sVo Showdown
2nd March 2008
Goodfellas Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada
Episode #017


The show kicks off with Jimmy Moretti, Jon Page and Paige Johnson all in the ring. They stand in front of the sVo faithfuls as there is a podium, a table full of many awards and more.

Jimmy Moretti: “Welcome ladies and gentleman to Showdown 17!”

The fans give a huge pop as Jon Page begins to speak aloud.

Jon Page: “Are you ready?”

The fans begin to scream.

Paige Johnson: “For the 2007 sVo Awards!”

The fans go insane chanting sVo aloud the arena as the scene cuts to another part of the Goodfella’s arena.


Backstage interviewer Katie Smith stands in a hallway, patiently awaiting her guest. After a few seconds of awkward silence, she glances off to the right and smiles.

“Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce my guest at this time, one of the newer stars here in sVo, Jason Fox!”

Jason is decked out in his ring gear, ready for the battle royal later tonight. “Believe me, Miss Smith, the pleasure here is mine.” He kisses Smith’s hand; she will have none of it.

“Anyway, Mr. Fox, you asked for a platform to speak here tonight on Showdown, and I’m giving you that opportunity right here and now.”

Jason clears his throat. “Let’s get down to business, Katie. The reason I asked for this interview, the reason I asked for a camera crew, the reason I asked for five minutes away from the festivities of the sVo awards show, is because I have noticed some glaring omissions in the voting process. Some irregularities, if you will.”

“Irregularities? What do you mean?”

“I mean yours truly hasn’t been an option for Wrestler of the Year.”

Katie laughs. “Why would you be?”

Jason looks as if he’s truly shocked by the question. “Well, for one thing, I’m undefeated here in sVo.”

“You’ve only had one match, Jason.”

“A match that was on pay-per-view, Katie.”

“An opening match on pay-per-view. Look, Jason, you can’t possibly be serious.”

“Oh, but I am serious. You know what, I consider this whole awards show to be a huge act of voter fraud. I’ve been disenfranchised. The fans didn’t even have me as an option for the most important award of the night.”


“You see reality you way, I’ll see it mine. But you want to know something…I’ll get over it. I’ll get over it because I can make some projections for next year’s awards show.”

“This’ll be rich.”

“Theme Music of the Year: Jason Fox. Biggest Potential for 2009: Jason Fox. Biggest Surprise of 2008: Jason Fox. Biggest Contribution of 2008: Jason Fox. Show of the Year: The Jason Fox Variety Hour. Match of the Year: A 52-way tie for every match Jason Fox was in. Wrestler of the Year…well, I think you get the picture.”

Katie holds her head in her hand. “Yes…yes. I get it.”

“Now, if you’ll excuse me, the 21st Century Fox has an over the top battle royal to get ready for and an undefeated streak to continue.”

“It’s not an undefeated streak when you’re 1 and 0. You need to win at least 2 for it to be a streak.”

“Fine…the Fox Populi has an undefeated streak to start. Equinox, All Star, Flawless, Gilmour, I hope you’re ready, because J-Fox is ready to throw down.”

Jason walks off and a clearly frustrated Katie tries to collect herself. “Strong words from a man with way too many nicknames. We’ll see how many of his predictions come true, starting with tonight’s main event.”


We go back to ringside where Paige Johnson is ready to introduce the winner of the first award presented tonight.

Paige Johnson: “Welcome back.”

She pauses.

Paige Johnson: “I want to introduce to you the first award that will be given out here tonight.”

She takes a deep breath as she grabs the award.

Paige Johnson: “And that award is none other than the sVo Theme Song of the Year Award!”

She takes out a piece of paper and opens it up. She begins to announce the nominees.

Paige Johnson: “And the nominees are…”

The fans watch on in anticipation to find out who they are.

Paige Johnson: “Cody Williams!”

Jon Page now announces the next man in the category list.

Jon Page: “Howie Banks!”

Jimmy Moretti now stands up on the podium and announces the third and final nominee.

Jimmy Moretti: “And… Johnny All Star!”

The drum roll begins as we see Paige Johnson with the award in her hand. The scene cuts backstage with all 3 men standing side by side.

Paige Johnson: “And the winner of the 2007 sVo Theme Song of the Year Award is…”

She looks up to everyone and finally announces it.

