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Rising Sun Pro Events

RSPW Carnage 2

Live from the Samurai Summit Arena & Casino in Tokyo Japan!

RSPW Carnage 2
Samurai Summit Arena & Casino, Tokyo Japan
21st March 2024

[The scene opens with a sweeping aerial shot of the Samurai Summit Arena & Casino, bathed in the soft glow of neon lights against the Tokyo skyline. The atmosphere crackles with anticipation as the camera zooms in, capturing the fervor and excitement pulsating within the arena’s walls.]

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to the heart of Tokyo, Japan, where the echoes of battle reverberate through the halls of the Samurai Summit Arena! Welcome to Rising Sun Pro Wrestling’s Carnage 2!

[Explosions of pyrotechnics erupt from the stage, illuminating the arena in a dazzling display of light and sound. The crowd erupts into thunderous cheers, their energy reaching a fever pitch as they eagerly await the continuation of the tournament.]

Announcer: Tonight, the quest for glory resumes as the warriors of RSPW prepare to do battle once more! With the stakes higher than ever and the competition fiercer than before, who will rise to the occasion and seize their destiny in the ring?

[The camera pans across the sea of enthusiastic fans, their faces alight with excitement and anticipation, each one eagerly awaiting the spectacle about to unfold.]

Announcer: Get ready for heart-stopping action, jaw-dropping moments, and unforgettable memories as Rising Sun Pro Wrestling presents Carnage 2! So buckle up, Tokyo, for tonight, we continue the journey towards crowning our inaugural RSPW Heavyweight Champion!

[With the arena pulsating with energy and the crowd roaring in approval, the stage is set for another unforgettable night of professional wrestling action. As the camera fades to black, the anticipation reaches a fever pitch, signaling the beginning of another epic chapter in the annals of Rising Sun Pro Wrestling.]

[We immediately jump backstage where Rei Yoshida stands ready with a mic in hand next to the veteran Joshi star, Umi Urabe. With her Group A match and Rising Sun debut looming, Umi gives off an air of supreme confidence that comes with experience. She’s got her signature blue and gold gear on and looks ready for the spotlight.]

Rei Yoshida: <Welcome to Rising Sun Puroresu everyone! Right now I’m joined by Joshi wrestling superstar Urabe Umi-san. She’s been the ace of a major Joshi promotion for over a decade and is making her Rising Sun debut tonight against Hugo Ryzing. Urabe-san, welcome!>

[Umi grins confidently as she’s introduced to a brand new audience.]

Umi Urabe: <Thank you Yoshida-san. It’s an honor to be competing in this tournament and to wrestle in the Rising Sun ring. Everyone watching from the stands or at home is going to learn that when the Golden Empress is in action it’s guaranteed to be an unforgettable night.>

Rei Yoshida: <Now Urabe-san, you’re one of the most decorated veterans in the history of joshi wrestling. Why did you decide to take the leap and join Rising Sun?>

[The Golden Empress nods along as Rei asks her the question that’s been on countless minds since she announced her intention to leave Queendom Joshi Pro Wrestling. Even as the interviewer speaks the gears are clearly turning in her mind. Just as the final syllable leaves Rei’s lips, the grin widens on Umi’s.]

Umi Urabe: <That is the billion dollar question isn’t it? After all the time I spent honing my craft in QJPW, after making countless sparkling memories and wearing all the gold there was to win around my waist, what changed to make Urabe Umi finally leap to new surroundings? And when the world came calling, why is it that I decided to sign with Rising Sun over SVO, Project: Violence and Dynasty Wrestling? The answer is simpler than you’d think.>

[She pauses to let the tension build, the fiery competitiveness lighting up her eyes.]

Umi Urabe: <I climbed to the mountaintop of joshi puroresu, I became a triple crown champion, I trained some of the most skilled up and comers, and I’ve made a living of making the impossible possible. But once you’ve earned the titles of Ace, Empress and Icon, there’s not much room left to grow. The only way I was going to keep growing was to spread my wings and fly towards a new horizon. It’s true I had offers from all of those companies, but I still have a lot left to prove right here at home. No matter how much I’ve achieved, there have always been voices putting an asterisk next to my name saying that I was just a big fish in a small pond. People who called joshi puroresu a niche corner of the sport. People who condescendingly call us little girls who can’t adapt to other fighting styles. All while they worship the ground the men walk on.>

[Umi states it all matter of factly, as if this is a conversation she’s had many, many times.]

