoes to fill, eh?”

White laughs, punching Night on the shoulder.

Night: “Hardly.”

White’s smile fades to a sneer and he stands before turning back to face Night.

Isaac White: “So how much longer do we have to keep all this up?”

There is a knock at the door.

Night: “Come in!”

No response. Night grunts and moves swiftly to the door. He opens it, finding no-one – looking down the corridor, it too is empty. Not a sound can be heard. Finally looking downwards, Night spots a folded piece of paper in the doorway.

Night: “I’d say not much longer.”

He puts the paper down on the bench, Isaac almost salivating as he reads the two simple words scrawled on it.

“We’re watching.”

And with that we fade back to ringside.

BBD vs. Kid Cool

Kid Cool is already in the ring awaiting the arrival of his opponent ‘Beautiful’ Bobby Dean. “You’re the Best” begins to play as the lights go down and a baby blue spotlight is shown at the top of the entrance ramp. BBD comes out to a chorus of boos in his baby blue Ric Flair-esque robe that is covered in sparkling diamonds. He struts his way down the entrance ramp refusing to touch the out stretched hands of fans at ringside. Walking up the steel steps, he wipes his feet off before stepping into the ring. Walking over to his corner he proceeds to remove his robe and warm up for the upcoming match.

The referee calls for the bell and immediately Bobby Dean charges across the ring attempting a clothesline but Cool easily ducks the obvious attack and steps back quickly putting some distance between himself and the beautiful one. Both men slowly circle one another each waiting for the other to make the first move. Both men step forward locking up in a collar and elbow each vying for the advantage. Cool turns it into a standing side headlock but Bobby Dean pushes him into the ropes then sends him to the far ropes Cool comes charging back in shoulder blocking Bobby Dean to the mats in a huge show of power.

Bobby Dean quick to his feet now charges to the ropes and attempts to shoulder block Cool to the mats but Kid Cool just moves to the side. Cool motions for Bobby to try again, so Bobby charges to the far ropes and comes back once more but once again misses as Cool steps out of the way.

Kid Cool stands there laughing when all of a sudden Bobby Dean reaches up and jabs a finger into the man’s eye! With Cool blinded, Bobby Dean charges to the near corner, running up the turnbuckle he flies off wrapping his legs around Cool’s neck and sending the man to the mat with a hurricarana. Dean goes for the pin!




Cool is able to kick out and quickly rolls out of the ring to recover as Bobby Dean gets back to his feet. Kid Cool stands outside the ring, but makes the mistake of turning his back to Dean. With a quick look Bobby Dean jumps, springboards off the top rope and executes a beautiful shooting star planca onto Kid Cool! Both men are down on the outside. The referee begins to count.




Dean makes it to his feet first and climbs back into the ring. Cool is back to his feet and staggers his way back into the ring where Bobby Dean immediately continues the assault by laying a series of boots to the man. Cool weathers through the storm of boots and rises to his feet only to eat punches from BBD. Cool is somehow able to take a step back and run to the opposite of the ring. Bobby Dean chuckles as Kid Cool doesn’t look so cool anymore. Not allowing the man a break, Dean charges at Cool and connects with a Yakuza kick.

Kid Cool is down and motionless. Dean makes the cover.



NO! Someway somehow Kid Cool kicks out! An angry Dean, punches the mat in frustration and starts to argue with the referee. Cool takes this time to recuperate from the beating he is taking. Waiting for the opportune time, Cool walks up behind Dean and nails right in the cahoonas with a cheap shot!

Dean’s legs bend, but he doesn’t fall. Unfortunately for him, Cool catches him just in time to grab a hold of his neck and connect with a swinging neck breaker! Kid Cool flips him over and goes for the cover.




Bobby Dean kicks out at the last second! Kid Cool can’t believe it. Cool makes it to his feet, but to his dismay Dean is on his feet as well. The two men circle each other waiting for the other to jump first. Only problem is both men jump at the same time and clothesline each other! Both men are down on the mat.

