sVo Showdown
23rd March 2008
Goodfellas Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada
Episode #020


*The fans are on their feet, filling the arena with cheers as pyro after pyro explode, signaling the start of yet another sVo Showdown live from the Goodfellas casino. As the cameras pan around the arena we see a multitude of signs, some of the more prominent ones read, “Banks 4 Prez!”, “Felly Klawless” and “Moretti Sucks!”. Suddenly and without warning, “Remember” by Disturbed hits the PA and the fans give out a pop as the sVo World Champion himself, Psyko Stevo, walks down the steel rampway, high fiving fans in the process. Stevo hops up onto the ring apron before athletically leaping over the top rope and into the ring. Stevo calls for a mic and once it is thrown to him, he starts to speak.*

Stevo: All right… no time for games, we’ve got a show that needs to take place. Jimmy Moretti, get out here… NOW!

*The fans are at the edge of their seat, but instead of Moretti’s familiar music hitting the PA, “Hip Hop” by Dead Prez plays and 50% owner Jon Page is the one who answers Stevo’s call.*

Stevo: Jon, not exactly who I was looking for… but you can probably help me with the problem I’m facing.

*The fans give out scattered cheers as Jon Page raises his hand for silence, which he is given. Page smiles up at Stevo as he begins to speak.*

Page: Stevo, I know why you’re out here… you’re wondering what the status of the main event at Destiny will be, right?

Stevo: That’s right, that’s exactly why I’m out here. I’m facing that chump Anthony Moretti tonight… victory is all but assured. Now, when I defeat him, I want to make sure that a memorable main event match is waiting in the wings for me at Destiny.

Page: Well, let’s not get ahead of ourselves here… Anthony Moretti is not one to be taken lightly.

*Stevo smiles at Page before shaking his head in disbelief.*

Stevo: Look, I’ll take care of Anthony, you take care of setting up a memorable main event match, all right?

*Page bites his lip a bit before smiling a broad smile as the fans listen with ears preened up.*

Page: I’ll do you one better… I’ll actually let you pick your own main event, how does that sound?

*The fans erupt, all voicing their own opinion on whom Psyko Stevo should face at Destiny. We hear chants of “Night”, and “Flaw-less, Flaw-less” coming from different sections of the arena.*

Stevo: Pick my own main event? Well, simple… I want Mike Polowy.

*The fans once again begin to cheer as Page looks up at the ring with disapopintment.*

Page: I’m sorry, Polowy hasn’t been cleared by doctors to compete. Nothing I can do about that… you can’t face him, yet.

*Stevo grits his teeth.*

Stevo: Who can I face then? I don’t even know half the guys on this roster anymore… they all seem the same to me, no one has really stepped forward and done anything of note lately.

Page: Well… let’s hear what the fans think. I’ll go ahead and rattle off some names and you fans cheer who you want Stevo to face in the main event at Destiny.

*There is a creepy silence around the arena as Page thinks long and hard about possible names.*

Page: How would you fans like to see Psyko Stevo face… CODY WILLIAMS!

*The fans go nuts as Williams, a man who has been making waves in the sVo since his arrival, is announced as a suprise contender to the World Title.*

Page: Pretty solid… what about… Psyko Stevo in a World Title rematch against… NIGHT!

*The fans once again go nuts as they cheer in approval, waiting for a rematch of last weeks main event which nearly saw Stevo lose the belt in what many would have considered an upset.*

Page: How about Psyko Stevo versus Ke…

Stevo: Woah woah woah… Cody Williams? Night? Come on, if you’re gonna start naming off bottom feeders like Williams and Night, you at least have to toss my boy Howie Banks in there. Banks is one of the few guys in this business who actaully DESERVES to face me. Come on, how would you people like to see Psyko Stevo battle ‘Hollywood’ Howie Banks?

*The fans once again cheer and Stevo smiles a satisfied smile.*

Page: Well, how about…

*Suddenly and once again without any warning, “Woke Up This Morning” by A3 hits the PA and out walks the other 50% owner of the sVo, Jimmy Moretti. Moretti has a cigar in his mouth and a scowl on his face as he removes a mic from his back pocket and begins to speak into it.*

Moretti: All right, “champ”, I’ve seen enough of this. We have a huge show ahead of us and I’m sick of you two stealing all the time away from up and coming stars like Kelly Flawless and my son, Anthony Moretti. What…

*Page immediately cuts off Moretti.*

Page: Now now, settle down Jimmy, Stevo was just about to make his final decision.

*Moretti bites down on his cigar as Psyko Stevo holds his mic to his lips and the fans quiet down, anticipating the answer they crave.*

Stevo: All right, I’ve made a decision. At Destiny, you are going to see Psyko Stevo in one corner, and in the otner corner you are going to see….

*Suddenly a huge smile overtakes his face as Jimmy Moretti speaks up and eveyone in the arena does a double take.*

Moretti: Hold that thought. Stevo… you could face Howie Banks, and that would be cute. You could face Cody Williams, and maybe a couple of these people would pay money to watch it. You could face Night, and that’d be okay…

Page: What are you getting at Jimmy?

Moretti: OR… you could face ALL of them!

*Everyone in the arena, including Stevo himself appear to be confused at this revelation. Stevo’s interest is particularlly peaked as he looks down at Moretti.*

Stevo: All of them? Explain.

Moretti: We could have the first ever sVo World Championship GAUNTLET match. What do you think?

Stevo: That sounds kind of crazy…

Moretti: Oh, yea… nevermind then.

*Moretti turns his back and as the cameras follow them we see a devious smile appear on his face.*

Page: Stevo, just name who you want to face, this is going on long enough and we do have a show to run.

Stevo: Right… well, I choose….

Moretti: It’s okay, you’re just proving that you aren’t one third the champ that Mike Polowy was.

*Stevo once again stops speaking and his train of thought is interrupted.*

Stevo: Did you just say what I thought you said? Jimmy, you know DAMN WELL that I’m twenty times the World Champ that “Paper Champ” Polowy EVER was!

Moretti: Well look at it this way…. when Mike won his World Title, he battled through an entire gauntlet of superstars and finally met up with Joseph Peyton in what I thought was one of the greatest main event matches in sVo history.

Page: Stop it Jimmy, Polowy went through a tournament, he beat multiple contenders… but he did it over the span of weeks.

Moretti: Maybe you’re right… but then again, maybe you’re not. Maybe Mike Polowy really is just that much better then Psyko Stevo ever was on his best day. I don’t know, I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree.

*Stevo suddenly snaps in the middle of the ring and the cameras pan in on him as he paces back and forth, a look of intensity in his eyes.*

Stevo: Yout want to see me run some stupid gauntlet, Jimmy? Will that finally shut your mouth up about how great Polowy was? You know what… fi….

Page: Stop it, Stevo.

*Jimmy Moretti shoots a look of hatred in the direction of Jon Page.*

Moretti: No Jon, YOU stop. Let the man speak. What will it be Stevo?

Stevo: You really want this?

*Stevo and Jimmy Moretti’s eyes finally meet and the two look at each other with pure unadulterated hatred. Before anyone can speak though, Page attempts to diffuse the situation by stepping forward towards the ring.*

Page: Stevo, you don’t have to face three men in one night. Look, why don’t you just take the rest of the night to think about the decision and at the end of the show you can let us know, okay?

Stevo: Jon, thanks for your concern but…

Page: Stevo, take the rest of the show to decide. I’m telling you this as a friend, don’t make me pull a boss move nad order you to take time to think it over.

*Stevo finally takes a deep breath as Moretti continues to scowl. Stevo then nods his head in agreement with Page.*

Stevo: All right Page… I’ll take the rest of the night and I’ll think it over.

Moretti: Yea, you think it over nice and good… just remember, whatever you choose will be the way these fans look at you, and the way they look at the entire sVo.

*”Remember” by Disturbed hits the PA as Moretti and Page exchange an uneasy, but brief, staredown. The two then turn their mics off before exiting through the curtain that leads backstage. Stevo shortly follows behind them and we can almost hear the uncertainty in the arena amist the fans.*


Gunner Lang enters the backstage entrance of the sVo arena. As he strides through the corridors he sees Jimmy Morreti standing outside his office holding open the door as a slightly disheveled Tamara Boyd exits. As the sVo co-owner begins to walk back into his office Gunner waves for his attention.

Gunner – Mr. Moretti … Mr. Moretti …

Moretti notices him through the half closed door and pushes it open again. Gunner jogs over stopping just as Moretti exhales a cloud of smoke from his cigar right in his face.

Moretti – What can I help you with Mr. Lang?

Gunner waves the smoke out of his face.

Gunner – I just wanted to thank-you for being so understanding, and apologize once again for the actions of my friend over the weekend.

Jimmy once again without regard blows smoke in Gunners direction which he quickly waves away.

Moretti – Sa’llright kid. But don’t forget you owe me a favor.

Jimmy without even excusing himself begins to enter his office.

Gunner – Ummm, favor, you were serious about that Mr. Moretti, I mean I did pay the money.

The sVo co-owner turns around once more blowing smoke into Gunner’s face.

Moretti – Does this look like a face that jokes Mr. Lang.

With that Moretti lets the door shut leaving Gunner standing alone outside his door.

Gunner – Duuude.


The scene opens up in the office of Jon Page as the 50% Owner of the sVo sits behind his desk. Page looks to be looking through some papers on his desk, however as the camera pans around the office cheers go up from the sVo crowd as they see Johnny All Star sitting opposite Page.

Jon Page – “I thought that Jimmy already set you up with a job backstage here?”

Jon Page looks confused as he stares across the desk at All Star, who is wearing a smart suit.

Johnny All Star – “Yeah Jimmy set me up with a job recruiting talent for the sVo, he wanted me to use my contacts from when I used to play football to see if I could get any of them interested in the sVo.”

Jon Page nods his head along with All Star.

Jon Page – “So why do you come to me asking for a job then?”

All Star looks at Jon Page for a few seconds before answering the boss’s question.

Johnny All Star – “Well althought I might have retired, I still want a more hands on role here. I’m about too young to be stuck behind a desk already. Jimmy has his bodyguard Zac Brindle, how about you employ me as yours?”

Jon Page – “Bodyguard eh?”

Johnny All Star nods as Jon Page ponders the offer.

Jon Page – “Ok I could see the positives of having you around, I will take you on based on a little trial basis. Sound good?”

Johnny All Star nods his head as they both rise to their feet and shake hands.