Umi Urabe: <So it’s simple. I’m here in Rising Sun to prove that joshi puroresu is the top level of wrestling in Japan and the world. No matter how many seasoned veterans and hot rookies I face off against. Whoever it is I’ll get back up to prove that our hard work and sacrifices makes all the difference. And what better way to do that than in the most exciting tournament in the sport today? Every last one of the wrestlers in Group A think that they can be the one to break out of the pack and earn a shot at the top prize. I know that I can. The best way to prove how good I am – and that I’m pound for pound the best wrestler in the world regardless of gender – is to shake the heavens and take down every last opponent I lock up with! My entire focus is on becoming the undisputed champion of puroresu. Prepare yourselves, gentlemen.>

[She clutches her left hand into a fist and she smiles with all the confidence of the multiple time champion she’s become over the course of her career. With that statement of purpose out of the way Rei takes the opportunity to interject once more.]

Rei Yoshida: <In your first Group A contest you’ll be facing sVo alumni Hugo Ryzing. How are you going to approach a match with a dangerous, seasoned competitor like him?>

Umi Urabe: <Hugo-san came to Rising Sun because he wants to test himself against some of the best wrestlers in the world. He lost his job in sVo but he sure picked a hell of a way to move forward. It’s true that the Rising Sun roster is insanely talented from top to bottom, but tonight he’s stepping into the ring with the best of the best. I’ve seen the video of his matches in America. I know what he can do. I don’t take this matchup lightly, but I’m not backing down. Hugo-san, you’ll find your place in Rising Sun soon enough but the place you belong tonight is on your back with your shoulders pinned to the mat for a three count. I will take your very worst and push through the pain to put you away. Your debut will not be a successful one. That’s the Golden Empress’ will. Try and prove it wrong.>

[At that moment Umi pulls a younger woman into view from her left. She has similar features to the Golden Ace and there’s no doubt the two are related by blood. Umi puts her arm around the young woman’s shoulders and beams with a mother’s pride as the young woman looks a bit embarrassed.]

Rei Yoshida: <Oh, and who’s this?>

Umi Urabe: <This is Urabe Hitomi-chan, my daughter. Even with all the titles and accolades, she’s my proudest accomplishment. Some day she’s going to  turn the world on its head but tonight I want to show her that when you work hard, believe in yourself and refuse to surrender, anything is possible.>

[She winks to the camera and points towards the horizon as Hitomi hesitates before following suit.]

Umi Urabe: <For now though, I must fly. Hugo-san – you can crash and burn.>

[With that she walks off screen confidently as Hitomi follows her; shortly afterwards we fade into a live feed of Samurai Summit Arena.]

Group A Match
Hugo Ryzing vs. Umi Urabe

[Rei Yoshida stands in the center of the ring, microphone in hand, as the boos cascade down from the audience, signaling the arrival of Hugo Ryzing, the American heel wrestler, who struts confidently towards Rei with a smirk on his face, basking in the disdain of the Japanese fans.]

Rei Yoshida: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time, the victorious Hugo Ryzing!

[The boos intensify as Hugo steps up to Rei, his expression oozing with arrogance as he takes the microphone from her.]

Hugo Ryzing: Thank you, thank you. You know, Rei, I gotta say, it feels pretty damn good to be standing here tonight, victorious in the land of the rising sun!

[The crowd responds with jeers and insults, but Hugo merely chuckles, undeterred by their hostility.]

Rei Yoshida: Hugo, you just scored your first victory in the tournament by defeating the talented Umi Urabe. What are your thoughts on your performance tonight?

Hugo Ryzing: My thoughts? Ha! My thoughts are simple, Rei. I did exactly what I said I was gonna do—I came out here, I dominated that ring, and I showed everyone why I’m the best damn wrestler in this tournament!

