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sVo Against All Odds #004

A shock main event takes place on the go home show before the Seasons Beatings 2020 PPV!

sVo Against All Odds
Goodfellas Casino Arena
Sunday 13th December 2020

‘Pretty Vegas’ by INXS hits and the opening video package for ‘Against All Odds’ begins to play, featuring classic action from the likes of Psyko Stevo, Bobby Dean, Roscoe Shame, Nathan Paradine & Night. As the package begins to come to an end, the live camera pans around the sold-out Goodfellas Casino Arena in the heart of Las Vegas as fireworks begin to shoot up from the top of the entrance ramp. 

Fans jump out at the camera trying to get their face on TV as the atmosphere for tonight’s show continues to build. The camera swings around to see the commentators of Johnny All-Star & JD James sitting at ringside, before turning to show the giant screen at the top of the entrance ramp as some of the matchups for tonight’s show are shown.

Earlier This Evening

The cameras head to the backstage area where sVo Owner Jon Page is arriving at the Goodfellas Casino Arena, walking through the casino lobby past all of the gamblers who are mindlessly focused on their games. However one person does see him coming, and that one person is Amy Page who is waiting for her brother by the arena entrance door.

Amy Page: “Ah! Fancy bumping into you here?”

The sVo Owner rolls his eyes as he doesn’t slow down, forcing his sister to struggle to catch up with him.

Jon Page: “What do you want?”

Amy Page: “Can’t a sister just say hello to her brother in this festive season?”

The sVo Owner once again rolls his eyes.

Amy Page: “But now you mention it there is something that I wanted to talk to you about, the sVo Tag Team Championships….”

That does stop the sVo Owner in his tracks, as he turns to look at his sister. 

Jon Page: “What are you talking about? They are not active right now?”

Amy Page: “And that is why I want to talk to you! You gave Nathan Judge the chance to win back the title that he never lost on the last show, it’s only fair that my client Scott Washington and CJ Dreamer get the same opportunity with the Tag Team Championships!”

The sVo Owner looks a little taken aback by the suggestion.

Jon Page: “Just what is your business with Scott Washington anyway? And is CJ Dreamer really up for this, he is facing Washington in the main event of the PPV with the sVo Championship on the line….”

Amy Page: “Don’t worry about any of that, just make the match! They can take on anyone you want, hell if you want Moretti and Barone dealt with then chuck them in as the opponents! Think about what a main event that would be tonight ahead of Seasons Beatings!”

The sVo Owner seems to be considering the option and weighing up the potential headline match. 

Jon Page: “Ok I mean that does sound like ratings…. But you got to promise me one thing…..”

Amy Page looks at her brother and shrugs.

Amy Page: “And that is….”

Jon Page: “You cannot let Moretti get his hands on those Tag Team titles! No way am I paying that little punk a championship bonus!”

Amy Page smiles and nods her head, before spinning and turning away from her brother to tell her team the good news. 

Single Match
Hiro Ryuu vs. Nathan Judge

‘Starman’ by David Bowie hits the sound system and the fans rise to their feet as the mysterious Hiro Ryuu slowly steps out onto the top of the entrance ramp. Ryuu drops to his knee and raises a finger in the air for a few seconds before slowly pointing his finger down towards the ring. Ryuu then rises to his feet and walks slowly to the ring and rolls under the bottom rope. Ryuu climbs to the second rope of the nearest turnbuckle and looks out at the crowd before backflipping to a standing position in the ring!

‘Night Crawler’ by Judas Priest hits the sound system and there are boos in the arena as Nathan Judge slowly emerges from the backstage area onto the top of the entrance ramp. Nathan Judge doesn’t look too happy with the reception he is receiving from the Vegas crowd as he stares out at the sea of people before slowly making his way down the entrance ramp towards the ring.

Judge slowly climbs into the ring between the ropes before walking around the perimeter and staring out at the crowd. The crowd continues to boo Nathan Judge as he stands tall in the ring looking ready for the match to begin.

