sVo Against All Odds
Goodfellas Casino Arena
Sunday 7th February 2021

‘Venom’ by Eminem hits and the new opening video package for ‘Against All Odds’ begins to play, featuring classic action from the likes of Psyko Stevo, Bobby Dean, Roscoe Shame, Nathan Paradine & Night. As the package begins to come to an end, the live camera pans around the sold-out Goodfellas Casino Arena in the heart of Las Vegas as fireworks begin to shoot up from the top of the entrance ramp.

Fans jump out at the camera trying to get their face on TV as the atmosphere for tonight’s show continues to build. The camera swings around to see the new commentator team of Julian Fiasco & Jeremiah Sloan sitting at ringside, before turning to show the giant screen at the top of the entrance ramp as some of the matchups for tonight’s show are shown. After the rundown, the cameras head backstage as the show gets started!

Rolling Out The Red Carpet

There are cheers from the crowd as the cameras pick up with JD James, Johnny All Star, Gunner Lang, Darwin Jones & Hugo Ryzing marching along the backstage corridors of the Goodfellas Casino Arena. The backstage workers jump out of the way of the five men, who are all smartly dressed, with a sports bag over their shoulder each and walking with a purpose!

The cameras follow the five men along the corridors until they reach a locker room door with the word ‘Horizon’ in the name slot. The five men all take a look at the name tag and nod their head in approval at the groups name, as revealed by their leader JD James last week.

JD James: “Well at least we have a base to call home now guys.”

James opens the door and is followed in by his four superstars, only for the group to stand open mouthed at what they find. Instead of the usual trappings afford to the superstars of the sVo, the room is empty with the exception of five folding steel chairs which are lined up in a row against one of the walls.

JD James: “Well I guess Page really wasn’t lying about not rolling out the red carpet last week….”

Lang, Ryzing and Jones all look angry and ready to go and have it out with the sVo Owner, however Johnny All Star calms down the trio.

Johnny All Star: “Guys chill and get ready for your matches tonight. It’s important that we get off to a good start and start working out way up from the bottom! Don’t worry about this place, I have lived in Vegas my whole life, let me make a few phone calls and we will have this place looking fit for Horizon in no time at all!”

The trio look convinced as All Star steps out of the room to make a call on his phone whilst JD James sizes up the locker room for Horizon!

Blood Money Pt.1

The camera switches from the empty room that is occupied by Horizon, to the comfortable plush office of the sVo Owner Jon Page. Page is sitting in his leather chair behind his massive executive desk, with the flat screen TV on the wall showing highlights of the latest sVo action whilst Page works away on his laptop.

Suddenly the door swings open and in walks the massive frame of one half of the sVo Tag Team Champions, Joe Barone steps into the room. Page angrily rises to his feet as Barone checks the room out as if he is in the secret service, before beckoning to beyond the door and signalling that it is safe to enter. Barone stands by as into the room steps the double sVo and sVo Tag Team Champion Anthony Moretti, a title belt over each shoulder.

Moretti smirks at the sight of Page standing behind his desk with clenched fists, as he removes the belts from his shoulders and drops them down onto Page’s desk, before sitting in the opposite chair and putting his feet up on the desk.

Anthony Moretti: “Don’t worry Page, we are not here to kick your head off again, I just need a little chat.”

Page looks angrily down at the disrespectful Moretti, before sweeping his legs off of his desk and then slowly sitting down to stare Moretti eye to eye.

Jon Page: “Looks like my champion is running scared, hope you are paying your tag team partner double bubble for pulling bodyguard duty as well.”

Moretti stares across the desk at Page, anger in his eyes.

Anthony Moretti: “I know it was you who brought Vorheez back to the sVo, and no matter what you say it was you who allowed JD James’s group of merry men to sign back on as well. I am here to tell you that I don’t care who you send after me, I am not giving up this gold.”

Page smirks as Moretti lays his hands over his championship belts.

Jon Page: “Well if you ask Vorheez he is still the Champion, I mean he did never lose the belt….”

Anthony Moretti: “We both know that if you don’t defend for 100 days then you forfeit the title, don’t try and pull that bullshit with me!”

Page holds his hands up in a surrender manner.

Jon Page: “Trust me, I know the rules and don’t intend on having a disputed championship, but Vorheez deserves his shot at some point. Say what you want about me bringing these guys in, but it isn’t very hard to find guys that already hate you.”

Anthony Moretti: “When you are on top Page there is always a target on your back, not that you would ever know anything about that. By the end of the night the tables will turn, mark my words.”