Kid Cool manages to move first. It takes him a few seconds, but he is able to get to his feet first. Trying to take advantage of the situation, he walks over to Bobby Dean and grabs the man’s platinum blonde hair. That was a huge mistake! Dean flings a vicious elbow into the crown jewels of Kid Cool. The man doubles over as Dean jumps to his feet, grabs hold of Cool and sends him to the mat with the Starstruck! He makes the cover.




RESULT: BBD def. Kid Cool via pinfall

Gold Doesn’t Come Cheap

Cut backstage, where Nathan Paradine is shown sitting in his locker room with a towel draped over his shoulders. He has his head in his hands and appears to be staring directly ahead at the wall in front of him. A door can be heard opening and closing and Chris Bond steps into view, his arms folded his his chest. Paradine looks up and manages to laugh.

“Come to gloat, Bond?” he asks. “I probably deserve it. Losing to three of those Corporation chumps in three weeks…”

“No, I’m not here to gloat.” Bond tosses something onto the ground in front of Paradine, and Paradine picks it up and raises his eyebrow. It is a thick wad of cash and he quickly examines the bills.

“What is this?” he asks. “Some kind of bribe?”

“Not exactly,” Bond laughs. “It’s cash for you to treat yourself. After our little discussion last week, I thought it was unfair that you’ve been trotting around here without getting any kind of title match, so I thought I’d help you out.”

Paradine shrugged, and sat the cash down onto the bench next to him. “So, is that the only reason?”

“For now, yes.” Bond turns to leave, flicking his hand in farewell. “But I think you and I should have a chat soon Nathan, about your future in the sVo. A war is coming, and I’m sure you want to be on the winning side.”

Bond walks out of view, leaving Paradine staring down at the wad of notes as the scene comes to an end and cuts back to the ring.

Rey Rosario (c) vs. Asesino

Ding Ding Ding

The bell rings and Rosario charges with a clothesline but Asesino ducks and delivers a sleeper drop on Rosario. Asesino picks up Rosario and delivers an eye rake on the ropes to Rosario. Asesino follows it up with a throat thrust to Rosario. Rosario tries to fire back with one of his own but Asesino delivers an arm drag to Rosario. Asesino pins Rosario.




Asesino picks up Rosario and delivers an overhand chop to Rosario. Asesino bounces off the ropes but Rosario catches him and delivers a rib breaker to Asesino. Rosario now locks in a sitting reverse armbar on Asesino. Asesino rolls out and throws Rosario against the ropes and delivers a side kick to Rosario. Asesino pins Rosario.




Asesino picks up Rosario and delivers a side slam to Rosario. Asesino now applies a choke hold to Rosario. Asesino releases the choke and picks up Rosario. Asesino tries to throw Rosario against the opposing corner but Rosario reverses and delivers a big body avalanche to Asesino. Rosario follows it up with a big chop to Asesino. Rosario now grabs Asesino by the arm and applies an arm wrench followed up by a hook kick to Asesino. Rosario pins Asesino.




Rosario now locks on a wish bone on Asesino. Asesino quickly grabs the rope to escape. Rosario waits for Asesino to get up and goes for a clothesline but Asesino ducks and applies an abdominal neck wrench on Rosario. Rosario escapes with a rake to the eyes. Asesino staggers into a corner and Rosario charges at him and delivers a monkey toss to Asesino. Rosario pins Asesino.




Rosario bounces off the ropes and connects with a falling headbutt to Asesino. Rosario picks up Asesino and delivers a back side slam to Asesino. Rosario picks up Asesino again and delivers an alley woop to Asesino. Rosario picks up a very groggy Asesino and delivers a military press to Asesino. Rosario pins Asesino.




Rosario picks up Asesino but Asesino knees Rosario in the midsection and delivers a shoulder breaker thrust to Rosario. Asesino kicks Rosario in the midsection and bounces off the ropes connecting with a throw down to Rosario. Asesino picks up Rosario and delivers a falling powerslam on Rosario. Asesino pins Rosario.




