DW Clash 10
Live on the HOTv Network on PWA:TV
The Stratford Arena, London, England
18th December 2023

[The familiar sounds of the Stratford Arena come alive as the camera pans across the excited crowd, eagerly awaiting another night of intense action at DW Clash. The commentators, Steve Pringle and Eddie Bates, welcome the viewers to the show from ringside.]

Steve Pringle: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to DW Clash! We’re just one week away from the Collision Course PPV, and the tension is reaching its peak.

Eddie Bates: Last week, we witnessed the shocking victory by Yutaka over Kyle McRae. The landscape of the DW Heavyweight Championship scene is now in upheaval.

Steve Pringle: That’s right, Eddie. And let’s not forget the big Battle Royal announcement by General Manager Matt Anarchy for Collision Course.

Eddie Bates: It’s going to be a wild night, and we’ve got the last chance for these superstars to make their mark before the PPV!

[The arena erupts with cheers as the camera captures the energy of the crowd. The stage is set for another thrilling edition of DW Clash, where alliances will be tested, rivalries will intensify, and the road to Collision Course will become clearer. The countdown to the opening match begins, promising a night of unforgettable moments.]

United Front

[The backstage area is bustling with activity as Kyle McRae, visibly disappointed from last week’s defeat, arrives at the arena. His loyal comrades, Harry Black and Alexander Hate, are quick to approach him, sensing the need for encouragement.]

Harry Black: Kyle, mate, we’ve all been through the ups and downs. Tonight’s a new night.

Alexander Hate: Yeah, and besides, the Collision Course PPV is just around the corner. We’ve got a chance to make a statement.

[Kyle McRae manages a half-smile, acknowledging the support of his friends.]

Kyle McRae: I appreciate it, fellas. Last week was tough, but you’re right. We’ve got a golden opportunity at the Battle Royal.

Harry Black: Exactly! We’ve been through thick and thin together. Let’s go out there, represent British Hospitality, and show them what we’re made of.

Alexander Hate: Couldn’t agree more. We enter together, maybe clear the ring of the competition, and then let the best man win.

[The trio shares a determined nod, rallying their spirits for the challenges ahead.]

Kyle McRae: That sounds like a plan. Let’s make some noise at Collision Course and remind everyone why British Hospitality is a force to be reckoned with.

[The unity among the three friends strengthens as they head towards the locker room, ready to face whatever comes their way in the Battle Royal at Collision Course.]

Powerhouses Pt1

[In the dimly lit backstage area, the imposing figure of Aleksandr Bortsov is seen preparing for his upcoming match against Brendon Patrick. His stern expression reveals the focus and intensity with which he approaches every bout. As he readies himself, Angus Blackhart, the Scottish powerhouse, makes his presence known.]

Angus Blackhart: Bortsov.

Aleksandr Bortsov: [Nods without breaking his concentration]

Angus Blackhart: I’ve heard a lot about your reputation, giant. But tonight, I’ll be watching closely.

Aleksandr Bortsov: [“Watching closely” echoes in a thick Russian accent]

[The tension in the air is palpable as Angus Blackhart continues to stare down Bortsov, making it clear that their paths may cross in the future.]

Angus Blackhart: Don’t think for a second that you can just muscle your way through everyone. I’m not one to be overlooked.

[Aleksandr Bortsov grunts, acknowledging the challenge presented by Blackhart. The hostility between the two giants sets the stage for potential clashes down the line.]

Aleksandr Bortsov: We’ll see.

[As Angus Blackhart walks away, the camera lingers on Bortsov, a behemoth with a storm brewing within him. The enmity between these two powerhouses could be a brewing storm in the future of Dynasty Wrestling.]

Single Match
Brendon Patrick vs Aleksandr Bortsov

Jumping Ship?

[The camera follows the conniving Jean Louis Duval as he confidently strides into the office of Matt Anarchy, the General Manager of Dynasty Wrestling. The atmosphere in the room grows tense as the Frenchman addresses Anarchy.]

Jean Louis Duval: Ah, Anarchy, my friend. I’ve heard rumors, you know? Troubling rumors.

[Matt Anarchy, focused on his work, glances up with an air of mild annoyance.]

Matt Anarchy: What’s on your mind, Duval?

Jean Louis Duval: I’ve heard that Yutaka plans to win the DW Heavyweight Championship at Collision Course and then take it to Rising Sun Pro Wrestling. This is unacceptable.

[Anarchy, unimpressed, leans back in his chair, studying Duval.]

Matt Anarchy: Plans change, Duval. Besides, I’ve announced the match, and I don’t make a habit of canceling things just because someone’s feeling a little insecure.

[Duval smirks, confident in his ability to manipulate the situation.]

Jean Louis Duval: Perhaps, but it would be in your best interest to reconsider. Yutaka is unpredictable, and I cannot guarantee the safety of your precious championship.

[Anarchy chuckles, unswayed by Duval’s veiled threats.]

Matt Anarchy: If you’re so concerned, then don’t lose the title. Problem solved.

[The room falls silent as Duval glares at Anarchy, realizing that his attempts to manipulate the situation may have fallen on deaf ears.]

Jean Louis Duval: We shall see, Anarchy. We shall see.

[Duval exits the office, leaving Anarchy to continue his work. The tension between the two serves as a prelude to the collision course set for Collision Course.]

Powerhouses Pt2

[The backstage area is dimly lit as Angus Blackhart, the Scottish powerhouse, is seen preparing for his upcoming match against Union Jack. The atmosphere is charged with anticipation. As Blackhart adjusts his wrist wraps, the massive Russian wrestler Aleksandr Bortsov, fresh from his victory, steps into the scene.]