Moretti drums his fingers on the desk for a few beats before rising up to his feet and placing the two championship belts back over his shoulders. Moretti then smirks again as he reaches into his pocket and pulls out his money clip. Moretti drops a few dollars which look to be dyed red onto Page’s desk from his money roll.

Anthony Moretti: “Here, buy yourself and your boy Vorheez a drink on me. You’re going to need it by the end of the night.”

Moretti turns and walks out of the room, closely followed by the stoic giant Joe Barone.

Single Match
Jupiter James vs. Ida Guildress

As Against All Odds heads back to ringside, young superstar Ida Guildress is already in the ring ready to make her first sVo appearance in the very first match of the night! As Guildress paces back and forth, “Sunflower” by Post Malone hits the sound system and there is a huge cheer from the crowd. After a few seconds a pumped up Jupiter James emerges onto the top of the entrance ramp from behind the curtain and throws an arm into the air to acknowledge the crowd!

Jupiter James skips down the entrance ramp side side to side, slapping hands with the fans as she goes before making her way all away the ringside area. Jupiter James finally climbs onto the ring apron on the side of the hard cam and raises both arms in the air to the crowd, before climbing into the ring through the ropes and looking around the arena in awe at the fans cheering her on.

The referee calls for the bell to get the first match of the night underway, and both Guildress and James bump fists in a sign of respect, before tying up. Both ladies attempt to force the other backwards, but Guildress finally grabs the wrist of her opponent and twists it behind her back in a wrist lock. James tries to fight out with some back elbows with her free arm, but Guildress progresses into a side headlock, before taking James down to the mat with a side headlock takedown.

Guildress keeps the head lock locked on whilst on the mat, but Jupiter James frees herself with a head scissors before rolling back to her feet. Guildress looks to follow up with a spinning kick, but Jupiter James ducks the leg of her opponent before landing a forearm smash to stun the youngster. Ida Guildress stumbles backwards from the force of the blow, and Jupiter James is able to follow up the move with a snap DDT in the middle of the ring.

Ida Guildress crawls to the corner holding her head in pain, but the onslaught from Jupiter James continues as she lands a handspring smash in the corner of the ring, before grabbing Ida Guildress and taking her down with a reverse death snap!

Jupiter James looks in firm control over the newcomer, and she taunts to the fans before landing an airplane kick on her opponent. Ida Guildress tries to fight back into the match with some desperate punch attempts, but Jupiter James bobs and weaves around them, before landing a twisted suplex to her opponent! With Ida Guildress down and hurting, Jupiter James wastes no time in calling for her finishing move!

The fans cheer Jupiter James on as the red head pulls Ida Guildress to her feet, before hitting a devastating ‘Fifth Rock From the Sun’ on the newcomer! The fans cheer for the big move as Jupiter James rolls over her opponent and hooks the leg for the cover.




Just like that it’s all over and Jupiter James continues her impressive sVo career with another victory!

The fans cheer as Jupiter James rises up to her feet and has her arm raised in the air in victory by the referee! However Jupiter James doesn’t seem too interested in celebrating the victory, as she sportingly checks on her opponent before helping her to her feet. The fans cheer as Jupiter James embraces Ida Guildress, giving the young debutante some encouraging words despite the dominating defeat.

Winner via pinfall: Jupiter James

Queen Bitch

Jupiter James raises the arm of Ida Guildress in the air and the youngster gets a round of applause from the crowd. However the cheers soon turn to boos as behind the back of the two competitors, Lucy Von Drake runs down the entrance ramp with a steel chair in hand!

Von Drake slides into the ring, and before either lady knows that she is there, Von Drake smashes Jupiter James in the back with the chair! Jupiter James sinks to her knees in pain, but Ida Guildress tries to help her opponent as she runs at Lucy Von Drake looking for a clothesline! Lucy Von Drake however ducks under the arm of her opponent and then smashes her opponent in the face with the chair!

Guildress drops down to the mat, and Lucy Von Drake smashes the chair into Jupiter James a few more times for good measure before referee’s swarm the ring and pull Von Drake away!

Lucy Von Drake victoriously holds the steel chair above her head as she backs up the entrance ramp with the sound of the fans booing ringing in her ears, as the referees check on the condition of James and Guildress in the ring!

From Tokyo to Vegas

After the shocking and vicious attack by Lucy Von Drake in the ring, the cameras head to the backstage interview area where Katie Smith is standing by, microphone in hand, with Hiro Ryuu, the popular Japanese superstar. Ryuu isn’t dressed to compete tonight, but still looks a little banged up after his match against JVD a few weeks ago.