The referee calls for the bell to be rung and the action quickly gets started, with both men looking to bounce back from recent losses. Ryuu and Judge circle around each other in the middle of the ring, before Ryuu, strikes first with some big kicks to his opponent. Judge is staggered backwards by the big kicks, before fighting back with some powerful right hands. Judge lands some stiff knife-edge chops across the chest of his opponent, before grabbing Ryuu by the arm and sending him into the corner of the ring with an Irish whip. Ryuu hits the corner hard before Judge follows up with a clothesline in the corner of the ring!

The crowd boo Judge as the Canadian pulls Ryuu out of the corner of the ring and takes him down to the mat with a side Russian leg sweep. With Ryuu on the mat, Judge makes the cover however only gets a two count from the referee before the Japanese star gets a shoulder up off of the canvas.

Judge shakes his head as he pulls Ryuu up to his feet and lands another knife edge chop. Ryuu holds his chest which is now red, but Judge isn’t done yet as he follows up with a big headbutt. Judge taunts to the fans, before positioning Ryuu for a suplex in the middle of the ring. Judge tries to lift Ryuu into the air, but Ryuu manages to block the attempt! Judge again tries to power Ryuu up, but Ryuu once again blocks the move before landing a snap suplex on his opponent! 

Judge staggers up to his feet at the shock move, but Hiro Ryuu has the fans on his side as he follows up with a European Uppercut! Judge falls back into the corner from the impact of the blow, but as he does Ryuu makes his way to the opposite corner of the ring before running and following up with a big boot in the corner! Judge drops down to the mat from the big kick to the face, and this time it is Ryuu’s turn to make the cover!



No! Just when the fans thought it was all over right there, Judge shoots out a leg and places it on the bottom rope, causing the referee to stop the count just as his hand was coming down for the three! 

Ryuu thinks he has won the match as he rises up to his feet, but the referee has to try and explain to the Japanese star that Judge managed to get a rope break. As Ryuu struggles to understand what the referee is saying, Judge, recovers on the mat, before getting to his feet and grabbing Ryuu from behind! Judge drops the surprised Ryuu on the back of his head with a German suplex, before rolling to his feet. 

The crowd continue to boo Nathan Judge as he stomps away on Ryuu who tries to get to his feet, before throwing him into the ring ropes and landing a big spinebuster as he bounces back! With Ryuu on the mat and hurting, Judge quickly makes another cover and hooks the leg of his opponent!



No! Ryuu kicks out again! Judge looks angrily at his opponent as he pulls himself to a standing position using the ropes before signalling to the fans for the end of the match! The crowd respond by rising to their feet and booing, as Judge signals for the ‘Judgement Day’! Nathan Judge grabs Ryuu in a front face lock and lifts him into the air! Judge holds Ryuu upside down in the air for a few seconds, but before he can drop him on his head to complete the move, Ryuu counters with a knee to the head of his opponent! Ryuu hits another knee to the head of Judge, and Judge is forced to drop him down. 

The fans cheer as Judge struggles, and Ryuu follows up with a springboard dropkick out of the ropes! The move sends Judge down to the mat, but as he gets back up he is hit with a backdrop suplex! Ryuu looks to be building momentum as he retreats to the corner of the ring and signals to the crowd! Judge rises up to his feet, but as he does Ryuu explodes out of the corner and lands the ‘Tokyo Sunrise’ on Judge! The fans pop for the move, as Ryuu wastes no time in hooking the leg and making the cover!




It’s all over and Hiro Ryuu picks up his first sVo victory against the former Las Vegas Champion Judge! 

The fans continue to cheer for Ryuu as he rises up to his feet and his hand raised in the air in victory by the referee!

Winner via pinfall – Hiro Ryuu


The cameras head backstage after the big victory for Hiro Ryuu, where CJ Dreamer is in his locker room on his own, until the arrival of the massive frames of Scott Washington and Yoshi Ono pushing their way through the door frame. Closely followed behind them of course is Amy Page, who stares Dreamer in the eye as she enters the room.

Amy Page: “Well CJ, I trust you have had a chance to have a think about my offer a couple of weeks ago?”

Dreamer takes a look at Ono and Washington who are standing menacingly behind Amy Page.

CJ Dreamer: “Look, I am flattered by the offer and all but….”

Page raises a hand to stop Dreamer from finishing his sentence with a smile on her face.