Asesino picks up Rosario and delivers a spiral bomb to Rosario. Asesino now locks in an arm lock on Rosario. Rosario starts to get up and elbows his way out. Rosario bounces off the ropes and connects with a swinging neckbreaker to Asesino. Rosario bounces off the ropes as Asesino gets up and delivers a flying clothesline to Asesino. Rosario pins Asesino.




Rosario picks up Asesino and delivers Rey’s DDT to Asesino. Rosario pins Asesino.



Foot on the rope

Rosario gets up and starts an argument with the referee. Asesino tries to get up but receives a clothesline to the back from Rosario. Rosario now picks up Asesino and applies a torture rack to Asesino. Asesino rakes Rosario’s eyes to escape. Asesino quickly bounces off the ropes and delivers a Polish hammer to Rosario. Asesino pins Rosario.




Both men get up and Asesino quickly delivers a rolling clutch pin on Rosario.




Both men get up and Asesino kicks Rosario in the midsection and bounces off the ropes connecting with a scissor kick to Rosario. Asesino picks up Rosario and locks in a headlock on Rosario. Rosario escapes with a drop toe hold. Rosario quickly climbs the ropes as Asesino gets up and delivers a diving elbow smash to Asesino. Rosario pins Asesino.




Rosario picks up Asesino but Asesino catches him with an arm dragon screw to Rosario. Asesino picks up Rosario and throws him against the ropes and delivers a spinebuster to Rosario. Asesino picks up Rosario and applies a Canadian backbreaker on Rosario. Rosario slides behind Asesino delivering a falling neckbreaker to Asesino. Rosario pins Asesino.




Rosario goes to a corner and waits for Asesino to get up and delivers a diving spear to Asesino. Rosario picks up Asesino and goes for another Rey’s DDT but Asesino grabs Rosario’s arm turns it and goes behind Rosario and quickly goes for The Asesino Unprettier on Rosario but Rosario counters with a school boy pin.




Ding Ding Ding

RESULT: Rey Rosario def. Asesino via pinfall

Where is he?

We cut backstage to the locker room of Roscoe Shame where clothes and chairs have been thrown all around the room. An angry Shame picks up an innocent chair lying on the floor and slams it against the wall. Jeremiah Sloan walks in, equally as pissed as his client.

Sloan: I can’t believe this crap! What in the hell is this guy trying to pull?

Shame: I don’t know, but I can’t wait to get my hands on that little prick!

Roscoe slams the chair into the wall one more time before heading for the door.

Sloan: Where are you going?

Shame: I’m going to find CSJ!

Sloan: No! We need to hold off!

Shame: Hold off?!?! The guy is trying to sue us over some bullshit that he made up in that twisted head of his.

Sloan: I know Roscoe I know, but if you go over there and attack him that will give him ammunition to add to the lawsuit. A silent Roscoe ignores the last comment by his agent and storms out the door with Sloan playing chase. A furious Shame makes his way backstage, hitting and throwing anything in his path. He finally reaches Christopher St. James’ locker room, but is met by three beefy security guards standing outside of the door.

Shame: Where is he?!

Bodyguard: Mr. St. James is not taking any visitors right now.

Shame: I don’t give a damn! Tell that low life to get his ass out here right now.

Security guard: That’s not going to happen.

Roscoe is enraged by this time. Sloan finally catches up to him, but decides not to say anything after looking his client in the eyes. Roscoe’s breathing is heavy as he takes a glance at each one of the security guards. He then focuses on the one that spoke.

Shame: If that’s how rich boy wants to play, then give him this message for me!

Roscoe rears back with his right arm and lands his fist flush against the jaw of the security guard, sending the man falling to the ground. The 6’6″ 270 pound Shame takes a step at the other two guards, but instead of trying their luck they check on their falling partner. A disgusted Shame walks off with Sloan playing another game of chase.