Katie Smith: “Hiro, thanks for joining me here tonight. Now the sVo fans haven’t heard from you since you signed up to the sVo, however you have been on somewhat of a hot streak recently, what do you want to say to the fans?”

Hiro Ryuu: “First off, it’s an honour to be here. I grew up in Japan watching the greatest sVo Champion of all time, Night, compete in a sVo ring and never thought I would get the chance myself. Now here I am living my dream….”

There is a cheer from the fans in the arena watching the interview on the big screen, at the mention of hall of famer and Japanese star Night.

Hiro Ryuu: “However I am now here to forge my own path! Last time out I beat the Las Vegas Champion James Von Drake! So James Von Drake, I earned my shot, and I am coming for your belt!”

The fans cheer as Ryuu stares into the camera as if he is sending a message to the Las Vegas Champion. Will Ryuu get his shot?

Single Match
Hugo Ryzing vs. Dallas Jordan

“Keep on Swinging” by Rival Sons floods the sVo arena as some pyro goes off. Hugo Ryzing makes his way out onto the entrance ramp a hoodie covering his head; he pauses for a moment and then makes his way down to the ring bobbing his head to the rhythm throwing some practice punches and taking time to look at the crowd. He pulls himself up into the ring and makes his way to the center throwing his head back revealing his face and throwing his arms up into the air. He scrambles and pulls himself up into a corner taking off his hoodie throwing it into the audience and once again throws his arms up into the air before jumping down and preparing for the match.

“Living in America, eye to eye, station to station
Living in America, hand to hand across the nation
Living in America, got to have a celebration!
I live in America
I live in America!”

The upbeat “Living In America” by James Brown hits the sound system and the fans in the arena cheer as the arena is basked in a red, white and blue glow. After a few seconds the energetic Dallas Jordan steps out onto the top of the entrance ramp and throws up a salute to the crowd. ‘The Patriot’ quickly makes his way down the entrance ramp whilst slapping hands with fans at ringside, before climbing into the ring. Jordan stares out to the crowd for a few seconds before throwing up another salute to the crowd. Jordan retreats into his corner of the ring as the music begins to fade out.

With both men in the ring, the referee calls for the bell to be rung and the action is underway! Dallas Jordan, who is still looking for his first sVo win, circles around the big man Ryzing, before looking for a double leg takedown. However Ryzing knocks him away with some clubbing blows to the back of his neck, before throwing him into the corner of the ring. The fans cheer as Ryzing follows up with some clubbing rights and lefts in the corner of the ring, before Jordan battles out with a head butt to his opponent.

Ryzing stumbles away holding his face in pain, and Jordan bounces into the ring ropes for extra momentum before hitting a clothesline on Ryzing. Ryzing quickly picks himself back up to his feet after the clothesline, but Dallas Jordan follows up with an impressive neckbreaker. Hugo Ryzing looks in pain as he gets to his feet, but as Dallas Jordan locks his arms around the waist of his opponent, Ryzing counters with German suplex attempt with some back elbow strikes, before bouncing off of the ring ropes. Ryzing bounces back and lands a big boot to the face of Dallas Jordan to send the youngster down to the mat.

Ryzing rises up to his feet and taunts to the crowd, getting a cheer from the Las Vegas fans. Dallas Jordan looks in pain, but Ryzing follows up with an impressive Rolling Firemans Carry Slam to keep the momentum going in his favour! With Jordan down on the mat, Ryzing wastes little time in making the pinfall attempt.




Dallas Jordan shows just how much he wants his first sVo win as he gets his shoulder off of the mat before the three!

Dallas Jordan stumbles up to a standing position and tries to put some distance between himself and Ryzing. Ryzing follows Jordan into the corner and lands some right hands, but again Jordan fights out of the corner with a head butt. Jordan looks for another clothesline follow up, but Ryzing ducks the arm of his opponent and bounces into the ropes himself, before returning with a big bicycle kick that nearly takes his opponent’s head off!

The fans pop for the big move, as Ryzing quickly scoops Dallas Jordan up off of the mat and follows up with a forearm upper cut to cause Dallas Jordan to start seeing stars! With Jordan down on the mat, Ryzing again taunts to the crowd, before helping Jordan to his feet. Ryzing scoops Dallas Jordan up into the air with ease, before hitting the ‘Ryz-up’ which gets a big cheer from the crowd! Dallas Jordan looks out cold as Ryzing drops down and makes the cover.




It’s all over and after the massive ‘Ryz-up’ from the powerful Hugo Ryzing, the night starts off well for JD James’s ‘Horizon’ group with a big win! Hugo Ryzing has his arm raised in the air in victory by the referee as he celebrates the win along with the sold out crowd!