[The fans boo even louder, but Hugo continues, his bravado unshaken.]

Hugo Ryzing: And as for Umi Urabe, well, she’s a tough competitor, I’ll give her that. But let’s face it, she never stood a chance against me. I’m bigger, I’m stronger, and I’m smarter than anyone else in this tournament. And tonight, I proved it!

[Rei raises an eyebrow, her skepticism evident as she prepares to ask her next question.]

Rei Yoshida: Some would argue, Hugo, that your victory tonight was marred by your underhanded tactics and blatant disregard for the rules. How do you respond to those criticisms?

Hugo Ryzing: Underhanded tactics? Disregard for the rules? Ha! Rei, let me make one thing perfectly clear—I play by my own rules. In this business, there are no friends, there are no allies—there’s only winners and losers. And tonight, I showed everyone that I’m willing to do whatever it takes to come out on top. So if you don’t like it, tough luck!

[The crowd’s boos reach a crescendo, but Hugo remains unfazed, a smug grin etched across his face.]

Rei Yoshida: Well, Hugo, with your victory tonight, you move up to third in your group. What can we expect from you in the next round of matches, knowing you need to be in the top two to progress?

Hugo Ryzing: What can you expect? More of the same, Rei. More dominance, more brutality, and more victories. Because mark my words, folks—I’m not just here to compete, I’m here to conquer. And anyone who stands in my way will suffer the same fate as Umi Urabe—defeat at the hands of the one and only Hugo Ryzing!

[With a final smirk, Hugo tosses the microphone aside and exits the ring, leaving behind a trail of controversy and disdain as he revels in the boos of the audience. As the camera fades to black, the lingering echo of his words serves as a stark reminder of the ruthless ambition that drives him forward in the tournament.]

Group A Match
Sota Tokunago vs. Emi Sato

[Rei Yoshida stands solemnly in the center of the ring, microphone in hand, as the crowd watches with empathy and concern, awaiting the arrival of Emi Sato, the beloved Joshi wrestler known as the Blossom Warrior. Emi makes her way to the ring, her demeanor reflecting the disappointment of her recent loss, yet her spirit unbroken as she prepares to address the audience.]

Rei Yoshida: Ladies and gentlemen, please join me in welcoming Emi Sato, the Blossom Warrior.

[The crowd responds with a mixture of applause and sympathetic cheers as Emi approaches Rei, her expression a mix of determination and resignation.]

Rei Yoshida: Emi, tonight you suffered your second loss in the tournament, this time against Sota Tokunago. Can you share your thoughts on the match and how you’re feeling right now?

Emi Sato: Thank you, Rei. Tonight… tonight was tough. Sota is an incredible competitor, and I gave it everything I had in that ring. But sometimes, no matter how hard you fight, victory remains just out of reach. Right now, I’m feeling disappointed, of course, but I refuse to let this defeat define me.

[The crowd responds with words of encouragement, urging Emi to stay strong in the face of adversity.]

Rei Yoshida: Despite the setbacks you’ve faced in the tournament so far, you’ve shown incredible resilience and heart in every match. What drives you to keep pushing forward, even in the face of such challenges?

Emi Sato: It’s the support of the fans, Rei. Every time I step into that ring, I feel their energy, their belief in me, and it gives me the strength to keep going, no matter what. I may be at the bottom of the standings right now, but I refuse to give up. I refuse to let my dreams slip away without a fight.

[The crowd erupts into cheers, their unwavering support lifting Emi’s spirits as she continues to speak.]

Rei Yoshida: With only two matches left in the group stage, you’re at risk of elimination from the tournament. What will be your mindset going into your final matches, and how do you plan to turn things around?

Emi Sato: My mindset? Simple, Rei. I’m going to give it everything I’ve got, just like I always do. I may be down, but I’m not out—not by a long shot. In my final matches, I’m going to leave it all on the line, fight with every ounce of strength and determination I have, and show the world what the Blossom Warrior is truly made of. As for turning things around… well, let’s just say, miracles can happen in the ring, and I’m not counting myself out until that final bell rings.