Johnny All Star – “Sounds great.”

Fade Out


The camera started at an unknown superstar’s black leather cowboy boots moving down a hallway. As it began to scroll up past the denim jeans, past the skull belt buckle, past the “FXCK SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT” t-shirt it revealed none other than Mr. Puroresu Himself, Kerry Millano, who seemed to be moving with strong intent down the corridor.

Just ahead of his strut there was a black curtain, the audible boos and chants of displeasure could be heard erupting throughout the arena. They didn’t like the newcomer, to say the least, but there was no stopping him at this point.

The smooth flanged instrumentals of White Zombie’s “Blood, Milk and Sky (Miss September Remix)” were cut to immediately begin playing the mellow jazz tune about thirty seconds into the song. Millano, in all his greatness, moved from behind the curtain to the center stage where he stopped to glance over the show’s spectators. As expected, he was showered with boos. He made no effort to try and appease the crowd, simply taking a sip of his beer and moving down the aisle. There was something lodged between his jean’s waistline and his body.

He paused at some instances to look at a crowd member who, no matter how much they booed, still stuck their hands out for a grab. In contrast to most wrestlers who slapped these palms, he smacked them down as he walked toward the ring which had an unfolded chair in it’s center. Rolling underneath the bottom rope, he came to a standing and was presented a microphone from ringside. His entrance theme faded and so he began.

Kerry Millano – “Yeah, I know what you’re thinkin’,” he chanted. “That guy could probably nail my girlfriend.” A smirk lifted onto his face before he took another sip of the Heineken.

He paused to let the crowd’s boos pass before he started again.

Kerry Millano – “But Moretti doesn’t pay me enough to sleep with your Neanderthal spouses, so I’ll just to where I was going.” He paused, yet again, to take another sip of his beer. “I think it’s a pretty big crock of BEEP that I’m being put up against two suck-ass opponents for a belt I don’t even want,” he shouted with a hint of disgust.

Kerry Millano – “So here’s what I’m sayin’,” he turned to face the ramp. “Cody Williams can keep that belt lodged under his balls all he wants to ’cause I don’t want the damned thing.” The fans booed — this time, at the mention of Cody Williams.

Kerry Millano – “I want Steveo.” The mention of the World Champion brought on an eruption of cheers that Millano took the time to sip his Heineken during.

Kerry Millano – “So Moretti, get down here, or I’m gonna sit here until you do come. Hell,” he reached to grab the object that was lodged in his pants (get your minds outta the gutter) to reveal a book. “Or I’ll read a bedtime story and put all these fans to sleep.”

The boos flooded him while he waited, pacing about the ring. Like the asshole he is, he even made gesture that he was looking at a watch on his wrist while he stared up at entrance ramp.

Kerry Millano – “Oh you guys think I’m joking?” He moved to sit down in the seat situated in the center of the ring, sitting his beer down, and cracking open the book. “‘Twas a night before Showdown and, all through the back,” he began. “Were a bunch of actors who can’t wrestle for crap!” The “you-suck” chants were slowly beginning to formulate but this only made Millano read louder.

Kerry Millano – “Some of ’em has beens, some even ‘never was’s. Built so big and strong,” he smirked before continuing. “But all softer than muffins! Let’s start off with Petey — Glimour as you know him. A nut case indeed — who’s nuts didn’t grown in!” The fans, sharing their disinterest in Peter Gilmour, began laughing. “And let’s not forget sVo’s hero Steveo.” The crowd interrupted to cheer once more. “Who’s belt should be mine, so I’m here to repo.” As the crowd booed, he turned a page.

Kerry Millano – “So flawless is Kelly — but isn’t it strange, that on last Showdown he showed Gunner his wang?” He garnered mixed reactions from the crowd. “And Jaso–“

Just then he was cut off by PCD’s Tainted Love and out strolled General Manager Paige Johnson who situated herself on the stage. The crowd cheered with enthusiasm as the blond bombshell lifted her microphone to speak.

Paige Johnson – “That’ll be enough of that,” she interjected, much to the fan’s approval. “Now, is there any particular reason you’re holding up our broadcast?”

Kerry Millano – “You bet your ass there is! I want a shot at Steveo and I want it tonight~!” The fans cheered, not for Millano but at the idea of seeing their champion defend his title.

Paige Johnson – “Uh huh,” she wrly responded. “And you want this after having only one match? Riiiight, see that’s not how it works here.” The fans cheered. “Here at sVo, we believe in working for your title shots. I don’t know how they do it over there in Japan but this is a new ball game, honey.” Millano erupted from his seat with a look of anger staining his face.


Paige Johnson – “BUT,” she cut him off. “I am willing to work with you. You see, like I said before, we believe in working for your title shots and that’s exactly what I tend to have you do — what was your name aga–“


Paige Johnson – “Yeah, okay. Anyway, like I was saying, you may just be able to get what you want,” she paused while the crowd recklessly popped. “But not tonight. See, you’re going to perform tonight in your triple threat match against Isaac White and Jason Fox for number one contendership. However, your win will forfeit you from the International Title running and put you in a race for the World Championship” The crowd bursted into a fit of cheers once more.

Paige Johnson – “THAT IS,” she interjected once more, “If you can successfully defeat not one, but BOTH of your opponents tonight.” An outraged Millano stomped before rushing toward the ropes. “What that means is if you pin either of your opponents, you have to take on the other one in singles competition until you’ve eliminated both competitors.”


Paige Johnson – “You said you wanted to become a competitor for the championship. Well — this is your chance to prove yourself worthy of the title. Have fun tonight,” she winked.

The fans erupted as the expression of an, obviously, angry Kerry Millano was blown-up on the massive video screen. PCD’s Tainted Love escorted her out which left the neophyte wrestler in the ring to soak in his anger (and beer).

Rex Fury (c) vs. Joseph Equinox

“Open Your Eyes” By Guano Apes begins to play. Smoke begins to fill the chas the lights tim to near darkness. A beam of bright white light shines from the stage. As the light begins to dim, Joseph Equinox can be seen stading at the top of the stage with smoke foating all around him. Equinox moves to the top of the ramp and stops before he flails his arms out to the side of him and a pyro lightning bolt fies down and strikes him. The spotlights loom over where Equinox was standing but he is no longer there. All of a sudden 4 more lighting bolts crash down on each corner of the ring and the arena lights change to a dark blue. And there standing in the ring is Equinox with smoke now floating around the ring. Joseph Equinox then looks up the ramp and takes off his shades as he awaits his opponent.

The lights in the arena go down and the piano intro to “In Your World” by Muse begins. As the main guitar riffs explode into the amps yellow laser beams come from all angles of the arena and point to the ramp as if it were burning a hole through the metal ramp…smoke begins to come up and from out of the smoke jumps up Rex Fury with his hands extended in the air as if he was jumping out of a trampoline. Rex then jumps onto the security railings and onto the fans as he dives into the crowd and passed on forward by the fans until he reaches the ring area. He slides into the ring and rushes to the nearest corner, throwing his arms into the air. He hops down and takes off his Las Vegas championship and hands it to the referee. The referee raises the championship into the air before handing it to the ring announcer. He signals for the bell.




Rex Fury raises his arms over his head and starts clapping, the crowd follows suit and begins to clap. The claps begin to get faster and faster as Fury and Equinox begin circling each other in the ring. Fury extends his hand out to Equinox for a hand shake and Equinox obliges. Equinox lunges in at the champion and the two lock up in a collar and collar tie up. Both men wrench back, trying to catch the upper advantage. Fury pulls Equinox in and shoves him, sending him flying backwards into the corner turnbuckle. Fury runs towards Equinox and tries to sandwich him, but Equinox ducks under and slides past Rex Fury who puts his foot on the turnbuckle to stop himself. Fury looks at Equinox who is standing in the middle of the ring, taunting him to come towards him. The champion simply nods his head and gives him a short clap.

They size each other up once more and engage in a collar and elbow tie up once again. Equinox pulls Fury in and locks in a side headlock. Fury tries to shove Equinox off but he holds onto his grip. Equinox spins around and grabs hold of Fury’s wrist, and ducks under into an arm wringer. He pulls Fury into another side headlock and floats over into a waist lock, and attempts to go for a german suplex. Fury brings his weight down and holds onto Equinox’s hands for leverage, putting a stop to the suplex attempt. Equinox hits a few hard forearms to the back of Fury’s head and goes for the suplex again, but Fury holds his ground.

Rex Fury tries to pry open the tight grip of Joseph Equinox but to no avail. Looking for a way out, he hits a back elbow connecting with the jaw of Equinox. The grip loosens a little and Fury hits another back elbow, causing the grip to break completely. Fury runs towards the ropes, bounces off and hits Equinox with a diving shoulder block, sending Equinox to the mat. He picks up an unstable Equinox and connects with a hammer strike blow to the back of the head. As Equinox starts to get back onto his feet, Fury knocks him down once more with a stiff forearm shot to the back followed by a kick to the face.

Fury picks Equinox up and slaps on a side arm wringer and begins to attack the shoulder of Equinox. Equinox, wincing in pain does a forward roll and a kip up, reversing the arm wringer onto Fury. Fury hits a few hard rights to the face of Equinox causing him to break the hold.

Fury runs and hits the ropes, Equinox drops to the ground and Fury hops over him. COntinuing with the momentum, Fury runs to the ropes and ducks under Equinox who leap frogs over. Fury comes back and gets hit with a stiff back elbow from Equinox. Equinox sees the opportunity and hits a beautiful flipping dropkick onto Fury which sends him stumbling backwards into the ropes. With a full head of steam Equinox runs towards Fury, seeing this, he ducks and back drops Equinox over the top rope. Equinox grabs hold of the top rope and guides himself to land on the apron. He grabs the back of Fury’s head and pulls him down to the mat. As soon as Fury hits the mat, Equinox slingshots himself into the ring and hits a splash with the cover.




Equinox gets onto his feet and runs for the ropes, Fury quickly jumps onto his feet and clotheslines his challenger down to the mat. Fury waits for Equinox as he slowly gets back up to a vertical base. He bounces off the ropes and charges at Equinox, he sees Fury and throws him over the top rope. Alone in the ring, Equinox starts bouncing around in the ring waiting for Fury. Fury starts to get up, using the ring apron to prop himself up. Equinox bounces off the far ropes, runs and jumps onto the ropes hitting a springboard flipping senton. He picks the champion up and slides him into the ring. He goes for the cover.