Paige Johnson: “Howie Banks with his theme song – Grillz by Nelly Featuring Paul Wall!”

As she announces it, “Grillz” hit’s the pa system. Howie Banks comes walking out to the ring to get the award. He gets inside of the ring and Paige Johnson gives him a hug, a kiss on the cheek and the award.

Howie stands there over the podium about to say something as he looks down to the award with his name on it. Banks smiles and the fans begin to cheer him.

Howie Banks: “You know… For once it’s nice to be a good guy.”

The fans begin to clap for him as he continues to speak.

Howie Banks: “But I can’t say thank you enough to the guys who allowed me to use their music, Nelly… It’s truly a killer song!”

He steps back and waves to the camera as he is let down from the ring and up the ramp way.


We are backstage as we are mere moments away from the featured match on the sVo Awards Show, a Royal Rumble Match featuring 5 of the sVo’s finest superstars. One of those men, Peter Gilmour comes into the scene and stands next to Candi Cross who is in a stunning red sparkly dress showing off her fine assets. Candi looks Peter over a bit then looks into the camera and begins to speak.

Candi: Ladies and gentleman, my guest at this time is one of the participants in the Royal Rumble match tonight, the Xtreme Icon, Peter Gilmour.

Peter gives a slight chuckle as he has his hands on his hips.

Candi: Peter, tonight you face 4 of the top superstars in the sVo. Johnny All Star, Jason Fox, Equinox and Kelly Flawless. Going into this match, do you have any startergy about who to eliminate first?

Peter: Of course I do Candi. By the way, you are looking HOT tonight.

Candi: Thank you, Peter.

Peter: Don’t mention it. Anyways, I do know who I will eliminate first. First on my list is Kelly Flawless, otherwise known as THE GAYLORD. Can you believe this guy Candi? He comes in here preaching about playing with his BALLS and talks about them incessantly. He better not try anything funny in that ring, or else I will launch him clear out of the Goodfellas Casino. The others I can care less about. Johnny All-Star is on his way out of the sVo and it will be my pleasure to kill the legend of “The All-Star.” Now we have newcomers in Equinox and Jason Fox. Jason Fox looks strong but looks dumb as a doornail,so I don’t think he should be a factor. This Equinox guy is a loser as well. After I throw him out of the ring, his name will be known as LOSER! So Candi, either way it will most likely come down to me and the Gaylord. And I promise you this, when I get through with him, he will maybe hightail it back to his boyfriend and cry like the little BITCH that he is. So guys, bring all you got, it’s not going to matter because I am throwing all your asses out and making my way to DESTINY when my “DESTINY” will be fulfilled and I end the short reign of the man called NIGHT. And Night, I hope you’re watching because next week on Showdown, I’M CALLING YOU OUT BITCH!! Are we done here?

Candi nods as Peter rolls his eyes in back of his head as blood starts to spit out like Peter is Gene Simmons of the band KISS. We fade back to ringside.


Back in the ring we see Jimmy Moretti, Jon Page and Paige Johnson at it again, looking to present another one of sVo’s 2007 awards. This time it is the biggest potential award.

Jon Page: “Alright so were back.”

He pauses.

Jon Page: “So far we’ve been through a few awards tonight but this is one that means a whole lot.”

Jimmy Moretti: “What he’s trying to say is that this next award is pretty special because it makes sVo look good in the sense that the up and coming members of the Sanctioned Violence Organisation are our future!”

Paige Johnson: “Without these guys there would be no sVo for the future.”

Jon Page: “The nominees for the Biggest Potential of the Year Award are…”

Jimmy Moretti: “Brock Alyas!”

The fans have a few cheers for this man.

Paige Johnson: “Kelly Flawless!”

The fans begin to boo and make rude comments about balls or something…

Jon Page: “And the sVo Hardcore Champion – Night!”

The fans erupt as they hear his name be announced.

Paige Johnson: “And the 2007 Biggest Potential of the Year Award goes to…”

They unveil the letter and open it up. All three of them read the winner.

Jimmy Moretti/Jon Page/Paige Johnson: “Kelly Flawless!”

Kelly Flawless is up on the titantron as he has a staff member run out into the ring, retrieve it and then take it back to the locker room with him.