DJ vs. Azrael Caducus

As the crowd prepares for the DJ vs Azrael match. The lights go out and the crowd jumps up to their feet. Rise of the fallen hits the pa system as suddenly white pyro explodes starting at the stage and working it’s way down to the ring exploding in the ring. As the last explosion goes off the lights come back on to reveal Azrael Caducus standing in the middle of the ring. Azrael goes to the nearest turnbuckle and hops up onto it. From the crowd comes Talon! Talon hops the guard railing and slides in behind Azrael. In his hand is a baseball bat. Azrael hops down from the turnbuckle and as he turns around Talon makes the biggest home run in history and nearly takes off the head of Azrael. Azrael’s head is busted wide open as he staggers back into the corner. Talon charges and hits a Falcon Punch! Azrael stumbles away from the turnbuckle only to have Talon grab him from behind wrapping the bat against his throat before hitting The Wings of Destiny! Talon then just as quickly as he appeared slides out of the ring and jumps back into the crowd disappearing.

With Azrael down on the mat, the crowd boo as DJ runs down the entrance ramp and slides into the ring. The referee can do nothing but make the count as DJ jumps down to make the pin on Azrael!




Talon has cost Azrael the match!

RESULT: DJ def. Azrael via pinfall

Money Can Buy Anything

“Money” performed by Velvet Revolver starts to play over the sound system as the crowd instantly begins to boo. Christopher St. James appears at the top of the ramp, mic in hand and looking like well, a million dollars, and walks down to the ring. He climbs in as the music shuts off. However, the crowd continues their booing and jeers.

“Yes, yes, I know, I know….You all love me!”

CSJ smiles as the crowd only boos louder.

“I refuse to continue on until you all SHUT UP! I paid for this spot and I REFUSE to move until I get to say what I want to say! I don’t care if Talon, Shame, Bond, whoever you ignorant peons decide is the flavor of the month comes running down for their match. I DEMAND RESPECT AND SILENCE!”

Despite his tirade, the crowd continues. CSJ backs against the ropes and waits, his face slowly turning a deep shade of red as the crowd slowly begins to settle. Finally, once the volume level settles to a dull roar. The smile returns as CSJ proceeds to the center of the ring and begins his talk.

“There, much better. I’ll keep this short and sweet since I have no desire to grace you all with my presence more than I have to. Lately I have been, suffice to say, pushed aside. After I beat Night, fair and square, The Company’s poster child/love child, the wuss with the biggest belt that this company has to offer, moves have been made to push me into obscurity. I had matches against low profile opponents like Joey Peyton. So I decided to make some waves. Tobias and I decided to reveal our biggest scam. I thought the problem had been solved… Little did I know…

Management saw fit to decide to book Tobias and I, Dirty Money Inc. in a match against FORMER tag team champions Chris Wrestling and DJ, two members of the ever irrelevant stable The Corporation. Former champions. Former. They weren’t good enough to hold onto those tag team belts and they certainly weren’t good enough to beat DMI. I thought management would have learned after that display that I’m MADE for the sVo lime light. I’m MADE to main event, or at least be toward the top of the card. But no….

This week I’m booked in the second match of the night against Juliana Torres, yet ANOTHER member of The Corporation. Is it just me or is The Corporation multiplying like rabbits? All they’re doing is playing the numbers game though. There’s no talent in that stable and certainly no looks. It’s just a group of talentless people thinking that because they have a large amount of people in their little club, it makes them “good” or worth noticing. News flash. It doesn’t. The Corporation is going to go bankrupt at some point in the near future.

I’m not out here to talk about The Corporation though, believe it or not. I’m here to talk about ME and the fact that I’ve been under appreciated since I’ve signed my contract. My talent has NOT been recognized like it should have been a long time ago. It appears that people are blind to my talent. So I’ve brought in some help this week. The man that invented the bifocal, Mr. Benjamin Franklin!”

CSJ turns to the entrance ramp as if expecting someone to walk down, only to reach into his pocket and pull out a huge wad of bills.