Angus Blackhart: Bortsov, what do you want?

[Bortsov, with a stoic expression, glares down at Blackhart.]

Aleksandr Bortsov: Blackhart, you interfere in my business. This time, I watch.

[Blackhart smirks, unimpressed by Bortsov’s words.]

Angus Blackhart: You’re welcome to watch, big man. Just remember, watching won’t save you if you decide to stick your nose where it doesn’t belong.

[Bortsov nods, understanding Blackhart’s not-so-veiled threat.]

Aleksandr Bortsov: We’ll see.

[As Bortsov leaves the scene, Blackhart continues his preparations, focused and ready for his impending battle against Union Jack.]

Single Match
Union Jack vs Angus Blackhart

Ready for the Collision Course

[The backstage area is buzzing with activity as William Smith approaches Kandi Sparks for an interview. The anticipation is palpable, knowing that Sparks is set to face Angelo Anderson in a highly anticipated match next week. Smith raises his microphone.]

William Smith: Kandi Sparks, next week you’ll be stepping into the ring with Angelo Anderson. How do you feel about finally getting the chance to settle the score?

[Kandi Sparks, with a determined look on her face, grabs the microphone from Smith.]

Kandi Sparks: William, ever since Angelo attacked me, he’s been on a losing streak. And next week, I’m going to make sure that losing streak continues. He messed with the wrong person, and I’m not letting him forget it.

[Smith nods as Sparks exudes confidence.]

William Smith: It seems like you’re ready for this showdown. Any final words for Angelo before the match?

[Kandi Sparks smirks and looks directly into the camera.]

Kandi Sparks: Angelo, get ready to feel the consequences of your actions. I’m not just here to win; I’m here to make you pay.

[Sparks drops the microphone, leaving a confident aura as she walks away, ready for the challenge that lies ahead.]

Powerhouses Pt3

[In the dimly lit backstage area, Angus Blackhart stands alone, frustration etched across his face after a surprising loss to Union Jack. The towering figure of Aleksandr Bortsov approaches, a sinister smirk on his face.]

Aleksandr Bortsov: Angus, I watched your match. It wasn’t impressive at all.

[Blackhart scowls at the Russian giant.]

Angus Blackhart: You think you’re so tough, huh? I’ll show you just how tough I am.

[Without warning, Blackhart throws a punch at Bortsov, igniting a sudden brawl between the two powerful competitors. The sounds of fists landing and grunts fill the air as they exchange blows.]

Aleksandr Bortsov: Ha! Is that all you’ve got, Blackhart?

[Security rushes in to separate the brawling wrestlers, struggling to keep the fierce adversaries apart.]

Angus Blackhart: Next week at the PPV, I’ll give you a real reason to be impressed. You can count on that.

[As the two are forcibly separated, the tension in the air lingers, setting the stage for a volatile encounter at the upcoming Collision Course PPV.]

Tag Team Match
British Hospitality vs Geoffrey Hobbs & Roddy King


[Backstage, William Smith stands with Ben Noble, who’s caught up in the aftermath of recent events. Smith holds a microphone, ready to delve into the upcoming showdown.]

William Smith: Ben, next week at Collision Course, you’re set to face Stijn De Raaf, bringing an end to your intense rivalry. How are you preparing for this pivotal match?

[Ben Noble locks eyes with the camera, a determined look on his face.]

Ben Noble: Stijn and I, we’ve got some unfinished business, and it’s time to settle the score. I’ve been through a lot in DW, and this match will be a defining moment for both of us.

William Smith: Beyond this rivalry, you’ve mentioned your ambition to become the first DW UK Champion in 2024. How do you plan to achieve that goal?

[Noble smirks, exuding confidence as he responds.]

Ben Noble: The DW UK Championship is a prestigious title, and mark my words, in 2024, it’s going around my waist. I’m not just here to compete; I’m here to leave a legacy, and that title is the first step.

[Noble pats the DW UK logo on his gear, signaling his commitment to the goal.]

William Smith: Strong words, Ben. Best of luck in your match against Stijn and on your quest for the DW UK Championship.

[Noble nods appreciatively as the interview concludes, leaving fans intrigued about the upcoming Collision Course and the potential future for Ben Noble in Dynasty Wrestling.]

Main Event
Yutuka vs Leo Lewis

The Contender

[The crowd buzzes with anticipation as Yutaka stands victorious in the ring, celebrating his hard-fought win against Leo Lewis. Suddenly, the atmosphere shifts as the unmistakable sound of Jean-Louis Duval’s entrance music blares through the arena. The DW Heavyweight Champion storms down to the ring, a vengeful look in his eyes.]

[Jean-Louis Duval, seething with anger, charges into the ring, aiming to ambush Yutaka. However, the Japanese warrior is quick to react, countering Duval’s onslaught with precision strikes and powerful kicks. The crowd erupts as Yutaka gains the upper hand, showcasing his relentless fighting spirit.]

[Yutaka delivers a series of devastating moves, leaving Duval reeling on the mat. The once-confident Champion now appears vulnerable, a stark contrast to his usual composed demeanor. The fans in attendance are on their feet, witnessing a rare moment of Duval being on the receiving end of punishment.]

[As Yutaka stands tall, having repelled Duval’s assault, he stares down at the fallen Champion. The message is clear — at Collision Course, Yutaka intends to bring the fight to Duval and seize the DW Heavyweight Championship. The arena resonates with the anticipation of what promises to be a fierce and high-stakes encounter at the upcoming PPV.]

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