He picks Fury up and whips him into the ropes. He goes for a hard lariat but Fury ducks under, both bouncing off the ropes Fury goes for a clothesline of his own but Equinox ducks as well. Equinox goes for a spinning headscissors takedown, but Fury sensing this turns it into a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. He holds onto Equinox and picks him up and onto his shoulder. He heads to the corner and turns around, he gets a running start and hits a tremendous running powerslam. He hooks the leg.



Th.. Kickout!

Fury frustrated looks at the referee and asks if it was three, but the referee tells him that it was only two. Fury picks up Equinox and drags him into the corner. He begins to unleash a fury of kicks to the stomach sending the challenger into a seated position. He grabs Equinox and picks him up and whips him into the opposite corner. Fury raises his arms up, trying to get the crowd behind him. He gets a running start and leaps into the air hitting a Stinger splash in the corner. He immediately grabs Equinox by the back of the neck and hits a running bulldog. He hops onto his feet and raises his arms into the air as the capacity audience rallies behind him. Equinox, groggily begins to get onto his feet. Fury hits a few rights and a couple of stiff chops to the chest of Equinox. Fury heads to the corner and hops onto the top turnbuckle with cat-like agility. Equinox, in a desperate attempt hops onto the nearby second rope and leaps into the air. He wraps his legs around Fury and takes him down with a springboard reverse hurricaranna.

The two challengers lay on the mat motionless. Fury then begins to grab his head, injured from the impact of that impressive maneuver by Equinox. Equinox starts to show some signs of life. He kips up and taunts Fury to get onto his feet. He grabs Fury by his head and kicks him in the stomach. He grabs hold of his wrist and sends him into the corner. Equinox runs at him with a full head of steam but Fury stops him with a big boot to the face. As Equinox stumbles backwards Fury rushes out of the corner and hits a neckbreaker.

Equinox tries to get back onto his feet but falls back down to the canvas. Fury puts his hands on his thighs and awaits Equinox to get onto his feet. Equinox finally gets onto his feet and slowly turns around. Fury bounces off of the ropes and goes for a flying crossbody, but in Matrix-style fashion Joseph Equinox leans backwards to evade the crossbody attempt.

Fury gets onto his feet, holding his stomach from the impact of that failed attempt. Equinox signals that its over. He kicks Fury in the stomach and locks in a front face lock, going for his finisher but Fury pushes him off. Fury bounces off the ropes and goes for a clothesline but Equinox ducks under. Fury turns around and walks right into the DIGITAL CODE from Joseph Equinox!!! COVER!!!




And what a way to start off tonight’s festivities on Sunday Night Showdown then with a newly crowned Las Vegas Champion!!!

RESULT: Joseph Equinox def. Rex Fury via pinfall


Backstage in the Goodfellas Arena, the dark haired figure of sVo interviewer Tamara Boyd rushes through a crowded hallway. Making her way through the crowd, she looks about frantically. Out of frustration she screams at her camera crew.

Tamara Boyd: Where the hell is he?

Cameraman: I don’t know – we’ve been looking all night, why don’t we just go interview… I don’t know… ANYONE else?

Tamara Boyd: But this is our assignment. Candi said to interview Night and that’s what we have to do.

Cameraman: Did you think that maybe the guy doesn’t want to be found?

Tamara Boyd: He’s booked in a match soon! He’s here! He’s just a guy in a mask, we have to find him.

Cameraman: Well, let’s try to think like him… mysterious guy… up in the rafters or something?

She pauses, thinking about this suggestion.

Tamara Boyd: I’m pretty sure he’s done that…

Cameraman: Well, I don’t know. What’s the last place we’d think to look… his locker room!


Cameraman: Exactly… so why would we look again?

Tamara Boyd: What?

Cameraman: Maybe he went for a walk or something.

Tamara Boyd: … yeah. I guess that’s possible.

Cameraman: Worth a shot, lets go.

And they do.


We head backstage where Jon Page the 50 % owner of the sVo is walking with his niece Paige Johnson, the general manager of the sVo. Jon Page is dressed as usual in a smart black suit, and Paige is wearing her usual sexy attire, complete with knee high boots. The pair walk quickly as they discuss the latest sVo business.

Jon Page – “Great show lined up tonight Paige, should be some big ratings coming our way again.”

Paige – “Thanks Jon, things are really starting to come together around here. What with our world tour and everything we are really gaining fans everywhere.”

Jon Page – “Yeah should be lots more money in all our pockets. Speaking of big money, you have any idea who Psyko Stevo is going to choose to defend his title against at the Destiny PPV? It’s a week away on we really need a challenger named so that we can begin promoting this thing!”

Paige – “Sorry uncle, haven’t heard anything yet.”

Jon Page – “Ok no problem. But remember if you hear anything, let me know first.”

Jon Page and Paige Johnson are stopped in their tracks down the corridor as they see Anthony Moretti standing infront of them blocking the corridor.

Anthony Moretti – “Unreal, And what makes you two think that Psyko Stevo is going to retain the sVo title anyway?”

Jon Page and Paige Johnson look at each other before Jon Page begins to laugh.

Jon Page – “Please, you even having this shot at the title is the biggest joke in sVo history.

Anthony Moretti snarls at Page before brushing past the two.

Anthony Moretti – “The joke will be on you and the rest of this federation by the end of the night.”

Fade Out.

Lance Diamond vs. ‘Hollywood’ Howie Banks

*The crowd rise up to their feet as ‘Diamonds Are Forever’ is said by a women voice over the loud speakers. And Diamonds begin to appear up on the titon tron. The Lighting begins to turn different colors in the entrance area as what appears to be glitters fall down from the sky. Lance Diamond walks out holding a water bottle in his right hand. He has hige custom made Black Boxing Robe with his Name labeled on the back. Lance takes a drink from his water and begins to hear boos. He throws the rest of the water out into the crowd and the Music picks up. He begins to hop around stretching out his body throwing a couple of pretend combinations with his fist. He walks down the middle of aisle and laughs at the fans who are cussing and booing at him. Lance slides up under the ropes and walks over to the turnbuckle. He takes off the robe and hands it to a man in a suit down near ringside. Lance leans up against the turnbuckles and waits for his opponent.

“Grillz” By Nelly hit’s the sound system and out walks ‘Everyones Favorite White Boy’ with a smile on his face. Howie Banks comes out wearing his normal ring gear with a robe around him that’s a golden yellow colour. It also has white jewels on it. He makes his way down to the ring as the fans try to touch him but he walks a straight line down as he gets to the ring. He walks up the steel steps and onto the ring apron where he disrobes before getting into the ring as the fans have a mixed, but more positive then negative, reaction.

The referee calls for the bell to be rung and this match is underway! Both men approach each other and Lance Diamond starts to dance around, imitating a boxers movements. Howie Banks looks at Diamond in confusion as the fans start to boo and Diamond starts to shadowbox the air in front of Banks. Banks shrugs his head before slapping himself on the right shoulder and playing along with Diamond’s charade, dancing in the center of the ring. The fans start to laugh hysterically as Banks showdow boxes the air in front of Diamond, but Diamond has had enough and he lunges forward, connecting with a stiff right jab to the face of Howie Banks… then a left, then a vicious right cross connects and sends Howie Banks to the mat.

The official runs in to check on Banks as the fans begin to boo as Lance Diamond once again starts to dance around the ring in a boxing fashion, blowing kisses to the auidence. Banks looks up at Diamond and shakes his head in disbelief before rolling out of the ring. Diamond spins around and sees what is happening and quickly follows after Banks, who starts to dig around underneath the ring. Diamond rolls to the outside and quickly sprints at Banks… what the hell? Banks just stepped out of the way and… Banks is choking the life out of Lance Diamond with some of the cord that the TV technicions use! Banks is chocking Diamond out… Diamond is down to one knee, his face looks like it’s about to turn blue, the official is asking him if he wants to give up but Diamond refuses to tap!

Diamond now, he regroups, now he reaches for the steel ringpost… elebow to the face, and another! Banks is forced to let go of the choke out attempt as Lance Diamond connected with some desperation sharp elebows to the face!

Now it’s Diamond dropping down to one knee, trying to catch his breath. Diamond’s face is extremely red as he had to have lost a ton of air while he had that television cord around his neck. Banks recomposes himself, he runs in… spear right into the steel ringpost! Lance Diamond looks like he has been broken in half as Banks goes for the pin… one, two… kickout! Diamond kicks out and Banks is beside himself. Banks starts to walk around ringside, looking for something that he can use to knock out Diamond with… now Banks picks up a steel folding chair… Banks walks over to Diamond… oh! Diamond with a low blow! The fans fill the arena with boos as Lance Diamond just connected with a low blow and Howie Banks just dropped the steel chair and fell to the floor in a heap!

Diamond now, packing around Howie Banks as the fans continue to boo. Diamond picks up the steel chair and he goes to work on the legs of Howie Banks, slamming the steel chair into Banks legs. First the right, now the left… Howie Banks is being decimated out here and Lance Diamond is remorseless the entire time. Diamond now, he’s signaling to the fans that it’s time to end the match… Diamond holds the steel chair HIGH above his head… he’s measuring up Howie’s skull, Diamond is looking to KILL Howie… Diamond now…

What the hell? That’s…

CODY WILLIAMS! The fans give out a huge pop as Cody Williams grabs the steel chair out of Lance Diamonds hands! Lance Diamond turns around… STEEL CHAIR TO THE FACE!

ANGEL’S WING! Wiliams just hit the Angel’s Wing right on the chair! Lance Diamond is out for the count as Howie Banks struggles up to his feet. Banks now, Banks walks over to Cody Williams… Banks extends his hand…

What? RIGHT HAND shot to the face of Howie Banks by Cody Williams! Banks falls right on top of Lance Diamond, the official gets in position…




We have a winner!

Howie Banks picks up a hard fought victory over Lace Diamond, thanks in part to Cody Williams. Why the hell did Williams hit Banks in the face after he helped him though?

RESULT: Howie Banks def. Lance Diamond via pinfall


During a break in the action the sVo camera’s head backstage. We open on Night conversing with Akira Kimura.


Both men crane their heads around to see Gunner Lang standing beside them. Gunner is all smiles as the two men stare blankly at him. Gunner pats Night on the back.

Gunner – Dude first off I wanna say good job on your match last week even though you didn’t win that was gnarly.

Night and Akira are still just staring at Gunner blankly.