“That’s right, money. It solves ALL the world’s problems and it’s been buying my happiness since, well, conception. So tonight I hereby officially announce to the world that I, Christopher St. James am the NEW number one contender to the International Title!

Do you hear that Roscoe? If you want you can read all the details in the match contract that Paige and I drew up. It appears that you royally pissed her off by defecting to The Company, and there’s no wrath like a woman scorned. Only had to give her HALF of what I was originally going to offer for that spot. Your ‘agent’ has been faxed a copy of the contract for you to sign Roscoe. It’s air tight. No way out.”

CSJ drops the mic as “Money” by Velvet Revolver once again blares over the loudspeakers.

Talon vs. Roscoe Shame

“Rebirth” by Lil Wayne hits and Roscoe Shame appears at the top of the ramp pretending to play the guitar. The fans stand and cheer at the mockery he is making of himself. He makes his way to the ring while pyros shoot out from the ramp. He climbs into the ring stretches and raises the International Championship high.

The lights drop as red and white lasers begin to flash all over the arena. Fans cry out in surprise at the black-out as ‘Through the Fire and Flames’ begins to blast through the speakers. A spotlight shines on the curtain as a solitary figure steps through, clothed in the black, red and white. He stands there, grinning as he spreads out his arms- one holding his trusty telescopic baton high- and lets out a battle cry, pyrotechnics going off around him as he does. Talon makes his way down the ramp, waving and sneering at the fans before entering the ring. He hands his coat off to someone at ringside before raising his arms in the air and taking his place in the ring.

Shame and Talon stalk each other as the crowd ways in… the atmosphere is thick here… Talon moves in first… the veteran Talon takes the advantage, using his speed and ring awareness to work Shame into a headlock… but Shame lifts Talon into the air, whirls him around, and slams him back down onto the mat! Shame is using the size advantage to have his way with a returning Talon!

Shame takes advantage of a breathless Talon, lifting him up and throwing him across the ring! Talon bounces off the mat and rests against the ring rope, his eyes bugging out… he didn’t expect it to be this hard!

Shame runs, ready to give Talon the big boot, but he ducks, making Shame’s boot go through the ropes and getting him momentarily stuck! Using the element of surprise, Talon grabs Shame’s other leg and lifts it up, launching Shame over the top rope to the outside curtain! Shame lands on the apron, driving his shoulder into Talon’s before trying to pull the Tag Champ with him, but Talon kicks Shame in the head and pulls him back into the ring! Shame gets up and Talon spears him! He goes for the cover!



THR-NO!!! Shame gets his shoulder up! Talon goes back, working on the shoulder of Roscoe Shame, aiming for another spear, but Roscoe Shame manages to turn it into a roll-up!



THR-NO!!! The Tag Team Champion hangs on! Talon’s to his feet, slapping Shame across the face before bouncing off the ring ropes and nailing Shame with a clothesline! Shame goes down and Talon goes to the top rope… he isn’t done with him!

Shame gets to his feet, and Talon launches himself from the top rope… DEATH FROM ABOVE MISSILE DROPKICK! Shame is down and Talon can go for the pinfall!



THR-NO!!! Shame gets a shoulder up and Talon straightens himself up, pulls his hair back and goes back to work! He lifts Shame to his feet and chops him across the chest before attempting another spear… he nails it! Talon goes for another pin!



THR-NO!!! Talon’s on his feet, moving like he never has before as he tries to put the moves onto Shame. He’s screaming at the International Champion, calling for him to get to his feet! Talon bounces off the ropes, charging at Shame, who ducks under and bounces off the ropes on the other side! Both men go for a cross body block… NAILING EACH OTHER AT THE SAME TIME! Both Talon and Shame are down, and the referee doesn’t know what to do!

One guy knows what to do, though, and that’s Beautiful Bobby Dean! The Industrial traitor and Company Man sprints into the ring, sliding in and knocking over the ref as he does! BBD lifts Talon to his feet and unloads into him with shot after shot, finally hitting him with the STARSTRUCK! BBD drags Shame over to the lifeless Talon, and the referee begins to make the slow count.