Amy Page: “Wait, before you finish your answer how about you wait until the end of tonight. After hearing what I have lined up for you I think you will have a change of heart.”

Dreamer looks at Ono and Washington staring him down from behind Page once again.

Amy Page: “You better get ready because tonight you are in the main event with a chance to win back those Tag Team title belts that you never lost!”

Before Dreamer has the chance to accept or decline, Page points to Ono and Washington to exit the room and then leaves herself, with a wink to CJ Dreamer as she goes.

Dreamer is left alone in his locker room again, to ponder the chance of winning the Tag Team Championships again and getting the extra payday that comes with being a title holder!

Single Match 
Yoshi Ono vs. Dallas Jordan

The lights in the arena dim and the mood changes as ‘GTA’ by Meek Mill hits the sound system. As the base reverberates around the arena, the massive figure of Yoshi Ono slowly steps out onto the top of the entrance ramp and looks out at the arena. The crowd loudly boo the sight of Ono, but the Japanese star ignores the crowd and performs a sumo ritual dance at the top of the entrance ramp. Ono then slowly walks down to the ring at his own pace, before slowly climbing into the ring and staring out at the crowd from the corner of the ring with a snarl on his face as the lights slowly come back up.

The upbeat “Living In America” by James Brown hits the sound system and the fans in the arena cheer as the arena is basked in a red, white, and blue glow. After a few seconds, the energetic Dallas Jordan steps out onto the top of the entrance ramp and throws up a salute to the crowd. ‘The Patriot’ quickly makes his way down the entrance ramp whilst slapping hands with fans at ringside, before climbing into the ring. Jordan stares out to the crowd for a few seconds before throwing up another salute to the crowd. Jordan retreats into his corner of the ring as the music begins to fade out.

It’s Japan vs. the USA next as the massive Yosho Ono stares across the ring at Dallas Jordan, with both men yet to pick up their first win yet in the sVo. The referee calls for the bell to be rung, and Dallas Jordan runs forward and begins to pound Yosho Ono with some big right hands to try and get the upper hand in the match, knowing that he is going to be in trouble if the massive Ono gets ahold of him!

The crowd begins to chant ‘USA, USA’ as Yosho Ono begins to back Ono into the corner of the ring with the big punches before Ono sends Jordan down to the mat with a stiff head butt! Dallas Jordan struggles to get back to his feet after the head butt, but Ono is straight back on him with a thrust kick which sends him into the corner of the ring. Dallas Jordan looks in trouble as Ono walks back to the opposite corner to get a run-up, before running and launching his 425-pound frame at Jordan!

The move might have knocked out the young Dallas Jordan in the corner of the ring, but Yoshi Ono shows no remorse as he pulls Jordan out of the corner of the ring before running and bouncing into the ring ropes. Ono bounces back into the middle of the ring, before dropping a leg across the chest of his opponent! Ono sits on Dallas Jordan after the big leg drop and makes the cover!



No! It looked like Ono had the match won right there, but instead of picking up the win, it seems he wants to punish his opponent further by pulling his shoulder up off of the mat! The fans boo loudly towards Yoshi Ono as he peels Jordan up off of the mat and loads him onto his shoulder! Ono lands the ‘Ono and Out’ in the middle of the ring before once again making the cover.




It’s all over and Yoshi Ono picks up a dominating victory! Ono rises up to his feet and has his arm raised in the air in victory by the referee, with Dallas Jordan still motionless on the canvas.

Winner via pinfall – Yoshi Ono

Champion of Las Vegas

The cameras head backstage after the impressive win for Yoshi Ono, where the current sVo Las Vegas Champion James von Drake is standing by with interviewer Katie Smith. JVD has the title belt over his shoulder and is ready for battle with his match against the Teacher only moments away. JVD is also, as ever, flanked by his wife Lucy Von Drake as Smith begins to fire off the questions.

Katie Smith: “James, you are once again the Las Vegas Champion, but with Seasons Beatings only a few weeks away, who will you be defending the title against?”

JVD: “Defending the title? Do you think anyone in the sVo actually deserves a shot at this title at Seasons Beatings? I haven’t seen anyone step up and put in the performance that shows they deserve a title shot, as far as I am concerned I will be taking the night of the PPV off!”