Kelly Flawless: “I want to just say, balls balls balls balls balls balls balls and more balls!”

The fans begin to laugh hysterically.

Kelly Flawless: “That is all!”


Johnny All-Star unceremoniously makes his way through the back stage area of the sVo arena alone. No manager, no Gonzo, no one with him. All-Star looks like he has the weight of the world on his shoulders as he makes his way to his dressing room.

Tamara Boyd, microphone in hand catches up with All-Star just as he is about to enter his locker room.

Boyd – Johnny. A couple of questions.

All-Star’s eyebrows narrow in on Boyd.

JAS – Make it quick, I don’t want to miss any of the awards show.

Boyd – There have been rumors floating around that if you lose tonight that you are going to retire from the ring, is there any truth to this?

JAS – Let me say this Tamara, it is not a rumor if I lose my match tonight, Johnny All-Star will never ever compete in another sVo ring.

Johnny slowly lets the door shut behind him leaving Tamara alone in the hallway.


Just seconds after having an interview with Tamara Boyd, Johnny All Star is standing backstage amongst Mike Best and Psyko Stevo as three nominees of the sVo Surprise of the Year Award.

Jimmy Moretti: “Here we go again.”

Paige Johnson grabs the surprise of the year award and stands beside Jimmy Moretti and Jon Page.

Jon Page: “The next award is for suprise of the year!”

Paige Johnson: “And the nominees are…”

Jimmy Moretti: “Johnny All Star for me being his pappi!”

Paige Johnson: “Mike Best for losing his title to Stevo!”

Jon Page: “Or Psyko Stevo for capturing his first sVo World Championship!”

All three of them look at one another and then open up the envelope with the winner inside. Paige Johnson announces that winner.

Paige Johnson: “And the winner of the 2007 Surprise of the Year Award is…”

She pauses.

Paige Johnson: “Johnny All Star! With the shocking surprise of revealing that his biological father is Jimmy Moretti!”

Moretti grabs the award quickly and takes it for Johnny All Star. Backstage we see Johnny excited as he has won an sVo award.

Jason Fox vs. Johnny All Star vs. Joseph Equinox vs. Kelly Flawless vs. Peter Gilmour

As ‘Epic’ blares over the loudspeakers, Jason Fox stands defiantly at the top of the entranceway. He twists his neck as his pyro goes off and walks slowly to the ring. He leaps over the top rope and jumps to the nearest turnbuckle to await his match.

Fallin’ asleep at the wheel again baby,
You’re driftin’ over the line (the line) Yeah.
Your hands are tight but you’re losin’ grip quickly
Fix me, can you read the signs?

Thumbin’ your way to Vegas, dirty
And Dreamin’ of the other side…
Save your tears and laughter because
It doesn’t matter what you find

‘Pretty Vegas’ hits the sound system and there is a mixed reaction from the crowd as the former sVo International Champion Johnny All Star steps out onto the top of the entrance ramp! All Star holds his arms high in the air, before slowly making his way down the entrance ramp and sliding into the ropes. All Star once again raises his arms high into the air as he leans forward against the ropes, causing a burst of pyros to shoot up behind him.

“Open Your Eyes” By Guano Apes begins to play. Smoke begins to fill the chas the lights tim to near darkness. A beam of bright white light shines from the stage. As the light begins to dim, Joseph Equinox can be seen stading at the top of the stage with smoke foating all around him. Equinox moves to the top of the ramp and stops before he flails his arms out to the side of him and a pyro lightn$ing bolt fies down and strikes him. The spotlights loom over where Equinox was standing but he is no longer there. All of a sudden 4 more lighting bolts crash down on each corner of the ring and the arena lights change to a dark blue. And there standing in the ring is Equinox with smoke now floating around the ring. Joseph Equinox then looks up the ramp and takes off his shades as he awaits his opponent.

Aerosmith’s ‘Dream On’ catalyzed a chorus of jeers that resonated throughout the arena like a gunshot. The SVO faithful had rose to their feet in unison to express their amalgamated detest. It seemed as though it was something that broke the bounds of kayfabe; they had a genuine hatred for Kelly Flawless. And the only thing that superceded the intense reaction he received, and the profound dislike that the fans shared towards him, was the disturbing smirk he wore as he parted the entranceway curtain. The Blonde Bomber actually enjoyed their reaction.

