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DW Clash 19

DW Clash is weekly from London every Monday night!

DW Clash 19
Live on the HOTv Network on PWA:TV
The Stratford Arena, London, England
26th February 2024

The lights dim in the Stratford Arena, London, as the crowd buzzes with excitement. The DW Clash logo illuminates the arena screen, signaling the beginning of another thrilling episode.

Steve Pringle: Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to DW Clash, coming to you live from the heart of London! I’m Steve Pringle, joined by my esteemed colleague Eddie Bates, and we’ve got a fantastic show lined up for you tonight!

Eddie Bates: That’s right, Steve! It’s an evening packed with electrifying matchups, but all eyes are on our main event, where the undefeated Cedric Thornfield goes head-to-head with the DW Champion Jean Louis Duval!

Steve Pringle: It’s a battle for supremacy, Eddie! Thornfield has been unstoppable since his arrival, but Duval is no stranger to adversity. Who will prevail in this clash of titans?

The camera pans across the arena, capturing the energy and anticipation radiating from the fans.

Eddie Bates: And let’s not forget about the other matchups tonight! We’ve got rivalries brewing, championships on the line, and surprises in store. This is shaping up to be an unforgettable night!

Steve Pringle: Absolutely, Eddie! So sit back, relax, and get ready for an evening of non-stop action and drama here at DW Clash! It’s time to ignite the ring and give the fans a show they won’t soon forget!

The crowd roars with excitement as the anticipation builds for the first match of the evening. The atmosphere is electric, and the stage is set for an epic showdown!

Champion’s Disdain

[The camera focuses on the entrance of the Stratford Arena as a sleek black car pulls up. The crowd murmurs in anticipation as the door swings open, revealing Jean Louis Duval, the DW Champion, stepping out confidently. He is accompanied by his imposing bodyguard, Royce Lacroix. The two Frenchmen exude an air of arrogance as they make their way towards the arena.]

William Smith, holding a microphone, rushes to catch up with them, eager to get a word from the champion.

William Smith: Jean Louis! Jean Louis! Can I get a moment of your time for a quick interview before tonight’s show?

Duval pauses for a moment, glancing at Smith with thinly veiled disdain.

Jean Louis Duval: Smith, I’m a busy man, you understand? Tonight, I have matters of great importance to attend to in the ring. I have no time for trivial interviews.

Royce Lacroix stands silently beside Duval, his gaze fixed ahead, radiating an aura of intimidation.

William Smith: But Jean Louis, tonight’s main event is a huge match for you. Cedric Thornfield, the undefeated newcomer, poses a significant threat to your championship reign. What are your thoughts on facing him?

Duval smirks arrogantly, waving off Smith’s question with a dismissive gesture.

Jean Louis Duval: Thornfield? He’s just another fly buzzing around the ring, Smith. Tonight, I will demonstrate once again why I am the undisputed champion of Dynasty Wrestling. As for Thornfield, he’s simply in my way, and I will dispose of him like I have disposed of all my other challengers. Now, if you’ll excuse us, we have business to attend to.

With that, Duval and Lacroix continue their stride towards the arena entrance, leaving William Smith behind, his questions unanswered. The camera fades as the tension in the air sets the stage for tonight’s explosive main event.

Single Match
Oliver Harrington vs Riley Smith

Fear the Raven

William Smith: Cedric, tonight you face Jean Louis Duval, the DW Champion, in the main event. How are you feeling about this match?

Cedric Thornfield: William, tonight is just another opportunity for me to showcase my dominance. Jean Louis Duval may be the champion, but he’s just another obstacle in my path. I’ve been undefeated since I stepped foot in this ring, and tonight won’t be any different.

William Smith: Some might say Duval is the favorite going into this match. Do you agree with that assessment?

Cedric Thornfield: Favorites, underdogs, it doesn’t matter to me. What matters is what happens in that ring. Duval may have his title, but tonight, I’m going to show him and everyone else why they should fear the Raven.

William Smith: Strong words, Cedric. Any final thoughts before the match?

Cedric Thornfield: Just this, William. Duval may have the title, but I have the hunger. And tonight, hunger will triumph over arrogance. Watch closely, because history is about to be made.

Lessons in Finesse

[Oliver Harrington is backstage, catching his breath after his victory over Riley Smith. He adjusts his hair and straightens his attire when Maxwell Blackwell, ‘the Mirage’, walks up to him, a critical expression on his face.]

Maxwell Blackwell: “Well, well, well, look who we have here. The Essex Pretty Boy himself.”