Smith looks a little surprised by JVD’s response, but before she gets a chance to ask another question, Lucy Von Drake snatches the microphone from her hand. 

Lucy Von Drake: “They seriously pay you to come up with these questions? Let me do you a favour, how about you ask why Jon Page, in 2020, gets away with signing only one woman to the sVo roster? Why don’t you ask why there is no woman’s championship here in the sVo? Why don’t you ask why the sVo is living in the dark ages when it comes to equal rights? Go away and come up with some decent questions before you waste our time again!”

Lucy Von Drake drops the microphone on the floor, just out of the reach of Katie Smith before she and JVD walk away from the backstage interview area, causing an abrupt end to the interview!

Single Match 
The Teacher vs. JVD

‘Stand Up’ – Trapt begins to play over the sound system and the lights in the arena cut out. A spotlight searches around the crowd until it picks out The Teacher slowly making his way through the fans towards the ring. The Teacher leaps over the barrier and slides into the ring, ready to bring another wrong-doer to justice.

There are boos in the arena as ‘JVD’ flashes up on the giant screen and the arena is basked in a pink glow. “All My Life” by Foo Fighters blares out as the new Las Vegas Champion James Von Drake walks out, with his wife Lucy Von Drake as always by his side. JVD signals to the crowd by holding the Las Vegas Championship in the air, before walking down to the ring and sliding in. JVD holds his arms in the air in the middle of the ring as Lucy Von Drake stands outside the ring clapping on her husband.

JVD passes the Las Vegas Championship belt to the outside of the ring as the referee calls for the bell to be rung and the action to get started! The Teacher and JVD circle around each other in the middle of the ring, before the two sVo veteran’s tie-up in a collar and elbow tie-up. Both men try and push each other backwards in a test of strength, however, it is the Teacher who gets the better of the exchange. The Teacher pushes JVD into the corner of the ring, causing the referee to quickly call for a rope break. The Teacher does the right thing and gives the Las Vegas Champion a clean break, however, JVD takes advantage with a slap across the face of his opponent!

The fans boo JVD loudly for his actions, as The Teacher tries to fire back with some big right hands to his opponent. However, JVD blocks the right hands before hitting some of his own! JVD backs The Teacher up before grabbing him by the arm and sending him into the ring ropes. The Teacher bounces back into the middle of the ring, before being caught with a stiff back elbow from his opponent. The Teacher stumbles away holding his face in pain, and JVD follows up by bouncing into the ropes behind him and hitting an impressive one-handed bulldog to send him down to the mat! JVD tries to follow up with an early cover, but his opponent kicks out after two!

Lucy Von Drake berates the referee from ringside as JVD gets to his feet and stomps away on his opponent. JVD pulls his masked opponent up to a standing position, before landing an impressive facebuster. The Teacher staggers backwards, but the Las Vegas Champion follows up with a neck breaker to take down his opponent. With the Teacher down on the mat, there are yet more boos from the crowd as Von Drake cockily taunts them before grabbing the leg of his opponent and locking in a one-legged Boston crab submission hold!

The Teacher screams out in pain as the referee asks him if he wants to tap! The Teacher shakes his head whilst trying to force his way towards the bottom rope to cause a rope break. JVD looks reluctant to break the hold, but finally does under threat of disqualification from the referee after a five count. JVD doesn’t waste any time after the submission attempt, and stomps away on his masked opponent before pulling him to a standing position. JVD takes the Teacher by the arm and sends the masked star into the corner of the ring, before following up with a big running knee to his midsection in the corner!

The Teacher stumbles out of the corner of the ring and the Las Vegas Champion follows up with an impressive neckbreaker, before once again making the cover!




Everyone in the arena thought it was all over right there from that pinfall attempt, including the Von Drake’s, however somehow The Teacher manages to get a shoulder up off of the mat before the three!

JVD looks at the referee in disbelief before rising up to his feet and arguing with the official. The Las Vegas Champion looks so unhappy with the three count it looks like he is done with the match as he waves the referee off before climbing to the outside of the ring and grabbing his title belt!