He marched down the steel ramp, cackling to himself – feeding off their resentment. He had taken multiple shots at them, but he didn’t care; in his mind, he was second only to God. And even that line was a little blurred at some times.

He rolled under the bottom rope, his hair sparkling like the death of a thousand stars. His mouth was a like an out of control automatic weapon – unloading at anything that came near. He was in the ring for one sole purpose: to back up the rounds that his lips were firing.

He paced the squared circle; ready as always for combat.

The lights go out in the arena and the beginning chords of Lamb of God’s WALK WITH ME IN HELL begin to play. The lights then turn red and Max Masterson begins to make his way out to the ramp. He is dressed in a red suit and holding a singapore cane. He looks over the crowd and begins to laugh. Soon after, Peter Gilmour comes out in a dark red cloak with no hood and the words “Xtreme” on the back. Peter meets Max and both of them throw up an “X” as fire emits in the same fashion behind them. The duo goes to the ring, ignoring the fans comments towards them. Max gets into the ring first and Peter follows behind him. Peter goes into the middle of the ring stretches out his arms and rolls his eyes in back of his head ala the Undertaker, as the lights come back on. Max takes off Peter’s cloak and Peter looks at the ramp intently, waiting on his next opponent.

The bell sounds.

All five men look around at their opponents in the ring before the match bursts into action. Joseph Equinox grabs Johnny All Star and throws him hard into the corner of the ring, whilst Peter Gilmour and Jason Fox begin to double team Kelly Flawless with some punches on the other side of the ring. Joseph Equinox hits Johnny All Star with some hard stomps to the midsection in the corner before pulling him away and nailing a snap suplex near the centre of the ring on the former sVo International Champion. Meanwhile Kelly Flawless is knocked down to the mat by Jason Fox, who is soon attacked from behind by Peter Gilmour!

The fans watch on as Joseph Equinox tries to pull Johnny All Star up to his feet, only for All Star to reverse with a knee smash on Joseph Equinox. All Star quickly sends Joseph Equinox down to the mat with a stiff clothesline before regaining his breath. Peter Gilmour nails Fox with some stiff punches to the kidneys, before forcing him over to the ropes and trying to push him to the outside! However as Fox holds on for dear life, he is helped from an unlikely source as Kelly Flawless sneaks up behind Gilmour and tosses him to the outside! The fans pop, but Gilmour can’t believe he has been eliminated as the referees on the outside of the ring point him to the backstage area!

Jason Fox shows his thanks to Kelly Flawless by hitting him with a big right hand to knock him backwards, as on the other side of the ring Joseph Equinox nails a German suplex on Johnny All Star. Joseph Equinox shows off his huge potential by pulling All Star up to his feet and taking him back down to the mat with a quick power slam, before signalling that All Star is heading for the outside of the ring! Joseph Equinox pulls a groggy Johnny All Star up to his feet and pulls him closer to the side of the ring, however as he tries to grab All Star beneath the arms and force him over the top rope, All Star counters with a head butt on Joseph Equinox! The fans cheer as Johnny All Star quickly grabs Joseph Equinox in a front face lock before suplexing him over the top rope and to the floor and elimination!

Johnny All Star taunts Joseph Equinox on the outside of the ring as Jason Fox moves quickly to take down Kelly Flawless on the other side of the ring with a front face slam. Fox quickly makes his way across the ring and nails All Star with a shot to the back of the head to knock him into the ropes. Fox then begins to fire off with right hands on Johnny All Star before he hits the former International Champion with a big right hand that knocks All Star back and over the top rope! Fox thinks he has All Star eliminated, however All Star manages to hold onto the top rope and regain his footing on the ring apron! Jason Fox turns around only for All Star to grab him looking for a suplex! All Star tries to pull Fox up and suplex him to the floor behind him, but as Fox as lifted over the top rope he lands on the ring apron next to All Star! The fans cheer as All Star and Fox stand on the ring apron battling for survival with right hands! However as the pair trade right hooks, Kelly Flawless runs at both men and knocks them both to the floor to win the match!

There is a mixed reaction to Kelly Flawless as he stands in the ring with his hands raised in the air as Johnny All Star picks himself up from the floor and stares down Kelly Flawless in the ring! Johnny All Star seems incensed that his teammate Kelly Flawless has eliminated him tonight! As Flawless and All Star lock eyes, can the pair really continue to work together?