Gunner – Ummm kay. Well I was wondering if you had any pointers for me on my match against the …

Lang throws his head back rolling his eyes to the back of his head.


As Gunner lowers his head he sees that the two men are still staring at him.

Gunner – No eh? I just thought since you beat him twice and all.

Night and Akira once again pick up there conversation in Japanese as Gunner stands there.

Gunner – All right then, have a good match tonight.


[We go the ring where Candi Cross, wearing a red dress is standing holding a microphone. She smiles into the camera and picks it up to her sexy lips.]

Candi: Ladies and gentleman, at Destiny, there will be a Triple Threat match for the sVo Hardcore Title which is currently held by Night. It will be Night defending against Lance Diamond and my guest at this time, Accompanied to the ring by Max Masterson, he is the Xtreme Icon Peter Gilmour!

[Walk with me in Hell begins to blare from the PA as Max Masterson comes out in a devilish red suit and pants with his trusty scythe cane he walks around with. He smiles to the crowd then as the music picks up, Peter Gilmour comes out in his traditional black cloaked jacket with hood. Him and Max look at each other then do the “X” taunt as fire emits from the rampway in the same fashion. They go to the ring ignoring the fans taunts and insults. Both get into the ring as the lights go dark and a red spotlight is seen following the duo around the ring. Peter and Max do the “X” taunt again as fire now emits from the turnbuckles. Peter stand ext to Candi as she feels a little uncomfortable but tries to conduct the interview. Max begins to laugh a little as the lights come back on.]

Candi: Err.. Peter Gilmour, next Sunday night at DESTINY, you face Lance Diamond and Night for the Hardcore Title in a HOUSE OF HELL match. Can you explain what the hell a HOUSE OF HELL match is?

[Max grabs the microphone from Candi as the fans boo. Candi gets out of the ring quickly and runs to the back. Max spins the microphone in his hands and begins to talk.]

Max: Now that we got the T & A out of the ring, let’s get down to business. Night, Lance listen up boys. Next week you walk into HELL! You walk into my monster’s own creation, the HOUSE OF HELL. A Hell in a cell cage 20 feet in the air surrounded by barbed wire ropes and bombs outside the cage. Inside the cage will be weapons on the cage and you can bet your ass you can use them to you drop dead. But if somehow, you escape the cage and decide to be brave and want to be on top of that cage, you better PRAY that my monster doesn’t follow you up because he will throw you either off the cage to your death or throw you through that trap door full of c4 explosives that carry 10,000 volts of electricity that could kill a normal man. You see boys, there is no way out for you. No turning back and no chickening out. You made your beds and now you are going to DIE in it next Sunday at DESTINY. Let’s get to the rules. Pretty simple I’ll say. THERE ARE NO RULES!! Only way to win is to survive and get the pinfall on your opponent. It’s just too bad neither of you will be alive to pin my monster Peter in that ring. He has NEVER LOST a HOUSE OF HELL match. Yes, he has spilled tons of blood but he has always persevered and came out the winner. Gentlemen, and I use that term loosely, this match will end your career or put a nice dent in it.

[Peter starts to scream and grunt a little as Max speaks.]

Max: So next Sunday at Destiny, gentleman all I can say is.. GOOD LUCK! You’re going to need it. But tonight, we have a I guess you can say “tune up” match before the Pay Per View as young Gunner Lang takes on the Xtreme Icon Peter Gilmour.

[Fans cheer for Gunner.]

Max: Oh cheer all you want. It’ snot going to help Gunner win. You see Gunner is going to get a glimpse at his future and all of your stupid morons will get a glimpse of what Peter will do in that cage next Sunday night. So Gunner, I hope you have clean pants on, because tonight my monster is going to take you…

[Peter grabs the microphone and breathes heavily into it.]


[Peter slams the microphone down as it obliterates into many pieces as Peter and Max laugh wickedly and Peter starts spewing blood from his mask as it leaves a small puddle in the ring. They then wait for the opponent to come to the ring.]

Peter Gilmour vs. Gunner Lang

The lights go out in the arena and the beginning chords of Lamb of God’s WALK WITH ME IN HELL begin to play. The lights then turn red and Max Masterson begins to make his way out to the ramp. He is dressed in a red suit and holding a Singapore cane. He looks over the crowd and begins to laugh. Soon after, Peter Gilmour comes out in a dark red cloak with no hood and the words “Xtreme” on the back. Peter meets Max and both of them throw up an “X” as fire emits in the same fashion behind them. The duo goes to the ring, ignoring the fans comments towards them. Max gets into the ring first and Peter follows behind him. Peter goes into the middle of the ring stretches out his arms and rolls his eyes in back of his head ala the Undertaker, as the lights come back on. Max takes off Peter’s cloak and Peter looks at the ramp intently, waiting on his next opponent.

The familiar riff of AC/DC’s Thunderstruck fills the arena. As the pyro goes off on the entranceway Gunner Lang explodes onto the entrance ramp shooting off his own pyro from a gun while the sVo Tron shows Gunner and a band playing his entrance music. The fans are on their feet cheering and shout “Gunner” along with the song. Gunner drops the pyro gun and runs down to the ring slapping hands with the fans and giving devil horns. He slides into the ring under the bottom rope and proceeds to take off his shirt and bandanna throwing them into the crowd.

The bell sounds.

This bout begins with two men in the sVo tieing up. Peter Gilmour and Gunner Lang who have never faced each other before are going to find out who is the better man. Gunner Lang pushes the big monster known as Peter Gilmour back into a corner. The referee asks Gunner Lang to back up away from him for a moment as he does that he is booted in the mid section by the self proclaimed Xtreme Icon.

Peter follows it up with a knife edge chop and then runs out from the corner at him with a clothesline that knocks him down. Peter now gets on top of Gunner Lang and hooks his leg for the pin fall attempt. The referee quickly rushes and gets down to the ring mat and starts to smack his hand against the canvas.



Peter Gilmour is going to have to do more then that to keep newcomer Gunner Lang down. Last week Kerry Millano just got past the dude. Peter picks up Gunner and whips him to the ropes. As Lang comes back he notices Gilmour bent over. Gunner then kicks him in the jaw. Gilmour rises up and is then ran at by Gunner who hit’s a big boot to the face of Peter who goes down.

Gunner picks up Peter now and body slams him down. Gunner runs to the ropes and comes back for an elbow drop but misses. Gilmour moves out of the way just in time as Gunner nails his elbow across the ring mat. That had to hurt as we see Peter rising up and grabbing Gunner on his way down again as he hit’s a ddt. Here’s the pin attempt one more time.



Nope, no final three count there. Peter Gilmour continues the assault though as he kicks the back side of Gunner Lang. Gunner grabs the ropes and pulls himself up as Peter Gilmour charges at him full speed. Gunner ducks down and back body drops him up and over the top ropes and to the outside floor. Lang rolls away from the ropes and begins to take a breather as Gilmour lies motionless.

The referee begins to make a count as Peter Gilmour is outside of the ring. Rules are rules people, that’s how professional wrestling goes.




The referee continues to make the count as the fans continue to watch on.



Gunner Lang now rolls in under the bottom rope and to the ring apron. Peter Gilmour grabs a hold of the railing and helps himself up. When he turns around we see Gunner Lang dive at him with a spear that knocks him down. That had to hurt Gunner a little bit too. Both men are on the floor as the referee continues the count while the fans go wild for this awesome match up!




Both men seem to be back up as Gunner Lang and Peter Gilmour try to get on the ring apron and get back into the ring.


Gunner Lang however sticks out his leg and boots Peter Gilmour’s mid section which sends him off the ring apron and smashing his head into the guard rail. That had to hurt! Gunner Lang crawls back into the ring. Here’s the final count.


RESULT: Gunner Lang def. Peter Gilmour via countout


The sVo cameras go backstage once again. We find Gunner Lang lounging and strumming away on his guitar on the newly acquired sofa in his locker room, oblivious to the new second set of locker’s and duffle bags sitting next to them. Gunner laid the guitar down and walked past the new additions still not noticing them. Reached into the fridge and pulled out a bottle of water. As he turned to make his way back to the couch the locker room door flew open. Startled Gunner dropped the water bottle spilling its contents. An unknown man, obviously a wrestler due to his size, stood in front oh him.

Gunner – Dude I think you got the wrong locker room.

Dude – You know, that’s what I thought too, and apparently I went into the wrong place; See, I took a left when I should have taken a right, and apparently, the third door on the right opens directly to the ladies’ room. So, after I was berated and shouted upon, I turned calmly, smiled, stuck my hand out and introduced myself. I said, ‘Ladies, I believe we got off on the wrong foot. The name is Bond, Chris Bond…’ and that’s when the tallest slapped me across the face. So no, this isn’t the wrong room, I took the third door on the right, just like JD told me too.

Bond – YOU have the wrong room.

Gunner – The tallest … Brunette girl. Gotta be Tamara. Dude I saw her naked last week when I got here. Sweet.

Bond – She’s sweet man. Sweeeet!

Gunner – Oh yeah she’s sweet. I think she’s got something going with the bos … whoa … whoa … back up a minute there. I have the wrong room, JD told you. What the deuce is going on here.

Bond – I dunno mano, but between you and me, if the boss is tappin’ that… DAMN! Hahha… wait, you know JD, too?

Gunner – Dude of course I know JD he’s my manager. Now why my manager tell you how to get to my locker room.? Let me guess you want an autograph.

Gunner walks back over the sofa and grabs a pad of paper and a pen and starts writing.

Gunner – Who should I make this out to.

As Gunner is walking towards Bond he slipped in the water he had just spilled crashing to the floor.

Bond just looks at him. Blankly. He starts to crack up and falls to the floor in a fit of laughter.

Both men are laid out on the floor as they start to push themselves up but keep slipping in the water. Gunner leans up on an elbow looking at Bond.

Gunner – Dude are you all right. I don’t know if insurance covers any of this.

Bond – I’m fine, if anything I’ll sue you. It was your water, not the Casino’s… haha.

Gunner picks up the water bottle in his hand turning it over to reveal the label. “Goodfella’s Casino”.

Gunner – Prove it dude.

Bond – Well butter my ass and call me a biscuit! It’s black magic! You said JD was your manager?

Bond pulls himself up off the floor.

Bond –JD James? Because… I just signed a contract a little over two weeks ago, securing him as MY manageeeeeeeeeeerrr!

Bond falls to the floor in a heap once more. Stupid water.