THREE… The Company continues its winning ways! First at the expense of Chris Bond, then at the cost of Kid Cool’s return to the sVo, and now as Roscoe Shame has won the rematch between himself and Talon, thanks to some timely interference from Bobby Dean! The two Company Men stand triumphant as the fans throw garbage at the ring.

RESULT: Roscoe Shame def. Talon via pinfall

I’m Coming….

The crowd is abuzz as they wait for whatever sVo is going to toss at them next. Suddenly however, the lights all go out. The tron flickers to life as “Enter The Machine” by Arch Enemy plays softly over the loud speakers. Blue lettering appears on the screen as the crowd reads along….

I have sat back and watched events transpire for months. sVo seems in desperate need of a helping hand. You have reached out to me sVo and I have answered. Soon, the day will come when my face will be known. Soon the day will come when I will once again walk down that ramp, and give a helping hand to those who need it.

Until we meet again sVo….

Night (c) vs. Tobias Devereux

The sound of guitars echo through the arena as Hysteria by Muse plays through the arena. The lights are dimmed and multicolor spotlights spin throughout the crowd. The crowd gets up to their feet booing as the spotlights all merge together turning white in the middle of the stage. There in the spotlight is the one and only “De Cajun Sensation” Tobias Devereux. Tobias is dressed in his trademark black tights, trench, and fedora. Tobias is making his way down the ramp talking junk to the fans as he does so. Tobias slides under the bottom rope into the ring popping up to his feet. Tobias jumps up onto the middle rope in one of the corners and takes off his hat and coat tossing them down to a stage hand before jumping off and waiting in the corner for the bell.

A whisper…

“I’m dreaming…”

The distant chords of Deftones’ “Knife Party” cut through the PA as the arena lights cut completely. The Tron sparks to life as the words “I’m dreaming…” float onto it. As the song errupts the words are replaced by one.

A name.

” N I G H T “

An explosion of purple light as a man in a black mask appears. At least, the mask appears black at first, but on closer inspection it appears to be made of the night sky. The mask does not entirely cover the man’s head and a head of black dreadlocks stream out, tracing the man’s jaw.

The man stands at the top of the entrance ramp – motionless for a moment, his stance elegant and mysterious, giving away nothing of his motives. As the music swirls away, the man only known as Night begins his walk to the ring – only, he doesn’t walk, it appears more of a graceful glide. Although he moves seemlessly, he moves deceptively quickly to the ring, sliding deliberately and headfirst into the ring.

Tobias and Night stand toe to toe in the middle of the ring. Night and Tobias with the tie up. Night backs Tobias into the corner and starts throwing some inside knees. Finally the ref pulls Night back and as soon as the ref’s back is turned Tobias fires a shot over his shoulder right into the eye of Night. Night stumbles back holding his eye as Tobias walks around the ref and grabs Night from behind in a waist lock. Tobias lifts him looking for a german but Night blocks it. Night with the standing switch. Night goes for a german as well but it’s Tobias this time who blocks it. Tobias tries to break the waist lock and finally does so holding onto one of Night’s wrists as he does so and turns it into an arm lock. Tobias twists the arm causing Night to roll forward to releave the pressure. Night rolls to his feet and reverses the arm lock on Tobias.

Tobias ducks under the arm and back behind Night reveresing it into a wrist lock. Night reverses it and ends up behind Tobias holding him in a wrist lock. Tobias reaches back and hooks Night’s head then jumps in the air and falls down to a knee snapmaring Night over his shoulder. Night lands on his but split legged. Tobias holds onto the head and flips over it making Night kiss the canvas. Tobias gets to his feet and grabs Night by the mask and lifts him to his feet. Tobias hooks Night’s head and looks to be going for a ddt. Night tries to reverse it into a northern lights suplex. Tobias reaches his leg out and crooks the back of Night’s knee to keep him from being able to lift Tobias up. Night sits Tobias down. Night goes for it again, this time Tobias wraps his legs around the waist of Night and holds onto the head tightly slipping it down into a guiloteen…Tobias has locked in Da Gater Nap! Night’s still standing but obviously hendered as he’s leant over. Tobias hanging from his body trying to choke the life out of him.