[The crowd responds with thunderous applause, their belief in Emi unwavering as she stands tall in the face of adversity.]

Rei Yoshida: Emi, thank you for your inspiring words. We’ll all be rooting for you in your final matches, and we have no doubt that you’ll give it everything you’ve got.

Emi Sato: Thank you, Rei. And to all my fans out there, I promise you this—I won’t let you down. The Blossom Warrior will rise again, stronger and fiercer than ever before!

[With a determined smile, Emi raises her fist in the air, a symbol of her unwavering resolve as the crowd cheers her on. As the camera fades to black, the echoes of their support serve as a reminder of the unbreakable bond between Emi and her fans, a bond that will carry her through even the darkest of times.]

Group B Match
Riku Hayashi vs. Haruki Hayashi

[Rei Yoshida stands in the center of the ring, microphone in hand, as the tension hangs thick in the air, awaiting the arrival of the Hayashi brothers—Riku, the fan favorite, and Haruki, the brash heel. The crowd buzzes with anticipation, eager to hear from the siblings after their intense match.]

Rei Yoshida: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guests at this time, the Hayashi brothers—Riku and Haruki!

[The crowd erupts into cheers as Riku Hayashi steps into the ring first, his smile bright despite the defeat he just suffered. Behind him follows Haruki, a smug grin plastered across his face, reveling in the boos and jeers from the audience.]

Rei Yoshida: Riku, Haruki, thank you both for joining me tonight. Riku, let’s start with you. You just faced off against your brother in a hard-fought match. Can you share your thoughts on the contest?

Riku Hayashi: Thank you, Rei. Well, tonight didn’t go as I had hoped, but facing off against my brother was an experience I’ll never forget. Despite the outcome, I have nothing but respect for Haruki and his abilities in the ring.

[The crowd cheers in support of Riku, their admiration for the younger Hayashi evident.]

Rei Yoshida: Haruki, you emerged victorious in tonight’s match against your brother. What do you have to say about your win?

Haruki Hayashi: Rei, Rei, Rei… where do I even begin? Tonight was just another example of what happens when you step into the ring with the superior Hayashi brother. Riku may be the fan favorite, but I’m the one with the skill, the talent, and the killer instinct to come out on top. And tonight, I proved it once again.

[The crowd boos vehemently, but Haruki merely smirks, relishing in their disdain.]

Rei Yoshida: Haruki, your victory tonight was marred by some controversial tactics and taunting towards your brother. Can you explain your actions?

Haruki Hayashi: Controversial tactics? Taunting? Oh, Rei, you must be mistaken. I simply did what any true competitor would do—I seized the opportunity to assert my dominance over my brother, to remind him who the better wrestler truly is. And as for the taunting, well, let’s just say I couldn’t resist rubbing salt in the wound a little bit. After all, what fun is winning if you can’t gloat about it?

[The crowd’s boos intensify, but Haruki remains unfazed, his arrogance unwavering as he continues to address the audience.]

Rei Yoshida: Riku, despite tonight’s loss, you’ve shown incredible resilience and sportsmanship in defeat. What’s next for you in Rising Sun Pro Wrestling?

Riku Hayashi: Thank you, Rei. As for what’s next, well, I may have come up short tonight, but I’m not giving up. I’ll continue to train hard, to improve my skills, and to chase my dreams in RSPW. And who knows? Maybe one day, I’ll have the opportunity to face my brother again—and next time, the outcome might be different.

[The crowd cheers in support of Riku, their encouragement bolstering his spirits as he looks towards the future.]

Rei Yoshida: Well, gentlemen, thank you for your time. Best of luck to both of you in your future endeavors here in Rising Sun Pro Wrestling.

[With a nod of gratitude, Riku and Haruki Hayashi offer a respectful bow before exiting the ring, each brother with his own path to forge in the world of professional wrestling. As the camera fades to black, the echoes of their clash linger in the air, a testament to the bonds of family, competition, and the unyielding spirit of the Hayashi brothers.]