Gunner grabs onto one of the lockers and manages to pull himself up. He offers Bond a hand and begins to pull him up.

Gunner – But JD told me he had no other clients.

As Bond is getting up he losses his balance again pulling Gunner crashing to the floor

Bond – He never mentioned any other clients either… but of course, I didn’t ask. The name’s Chris by the way, Chris Bond.

Gunner – Gunner … Gunner Lang.

Bond – Oh yeah… Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na…. GUNNER!

Bond – Hahahahahha!

Gunner – Laugh it up Dude.

As the two men try and push themselves up off the floor again you guessed it back on the floor.

Bond – And I knew there was no help… no help from you….

Gunner – Dude you got a cell so we can call a janitor or something. Or get JD in here to do his job.

Bond – Oh yeah… that makes sense huh Lang? Let’s see…

Bond reaches into his pocket and pulls out his phone. He looks through the contact list until he finds one and hits the ‘send’ button…

Bond: JD! Yeah… you should come to the locker room… yeah, it appears, there’s been an uh… accident…

GUNNER – HELP WE’VE FALLEN AND WE CAN”T GET UP. Now get you’re ass back here and sort this shit out.

Bond turns to Gunner and hangs the phone up.

Bond – HE say’s he’ll be right here… haha.

Gunner – We can use his depends to sop up this water.

Both men start laughing hysterically until the locker room door swings open.

Gunner / Bond – Hey JD.

The look on James’ face is priceless.

Bond – Lucy… you’ve got some ‘splanin’ too do!


Backstage in Goodfellas Casino. Once again Tamara Boyd bustles through a crowd, this time coming to a stop at a door. She knocks, and opens it before waiting for a reply.

And once inside.

Tamara Boyd: It’s you!


Night: This IS my locker here.

Tamara Boyd: Well, it’s just that this is the first place we looked.

Night: I went for a walk.

Tamara shoots the camera a “don’t you dare say anything” type look. Night looks off beyond the far wall dreamily.

Tamara Boyd: So Night, last week you came close to topping Psyko Stevo for the sVo World Champion on several occassions. How do you feel coming so close and left with nothing.

Night replies, unmoving. He seems to be almost dead to the world. Almost asleep but not quite there.

Night: Stevo is a great champion, it was an honor to face him. But I can’t let myself dwell on defeats… that field is far too big.

Tamara Boyd: Uh, right. Good point. You certainly seem to have your hands full of challengers these days. Tonight you face debuting newcomer, Ruster Reno.

Night nods vaguely.

Tamara Boyd: How do you feel you’ll fare tonight? Do you feel that last week’s loss will affect you tonight?

Night: Ruster Reno is looking to make a name for himself tonight – it’s his sVo debut and obviously he’ll be out to impress. But this isn’t the first time I’ve been in this situation. Many have looked to make an example of me and many have failed. And like I said, I refuse to dwell on my defeats.

Tamara Boyd: So you don’t feel it will affect you?

He shakes his head.

Tamara Boyd: Ok… and finally – last week not only was Lance Diamond was added to the Hardcore Title picture at Destiny but then Peter Gilmour revealed the rather… disturbing design of his own match – the House of Hell Match. This is undoubtedly a match where you will be at a severe disadvantage as the title can change hands without you being pinned or pinning one of the others.

She looks to Night for some sort of reaction, and seems slightly thrown by his lack of response to this comment.

Tamara Boyd: How do you feel about what many would argue is your greatest challenge to date as Hardcore Champion?

Night: Well… it’ll be interesting.

Tamara Boyd: Uh. Yeah – it definitely should be that. But how do you feel your chances are at walking away from Destiny with your championship in tact?

Night: I can’t control fate or the actions of my two opponents. All I can do is focus on myself and my own destiny… so we’ll just have to see. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a match.

And with that he stands and exits the room abruptly, Hardcore Title in hand. Tamara looks to the camera with a look of confused acceptance and can only shrug her shoulders.


With the Destiny PPV only a week ago, many superstars are wondering just who Psyko Stevo will choose to defend his title against after his announcement earlier this evening. One of the men involved in the announcement, Cody Williams, looks as if he has had enough of waiting as he storms into the office of the sVo general manager, Miss Paige Johnson.

Cody Williams – “Paige, has Stevo picked me for Destiny yet?”

Paige raises an eyebrow as she looks at the sVo International Champion, obviously not impressed that Williams has just barged into her office without even knocking.

Paige – “No Cody, there has been no word from Stevo as of yet.”

Cody Williams looks fustrated as he points to the International Championship belt that he has over his shoulder.

Cody Williams – “Look at the belt Paige. Cody Williams – International Champion! That means that I should be the one getting the shot at Destiny, forget about anyone else!”

Paige rolls her eyes at the cockyness displayed by the sVo International Champion.

Paige – “Well I am sure that Stevo will take that into account when making his decision. Maybe you should focus on keeping your belt at Destiny though as it is. There are three guys fighting tonight for the honour of facing you….. looks like you might have a task on your hands at Destiny as it is.”

Cody Williams laughs at the mere suggestion from Paige as he makes his way out of the office. As if anyone in the sVo was good enough to take the International Championship away from him at Destiny……

Ruster Reno vs. Night

‘Satellite’ by P.O.D echoes throughout the All State Arena, as the fans rise up in anticipation.

There is more or less no reaction from the fans in the arena, as ‘Romeo’ Ruster Reno steps out from behind the curtains. A look of disgust is planted on his face, as he looks across both sides of the entrance ramp.

Dressed in red pants, red boots, and a tight, red t-shirt, Reno spits towards the fans as he casually strolls down the ramp. Reno flicks off his shades, and stops at the foot of the ramp.

He slowly walks around the ring towards the ring steps, casually taking a step at a time till he reaches the top – leaning against the ropes whilst facing towards the fans.

As though he has all the time in the world, he climbs through the ropes and holds him arms aloft, taking in the huge amount of jeers as he does.

The music cuts out, as Reno steps onto the turnbuckle, showing his body off to the fans, and flexing his muscles to all portions of the crowd.

A brief pause follows in preparation for Night’s entrance.

A whisper…

“I’m dreaming…”

The distant chords of Deftones’ “Knife Party” cut through the PA as the arena lights cut completely. The Tron sparks to life as the words “I’m dreaming…” float onto it. As the song errupts the words are replaced by one.

A name.

” N I G H T “

An explosion of purple light as a man in a black mask appears. At least, the mask appears black at first, but on closer inspection it appears to be made of the night sky. The mask does not entirely cover the man’s head and a head of black dreadlocks stream out, tracing the man’s jaw.

The man stands at the top of the entrance ramp – motionless for a moment, his stance elegant and mysterious, giving away nothing of his motives. As the music swirls away, the man only known as Night begins his walk to the ring – only, he doesn’t walk, it appears more of a graceful glide. Although he moves seemlessly, he moves deceptively quickly to the ring, sliding deliberately and headfirst into the ring.

The referee begins to check each contestant to make sure they aren’t concealing any illegal objects. Satisfied, he signals to the timekeeper to begin the match. The bell rings and both men exit their corners, cautiously approaching the center of the ring to meet each other. Ruster, a newcomer to sVo, tries to talk down Night and uses his slight size advantage to get inside Night’s head, squaring up to him and daring him to make a move.

Night, the veteran in this match, doesn’t take the bait and steps back, instead daring Ruster to make the first move. Ruster’s confidence and eagerness to make an impact get the better of him and he advances on Night. Ruster immediately attempts a boot to the abdomen, but Night grabs the leg and steps over it, connecting with a modified enziguiri! The fans cheer as Night breaks out a relatively slick move early on.

Night raises Ruster by the head and whips him against the ropes, connecting with a spinning heel kick on the rebound! Another cheer from the crowd as Night looks to be taking the upper hand of the match. Night makes his way over to Ruster and climbs through the closest set of ropes onto the ring apron, before jumping off them with a slingshot legdrop! But Ruster sees it coming and manages to move out of the way before it connects! Night manages to save himself at the last second and rolls through the legdrop to avoid hurting himself.

By the time Night rises to a vertical stance, Ruster is already advancing on him and connects with the kick to the mid-section which failed earlier. Night doubles over in pain as Ruster attempts a powerbomb on the high-flyer, picking him up to his shoulders. The agile Night manages to pry Ruster’s arms off and performs a sunset flip off his shoulders, landing behind Reno. Night quickly gets to his feet once more and nails Reno in the chin with a dropkick!

Reno staggers backwards into the ring ropes as Night stays on the offence. Night runs at Reno, who catches Night with a back body drop over the ropes! Night again manages to save himself, however, as he lands on the apron feet-first. Before he can catch his opponent off-guard, Reno quickly takes Night down with a clothesline. Night cracks his back on the apron, which causes the crowd to collectively wince as though they feel his pain.

With the spot machine taken down to the ground, Reno begins his assault. He drags Night under the bottom rope and back into the ring, putting several well-placed kicks into Night’s back. Reno picks Night up by his hair and picks him up, slamming him back down into the mat. He repeats this twice more, hitting Night with a total of three body slams, continuing his well-coordinated attack of the spine. He runes off the ropes and grinds an elbow drop into into the lower back, trying to incapacitate Night and prevent any high-flying moves.

Reno now stands over Night and raises his arms in the air, mocking the ring veteran. Night tries to recover, but each time he slowly sits up, Ruster gives him a stiff kick to the head for his troubles. Night sits up for a fourth time, and as Reno attempts to put a boot to him, Night catches his foot and quickly gets to his feet. Still holding Reno by the foot, Night gives it a sharp twist and takes him down with a dragonscrew! This seems to take it’s toll on Night too, however, as he had to jerk his back in order to pull off the move, aggravating it after Reno’s assault.

Night soldiers through the pain as the crowd cheer him on, and he begins to stalk Reno like a shadow, waiting for him to get up. The Californian heartthrob slowly gets to his knees and turns around, only to be met with a shining wizard! Night wastes no time in scooping up Ruster after this signature maneuver and picks him up onto his shoulders, where he connects with THE DREAMING! Night hooks the leg in the first pin attempt during the entire match.




The referee raises Night’s hand in victory as the Japanese native celebrates, still clutching his back as a result of the hard-fought match.

RESULT: Night def. Ruster Reno via pinfall


Backstage the #1 contender for the sVo World Championship belt, Anthony Moretti, is standing by in the interview area with head interviewer Candi Cross. Anthony Moretti is already dressed for battle and looks in confident mood before his big championship showdown against current champion Psyko Stevo.