Night manages to stumble a couple steps before dropping down to his knees. The impact loosens Tobias’ grip a little allowing Night to slip his head out. Night starts raining down hammer fists. Tobias covers up to protect himself. Night gets to his feet and steps back. Tobias rolls to his feet as well. The two go to meet in the center of the ring again. Tie up once more, this time Tobias fires off a knee to the ribs. Tobias with the irish whop. Night bounces back, Tobias goes for a back body drop. Night stops and grabs Tobias and hits the Sandman DDT! Night with a quick cover



No kick out by Tobias Devereux.

The company’s champion gets up, obviously frustrated. Night grabs Tobias by the head and lifts him to his feet but with his back to Night. Night goes and hooks his head and looks to maybe be thinking of going for the Dream Time. Before Night can hook his legs around his waist though Tobias pushes off of Night’s waist to make just enough seperation that he can hit Night with The Ace in the Hole pele’ kick! Night stumbles back into the corner obviously dazed. Tobias pops back up to his feet and comes charging into the corner. Night moves out of the corner at the last second but Tobias leaps up onto the second rope and leaps right back off hitting Night with a clothesline. De Cajun Sensation gets his feet and he yells out as he’s feeling it. Tobias grabs Nights and stuffs him. Tobias Devereux lifts Night up and over his shoulders dropping him down into a gory special. Tobias still has his hands hooked under Night’s chin though. This doesn’t look good for hte Company’s Champion.

Suddenly from backstage comes Issac White. Behind him is Roscoe Shame and Beautiful Bobby Dean. Roscoe and BBD go running towards the ring and circle it. Meanwhile Issac White walks right up to it and hops up onto the apron. The ref goes to stop him from entering but Issac takes his cane and nails the ref with it. Things dont look good for De Cajun Sensation. Tobias mouths something rather profane to the lot of them and hits The Devereux Devesation Mach 2 (barry white driver) on Night in the center of the ring before popping up as Roscoe and BBD both slide into the ring. Devereux immediately goes for Roscoe and starts stomping on him before he can even get fully into the ring. Tobias is side swipped though by BBD who nails him with a hard right hand to the temple. Tobias stumbles over to White who hits him with the cane right between the eyes.

All three men proceed to stomp away at the fallen cajun. Suddenly from the backstage area comes CSJ! CSJ is charging as fast as he can down to the ring and hits it with full force leaping from the ground onto the apron and leaping up springboarding off the top rope and hitting BBD with a flying dropkick. CSJ gets back to his feet as quickly as he can and goes right after Roscoe Shame nailing him with a flying forarm. The numbers game catches up to CSJ though as White nails him from behind with a chop block. White lifts CSJ to his feet and drops him with a hard ddt. Thing’s aren’t looking good for DMI nor Tobias Devereux’ chance at winning the world championship.

Suddenly from the crowd comes Chris Bond and Talon, The Industry! Chris bond slides into the ring as does Talon. Bond goes after White as the two of them exchange furious punches. Meanwhile Talon has his hands on BBD punching away at the Industry betrayer. CSJ is busy with Roscoe Shame and has him on the run with punches of his own. The match has broken down to a full out war between The Industry with DMI and The Company! Night has gotten to his feet and Tobias is up to a knee leaning in the corner. Meanwhile everyone else has falling to the outside. Bond and White have made their way into the crowd. Talon and BBD have made their way up onto the stage. CSJ and Roscoe are still right outside of the ring.