RESULT: Kelly Flawless wins via elimination.


Standing in the ring after a hellacious battle royal match are once again – Jimmy Moretti, Jon Page and Paige Johnson.

Jimmy Moretti: “And here’s another award that my son, Johnny All Star has a chance at winning!”

Jon Page: “And another nominee is Brock Alyas!”

Paige Johnson: “As well as Howie Banks!”

The fans begin to give mixed reactions as they watch on and wonder who is going to win.

Jimmy Moretti: “Time is running out, so Paige, if you could?”

She grabs the award and brings it over.

Jon Page: “And the 2007 Contributer of the Year is…”

All together now they announce the winner.

Jimmy Moretti/Jon Page/Paige Johnson: “Howie Banks!”

The fans go crazy as Howie stands backstage while Brock Alyas and Johnny All Star both look angry.

Howie Banks: “This is just, phenomenal.”

He pauses.

Howie Banks: “2 awards so far tonight with the possibility of winning more!”

Howie smiles.

Howie Banks: “And now back to you guys.”

Production Team: “Hey that’s our line!”

The camera goes back to a shot of Jimmy Moretti, Jon Page and Paige Johnson one more time.


Standing in the ring again are the three musketeers of the Sanctioned Violence Organisation.

Jon Page: “This is the award I’ve been waiting for.”

Paige Johnson: “Yes, the show of the year award!”

Jimmy Moretti: “All the hard work we’ve put in to these shows, which one will be the winner?”

Jon Page: “There’s been so many.”

Paige Johnson: “Ultimate Victory, even Showdown!”

Jimmy Moretti: “Redemption, Seasons Beatings, Hostile Violence!”

Jon Page: “Roll The Dice!”

Paige Johnson holds the award and announces the winner.

Paige Johnson: “And the winning show of the year for 2007 is…”

She pauses.

Paige Johnson: “Roll The Dice!”

“Bang Your Head” By Quiet Riot hit’s the sVo pa system as it was the theme music for Roll The Dice.

Jimmy Moretti: “I guess I will take this award as well now.”

Jon Page: “I don’t think so!”

Jon Page tries to take it now.

Paige Johnson: “Boys…”

They continue to argue even though Paige is holding the award.

Paige Johnson: “Hello… Earth to dorks.”

They both look at her.

Paige Johnson: “I’m holding it, which makes me eligible to take it for sVo, so I am!”

She takes the award and places it down her pants, in an area that both Jimmy and Jon know they cannot cross.


The feud of the year award is a very special award that shows hatred for one another. Mike Best and Psyko Stevo seemed to immediately feud with each other upon Stevo’s arrvial. After capturing the International Title, Psyko Stevo took on Mike Best one Showdown night and defeated him.

Night and Peter Gilmour on the other had began feuding when at Hostile Violence Peter Gilmour turned on his partner Night and kicked him in the groin area. Afterwards Night retaliated. It has been a back and forth brawl now with the sVo Hardcore Championship high in the balance.

Jimmy Moretti: “It’s been a long year.”

Jon Page: “Well, more like months since we opened late 2007.”

Paige Johnson: “Will you guys ever shut up?”

The fans begin to laugh and cheer for Paige.

Paige Johnson: “Let’s find out the winners.”

Jimmy Moretti: “I’ve got the envelope here.”

Jon Page: “I don’t trust you, Jimmy.”

Jon takes the envelope away.

Paige now takes it from him as well and reads it aloud.

Paige Johnson: “Mike Best and Psyko Stevo!”

Fans begin to cheer as Mike Best’s music hit’s as a man in a mask comes out from the backstage area. He gets into the ring and grabs the award. He takes it away and goes up the ramp way.

Before exiting to the back he takes the mask off and reveals himself as Brock Alyas.

Brock Alyas: “I got your precious award, Mikey. Now what?”

As Brock turns to the back he is clotheslined down by Psyko Stevo.

Psyko Stevo: “I believe that is mine as well.”

He takes the award and smirks at Brock as he heads towards the back.