Winner via pinfall: Hugo Ryzing

Blood Money Pt.2

The camera heads backstage to the locker room area where Hugo Ryzing is making his way back to the ‘Horizon’ locker room after picking up his big victory for the group over Dallas Jordan just moments ago. Ryzing has a big smile on his face, however that smile is quickly wiped off of his face as out of no where he is attacked from behind and knocked to the floor courtesy of a punch to the back of the head by a man unfamiliar to the sVo audience!

The man stomps and kicks away on Ryzing, before slowly rising up to his feet and smirking down at the big man.

???: “Well, Mr Ryzing, nice to meet you. The names Money Malone, a name that you might not have heard before but you will be hearing lots in the future. I have a little message from my boss to your boss, so maybe you can be a gent and pass this onto Mr James for me? Tell him that Anthony Moretti sends his regards….”

Malone pulls out a wad of dollar bills from his pocket, seemingly all dyed red, just as Anthony Moretti had done to Jon Page earlier in the evening. ‘Money’ Malone drops a few dollars onto the beaten body of Hugo Ryzing, before slowly walking away from the scene as officials rush to check on Ryzing.

Single Match
Nathan Judge vs. Darwin Jones

“Howling winds keep screaming round
And the rain comes pouring down
Doors are locked and bolted now
As the thing crawls into town.”

‘Night Crawler’ by Judas Priest hits the sound system and there are boos in the arena as Nathan Judge slowly emerges from the backstage area onto the top of the entrance ramp. Nathan Judge doesn’t look too happy with the reception he is receiving from the Vegas crowd as he stares out at the sea of people before slowly making his way down the entrance ramp towards the ring.

Judge slowly climbs into the ring between the ropes before walking around the perimeter and staring out at the crowd. The crowd continue to boo Nathan Judge as he stands tall in the ring looking ready for the match to begin.

The arena lights dim as the V-Tron goes dark and several different coloured gases start swirling in the middle. As the gases swirl faster the arena is rocked with an explosion from the V-Tron and pyro exploding from the ramp. The swirling gases are replaced by a spinning earth and ‘Evolution’ by Clawfinger fills the arena. The earth continues to spin as pictures of mankind’s greatest accomplishments and tragedies emanate from the spinning globe.

A Cro-Magnon man starts to walk forward evolving with every step it makes raising its arms out to the side, finally ending with Darwin Jones walking forward with his arms spread wide blocking out the view of the earth. Pyro explodes on the entrance ramp as Darwin Jones appears on the entrance ramp arms spread wide. He takes his time to the ring working the crowd into a frenzy. Sliding into the ring he pulls himself up into a corner still working the crowd.

At 6’3” and 255lbs, Nathan Judge is used to being the biggest man in the match up, however the Candian stares up at his 6’8”, 285lbs opponent as the referee calls for the bell to be rung and the match to get started!

Judge runs straight at the big man and lands some big rights and lefts to try and get the early advantage in the match, however Jones absorbs the punches from the former Las Vegas Champion before taking him down to the mat with an impressive short arm clothesline! The fans cheer for the impressive move, and as a dazed Judge stumbles back up to his feet, Jones lands a second short arm clothesline! Jones cockily drops down and makes the early cover on his opponent!



No! Despite the lazy cover from the big man, it still takes Judge until the referee’s hand was coming down for the three count for him to get a shoulder up off of the mat! Jones smirks at Judge being able to kick out, as he rises up to his feet and pumps up the crowd whilst waiting for Judge. Judge finally rises up to a standing position, but as he does Jones runs through him with a big boot to take him down to the mat.

Judge looks in real trouble, as Jones scoops up the former Las Vegas Champion as if he weights nothing and locks him in a bear hug in the middle of the ring! The fans cheer Darwin Jones on as he squeezes the life out of Nathan Judge, with the Canadian gasping for air! Nathan Judge refuses to tap, but Jones refuses to release the hold as Judge struggles to free himself from the grasp of the big man! Eventually Judge rakes the eyes of Jones, causing loud boos from the crowd and for the referee to admonish the former Las Vegas Champion!

Judge shrugs off the referee and takes the big man down to one knee with a chop block from behind as Jones stumbles around holding his face in pain, before Judge follows up with a knee to the face to finally send Jones down to the mat. The fans boo Judge as he catches his breath in the corner of the ring, before running and landing a diving dropkick to the knees of the 6’8” Darwin Jones to try and slow the big man down. Judge follows up with an impressive spinebuster on the still blinded Darwin Jones in the middle of the ring, before making the cover.