Inside the ring though Night charges at the kneeling Tobias and nails him with a shinning wizard. Night starts to just put the boots to Tobias Devereux inside the ring. White has Bond on his shoulders and drops him with a death valley driver onto a set of chairs outside in the crowd! Meanwhile BBD has gotten the advantage back up on the stage and nails Talon with a snap ddt onto the stage. Roscoe Shame meanwhile has taken control over CSJ and his working him up the rampway. Finally another ref has come down now that the interferers are all outside. As the ref slides into the ring Tobias is perched on Night’s shoulders as Night’s going to go for The Dreaming. Night runs but Tobias slides off his shoulders. Tobias pushes Night into the corner chest first.

Outside of the ring Shame has CSJ up and nails him with the Shame Time onto the rampway! Shame leaves CSJ and heads up to the stage to help BBD beat down on Talon. Meanwhile in the crowd Bond has managed to nail White with a couple of chairs a few half dozen times to keep the man full of hate down for a moment. Bond is making his way through the crowd trying to get to his buddy Talon to help him out. Back in the ring Tobias has Night back first in the corner and nailing away with back elbows and cross chops. Devereux takes a few steps back and charges in looking for The Bayou Bash but Night drops down and rolls out of the way causing Tobias to hang his leg up and over the top rope. Night comes in behind him and kicks the other leg out from under him. Night starts putting the boots to him.

Outside of the ring on the stage Talon and Bond are on their feet slugging it out with BBD and Roscoe Shame. Bond against shame and Talon against BBD. Talon goes for a Falcon Punch but BBD ducks it and hits Talon with a neck breaker out of no where. Bond has shame doubled over and nails him with a lifting knee that nearly takes off Shame’s head. In the crowd White has gotten to his feet and is making his way towards the stage to join the festivities. CSJ still is down for the count at the moment on the rampway after a brutal Shame Time.

Back in the ring Night has Tobias up to his feet and irish whips him off the ropes. Tobias bounces back only for Night to hit him with a leg lariat. Night goes for the cover hooking the leg of Tobias.




No a kick out by Tobias Devereux, The Cajun wont stay down!

Night lifts Devereux up to his feet and hooks him for a suplex lifting him high into the air before dropping him hard onto his back. Night holds onto the head and rolls his leg and lifts Tobias up looking for another suplex, then a third. Finally after five suplexes in a row Night gets to his feet and leans against the ropes. Night charges in and jumps into the air driving his knee into the face of Tobias Devereux. Night grabs Tobias and locks in a rear chin lock. Meanwhile outside of the ring Issac White has made his way to the stage and has put the numbers back into the Company’s favor as they’re beating down Chris Bond and Talon.

That’s soon to change as we see CSJ getting to his feet. CSJ reaches into the crowd and steals one of the fan’s chairs and heads up the rampway! CSJ starts swinging at anything that’s moving, taking down Issace, Roscoe and BBD. CSJ nearly taking off the heads of each one. CSJ throws the chair down as Talon and Bond are back to their feet. Meanwhile in the ring Tobias has gotten out the chin lock and both men are exchanging lefts and rights in the center of the ring. Tobias over extends on one right and Night makes the best of it using it as an opening to slip Tobias up onto his shoulders.

Night has Tobias on his shoulders out of no where and nails him with The Dreaming! Night with the quick cover!


CSJ starts charging down to the ring getting all the way down the ramp


CSJ slides into the ring and heads for the ref to stop the count.


CSJ drops an elbow on the ref but its too late, Night has retained his title! Night doesn’t stay though and quickly rolls out of the ring as CSJ gets to his feet. Night celebrates outside the ring as his fallen Company men are still laid out on the stage. Bond and Talon head down towards the ring as well, which tells Night it’s time to call it a night. Night leaps over into the crowd and vanishes into the crowd.

Bond and Talon slide into the ring and come face to face with CSJ and Tobias Devereux. Industry face to face with DMI. What could happen here? It’s like a powder keg that’s soon to explode, you can feel the tension building. Out of no where Bond and Tobias do the handshake half hug as Talon and CSJ shake hands. There are hand shakes all around, does this mean DMI has intergrated into the Industry to conquer a common enemy?

RESULT: Night def. Tobias Devereux via pinfall

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