There were many candidates for votes for all of the awards tonight but unfortunately only the top 3 highest votes were casted as official nominees. Next is the match of the year award which features such matches as Alex Ross versus Cody Williams in a steel cage match on Showdown for the sVo International Championship.

As well as Mike Best versus Psyko Stevo at Roll The Dice where Mike Best lost his championship gold for the very first time. Psyko Stevo had finally reached his goal and become the new sVo World Champion.

Or would the winner be the nasty sVo Hardcore Championship Iron Man Match between Howie Banks, Night, Peter Gilmour and Spring Heeled Jack that was beyond brutal and very bloody!

Jon Page: “These are all matches that deserve a round of applause for such an effort.”

Jimmy Moretti: “Yeah but there can only be one winner.”

Paige Johnson: “And that winner of the award would be…”

Jimmy Moretti: “Come on Ross/Williams.”

Jon Page: “No, let’s go Best/Stevo.”

Paige Johnson: “Neither of them.”

They both look stunned.

Paige Johnson: “The winner is a match I made.”

She pauses.

Paige Johnson: “The sVo Hardcore Championship Iron Man Match!”

All four men from the match that night come out and try to accept it.

Peter Gilmour was bitching and complaining earlier in the night that he was not given any awards when in fact he won a co-award just now.

Paige Johnson hands the award over to Howie Banks who takes it. Peter Gilmour looks angry as he rushes over to Banks who just tosses him up and over the top ropes. Spring Heeled Jack looks to Banks like he wants to take the award home but instead Night clotheslines him over the top ropes.

It is now just Howie Banks and Night standing in front of one another looking at each other’s eyes as Banks gets on the stick.

Howie Banks: “I’ve already won 2 awards here tonight.”

A huge pop from the fans happens.

Howie Banks: “And as much as I’d love to take 3 home…”

He pauses.

Howie Banks: “Since you beat me that night for what was my title belt, you can have it, Night.”

He hands the award over to him as he raises his hands in the air. The fans cheer as Banks points to Night as the TRUE reason why they won match of the year.


Backstage Johnny All Star is still raging from his elimination in the earlier match up at the hands of his ‘team mate’ Kelly Flawless. All Star throws his locker room door open and looks to be making his way out of the Goodfellas Arena, only for the former International Champion to run into the son of Jimmy Moretti, Anthony Moretti who is blocking his path.

Anthony Moretti – “What the hell was that out there?”

Johnny All Star looks in no mood for Anthony Moretti right now, and tries to push past the bosses son only for him to block his path.

Johnny All Star – “What the fuck do you want kid?”

Anthony Moretti – “I want to know how the fuck you can even think you are in the Moretti family after putting in performances like that tonight. It was a disgrace to my old man and our family name.”

Johnny All Star – “Oh and I suppose you could have done better eh?”

Anthony Moretti – “Hell yeah, a true Moretti always walks out as the winner.”

Johnny All Star – “Well we will have to see about that.”

All Star finally pushes past Anthony Moretti, who stares a hole in the back of All Star’s head.


As we come back from an interesting situation, we see Jimmy Moretti and Jon Page as well as Paige Johnson back out in the ring shortly after the main event match. They are all standing there as the fans watch and wait for the last award of the night to be handed out.

Jimmy Moretti: “Here we go.”

Jon Page: “The moment we’ve all been waiting for.”

Paige Johnson: “Who is the sVo Wrestler of the Year.”

The fans watch and wait as Jimmy Moretti pulls out the ballot and looks to announce who it is.

Jimmy Moretti: “And the winner is…”

Jon Page steals it away as he is about to read it aloud. However, Paige Johnson takes it away and finally comes out with the moment of truth.

Paige Johnson: “Jimmy Moretti?”

She has a confused look upon her face as he grabs the microphone out of Jon Page’s hands so quickly and begins to make a speech about his award.

Jimmy Moretti: “First off, I’d like to thank everyone who ever believed in me. Now…”

Before he can continue any longer, Jon Page steals the microphone back.

Jon Page: “Give me that!”

He takes the ballot that says Moretti’s name on it.

Jon Page: “I am clearly the winner here, Jimbo.”

Paige Johnson takes the microphone away from Jon Page as both him and Jimmy Moretti are trading insults back and forth.

Paige Johnson: “I’m the one holding this award so you know what? I’m the winner!”

The fans begin to cheer.