Group B Match
Akari Tanaka vs. Kazuki Nakamura

Earlier This Evening…..

[Backstage, Rei Yoshida stands poised with microphone in hand, awaiting the arrival of Hiroshi Fujimoto, the Chief Operating Officer of Rising Sun Pro Wrestling. Hiroshi approaches, his expression serious yet composed, ready to address the pressing questions regarding tonight’s event.]

Rei Yoshida: Ladies and gentlemen, I am honored to be joined by Hiroshi Fujimoto, the COO of Rising Sun Pro Wrestling. Hiroshi, thank you for taking the time to speak with us tonight.

Hiroshi Fujimoto: Thank you, Rei. It’s important to address the concerns and questions surrounding tonight’s proceedings.

Rei Yoshida: Hiroshi, tonight’s event has stirred up quite a bit of controversy, particularly regarding the decision to allow Hate Watson of Project: Violence to compete once again in Rising Sun Pro Wrestling, despite his recent actions resulting in injury to his opponent. Can you shed some light on the rationale behind this decision?

Hiroshi Fujimoto: Rei, I understand the concerns that have been raised regarding Hate Watson’s participation tonight. His actions two weeks ago were regrettable and resulted in an unfortunate injury to his opponent. However, as the COO of RSPW, it’s my responsibility to ensure that our events are conducted with fairness and integrity, and that includes giving every competitor the opportunity to compete, regardless of past transgressions.

Rei Yoshida: Many fans and wrestlers alike have expressed reservations about Hate Watson’s inclusion tonight, citing concerns about the safety of his opponents and the potential for further incidents. How do you respond to these concerns, and what measures have been put in place to ensure the safety and security of everyone involved?

Hiroshi Fujimoto: Rei, I want to assure everyone that the safety and security of our wrestlers, staff, and fans are always our top priority. While Hate Watson’s presence may elicit strong emotions and concerns, rest assured that we have taken every precaution necessary to mitigate any potential risks or disruptions. Our security team is on high alert, and we have protocols in place to address any unforeseen circumstances that may arise.

[With a nod of gratitude, Hiroshi Fujimoto offers a solemn bow before departing, his resolve unwavering as he prepares to face the challenges that lie ahead. As the camera fades to black, the anticipation for tonight’s event reaches a fever pitch, as the wrestling world braces for a night of controversy, drama, and unparalleled action.]

[“The Scumbag Superstar” Hate Watson stalks into the interview area, almost engulfing the Rising Sun Pro Wrestling Lead Interviewer Rei Yoshida. Before Yoshida can even ask a question, Watson snatches the microphone out of her hand. The beast stares into the camera, seething as he speaks.]

Hate Watson: “Three weeks… for THREE WEEKS I’ve been here in Japan on ‘exile.’ Three weeks of showing up to media events without any issues at all. Folks, I give you the PG-13 version of Hate Watson. Fujimoto-sama, I have shown no malice outside of the ring and I am not someone who likes to ask for something twice, so please work something out with JD James. After I tear Haruto apart in a few moments, I demand Masafumi Satake. As for Satake, my former best friend, I’ve got some words for you. The best friend that left me for dead…”

[Watson paces methodically across the screen ignoring the smaller Yoshida.]

Hate Watson: “Masa… Masa, Masa. You can always tell when the cameras are on, can’t you? Wipe that shit eating grin off your face when you speak my name, and spare me a diatribe about world views. I see right through your predictable self-righteous schtick. All these years and you still can’t see the forest through the trees.”

[He cocks his head back with a chuckle.]

Hate Watson: “You’ve always been your own great competitor in that way. Even there in Project: Violence, even with the admiration of ownership and the fans. You dumb fuck, you just don’t get it. ‘City after city, scar after scar’, after way too many hot dogs and handshakes, whether the lights are on and the arena is packed or it’s another lowly attended ‘mud show,’ Hate Watson is always 100% Hate Watson.”

[He pounds the microphone against his head in a violent fashion. He expels rage as he speaks, inching closer towards the camera.]