[Oliver Harrington raises an eyebrow, intrigued but slightly wary of Blackwell’s demeanor.]

Oliver Harrington: “What’s on your mind, Maxwell? Enjoying the show?”

[Blackwell’s expression remains stern as he crosses his arms, his tone serious.]

Maxwell Blackwell: “I watched your match, Oliver. I must say, it was lacking that certain… finesse. You may have won, but you could have done better.”

[Oliver’s confidence falters slightly at Blackwell’s critique, but he maintains his composure.]

Oliver Harrington: “And what do you suggest I do differently, Maxwell? Enlighten me.”

[Blackwell smirks, a hint of superiority in his demeanor.]

Maxwell Blackwell: “Simple. Watch and learn. I’ve got a match against Union Jack next. Pay attention, and maybe you’ll pick up a thing or two about true finesse.”

[With that, Blackwell turns and walks away, leaving Harrington to ponder his words before turning his attention to the monitor to observe Blackwell’s upcoming match.]

Single Match
Union Jack vs. Maxwell Blackwell

Turning Point

Title: Kandi Sparks Seeks Redemption: Backstage Interview with William Smith

[William Smith stands backstage, microphone in hand, ready to interview Kandi Sparks.]

William Smith: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here with Kandi Sparks, who has been facing some tough challenges lately. Kandi, you’ve had a series of losses recently, including a defeat at the hands of Emily Shaw. How are you feeling about your match tonight against Kyle McRae?

Kandi Sparks: Thanks, William. It’s no secret that I’ve been struggling lately, but tonight is a chance for me to turn things around. Kyle McRae is a tough competitor, but I’m ready to show everyone what I’m made of.

William Smith: Indeed, it’s been a tough road for you. And speaking of Emily Shaw, she seems to have become a thorn in your side. Do you have any words for her?

Kandi Sparks: Emily Shaw may think she’s got my number, but I’m not backing down. I want another shot at her, and I won’t stop until I prove that I’m better than her. So, Emily, if you’re listening, consider this a challenge.

William Smith: Strong words, Kandi. Tonight’s match could be a turning point for you. Any final thoughts before you step into the ring?

Kandi Sparks: Just this, William. I’ve faced adversity before, and I’ve always come out stronger on the other side. Tonight will be no different. Kyle McRae, Emily Shaw, whoever stands in my way, I’m ready to fight. Watch out, because Kandi Sparks is ready to shine once again.

[The camera fades as Kandi Sparks prepares mentally for her upcoming match.]

Single Match
Kandi Sparks vs. Kyle McRae


[Backstage, Emily Shaw stands near a monitor, watching intently as Kandi Sparks faces off against Kyle McRae. As the match concludes with McRae emerging victorious, Shaw’s expression remains stoic, unimpressed by Sparks’ performance.]

Emily Shaw: [Under her breath] Pathetic.

[A nearby crew member approaches, sensing Shaw’s discontent.]

Crew Member: Tough break for Kandi Sparks, huh?

Emily Shaw: [Coolly] Tough breaks are for those who deserve them. Kandi Sparks doesn’t deserve anything but disappointment. She’s weak, inconsistent, and frankly, not worth the ring space.

Crew Member: But she’s been vocal about wanting a rematch with you.

Emily Shaw: [Smirking] Oh, I’m well aware. But let’s be honest, shall we? A rematch implies some level of competitiveness, a hint of challenge. Kandi Sparks couldn’t challenge a fly to a race.

Crew Member: So, you’re not considering her request?

Emily Shaw: [Shrugging indifferently] Consideration implies there’s something to consider. Kandi Sparks is an afterthought, a footnote in my ascent to greatness. If she wants a rematch, she needs to prove herself first. And based on what I just witnessed, she’s got a long way to go.

[Shaw turns away from the monitor, her gaze steely and determined.]

Emily Shaw: Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have more pressing matters to attend to.

[Shaw walks away, leaving the crew member to ponder her cutting words as the scene fades.]

Climbing the Ladder

[In the British Hospitality locker room, Kyle McRae enters, greeted by his teammates Harry Black and Alexander Hate. They exchange nods and smiles, acknowledging McRae’s recent victory.]

Kyle McRae: Thanks, lads. Felt good to get that win under my belt again.

Harry Black: Absolutely, Kyle. You looked sharp out there.

Alexander Hate: Yeah, mate. You’ve been on fire lately.

Kyle McRae: Thanks, guys. But you know what? One win ain’t enough. We need to keep building, keep climbing that ladder.