Darwin Jones kicks out with authority, sending Nathan Judge up into the air! Both men slowly rise up to their feet, with the fans clearly in the corner of Jones! Judge aims some big right hands towards his opponent, but Jones blocks the punches before grabbing Judge and hitting the ‘Apex Plex’! The fans pop for the impressive move, but Jones isn’t done there, still obviously mad about having his eyes raked! Instead of going for the cover, Darwin Jones scoops Nathan Judge up off of the mat, before drilling him with the ‘Big Bang Theory’ in the middle of the ring!

With Nathan Judge down and out, Darwin Jones finally drops down and makes the cover!




It’s all over and the powerful Darwin Jones records his first victory of 2021! Darwin Jones rises up to his feet, still looking like he is having trouble with his eyes after the eye rake, as the referee struggles to lift his big arm in the air in victory!

After such an impressive victory over a former Las Vegas Champion, can anyone stand in the way of the massive Darwin Jones?

Winner via pinfall: Darwin Jones

A Word With the Champ

The cameras once again head to the interview area backstage, this time it is the current Las Vegas Champion JVD standing by with his wife by his side. Across from the pair is Katie Smith, as always a microphone in hand.

Katie Smith: “JVD, last time you faced Hiro Ryuu however come up short. Would you like to respond to Hiro Ryuu earlier tonight now challenging you to another match with the title on the line?”

Von Drake stares at Katie Smith before slowly shaking his head.

JVD: “No… move on.”

Smith looks a little surprised before nervously stumbling to the next question.

Katie Smith: “Uh ok. Well tonight you face a former Las Vegas Champion in Gunner Lang in the main event. How do you rate your chances against one of the biggest names from the sVo’s past?”

Lucy Von Drake scoffs at the question from behind the Las Vegas Champion.

JVD: “Since when is Gunner Lang one of the biggest names from the sVo’s past? I am one of the biggest names from the sVo’s past!! Tonight I will send Gunner Lang back to the retirement home!”

Von Drake angrily storms away from the interview area, his wife a few steps behind him leaving a shocked looking Katie Smith behind.

Trust the Process

The camera flips to the Horizon locker room, which is unrecognisable from earlier in the evening. However as the removal men continue to carry in expensive furniture, in the middle of the room is Hugo Ryzing who is surrounded by JD James, Johnny All Star, Darwin Jones and Gunner Lang. Ryzing has an ice pack held to the side of his head and looks angry.

JD James: “So tell me again who this guys name was?”

Ryzing begins to explain the story again, but Johnny All Star cuts him off.

Johnny All Star: “It doesn’t matter who it was, its classic Moretti. He can’t get the job done himself so hires another lackey. Let’s go on the offensive and give them the whooping they deserve!”

Jones & Lang look fired up to join in with All Star, however JD James raises his hands and calls for calm.

JD James: “Wait, wait. This is just what they want from us. They want to draw us out and pick us off! We sit tight and follow the plan! We build up and take everything from Moretti! Now Gunner, you have a big match tonight, we can’t let anything get in the way of your victory!”

Gunner Lang nods and looks focused, as Darwin Jones and Johnny All Star look slightly disappointed about their hunt for Anthony Moretti being called off.

Single Match
Orlando Fox vs. The Teacher

“Cuz tha boyz in tha hood are always hard
Ya come talkin’ that trash we’ll pull ya cord
Knowin’ nuthin’ in life but tah be legit
Don’t quote me boy ‘cuz I ain’t said shit”

Boyz-N-Tha-Hood by Eazy E hits the sound system and the fans boo as Orlando Fox slowly makes his way down the entrance ramp. Fox, the former Hardcore Champion raises his arm in the air as he walks down towards the ring whilst staring out members of the audience at ringside. Fox soon rolls into the ring under the bottom rope and steps onto the bottom rope before performing his signature taunt to the crowd, which brings out even more boos for Fox!

‘Stand Up’ – Trapt begins to play over the sound system and the lights in the arena cut out. A spotlight searches around the crowd until it picks out The Teacher slowly making his way through the fans towards the ring. The Teacher leaps over the barrier and slides into the ring, ready to bring another wrong-doer to justice.

The bell rings and the match is officially started between two of the longest serving wrestlers on the sVo roster! The former Hardcore Champion Fox circles around the masked Teacher, before trying up in the middle of the ring. Both men try and push the other back, until the Teacher grabs the arm of his opponent and bends it back in a wrist lock. Teacher tries to crank up on the submission hold, however Fox frees himself with some big back elbows before taking his opponent down to the mat with a big head butt!