Hate Watson: “I tried to prepare you all those years ago, Masa. I just couldn’t stand by idly as those shit stains brutalized and tormented you. I couldn’t just let ‘boys be boys.’ I tried then to show you that the world was a bad fucking place. You knew it then, but you somehow forgot. You chased the dream and believed that even when you miss the moon you would land amongst the stars. Despite the world literally spitting in your face you chose to believe that… Believe it or not, I’ve shown a lot of mercy throughout my life… but understand this I am no longer merciful… I have no mercy left.”

[Watson shakes his head slowly. He has worked himself up into a frenzy. His eyes are filled with vengeance, and there is only one thing that will satisfy him at this point.]

Hate Watson: “Unfortunately for you Masa, distance truly does make the HATE grow fonder.  The truth is, the closer we get to March 30th the more I’m ‘fiending’ for retribution. It’s tearing away at my guts and it is bubbling up like bile. I’m mindful of the calendar, and here we are, a few sleeps away from the next Project: Violence PPV and JD James in all of his infinite glory has me here in Japan instead of allowing the hottest rivalry in wrestling come to blows.”

[He drops the microphone in front of Rei Yoshida and pushes her out of the way. Watson simply chuckles as he storms off the set.]

Single Match
Hate Watson vs. Haruto

Group C Match
Ryujiro vs. Hiroshi Matsuda

[Rei Yoshida stands in the center of the ring, microphone in hand, as the crowd buzzes with sympathy and encouragement, awaiting the arrival of “Swift Surge” Hiroshi Matsuda, the beloved fun star who captured the hearts of fans worldwide. Hiroshi enters the ring with a smile on his face, despite the disappointment of his recent defeat, his positivity radiating like a beacon amidst the sea of fans.]

Rei Yoshida: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time, the one and only “Swift Surge” Hiroshi Matsuda!

[The crowd erupts into cheers and applause as Hiroshi approaches Rei, his trademark grin never faltering despite the defeat he just suffered.]

Rei Yoshida: Hiroshi, thank you for joining me tonight. Despite your loss against Ryujiro in your first-ever Rising Sun Pro Wrestling match, you still managed to capture the hearts of the audience with your infectious energy and positive attitude. Can you share your thoughts on the match and how you’re feeling right now?

Hiroshi Matsuda: Thank you, Rei! Well, you know, tonight didn’t go quite as planned, but that’s okay! I may have lost the match, but I gained something even more important—a whole bunch of new friends in the audience! And hey, who needs victories when you’ve got all this love and support, am I right?

[The crowd cheers even louder, their admiration for Hiroshi evident as he continues to spread his trademark positivity.]

Rei Yoshida: Hiroshi, your unique style and vibrant personality have made you a fan favorite in wrestling circles around the world. What inspires you to bring such joy and excitement to the ring, even in the face of defeat?

Hiroshi Matsuda: Oh, Rei, it’s simple! Life’s too short to be sad or angry all the time, you know? I believe in spreading happiness wherever I go, whether it’s in the ring, on the streets, or anywhere else! And hey, if I can make just one person smile with my antics, then it’s all worth it in the end!

[The crowd responds with cheers and applause, their admiration for Hiroshi growing with each word he speaks.]

Rei Yoshida: Despite tonight’s setback, you’ve shown incredible resilience and sportsmanship. What’s next for “Swift Surge” Hiroshi Matsuda in Rising Sun Pro Wrestling?

Hiroshi Matsuda: Ah, well, you see, Rei, tonight may have been my first match in RSPW, but it certainly won’t be my last! I’ve got plenty more surprises up my sleeve, and I can’t wait to show the world what “Swift Surge” is really made of! So to all my fans out there, don’t you worry—I’ll be back in the ring before you know it, ready to spread even more joy and excitement!

[The crowd erupts into cheers and applause once again, their unwavering support for Hiroshi evident as he flashes them a beaming smile.]

Rei Yoshida: Thank you, Hiroshi, for your inspiring words. We’ll all be eagerly awaiting your next match here in Rising Sun Pro Wrestling!

Hiroshi Matsuda: Thank you, Rei, and thank you to all my amazing fans out there! Remember, keep smiling, keep shining, and never forget to spread a little joy wherever you go!