Candi Cross – “Anthony, tonight you take on Psyko Stevo for the World Championship, however many fans are surprised that you are even in the match against the champion at this stage of your career.”

Anthony Moretti looks enraged as he stares down Candi Cross.

Anthony Moretti – “You know what Candi, I am sick of this. All I have had all week is constant disrespect about me taking on Stevo. Lets state the facts here. Mike Polowy hand picked me to be in the tournament to find out the #1 contender for the World Championship. Johnny All Star pussied out of facing me in the semi finals, and I got the three count over Kelly Flawless in the final. Yeah that’s right, everyone thought that Kelly Flawless was a shoe in for the win and yet it was me that got the three count.”

Candi Cross – “With all due respect, it was only after interference…”

Anthony Moretti smirks as he thinks back to the blatant cheating that got him the win last week against Kelly Flawless.

Anthony Moretti – “If the referee doesn’t see it then what can be done about it? All that matters is that tonight I take on Psyko Stevo, and I intend on showing the whole world that they are wrong to doubt to doubt Anthony Moretti as a force in the sVo ring.”

Candi Cross – “Well Psyko Stevo has already said that he will retain the sVo Championship tonight, and that he will also announced which superstar he will defend his belt against. If you do pull off an upset and win the belt, who do you intend on defending the belt against?”

Anthony Moretti – “When I win the belt tonight, i will announce who I will defend it against at Destiny…… and that person is nobody!”

Candi Cross – “Nobody?”

Anthony Moretti – “There isn’t anyone in the sVo that deserves a shot at the world title right now and you know that. Destiny will be all about celebrating my win, and your invited to the party Candi!”

Anthony Moretti passes a surprised Candi Cross a party invitation for his World title winning celebration, before leaving the scene!

Cody Williams vs. Kelly Flawless

The sound of a THX Dolby Digital Surround Sound test fills the arena, synched to the slow dimming of the house lights. “Head Like A Hole” (Clay Remix) by Nine Inch Nails plays on the speakers. Gold lights and lasers wander throughout the arena as smoke and the flashing of a strobe light covers the entranceway.

Bow down before the one you serve
You’re going to get what you deserve
Bow down before the one you serve
You’re going to get what you deserve

The smoke gets heavier as it settles in a foggy haze as Cody Williams makes his way through the curtain. He looks out into the crowd and turns sideways, extending his arms out to his sides. The smoke begins to clear as Cody peers behind him to see Sasha emerge from the curtain and the two make their way to the ring.

The two make their way onto the apron: Sasha slowly entering the ring, bending over and showing off her assets. Cody stares and makes motion of his heart beating fast. He slaps her on the ass and steps into the ring. He rushes to the nearest corner and raises his arms up in the air, staring into the crowd. He opens up his fur coat, exposing the sVo International championship. He caresses the belt, pounds his chest three times, and then points out to crowd and then points to himself. He jumps off the turnbuckle, doing a 180 turn and starts bouncing around while Sasha takes off his coat.

Aerosmith’s ‘Dream On’ catalysed a chorus of jeers that resonated throughout the arena like a gunshot. The SVO faithful had rose to their feet in unison to express their amalgamated detest. It seemed as though it was something that broke the bounds of kayfabe; they had a genuine hatred for Kelly Flawless. And the only thing that superseded the intense reaction he received, and the profound dislike that the fans shared towards him, was the disturbing smirk he wore as he parted the entranceway curtain. The Blonde Bomber actually enjoyed their reaction.

He marched down the steel ramp, cackling to himself – feeding off their resentment. He had taken multiple shots at them, but he didn’t care; in his mind, he was second only to God. And even that line was a little blurred at some times.

He rolled under the bottom rope, his hair sparkling like the death of a thousand stars. His mouth was a like an out of control automatic weapon – unloading at anything that came near. He was in the ring for one sole purpose: to back up the rounds that his lips were firing.

He paced the squared circle; ready as always for combat.

The referee calls for the bell, and the match between Flawless and Williams is underway! Flawless runs at Williams, however the International Champion quickly sidesteps Flawless and sends him into the ropes. Flawless bounces back, and receives a knee to the midsection from Williams. The sVo International Champion quickly follows up with a chop to the back of the head on Flawless. Cody Williams quickly grabs Flawless by the back of the head and sends him down to the mat with a DDT. Sasha cheers Williams on as he puts the boots to Kelly Flawless, who will no doubt by looking to bounce back from his defeat to Anthony Moretti last week.

Kelly Flawless slowly struggles up to his feet, but as grabbed once again by Cody Williams. Williams sends Flawless into the ropes and then drops his shoulder ready to back drop Flawless, however Kelly Flawless sees the move coming and counters with a big kick to the face of Cody Williams. Cody Williams staggers back holding his face, allowing Kelly Flawless the opportunity to take the International Champion down with a face buster. The fans boo Kelly Flawless, but he doesn’t seem to care as he pulls Cody Williams up and throws him into the ropes. Cody Williams grabs hold of the ropes trying to get away from Kelly Flawless, however Flawless is quickly onto Williams with some big punches! Flawless drags Williams away from the ropes and takes him to the mat with a half nelson slam. With Williams down on the mat, Flawless quickly goes for the cover on the International Champion.




A shoulder up from the sVo International Champion and this match continues! The Alaskan superstar Kelly Flawless rises back up to his feet, and lays into Cody Williams with some big stomps. The International Champion soon also makes his way back up to his feet, and he tackles Flawless to the mat! The pair nail each other on the mat, before Cody Williams gains the upper hand and pulls Kelly Flawless up to his feet. Cody Williams quickly hits a Hard Sweeping STO on Flawless to gain control of the match!

The referee checks on Flawless after the high impact move, however as he does Cody William’s manager Sasha throws the International title belt into the ring! The fans boo, but as she does Sasha jumps onto the ring apron to distract the referee! With the referee’s back turned, Williams grabs hold of Flawless and nails him with a ‘Picture Perfect’ onto the title belt! The fans boo, but the referee turns around just to see Cody Williams making the cover!




RESULT: Cody Williams def. Kelly Flawless via pinfall


Several backstage crew members make their way down to ringside and come to the aid of Kelly Flawless. They assist him onto his feet, and begin fanning him in an attempt to help him regain conciousness. They carry Flawless up the ramp and head towards the backstage area. Cody Williams motions for a microphone and Sasha retrieves on and passes it to Cody. He holds the microphone in his hand firmly and looks out into the audience as they boo and make unfriendly gestures towards him.

Cody Williams: I could care less about what you stupid fans think so why don’t you shut the hell up? I am sick and tired of coming out here week in an week out and putting on a show for all of you. I am sick and tired of giving it everything I got and have nothing to show for it. Sure, I have the sVo International championship in my possession, I have Sasha by my side now as my wife, but other than that, I have nothing to show for my hard work and dedication in this company. Ever since I came into the sVo I have given nothing less than 110% in every match I have been booked in. From my debut match with Malik Roland, to my match where I became number one contender for the International title; from my four way match at Hostile Violence to my four star ladder match with Alex Ross; and from my International title win to defeating Psyko Stevo. I have participated in and won several big time matches in my short stay here as well as main event two Sunday Night Showdowns. In fact, I even beat YOUR World Champion PSYKO STEVO.

Williams makes his way over to the ropes and grabs hold of the top rope leaning over it.

Cody Williams: I beat Psyko Stevo cleanly in the middle of this ring one… two… three and what happens? He gets a World title shot and ends up winning the whole thing! It should have been ME, “The Reflection of Perfection” Cody Williams in that World title match, and I SHOULD BE the World champion! But the people in the big office find it in my “best interest” to stay in the upper card and further establish myself and make my niche in the company. If beating your current World champion isn’t establishing myself or making my niche in this company than I don’t know what is. So I took the sVo up on their offer and I competed in the International championship match and not only did I win the belt, but I broke Alex Ross’ neck in the process. And I did it on purpose, now he can feel my pain and suffering that I went through five years ago. I did it to the send a message to the higher ups and let them know that I mean business, that I deserve some RESPECT around here and that I am not to be taken lightly. And how do they reward me? They give me Joey Peyton.

He takes a step back from the rope and begins to make his way back to the center of the ring. On his way he sees a sign that says “Why Cody Why?” he shrugs at the fan before giving him the F-U arm gesture, much to the dismay of the capacity crowd.

Cody Williams: Joey Peyton, a washed up has been who is way past his prime and should just hang up his boots all together. I proved to him that his time in the spotlight, his time to shine is over with and that there is a new sheriff in town and his name is Cody Williams. After I dropped him on his head the same way I did Alex Ross and found out that I didn’t break his neck, I made sure that I made it hurt where it counts and I proceeded to attack him with a steel chair over and over and over again. It was almost therapeutic!! With each steel chair shot the more and more stronger, more relieved I felt! Its so sickening that I LOVE IT! If injury one of the top guys like Alex Ross wasn’t sending a message then this certainly would. But much like the rest of my stay here in sVo, tragedy struck again! Howie Banks, when I came to the sVo you were the only familiar person to me and the only person that I thought I could TRUST! But ever since our tour in Japan in 2002, ever since I got injured you took the spotlight off of me and let it shine on you.

He pauses for a brief second, only to rub the sweat off of his brow and rub his chin. He lifts the microphone back up to his mouth.

Cody Williams: While I sat in a wheel chair, you were becoming a household name and making your mark in the wrestling world and become a hot commodity in the United States. When I made my return, I befriended you and I thought things would be different. But they haven’t things haven’t changed. I gave you an ultimatum, it was either Stevo or me, and what do you do? You choose to stay friends with both of us, thinking things would work out. But guess what? THEY HAVEN’T! And what makes it worse was when you got your chance at a shot for the World title while I sat in the back watching on a television screen. It should have been me out there wrestling for that chance. What about me? What about Cody Williams?!?! I just proved myself by beating, the untouchable Kelly Flawless, the biggest name in the sVo aside from the World Champion himself. If that isn’t sending a message to the boys in the office, if that doesn’t make them realize who the REAL DEAL is… Then I guess its time to makes changes myself!!! If anyone deserves a shot its me! I am sick and tired of sitting around waiting for things to happen, I am sick and tired of getting the butt end of the deal and I am sick and tired of being DISRESPECTED. Enough is enough and if I have to make things happen, so be it. This is the dawning of a NEW era, the “Perfectly International Heavyweight ERA”, my quest to the World Heavyweight championship. And whoever stands in my way will just be another victim. Don’t say you haven’t been warned. And that’s not a threat, that’s a PROMISE! From God’s gift to professional wrestling, “The Reflection of Perfection” Cody Williams!!!