The fans boo loudly as Von Drake begins to make his way back up the entrance ramp with his title belt in hand, as the referee looks on in disbelief! 

One man who isn’t looking on in disbelief is the Teacher, as the masked fan favourite rolls to the outside of the ring and looks determined not to win the match by forfeit! The Teacher runs up the ramp after Von Drake, before hitting him from behind with a double axe handle to the back of his neck! The Teacher lands some right hands on the Champion before dragging him back to the ring and throwing him back in under the bottom rope!

Von Drake rises up to his feet in the ring looking shocked, but things get even worse for him as the Teacher leaps up from the apron and springboards off the top rope with a cross body on the Las Vegas Champion! The Teacher then follows this up with a big jumping dropkick in the middle of the ring, before leaping on Von Drake and making the cover!




This time it is The Teacher’s turn to get only a two count as Von Drake kicks out on two, much to the disappointment of the sold out Vegas crowd. The Teacher however doesn’t wait around as he pulls Von Drake up to his feet and throws him into the nearest turnbuckle. In the corner of the ring, The Teacher lands some stiff knife edge chops on his opponent which lights his chest up red and draws a ‘wooo’ from the crowd!

JVD stumbles out of the corner, and The Teacher follows up with a running bulldog to take him down to the mat, before heading to the top rope! The fans in the arena rise to their feet at the prospect of seeing a high flying move from the masked man as he looks to use his momentum and get the match won! JVD looks desperate on the mat as he is unable to get p to his feet, but in his desperation he grabs hold of the referee! The fans boo loudly as JVD grabs hold of the referee from the mat, whilst Lucy Von Drake leaps up onto the ring apron and pushes the Teacher off of the top rope!

Lucy Von Drake jumps down off of the entrance ramp before the referee can see her, which allows JVD to slowly rise up to his feet and grab hold of the masked man! The boos continue as JVD drills The Teacher with a tired looking ‘Dollar Drop’ in the middle of the ring, before rolling over and making the cover on his opponent!




It’s all over, and thanks to a major assist from his wife, it is the Las Vegas Champion JVD who keeps his winning run going with a three count victory over the Teacher! 

The boo’s continue as Lucy Von Drake retrieves the Las Vegas Championship from the ring apron before climbing into the ring and placing it over the shoulder of JVD. Lucy Von Drake lifts the arm of JVD in the air in victory, as the referee checks on the Teacher who seems groggy after being dropped on his head. 

Winner via pinfall: James Von Drake

A Challenger Approaches

We once again head backstage to the interview area, where this time Katie Smith is standing by this time with Nathan Judge, the man who came up just short in the main event last week.

Katie Smith: “Nathan, thanks for joining me here tonight. You have already completed tonight, but I understand that you wanted to address the fans?”

Nathan Judge: “That’s right Katie, I have no need to be in the arena anymore, and to be honest I am still battered and bruised from earlier tonight so I could have done with the rest of the night off. However, I feel that I have to come here tonight to apologize in person to my fans after I didn’t get done what I promised two weeks ago…..”

Katie Smith: “Well I am sure your fans will appreciate that and back you, but after not winning the Las Vegas Championship which you had set your sights on, what is next for Nathan Judge?”

Nathan Judge: “Well before I move forward, I need to right the wrongs of two weeks ago. I have big goals here in the sVo, but I can’t sit by put up with the way the main event went down. I had that match won until Lucy Von Drake got involved, which is why I am challenging JVD to a rematch at Seasons Beatings, and if he has the balls he can leave his wife at home and face me one on one!”

Smith smirks after her run in with the Von Drake’s earlier in the evening.

Katie Smith: “Well the gauntlet for the Las Vegas Champion has been thrown down, will he accept? Back to ringside for our main event of the evening!”

sVo Presents Seasons Beatings 2020
27th December 2020
A New sVo Champion Will be Crowned!

sVo Tag Team Championship Match
Anthony Moretti & Joe Barone vs. Scott Washington & CJ Dreamer

‘Woke Up This Morning’ by A3 hits the sound system and the fans boo as the gold lights flash around the arena. After a few seconds, Anthony Moretti steps onto the entrance ramp with his hands in the air, the massive Joe Barone only a few steps behind him. Moretti & Barone slowly make their way down the ramp towards the ring, ignoring the boos of the fans. Anthony Moretti cockily steps up onto the ring apron, before climbing through the ropes and into the ring. Barone climbs over the top rope and stands in the middle of the ring with his arms crossed, staring out at the crowd. Acting like the superstar he thinks he is, Anthony Moretti raises both hands in the air, however, receives nothing but boos from the fans.