[With a final wave to the crowd, Hiroshi Matsuda exits the ring, his positivity and enthusiasm leaving an indelible mark on everyone in attendance. As the camera fades to black, the echoes of his infectious energy linger in the air, a reminder of the power of positivity in the world of professional wrestling.]

Group C Match
Kenshiro vs. Kaito Tanaka

[Rei Yoshida stands in the center of the ring, microphone in hand, as the anticipation reaches a crescendo, awaiting the arrival of “The Rising Sun Dynamo” Kaito Tanaka, the favorite to win the tournament. Kaito enters the ring with confidence radiating from every pore, the cheers of the crowd echoing in his ears as he approaches Rei.]

Rei Yoshida: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time, the electrifying “Rising Sun Dynamo” himself, Kaito Tanaka!

[The crowd erupts into thunderous applause and cheers as Kaito steps up to Rei, his demeanor a mix of humility and determination despite his impressive victory.]

Rei Yoshida: Kaito, congratulations on another incredible victory tonight, this time against Kenshiro. With two wins out of two matches, you’re proving to be a dominant force in the tournament. Can you share your thoughts on your performance tonight and how you’re feeling about your momentum going forward?

Kaito Tanaka: Thank you, Rei. Tonight was a hard-fought battle against Kenshiro, a competitor I have a tremendous amount of respect for. But in the end, I was able to dig deep, channeling the support of the fans and the spirit of the Rising Sun to secure another victory. As for my momentum, well, I’m feeling more confident than ever. Each win only fuels my determination to succeed, not just for myself, but for all those who believe in me.

[The crowd cheers even louder, their admiration for Kaito evident as he continues to speak.]

Rei Yoshida: Kaito, you’ve been dubbed the favorite to win the tournament by many, given your incredible skill and dedication to your craft. How do you handle the pressure and expectations that come with being the favorite, and what drives you to succeed?

Kaito Tanaka: Rei, being labeled the favorite certainly comes with its own set of challenges, but I try not to let it affect me too much. I’ve worked hard to get to where I am today, and I’m grateful for the support of the fans who believe in me. But ultimately, what drives me is my love for this sport, my desire to honor my Japanese heritage, and my commitment to showcasing the very best of what Rising Sun Pro Wrestling has to offer.

[The crowd cheers in admiration, their support for Kaito unwavering as he continues to inspire with his words.]

Rei Yoshida: With two wins under your belt, you’re well on your way to the top of the tournament standings. What can we expect from “The Rising Sun Dynamo” Kaito Tanaka in the matches to come?

Kaito Tanaka: Rei, you can expect nothing less than my absolute best in every match I compete in. I may be the favorite, but I’ll never take any opponent lightly. Every match is a chance for me to prove myself, to showcase my skills, and to bring honor to the name of Rising Sun Pro Wrestling. So to all my fans out there, get ready for more electrifying action, because Kaito Tanaka is just getting started!

[The crowd erupts into cheers and applause once again, their unwavering support for Kaito echoing throughout the arena.]

Rei Yoshida: Thank you, Kaito, for your inspiring words. We’ll all be eagerly awaiting your next match as you continue your quest for victory in Rising Sun Pro Wrestling!

Kaito Tanaka: Thank you, Rei, and thank you to all my amazing fans out there! Together, we’ll rise to the top, one victory at a time!

[With a final salute to the crowd, Kaito Tanaka exits the ring, his determination and resolve leaving an indelible mark on everyone in attendance. As the camera fades to black, the anticipation for Kaito’s next match reaches a fever pitch, as the wrestling world braces for another electrifying performance from “The Rising Sun Dynamo.”]

Group D Match
Katsuhiro Kaneda vs. Takeshi Kobayashi

[Rei Yoshida stands in the center of the ring, microphone in hand, as the boos and jeers rain down from the audience, signaling the arrival of Katsuhiro Kaneda, the nefarious heel wrestler who revels in the disdain of the crowd. Katsuhiro enters the ring with a malicious grin on his face, his eyes gleaming with satisfaction at his recent victory.]