[Harry and Alexander nod in agreement, their expressions determined.]

Harry Black: Spot on, Kyle. We need to make some serious noise if we want another crack at the DW Heavyweight Championship.

Alexander Hate: And to do that, we gotta deal with the obstacles in our way. Starting with that French brute, Royce Lacroix.

[McRae’s eyes narrow, a steely resolve in his gaze.]

Kyle McRae: Exactly. Lacroix may be Duval’s muscle, but he’s not invincible. If we want to get to the top, we gotta take him down first.

[The trio shares a silent agreement, the intensity in the room palpable.]

Harry Black: Consider it done, mate. We’ll bring Lacroix to his knees before he knows what hit him.

Alexander Hate: Count on it. British Hospitality is about to serve up a cold dish of reality to the Frenchman.

[With their plan set, the trio shares a determined nod, ready to face whatever challenges lie ahead as the scene fades out.]

Single Match
Ben Noble vs. Leo Lewis

Sparks will Fly

[In the office of General Manager Matt Anarchy, the room is illuminated by the glow of multiple monitors displaying various matches from the night’s event. Matt Anarchy sits at his desk, observing the action with keen interest. Suddenly, the door creaks open, and the Dutch star, DW UK Champion Stijn De Raaf, strides in, his expression expectant.]

Stijn De Raaf: (in a firm tone) Anarchy, I need to know who’s next in line for a shot at this championship.

[Anarchy shifts his gaze from the monitors to De Raaf, acknowledging the champion’s inquiry with a nod.]

Matt Anarchy: (calmly) Stijn, good to see you. You’ve been a formidable champion, no doubt. But as for your next challenger… (he gestures towards one of the monitors where Ben Noble is seen celebrating his victory over Leo Lewis)

[De Raaf’s brow furrows slightly as he watches Noble’s celebration on the screen, a hint of displeasure evident in his demeanor.]

Stijn De Raaf: (discontented) Noble? Him again? Anarchy, you can’t be serious.

Matt Anarchy: (firmly) I’m dead serious, Stijn. Noble’s been making waves, and he’s earned his shot. Besides, you and he have a history, don’t you?

[De Raaf’s jaw clenches at the mention of his past encounters with Noble, his frustration simmering beneath the surface.]

Stijn De Raaf: (gritting his teeth) That was then, Anarchy. This is now. But if it’s a fight he wants, then so be it. I’ll be ready.

[Anarchy leans back in his chair, his expression unwavering, as De Raaf storms out of the office, his determination palpable.]

Matt Anarchy: (under his breath) Let the sparks fly, gentlemen. Let the sparks fly.

[As De Raaf exits, the scene fades, leaving Anarchy to contemplate the unfolding drama as the Clash continues.]

Single Match
Jean Louis Duval vs. Cedric Thornfield


[The arena is charged with anticipation as Jean Louis Duval and Cedric Thornfield stand locked in a tense standoff, their rivalry reaching a boiling point. The bell has tolled, signaling the end of their match, but neither competitor has emerged victorious.]

Steve Pringle: Ladies and gentlemen, what an incredible contest we’ve witnessed here tonight between two of DW’s fiercest competitors!

Eddie Bates: Absolutely, Steve! Duval and Thornfield have thrown everything they’ve got at each other, but it seems neither can gain the upper hand!

[As the crowd roars with excitement, Duval and Thornfield remain fixed in the center of the ring, their gazes locked in a battle of wills. Referees rush down the ramp, their urgency evident as they slide into the ring to separate the two rivals.]

Steve Pringle: Look at this, Eddie! The referees are desperately trying to keep these two titans from tearing each other apart!

Eddie Bates: It’s like a powder keg ready to explode, Steve! The tension in the air is palpable!

[Duval and Thornfield refuse to break their intense stare-down, their animosity radiating throughout the arena. The referees work frantically, positioning themselves between the combatants, striving to prevent any further escalation of hostilities.]

Steve Pringle: This feud is far from over, folks! Duval and Thornfield are like two bulls in a china shop, and it’s only a matter of time before something gives!

Eddie Bates: That’s right, Steve! These two are on a collision course, and when they finally clash again, it’s going to be nothing short of explosive!

[With tensions at an all-time high, the cameras capture every moment of the electrifying standoff between Jean Louis Duval and Cedric Thornfield. As the referees continue to maintain order, the scene fades to black, leaving the audience eagerly anticipating the next chapter in this gripping saga.]

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