Cody throws the microphone down to the mat and raises his International championship in the air. “Head Like A Hole” (Clay Remix) by Nine Inch Nails begins to play on the sound system as he throws the belt over his shoulder and extends his hand out for Sasha to hold on to. He assists Sasha out of the ring and hands her the title, he hops over the top rope, lands on the apron and then hops off. He begins to make his way up the rampway before turning around and looking back at the crowd. He extends his arms out to his sides as he continues to make his way up the ramp. He stops at the top and looks to his left, and then his right. He gives the F-U gesture and holds it there for everyone to see as he starts to get drowned in an plethora of boos and verbal shouts.

Fade to black.


The view on the V-Tron switches from shots of the live crowd to the backstage area of the arena, where we see Katie Smith stood in front of an sVo-themed backdrop, featuring a wall of steel mesh behind her.

The majority of male audience members begin to whistle, with one fan audibly screaming ‘GET ‘EM OUT, KATIE!’. She plays it off as though she doesn’t hear it and raises a microphone to her mouth.

KATIE: Ladies and gentlemen, we are just moments away from the highly-anticipated triple threat match featuring Kerry Millano, Jason Fox and, stood right next to me, “The Hope” Isaac White!

The camera turns to the left, revealing White, as promised. He smiles and removes his hat, taking a deep bow, before standing upright and placing it back on his head.

Katie returns the smile and speaks once more.

KATIE: Isaac, I spoke to you a couple of weeks ago just before your match with Mr. Classic, and you claimed that you don’t care about winning or losing in sVo. Surely this match changes your opinion, if only for tonight? Think of the pay bonus you’d get as International Champion!

She places the microphone under White’s mouth for a respone.

ISAAC: You’d think so, wouldn’t you? However, right now I’m not concerned with Kerry Millano or Jason Fox. I don’t give a damn about Cody Williams or his International Championship.

Right now, all I care about is the mystery man I targeted in my crosshairs whilst at The Barracks.

Katie jumps on Isaac’s last comment and presses him for more information.

KATIE: Just who is this mystery man? Can you give us any clues? When can we expect to see a confrontation?

She thrusts the microphone under his mouth eagerly. Isaac takes a few moments to carefully mull over his response, choosing his words carefully, revelling in the fact Katie seems so hooked for the tiniest piece of information.

ISAAC: I can’t tell you who it is. Nor can I give you a clue. Hopefully, a confrontation will be avoidable. I don’t want to have to beat this individual down into a bloody pulp like I have with everybody else thus far. I’m hoping a simple, friendly warning will suffice.

As for a time or date, I’ve already dropped a hint as to when to expect something to occur.

The Requiem For A Dream Remix can now be heard in the arena, to which Isaac White raises his head and sniffs the air, with a smile on his face. He speaks his final words.

ISAAC: Aaah, I love the smell of Undesirables in the evening! Sorry Katie, but duty calls.

Isaac adjusts his travelling cloak and dusts his shoulders off, marching purposefully out of view and out into the arena.

Kerry Millano vs. Isaac White vs. Jason Fox

As ‘Epic’ blares over the loudspeakers, Jason Fox stands defiantly at the top of the entranceway. He twists his neck as his pyro goes off and walks slowly to the ring. He leaps over the top rope and jumps to the nearest turnbuckle to await his match.

Blackness. A piercing light falls upon the stage as ‘Requiem’ can be heard distantly in the background, gradually becoming louder and louder.

A purple mist slowly begins to unravel down the aisle, creeping across the floor in a hypnotic display of twisting, serpentine tendrils.

By this point, ‘Requiem’ is playing in full force, and “The Hope” Isaac White steps out into the spotlight, leaning on his cane with one hand and pulling his hat down low with the other.

White basks in the warm glow of the spotlight momentarily before flicking the brim of his hat up and walking down to the ring, twirling his cane in one hand. He taps his cane on the steel steps and ascends them one step at a time. He wipes his feet on the apron and climbs the nearest turnbuckle, lowering his head and allowing his hat to roll down his arm before catching it in his hand and holding it up, with his cane in the opposite hand.

After this display, White jumps from the turnbuckle into the ring and begins to shed his entrance clothing, preparing for the task at hand.

A split second brought the entire event to noir as the audible hum of anxious fans echoed throughout the arena. Their wait would go no further as smooth flanged instrumentals interrupted. Soon this bassless whine would slowly pick up with background drums beginning to strengthen every second that passed. The cadence quickened, accompanied by a disc jockey’s record scratching, until it finally dropped into a mellow jazz tune.

As the drum hit to begin the jazz tune, Kerry Millano took his leave of the backstage, 211 Steel Reserve bottle in hand, occasionally taking a gulp as he paced slowly down the aisle. He made sure to belittle as many fans as possible during his descent of the ramp. While he was serenaded by White Zombie’s child friendly demon groans, he continuously took swig after swig of the malt beverage he carried down with him.

Before he would enter the ring, however, he paced about the outside in search of a lucky fan. Approaching the guard rail, he menacingly glared at the crowd of onlookers who were sharing exactly how they felt about The Career Killer with their unified chants.


All he did was smirk..

That was, before spewing the ‘high gravity lager’ at entire front row in a floating mist. As he backed away, pointing and laughing, he finally rolled into the squared circle where he nonchalantly retreated to a corner. As he dropped to a seat, he rocked his head backward to rest on the middle turnbuckle providing no signs of anticipation for the opponent.

He just turned his bottle up.

What a fucking prick.

The match begins as the referee calls for the bell to be rung and the three competitors stare each other down! Millano quickly makes his way towards Jason Fox and takes his opponent down with a spear. Millano lays into Fox with some mounted punches, however not for long as Isaac White nails Millano with a stomp to the back of the head. White pulls Millano up to his feet and quickly sends him into the corner of the ring. Millano hits the turnbuckle hard, but Isaac White quickly follows up with a splash in the corner. White beings to hit Millano with huge punches in the corner, obviously wanting to win the match and go on to face Cody Williams for the sVo International Championship at Destiny.

White pulls Millano out of the corner and takes him down to the mat with a quick DDT. However before he can follow up on the move, he is grabbed from behind by Jason Fox. Jason Fox, who last week scored a win over the International Champion, takes Isaac White to the mat with a quick German suplex. Fox follows up with some punches to the back of the head of ‘the Hope’. Isaac White however is able to struggle up to his feet, only for Fox to get right back on the offensive. Fox whips White hard into the ropes, and then takes him to the mat with a stiff clothesline. Fox stomps away on Isaac White only to turn his attention to Kerry Millano as he rises to his feet. Millano who has been set the task of pinning both men, runs at Fox, but a drop toe hold from Jason Fox sends Millano down to the mat.

With Millano down and helpless, Jason Fox locks on a cobra clutch submission move onto his opponent and goes for the submission win! The referee asks Millano if he would like to tap out, however Millano says no and Fox tightens the hold! Will Millano really tap out to Jason Fox’s cobra clutch when he has been set the opportunity to progress so quickly in the sVo by Paige? Just when it looks like Millano will have no option but to tap, Isaac White comes to the rescue by dropping an elbow across the back of Jason Fox to break the hold!

Isaac White pulls Jason Fox up off of the mat and slams his head into the turnbuckle! Jason Fox staggers backwards from the blow, and White nails Fox with a reverse DDT! Fox rolls out of the ring under the bottom rope to escape further offence from Isaac White, as ‘the Hope’ turns his attention towards Kerry Millano. Millano meets Isaac White with right hands and the two newcomers who have made impressive debuts in recent weeks trade big right and left hands as the crowd pop for the action in the ring! Kerry Millano breaks off the punches with a knee in the midsection, before taking Isaac White down to the mat with an arm drag takedown.

Kerry Millano stands in wait for Isaac White as his opponent struggles up to his feet. Isaac White stumbles up towards Kerry Millano, however Millano quickly grabs hold of Isaac White and slams him down to the mat with a dragon suplex. With Isaac White down, Kerry Millano quickly goes for the cover!



No! Isaac White gets a shoulder up off of the mat and the match continues! Kerry Millano drags Isaac White up to his feet and throws him hard into the ropes! White bounces back, and runs straight into a spinning kick from Kerry Millano to knock him to the mat!

With White down, Millano quickly turns his attention to Jason Fox as he strives to pin both men in order to gain a shot at the sVo World Championship! Millano pulls Fox to his feet and quickly plants him with ‘the Decline’! The fans are on their feet for the brutal finishing move, however as Kerry Millano attempts to make the cover on Fox, he is grabbed from behind by Isaac White! White quickly tosses Millano out of the ring, before making the cover on Fox himelf!




This one is all over, but in a closely fought match Isaac White steals the victory from right under the nose of Kerry Millano!

RESULT: Isaac White def. Jason Fox & Kerry Millano via pinfall


‘Touché’ by Godsmack fills the arena as JD James saunters out onto the entrance ramp. The fans are a little confused. JD paces back and forth the ramp while the fans calm down. JD lifts the mic to his mouth.

JD – Remember a couple of weeks ago when I had the misfortune to lose my client Johnny All-Star to an early retirement, and I told him that I had a couple of things cooking. Well I’ve served up my first course with Gunner Lang. Right now I would like to serve you my second course. Ladies and Gentleman please welcome the one and only Chris Bond.

Once more ‘Touché’ fills the arena as the man with formerly soaked trousers begins to walk out. This time, he’s sporting dry jeans, belted across his lower waist, with a loose fitting orange t-shirt that reads “Las Vegas” across the front. He walks over and shakes JD’s hand. James slowly hands Bond the microphone, and stands back.

Bond- Now, I’ve been under contract with the sVo for almost a month now. I sat back, I watched to see what was what, who was who, and quite honestly few names seemed to stand out. People with pure, athletic talent that could stand up in a real wrestling match, and ladies and gentlemen, one of them is Kerry Millano. Now, I know I’m going to get some heat for this, because honestly, the guy’s a douche-bag dressed as a prick, but boy-oh-boy can the guy wrestle. But after tonight, we all saw why he deserves to be mentioned. That’s also why I’m out here.

The crowd gets a little more into the new comer, namely because he called the “Career Killer” a douche-bag dressed as a prick, but also because of the respect the new comer is showing.