Rei Yoshida: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time, the devious and cunning Katsuhiro Kaneda!

[The crowd responds with a chorus of boos and insults as Katsuhiro approaches Rei, his confidence unwavering despite the hostility from the audience.]

Rei Yoshida: Katsuhiro, congratulations on your victory tonight against Takeshi Kobayashi. With this win, you’re back on track in the tournament after suffering a loss in your first match two weeks ago. Can you share your thoughts on your performance tonight and what this win means for your chances of advancing to the next round?

Katsuhiro Kaneda: Thank you, Rei. Tonight’s victory was just another example of my superiority in the ring. Takeshi Kobayashi may have put up a fight, but in the end, he was no match for the cunning and skill of Katsuhiro Kaneda. As for my chances of advancing to the next round, well, let’s just say that I’m not one to be counted out so easily. I may have stumbled in my first match, but now that I’ve got this win under my belt, there’s no stopping me from securing my rightful place in the tournament.

[The crowd boos even louder, their disdain for Katsuhiro palpable as he continues to speak.]

Rei Yoshida: Katsuhiro, your tactics in the ring are often considered underhanded and ruthless, and tonight’s match was no exception. What do you have to say to those who criticize your win-at-all-costs mentality?

Katsuhiro Kaneda: Criticize me all you want, Rei, but at the end of the day, I play by my own rules. In this business, there’s no room for weakness or sentimentality. It’s survival of the fittest, and I’ll do whatever it takes to come out on top. If that means bending the rules a little bit, then so be it. Those who can’t handle the heat should stay out of the ring, simple as that.

[The crowd’s boos intensify, but Katsuhiro merely smirks, relishing in their disdain.]

Rei Yoshida: With another win under your belt, what can we expect from Katsuhiro Kaneda in the matches to come? And do you have any words for your opponents as you continue your quest for victory in the tournament?

Katsuhiro Kaneda: What can you expect, Rei? More of the same, of course. More domination, more ruthlessness, and more victories. As for my opponents, let me make one thing perfectly clear: Katsuhiro Kaneda is on a mission, and nothing and no one will stand in my way. So to all those foolish enough to step into the ring with me, consider yourselves warned. You’re in for a world of pain.

[With a disdainful smirk, Katsuhiro tosses the microphone aside and exits the ring, leaving behind a trail of controversy and defiance as he sets his sights on the next round of the tournament. As the camera fades to black, the echoes of his ominous words serve as a chilling reminder of the danger that lurks within the world of professional wrestling.]

Group D Match
Akeno Watabe vs. Colt Thompson

[The arena is charged with tension as the main event between ‘the boss’ Akeno Watabe and Colt Thompson ends in a time limit draw, leaving both competitors visibly frustrated and dissatisfied. Akeno stands in the center of the ring, his fists clenched in frustration, while Colt paces back and forth, his expression twisted into a scowl.]

Akeno Watabe: gesturing angrily You call that a match, Colt? You couldn’t even last another minute in the ring with me!

Colt Thompson: snarling Oh, shut your mouth, Akeno! I could’ve beaten you if it weren’t for that stupid time limit!

[Before Akeno can respond, Colt lunges forward, aiming a wild punch at Akeno. The two men lock up in a heated brawl, trading blows as the crowd erupts into chaos.]

Rei Yoshida: Ladies and gentlemen, it seems that tempers have boiled over between Akeno Watabe and Colt Thompson! Officials are rushing into the ring to try and separate them, but the situation is spiraling out of control!

[Security personnel flood the ring, desperately trying to pry Akeno and Colt apart, but their efforts are in vain as the two men continue to brawl, their rage fueling the chaos.]

Akeno Watabe: shouting over the commotion You want a fight, Colt? You got it!

Colt Thompson: gritting his teeth Bring it on, Akeno! I’ll tear you apart!

[As the brawl intensifies, the lights in the arena flicker ominously, casting a shadow over the chaos unfolding in the ring. With tensions at a boiling point, the show abruptly cuts to black, leaving the fate of Akeno and Colt hanging in the balance as the credits roll.]

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