The fans are on their feet as ‘California Vacation’ by The Game hits the sound system and the lights in the arena dim. Golden sparks rain down from the top of the giant screen onto the entrance ramp as Scott Washington step through them and holds his arms in the air. The huge ‘O-Town Outlaw’ taunts the crowd who boo loudly as he walks down the entrance ramp with his eyes focused on the ring. Scott Washington jumps up onto the ring apron before climbing into the ring and warming up in the corner of the ring for his upcoming battle.

‘Break Stuff’ by the Limp Bizkit blasts over the sound system as CJ Dreamer slowly walks out onto the top of the entrance ramp and stares out at the fans packed into the Goodfellas Casino Arena. Dreamer smirks at his hometown fans who are baying for his blood as he stops for a few seconds to signal to the fans, before briskly walking down the entrance ramp and rolling into the ring. Dreamer quickly rolls to his feet and skips in a circle around the ring whilst shadow boxing. Dreamer slowly returns to his corner of the ring as the music fades out and is replaced with the sound of just the boos from the fans.

With both teams at ringside, the referee holds the sVo Tag Team Championship belts in the air to signal that they will be on the line in tonight’s main event! The crowd cheer for the opportunity to watch a title match, but whilst Moretti looks set to start things off for his team, there seems to be some disagreement between the former Tag Team Champions as to who will be starting things off against Moretti!

Eventually CJ Dreamer enters the ring to cheers from the crowd, and the referee calls for the bell to be rung and the match for the vacant sVo Tag Team Championships to get started! 

Dreamer and Moretti circle around each other in the middle of the ring, before finally tying up and trying to push each other backwards. With a stalemate between the two men in terms of the test of strength, Dreamer grabs the arm of Moretti and twists him into a reverse wrist lock. Dreamer clenches up on the hold, but Moretti squirms out into a headlock on his opponent. Dreamer frees himself with some back elbows into the midsection of his opponent before grabbing a side headlock of his own on Moretti. Moretti pushes Dreamer off into the ring ropes, but Dreamer bounces back and lands a shoulder block to send Moretti down to the mat!

Moretti rolls to his feet looking angry at getting knocked off of his feet, but he circles around Dreamer for a few seconds, before smiling and turning to tag in Joe Barone for his first official sVo action!

Dreamer looks up at the giant sized Barone as the ‘Problem Solver’ climbs into the ring over the top rope and looks down on CJ Dreamer. Dreamer quickly fires off with some right hands on the big man, but Barone pushes him away with a big right hand, before sending him into the corner of the ring. Barone follows up with a running splash in the corner of the ring, causing CJ Dreamer to stumble away and drop to the mat! Barone stomps away on CJ Dreamer on the mat, and with the Las Vegas hometown hero down, Barone makes the tag back out to Moretti!

Moretti climbs into the ring to boos from the crowd and taunts CJ Dreamer to get back up to his feet. Dreamer struggles up, but Moretti lands a big kick to the midsection of his opponent before finally allowing him up. Moretti grabs Dreamer in a front face lock and lands a picture perfect suplex in the middle of the ring, before floating over and making the cover. 



No! Dreamer kicks out with authority, with Moretti and Barone knowing that they will have to do a lot more to Dreamer to put the former Tag Team Champion down for a three count! Moretti wastes no time as he pulls Dreamer up to his feet and throws him to the mat with a big spinebuster, before making the quick tag back out to Joe Barone. Scott Washington paces on the ring apron as Barone climbs into the ring and stomps on CJ Dreamer.

Dreamer tries to pull himself to his feet, however Barone keeps in control of his opponent with an elbow strike to the back of his head, before lifting him up over his head with a military press slam! Dreamer looks like he is struggling as he tries to crawl towards his corner to make the tag, but Barone does a good job of cutting off the ring and gets between Dreamer and his partner, before landing an elbow drop on his opponent. Barone grabs Dreamer by the foot and pulls him closer to his own corner of the ring before making another cover. 