Bond-Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here to issue an open challenge to Mr. Millano; He can accept, he can decline, I don’t give a shit. I want to challenge him to a match at Destiny. Now, I’m sure he’s got bigger fish to fry, but as he’s mentioned before, he competes for competition… not for gold and glory. So I’m challenging him to a match that may seem a little farfetched for a newbie like me, but ladies and gentlemen, I’m not a newb. I’ve faced greats like Mike Polowy and beaten them. I’ve faced greats like Curtis Knight, a guy who most of you are familiar with, and beaten them. I’ve competed in everything from a Bowling Alley Brawl to a Flaming Tables match and I’ve competed in Ultimate Submission contests and the ever so classic, Birdcage from Hell. Anyhow the match I’m prepared to face Mr. Millano in is a normal singles contest.

The crowd turns their heads in unison. “What?!” can be heard shouted from the crowd.

Bond- I know, a classic contest, where the two men compete to see who the winner is? How weird. But ladies and gentlemen, the wrestling most of us grew up with did not contain “Houses of Hell” or “Vibrators on a Pole” no, we grew up with two men, battling between the ropes for the winner to make his opponent submit, or pin him to the ground, and the best way for me to fully understand, Mr. Millano’s dedication to the great sport of mine, is to face him in what we all know. So, JD… what do you think, do you think he’ll take it? Or do you think he’ll brush me off?

Bond hands the mic back to JD and stands back.

JD- You know Mr. Bond, I haven’t the slightest clue. We’ll see won’t we? What do you folks think?

The crowd cheers, namely for the fact they’re getting polled, but also for the fact that pure athletic competition may be seen live March 29, 2008 at Destiny. ‘Touché’ once more blasts over the PA system and both JD James and Chris Bond make their way to the back, leaving nothing more than a speculation lingering in the air.

Psyko Stevo (c) vs. Anthony Moretti

‘Woke Up This Morning’ by A3 hits the sound system and the fans boo as the gold lights flash around the arena. After a few seconds, Anthony Moretti steps onto the entrance ramp with his hands in the air. Moretti slowly makes his way down the ramp towards the ring, ignoring the boos of the fans. Anthony Moretti cockily steps up onto the ring apron, before climbing through the ropes and into the ring. Acting like the superstar he thinks he is, Anthony Moretti raises both hands in the air, however receives nothing but boos from the fans.

“Sensation washes over me
I can’t describe it
Pain I felt so long ago
I don’t remember
Tear a hole so I can see
My devastation
Feelings from so long ago
I don’t remember”

“Remember” by Disturbed hits the sound system and the anticipation in the arena grows as a flash of pyros welcomes the arrival of ‘the best around’ Psyko Stevo in the sVo entrance ramp! Stevo raises his hands in the air to taunt the fans before slowly making his way down the steel ramp towards the ring. Halfway down the ramp Stevo stops and poses once again for the fans, with another burst of golden pyros firing up into the air behind him as he does. ‘The Ironman’ then slides into the ring and bounces on the second rope to once again signal to the crowd, before retreating to the corner of the ring for some last minute warm ups before the match gets underway.

The referee holds Psyko Stevo’s sVo World Championship belt in the air signalling that it will be on the line in tonight’s match, before handing it to the timekeeper at ringside. The referee then calls for the bell to be rung, and the second sVo Championship match in two weeks gets underway! Stevo and Moretti make their way towards each other, and Stevo quickly grabs the arm of Moretti and twists it behind his back. Stevo cranks up the pain on Moretti, before progressing the hold into a side head lock on Anthony Moretti. Anthony Moretti does his best to wriggle and try and get his head out of the hold, however Psyko Stevo manages to nail a bulldog on Anthony Moretti to take him down to the mat!

Anthony Moretti slowly rises back up to his feet, however he receives a selection of martial arts kicks from Psyko Stevo. The kicks from the champion knock Moretti into the corner, where Psyko Stevo follows up on the bosses son with a splash in the corner. Anthony Moretti stumbles out following the impact, and Psyko Stevo takes advantage with a side suplex on Moretti! The fans cheer the dominance of the World Champion against the un-favoured contender, but Psyko Stevo continues to glance towards the entrance ramp incase of the interference that Anthony Moretti has promised!

Anthony Moretti slowly gets to his feet, but as Psyko Stevo swings at him with a punch, Moretti ducks out of the way of Stevo’s arm before hitting him with a diving lariat. Psyko Stevo is quickly up to his feet, but Anthony Moretti quickly gets back on the sVo World Champion with some punches, before taking him down to the mat with a snap suplex. The fans boo Moretti, but he begins to pound on the World Champion with some quick punches. Anthony Moretti pulls Psyko Stevo up to his feet, and quickly sends the Champion into the ropes. Psyko Stevo bounces back towards Anthony Moretti, who takes him down to the mat with a backdrop. With Stevo down, Anthony Moretti hooks the leg and makes the cover on the champion!




A shoulder up from the champion means that this match continues! Anthony Moretti looks frustrated with the referee as he pulls Psyko Stevo up and sends him into the corner of the ring. Anthony Moretti stomps away on Psyko Stevo in the corner of the ring, before grabbing him by the back of the head. Anthony Moretti tries to slam Psyko Stevo head first into the corner of the ring, however Stevo uses his strength to block the move! Psyko Stevo then proceeds to slam Anthony Moretti’s head into the corner of the ring before hitting him with a big back suplex out of the corner! The fans cheer the move from Psyko Stevo, as the Champion goes for the cover!



The referee breaks the count as out of the crowd jumps the Moretti’s bodyguard Zac Brindle! Brindle, who last week won the match for Moretti, quickly jumps into the ring! The referee grabs hold of Brindle and orders him out of the ring, but as Brindle protests he is distracting the referee from counting the pin! Psyko Stevo rises up to his feet and is livid as he grabs hold of Zac Brindle! The fans pop as Stevo throws the Moretti’s bodyguard over the top rope and to the floor below! However as the World Champion turns back around to face his opponent, he is met with a low blow from Anthony Moretti! The crowd boo the blatant cheating from the challenger, but the referee seems to have missed it as Anthony Moretti takes Psyko Stevo down with a spinning DDT! Sensing a shock victory, Anthony Moretti quickly goes for the cover on Stevo!




Somehow Psyko Stevo gets a shoulder up off of the mat and this match continues! Anthony Moretti holds his head in shock, he was sure he had put Psyko Stevo away with that move! Psyko Stevo slowly begins to rise up to his feet, however as he does he is grabbed in a full nelson by Anthony Moretti! Moretti tries to hit a full nelson slam on Psyko Stevo, however the Champion blocks it! The fans can’t believe it as Psyko Stevo nails Anthony Moretti with a back headbutt, before taking him down to the mat with a spinebuster! Psyko Stevo looks around at the fans in the Goodfellas Arena that are cheering his name as he waits for Anthony Moretti to get to his feet. Anthony Moretti slowly rises to his feet, and then runs at Psyko Stevo. Moretti looks for a clothesline on Psyko Stevo, however the World Champion ducks out of the way of the arm of Moretti before bouncing off of the ropes himself. As Moretti bounces back towards Stevo, the World Champion lands the ‘Psyklone’ on the challenger! The fans pop for the trademark-finishing move from Psyko Stevo, who quickly goes for the cover!




This one is all over, and Psyko Stevo retains the sVo World Championship strap for the second week running! The referee presents the belt back to the Champion, and Psyko Stevo holds it aloft as his music blares over the sound system!

RESULT: Psyko Stevo def. Anthony Moretti via pinfall


*It’s all over and Psyko Stevo stands tall in the center of the ring. Two weeks, two title defenses. The fans cheer as the official hands Stevo his belt and he raises in the air before climbing the far turnbuckle as the fans erupt in cheer. Suddenly and without warning, “Woke Up This Morning” by A3 hits the PA and the fans pop once again as Jimmy Moretti, cigar in mouth and devious smile on face, comes walking out from the backstage area with a mic in his hand.*

Jimmy: All right, so ya did it… whatever. Bid deal.

*The fans boo as Moretti shrugs it off and continues speaking.*

Jimmy: What’s it gonna be then? Who are you going to face? Banks? Williams? Night? A combonation cop out? Or will you actually show some moxy and face all three of them!?

*Stevo, sweat plastered all over his face from the match he just participated in moments ago, raises the mic to his lips. Before he can speak though, “‘Hip Hop’ by Dead Prez hits the PA system and out walks Jon Page.*

Page: Stevo… don’t listen to Jimmy, you don’t gotta do this. Two title defenses in two weeks, no one questions the fact that you’re the rightful sVo World Champion. Just go ahead and pick one opponent to face and let’s get this over with.

*Moretti and Page’s eye lock in on each other and the two appear close to a physical confrontation, before anything can escalate though, Stevo interrupts.*

Stevo: I’ve thought it over, and while I really respect your advice as a friend Jon… I’m kinda stuck in the middle here.

*Page and Moretti’s attention shifts to the ring and Stevo starts to pace around.*

Stevo: I could face Howie Banks, but then everyones just gonna call me Polowy 2, because that will be exactly what he did when he elected to face Johnny All Star time after time. I could face Night, but what do I really have to gain by defeating him again? I could face Cody Williams, but then people are just going to accuse me of ducking the top flight competition and picking on the flavor of the month.

*There is a buzz about the arena as Stevo pauses and looks up at the rafters. He finally shakes his head in disbelief before walking over to the ropes and looking down at Moretti, directly into the co-owners eyes.*

Stevo: Rather then go through all of that… I’ll take you up on your challenge Jimmy. Bring em all on, I’ll take them all down… and then no one, not even you… can question or deny the fact that I am the TRUE and rightful holder of the sVo World Heavyweight Championship belt.

*The fans erupt in cheer and we can barely even hear the next exchange of words…*

Page: Stevo… come on…

Moretti: Butt out of this Johnny Boy, the man has made his decision and for that I think we shoudl all applaud him.

*The fans erupt in cheer on command and Stevo manages a smile of intensity as Jon Page looks up at the ring in disbelief.*

Page: Dammit! You just played right into his hands. I hope you know what you just got yourself into Stevo…

*The sVo logo starts to fade in as Psyko Stevo and Jimmy Moretti continue to glare at each other with hate, Stevo standing in the ring and Moretti standing on the steel rampway. Jon Page just looks on in suspended disbelief as the cameras finally fade to black.*

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