The Teacher rises up to his feet holding his face from under his mask, but Orlando Fox is straight back on his opponent as he grabs him by the back of the head before slamming him face first into the turnbuckle! Fox repeats the move a few times on the masked star, before grabbing him around the waist and slamming him down to the mat with a big German suplex! The Teacher looks in pain as Orlando Fox dives over his opponent and makes the early cover.



No! The Teacher gets a shoulder up before the three can be counted and the match continues! Orlando Fox grabs his opponent by the mask and brings him to his feet, before landing some stiff knees to the midsection. The Teacher doubles over in pain, but as Fox bounces back against the ring ropes before aiming a clothesline, the Teacher ducks before spinning and landing a dropkick on his opponent!

The fans cheer for the move by the Teacher, and he follows up with a single leg takedown before leaping onto Fox with a senton! Fox stumbles back up to his feet, but the Teacher is straight back onto the offence with a spinning knife hand chop, before taking his opponent down with a inverted facelock elbow drop! With Fox down, this time it is The Teacher leaps on his opponent to look for the cover.




Fox gets a shoulder up off of the mat just when the crowd thought it was all over! The Teacher looks at the referee in disbelief that it was only a two count, before dragging Fox to a standing position. The Teacher lands some knee lifts to the face of Fox, before locking in an underhook leg trap neck submission!

The fans rise to their feet as it looks like they are about to witness a submission victory, but Fox refuses to quit as the referee asks if he wants to tap! Fox tries to reach out for the bottom rope, before he is finally able to overpower his masked opponent and rise back up to his feet! The Teacher tries to go straight for a single leg takedown into a single leg Boston crab, but Orlando Fox kicks his opponent away!

Fox again gets to his feet, but as the Teacher approaches again, Fox rocks him with a straight right hand! With Teacher unsteady on his feet, Fox bounces back off of the ropes before landing a big boot on his opponent! The Teacher looks in trouble as he slowly tries to get back on the offence, only for Fox to grab hold of him and power him up into the air and then back to the mat with a full nelson slam!

With the masked man down, Orlando Fox signals for his finishing move and it looks like the end might be here for the Teacher! The Teacher slowly pulls himself up using the ring ropes, but Fox lands a kick to the midsection to double him over, before heaving him up into the air and dropping him on his back with the ‘Remedy’ in the middle of the ring! Fox wastes no time in dropping down and making the cover!




It’s all over and Orlando Fox scores a big victory in the battle of the two sVo veterans! Fox rises up to his feet and looks like he knew just what a battle he was in as the referee holds his arm in the air in victory.

Winner via pinfall: Orlando Fox

Calling Out The Big Gunz

Fox continues to celebrate his victory in the middle of the ring, before making his way over to Natasha Ortiz and demanding that the pretty interviewer hand over the microphone! The fans continue to cheer as Fox calls for quiet, and attempts to address the crowd from the middle of the ring.

Orlando Fox: “Now out of Amy Page, Scott Washington and Yoshi Ono, I’m not sure who the biggest bitch is!”

The crowd cheer, clearly agreeing with Fox.

Orlando Fox: “Now I been looking all over the arena for all of you to give you another ass whoopin, but I been told none of you here tonight!”

Boos from the crowd who would clearly like to see Fox take the fight to Washington and Ono some more like he did last week.

Orlando Fox: “So how about this, I heard Amy flappin her gums about you all getting a shot at the tag team titles, so how about you prove it! You step into the ring against me and an opponent of my choosing at the next show and let’s see how good you really are!”

The fans cheer as Fx drops the mic and makes his way to the back, with the challenge laid down to Scott Washington and Yoshi Ono!

In Search of Vorheez

The cameras head back to the office of Jon Page where the boss is still sitting behind the executive desk, however is now watching the action live on the flat screen on the wall, ready to watch the big main event match which he has booked between former Las Vegas Champion Gunner Lang and current Las Vegas Champion James Von Drake! There is a knock of the door, and as Page shouts “enter”, in walks the sVo interviewer Katie Smith.

Jon Page: “Katie, what can I do for you?”

Smith moves towards the desk, Page’s eyes not coming away from the TV.

Katie Smith: “Well boss, I have been waiting all day for the arrival of William Vorheez after he showed up last week. Everyone wants to hear from Vorheez after what he said last week, but no sign of him! Can you arrange an interview with him for me?”

Page laugh’s before slowly shaking his head.

Jon Page: “Listen you don’t arrange an interview with Vorheez and you don’t find him. If he wants to speak then he will show up! Now why don’t you pull up a seat and catch the main event, I have a feeling this is going to do great ratings!”