Dreamer again kicks out to cheers from the fans, as Barone makes the tag back out to Moretti again, with Washington still not able to get into the match! Moretti jumps back into the ring and aims some massive kicks to the midsection of Dreamer, clearly softening him up. Dreamer tries to rise to his feet and aim some right hands at his opponent, however Moretti sees them coming and lands a knee to the midsection of Dreamer. With Dreamer doubled over, Moretti lands a massive DDT before rising up to his feet and taunting to the crowd! The crowd boo loudly towards Moretti, as he cockily walks around the ring waiting for Dreamer to get to his feet. Dreamer struggles up, but as he does Moretti lands an atomic drop and then signals for his finishing move! 

Dreamer looks in trouble having not been able to tag out for the entire match, but Moretti stands waiting for him to get to his feet so he can land the ‘Hitman’! Dreamer slowly staggers to his feet and Moretti looks for his finisher, but to the delight of the crowd Dreamer counters! Moretti is stunned as Dreamer lands a right hand to knock Moretti away, before taking him down to the mat with a superkick!

Dreamer collapses to the mat before beginning to crawl his way towards his corner of the ring to finally make the tag out to Scott Washington! Moretti also begins to crawl towards the big Italian Joe Barone, and it looks to be a race to whoever tags out first as to who will have the upper hand in capturing the sVo Tag Team Championships!

Dreamer makes it to his corner much to the delight of the fans, but as he reaches his hand out to Washington to make the tag, Washington pulls his arm away and jumps down off the ring apron. Dreamer looks shocked and the fans boo loudly as Washington smirks and shakes his head at Dreamer, before walking away from the ring and back up the entrance ramp! Dreamer realises that it has all been a set up just as Moretti tags out to Joe Barone, and the big Italian climbs into the ring!

Barone rushes at Dreamer and lands some massive right hands, before grabbing him by the arm and sending him into the ring ropes! Dreamer bounces back off of the ring ropes, and Barone sends him down with a big boot to the face. Dreamer looks out of it as Barone grabs him by the throat and lifts him onto his feet, before powering him into the air and landing a big chokeslam in the middle of the ring! With Dreamer down and out, the fans boo loudly as Barone makes the cover. 




It’s all over and we have new sVo Tag Team Champions, with Moretti and Barone picking up the victory and title belts!

Moretti and Barone are handed the belts by the referee and they raise them in the air in victory whilst standing over the broken body of CJ Dreamer! Will this scene be repeated at the Seasons Beatings PPV in two weeks time, or will CJ Dreamer get some revenge on Moretti and Scott Washington as the three battle for the sVo Championship?

Winners via pinfall & new sVo Tag Team Champions: Moretti & Barone

The Celebrations Continue

Moretti and Barone hold the Tag Team Championship belts in the air in victory as the boos continue, however both men slowly turn to face each other, and a smirk grows over their faces. Moretti and Barone nod to each other, before rolling out of opposite sides of the ring and slowly making their way around to the commentary table! 

The crowd continue to boo, and the two commentators seem to know what is up as Johnny All Star and JD James rise up to their feet and remove their head sets! Moretti and Barone quickly dive forward and nail a commentator each with the title belt! 

The fans continue to boo loudly as the fight continues between the new Tag Team Champions, and the commentary team, with Moretti and Barone getting the upper hand thanks to the shot to the face with the title belts! Moretti and Barone roll All Star and James into the ring just as the sVo Owner Jon Page and a bunch of referees make their way down the entrance ramp to try and break up the brawl!

Moretti and Barone continue their attack until the referee’s hit the ring, but then to the shock of everyone Barone turns and nails Jon Page with a big boot! Moretti follows up with a ‘Hitman’ on Page in the middle of the ring as Barone holds back the referee’s, until the new Tag Team Champions bail out of the ring leaving a trail of destruction in their wake!

The show heads off of the air with Moretti and Barone backing up the entrance ramp, holding their belts high in the air!

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The sVo returns with its first show in nearly seven years with 'Against All Odds'!