Paige Johnson: “I’m the wrestler of the year!”

All of a sudden the whole sVo roster backstage appears on the very expensive sVo titantron. It is lead by none other than Psyko Stevo.

Psyko Stevo: “Excuse me…”

He makes a coughing noise as all three of them stop what they are doing.

Psyko Stevo: “Uhh.. over here.”

Stevo screams aloud as they all look to the sVo titantron.

Psyko Stevo: “You know, we don’t have very much time left and we’d really like to find out who the winner is and all.”

He pauses.

Psyko Stevo: “We know that there’s no way that any of you three could be the winners, so how about you give up your selfishness and tell us who really won it.”

Jon Page: “Okay, I apologize. It got the best of us. Now come on gang, let’s let them know who the real winner is this year.”

Jimmy Moretti: “Drum role please.”

Paige Johnson begins to make drum like noises.

Psyko Stevo: “Not you!”

She stops.

The fans are getting so excited, to finally find out the winner. They look at the ballot and begin to announce the real winner.

Jimmy/Jon/Paige: “And the winner of the 2007 sVo Wrestler of the Year is…”

There’s a small pause before the announcement takes place.

Jimmy/Jon/Paige: “Psyko Stevo!”

Psyko Stevo who got them to announce the real winner anyways comes down to the ring now and gets his award. As he stands there and holds the award pictures are taken.


Psyko Stevo is standing in the ring with his wrestler of the year award and posing for the pictures as Jon Page and Jimmy Moretti stand behind the sVo Champion. Jon Page looks delighted with the outcome of tonight’s awards however Moretti looks less than impressed. However as the champion poses for pictures a familiar sounds hits the sound system in the Goodfellas Arena.

“Work it, make it, do it, Makes us harder, better, faster, STRONGER!”

There is a mixed reaction in the arena as the former sVo World Champion Mike Best makes his way down the entrance ramp! Back in the ring the current sVo Champion Psyko Stevo looks less than impressed with Best for reigning on his parade. Jimmy Moretti claps Mike Best all the way down to the ring and hands him a microphone as he climbs into the squared circle, to come face to face with the man who was finally able to take the World Championship from his waist at Roll the Dice.

Best – “Joke!”

The is a silence amongst all the men in the ring as everyone focuses in on Mike Best.

Best – “That is the only word that can be used to describe tonight’s awards show. How in the hell can you have Psyko Stevo standing their with a wrestler of the year award when you have me. Ultimate Victory 2007 Winner, World Champion, main eventer of every single sVo PPV ever!”

Jimmy Moretti nods his head, agreeing totally with Best as Jon Page laughs off Best’s claim, seemingly backing Psyko Stevo.

Psyko Stevo – “Well this championship belt seems to suggest otherwise!”

Psyko Stevo points to the sVo World Championship belt around his waist as the crowd pops.

Mike Best – “Listen here Stevo, everyone in the world knows that belt is only on loan to you from Mike Best, and sooner or later its coming home!”

Psyko Stevo takes a few steps closer to Best, who is flashing his trademark grin.

Psyko Stevo – “If your that confident chump, then why don’t you active that little rematch clause right here tonight!”

The crowd pop at the prospect of seeing a rematch between Psyko Stevo and Mike Best right here tonight on Showdown #17! Best smiles at Stevo, but then shakes his head to the disappointment of the crowd.

Mike Best – “As much as I would like to cut your title reign short right here tonight, we are going to have to put that rematch on ice for the time being. You see at the start of the match at Roll the Dice, I was unfortunate enough to re-injure my rotator cuff, and luckily for you, that means that until I can make a full recovery, on the advice of the doctors Mike Best us currently out of commission.”

There is a huge cheer from the crowd, but Psyko Stevo looks legitimately disappointed that he can’t get his rematch right here tonight.

Mike Best – “Don’t worry though Stevo, I have been in close contact with Jimmy Moretti over here, and we have handpicked four competitors that will battle it out over the next few weeks for the honour of taking you on at the Destiny PPV. Shame when I get back into the ring you won’t have the title around your waist, when I win it back I would love it to be against you!”

Showdown #17 goes off of the air as the World Champion stares down the former World Champion, but just who are the four competitors hand picked to fight for the honour of taking a shot at the sVo Championship at Destiny?

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