Smith looks disappointed, but does pull up a chair and turn to watch the flat screen, with the main event up next!

Blood Money Pt.3

The cameras head once again to the locker room area, where outside of the ‘Horizon’ locker room door is the sVo Champion Anthony Moretti, his sVo Tag Team Champion partner Joe Barone and his newest associate Money Malone! The trio look ready for action, but instead of entering the Horizon locker room to pick a fight with the group, Money Malone produces a padlock, which he uses to lock the door shut with the group still inside.

The trio exchange knowing nods to each other before exiting the scene!

sVo Countdown to Violence PPV
21st March 2021

Main Event
Non-Title Match
Gunner Lang vs. JVD

“All my life I’ve been searching for something
Something never comes never leads to nothing
Nothing satisfies but I’m getting close
Closer to the prize at the end of the rope”

There are boos in the arena as ‘JVD’ flashes up on the giant screen and the arena is basked in a pink glow. “All My Life” by Foo Fighters blares out as James Von Drake walks out, with his wife Lucy Von Drake as always by his side. JVD signals to the crowd before walking down to the ring and sliding in. JVD holds his arms in the air in the middle of the ring as Lucy Von Drake stands outside the ring clapping on her husband.

The familiar riff of AC/DC’s Thunderstruck fills the arena. As the pyro goes off on the entranceway Gunner Lang explodes onto the entrance ramp shooting off his own pyro from a gun while the sVo Tron shows Gunner and a band playing his entrance music. The fans are on their feet cheering and shout ‘Gunner’ along with the song. Gunner drops the pyro gun and runs down to the ring slapping hands with the fans and giving devil horns. He slides into the ring under the bottom rope and proceeds to take off his shirt and bandanna throwing them into the crowd.

With both men in the ring, the referee calls for the bell to be rung and the main event of the evening to get started! The current Las Vegas Champion JVD quickly jumps forward and lands a cheap shot on Gunner Lang, but Lang fights back with some big right hands! The fans cheer as the two men brawl back and forth in the middle of the ring, until the San Francisco born Gunner Lang gets the upper hand of the exchange and backs JVD into the corner of the ring! Lang tees off on JVD in the corner, before walking back into the middle of the ring and taunting to the fans!

Lang gets a big cheer from the fans, but as he runs at JVD in the corner and aims a big forearm shot, JVD dives out of the way and Lang hits the corner hard. Lang stumbles back out of the corner and JVD quickly takes Gunner Lang down to the mat with a Side Russian legsweep, before rolling to his feet and mimicking Gunner Lang’s taunt in the middle of the ring!

The fans boo loudly toward JVD, but the Las Vegas Champion doesn’t seem to care as he grabs Lang by the arm as he gets to his feet and throws him into the ring ropes. Lang bounces back into the middle of the ring, but JVD takes him down with a hip toss before bouncing quickly into the ropes himself and landing a big elbow drop on the returning superstar.

The fans cheer Gunner on as he climbs back up to his feet holding his chest in pain, but JVD keeps up the moment as he lands some right hands to his opponent before taking him back to the mat with a t-bone suplex in the middle of the ring. JVD again taunts to the crowd, getting loud boos, before shouting at Gunner Lang to get to his feet! Lang again looks like he is struggling to get to a standing position after some stiff offence from the Las Vegas Champion. Lang finally stumbles up, but JVD is straight back on his opponent with a back hand chop, followed up with a double underhook powerbomb to take Lang down! With Lang on his back, JVD quickly switches to grab his legs before flipping him over into a Boston crab in the middle of the ring!

The fans boo as the referee dives down and asks Lang if he wants to call it quits. Lang bravely shakes his head whilst shouting out in pain at the submission hold. Lang begins to crawl his way to the ropes to look for a rope break, with the fans willing him on with every inch! Lang finally looks like he is within reach of the bottom rope, but before he can grab it Lucy Von Drake leaps up onto the ring apron to distract the referee!

The referee walks over to get Lucy Von Drake down from the ring apron just as Gunner Lang grabs hold of the bottom rope prompting a big pop from the crowd. However with the referee’s back turned, JVD stomps on the hand of Lang, before dragging him back into the middle of the ring and cranking back on the submission hold! Lucy Von Drake jumps down off of the ring apron, but as the referee turns around all he spots is JVD with the submission hold still locked in!

The fans boo loudly as once again the referee asks Gunner Lang if he wants to quit, but again Lang says no! Lang again bravely begins to crawl to the ropes, but it doesn’t look like he is going to be able to make it after being in the submission hold for so long! Lang inches closer and closer, before finally managing to touch the ropes with his finger tips and cause the referee to call for the rope break!

The fans cheer, but JVD keeps the hold locked in for the whole five seconds before finally realising it! JVD looks frustrated as he rolls back to a standing position, clearly thinking that he had the match won with the Boston crab. Gunner Lang holds his back in pain on the mat, but as he does the fans boo with JVD calling for his finishing move! JVD marches over and pulls Gunner Lang to his feet, before positioning him for the ‘Dollar Drop’.

On the outside of the ring Lucy Von Drake rubs her hands over like it is all over, but to the shock of her and the crowd, Gunner Lang somehow counters the Dollar Drop with a back body drop on JVD!

The fans cheer Gunner Lang on as he and JVD both slowly rise up to their feet and begin to trade right hands! The punches are a lot slower than at the start of the match, but Gunner Lang again comes out on top before bouncing backwards into the ropes and returning with a big boot to send JVD down to the mat! JVD rises up to his feet holding his face, but Gunner Lang follows up with an elevated gut buster on his opponent, before hitting an impressive Military Press Slam!

The momentum seems to have swung for Gunner Lang now as JVD struggles to get to his feet! JVD throws a desperate right hand in Gunner Lang’s direction, but the former Las Vegas Champion ducks under the arm of the current Las Vegas Champion, before grabbing him and sending him into the corner again! With JVD in the corner of the ring, the fans pop as Gunner Lang runs at him and lands the ‘Boomer-lang’! JVD stumbles out of the corner after the big splash, and Gunner follows up in a perfect transition with the ‘Gunner-Struck’ to take down the Las Vegas Champion! The fans pop for the finishing move as Gunner Lang flips over JVD to make the cover!




It’s all over and Gunner Lang records a winning return to the sVo in the main event! The fans in the arena are on their feet as Lang rises up to his feet tiredly, and has his arm raised in the air in victory by the referee!

Winner via pinfall: Gunner Lang

Blood Money Pt.4

The fans continue to cheer for the victorious Gunner Lang, but as he makes his way over to the corner of the ring and climbs to the second rope, the fans rise to their feet as Lucy Von Drake rolls into the ring with a pair of handcuffs.

Von Drake walks over to Lang from behind, and before Gunner Lang can understand what is going on, Lucy Von Drake clips one of the handcuffs around the wrist of Gunner Lang and the other around the top ring rope! Gunner Lang looks shocked as he tries to free himself, but as he does JVD struggles up to a standing position!

The crowd boo as JVD walks over to the handcuffed Gunner Lang, trash talking the man that just defeated him! The fans boo loudly as JVD laughs at Lang struggling to free himself, before laying into him with some right hands! JVD punches and kicks the helpless Lang to the floor, before JVD is handed something by Lucy Von Drake!

JVD holds the object in the air for the crowd to see, a dyed red dollar bill! The fans cheer loudly as JVD holds the dollar bill over the face of Lang and then punches him square in the face!

The boos continue as down the entrance ramp march Anthony Moretti, Joe Barone and Money Malone! The trio climb into the ring and bump fists with the Von Drake’s, before turning their attention to Gunner Lang!

The camera suddenly switches to the backstage area where Johnny All Star, JD James, Hugo Ryzing and Darwin Jones are desperately trying to get out of their locker room to help their friend, only for them to still be locked in courtesy of the padlock on the outside of their door!

Back in the ring, JVD, Moretti, Barone and Malone take it in turns to kick and stomp Gunner Lang down to the mat, still handcuffed to the top rope but now in a pool of his own blood! Moretti seems to be calling the shots as Lucy Von Drake slides a steel chair into the ring! Moretti looks like he is ready to take Gunner Lang’s head off as Malone and JVD hold him up with an arm each.

The fans boo loudly, until suddenly “Hillbilly Joke” by Hank 3 hits and the arena lights flicker red and white. After a few seconds, the man himself appears at the top of the entrance ramp, as William Vorheez walks through the curtain with his long cloak on and the old sVo Championship belt around his waist! As Vorheez marches towards the ring, Moretti signals to his troops and they move away from Gunner Lang and into defensive positions, as Vorheez climbs into the ring and puts himself between the group and the bloodied Gunner Lang!

Vorheez stares down Moretti, as Moretti stares back, before slowly signalling to his group and for them to back away. The group seem confused, but the four men slowly climb out of the ring as Vorheez continues to stare them down, before unclipping the old sVo Championship belt from around his waist and raising it into the air!

Moretti holds his own sVo Championship in the air as he backs up the entrance ramp, staring back at Vorheez in the middle of the ring as a chaotic Against All Odds heads off of the air!

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