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DW Events

DW Breakdown 2002

Havoc & Chris Cage clash for the DW Heavyweight Championship

DW BreakDown
January 20, 2002
Pittsburgh Civic Center

Single Match – Beerman Vs. BeYoNdEr

Several flare explosions are set-off in succession coming up the ramp until a huge explosion followed by the usage of lots of smoke machines come off at the top to set off Beerman’s theme. The fans cheer as the smoke slowly clears to show Beerman striding through them to stand at the top of the ramp. He lifts his arm up and hops around in a spin once before bringing the arm down to the ground. Four flares suddenly go off with this action and the fans are to their feet. Beerman strides down the ramp and rolls under the ropes into the ring. He struts around the ring a bit as his music slowly dies down.

Face 2 Face ‘Won’t lie down’ then hits the sound system and BeYoNdEr makes his way out to the cheers of the crowd. BeYoNdEr runs straight down to the ring and slides in. Beerman pounces on BeYoNdEr and takes him down with a body slam. Beerman then grabs BeYoNdEr and drills him to the mat with a scoop slam. Beerman then taunts the crowd and gets a cheer before hitting BeYoNdEr again with a leg drop. Beerman the goes for the cover on BeYoNdEr.



Kickout by BeYoNdEr

BeYoNdEr then begins to fight back with a punch to Beerman and then a snap suplex. BeYoNdEr then also taunts the crowd and he too gets a pop. BeYoNdEr then begins to kick away at Beerman in the corner until Beerman grabs his foot and takes him down with a single leg takedown before burying his elbow into BeYoNdEr’s groin. Beerman then kicks BeYoNdEr’s leg before locking him in a leg lock. BeYoNdEr struggles to get out of the hold and quickly grabs the ropes. BeYoNdEr then begins to fight back on Beerman with a quick flurry of punches and then a stinging DDT. BeYoNdEr then goes for the cover on Beerman.



Kickout by Beerman

Beerman gets straight back to his feet and knocks down BeYoNdEr with a clothesline. Beerman then hits mounted punches on BeYoNdEr before waiting for him to get up. As BeYoNdEr gets to his feet Beerman grabs him and hits him with a DVD. Beerman then taunts BeYoNdEr and grabs him before hitting his finishing move the Jacknife Powerbomb. Beerman the goes for the cover on BeYoNdEr




The Winner of the match – Beerman!!

Internet Title Match – Spiker (c) Vs. Joe Chambers
Winner also becomes Dynasty Commissioner

Creed’s “Weathered” hits and Joe “ChamberGod” Chambers walks out to the top of the ramp…. to show his seriousness, he has no Pyro….. Joe walks down to the ring and slides in….he takes his trench coat off, and stretches…. then ‘Born Again’ by Alice in Chains hits and The Spiker walks out to the top of the ramp. He gets the crowd Pumping, as he makes his way to the ring. He gets into the ring as the ref ushers Joe to the opposite side of the ring…. once they are both ready, the ref holds up the Internet Title, and then gives it to the ring announcer.

Joe runs at Spiker, and they lock up. Chambers gets set up for the DDT, but is denied by The Spiker. Spiker Irish whips Chambers into the ropes, and he connects with a clothesline onto Chambers. Spiker watches Chambers squirm on the ground, then picks him up. Spiker sets him up for a powerbomb, and on the way up…as Chambers is about to be sent to the ground…Chambers…using all of his strength…and with a little help from his demons from within…stops the powerbomb. Chambers pounds on Spiker’s head, until Spiker falls to the canvas with Chambers on top of him. Chambers continues to beat the fight out of Spiker until the ref pulls him off of him.

Spiker gets up slowly and a little bit dazed, but is able to lock up with Chambers…Spiker pulls off a DDT as he works up his momentum…Spiker stomps Chambers in the ribs repeatedly…. Spiker then goes up top to the top turnbuckle…he points to Chambers and then to the crowd…. giving Chambers enough time to recognize what is about to happen…as Spiker jumps off trying to connect with an elbow drop…Chambers moves at the last second…Spiker hits the canvas with a loud thud that the audience shutters at…Chambers gets up and moves to the outside…he reaches under the ring, and pulls out a ladder.

Chambers sets it up outside the ring…Chambers slithers back into the ring and sets his eyes on the laid out Spiker. Spiker starts to get up, and Chambers waits behind him…as the fallen Spiker stands up and turns around, Chambers tries to lock up with the unstoppable Spiker…Spiker locks up and flips behind Chambers…Spiker grabs Chambers from behind, Spiker picks up Chambers and pulls off a belly to back suplex on Chambers.

The momentum has changed over to Spiker. When Spiker gets up, he realizes the ladder that Chambers had set up. Spiker shakes his head in disapproval as he goes over to Chambers…Spiker picks Chambers up…DDT’s him…and picks him up once again. Spiker brings him over to the top rope…pushes him off of the turnbuckle onto the ladder…Chambers is laid out on top of the ladder…Spiker goes up top, and signals for a frog splash…Spiker leaps off of the turnbuckle, and as he is in air, Chambers awakens, and barely moves out of the way, as he falls to the ground, but Spiker…hits the ladder with a crack that everyone in the arena cringes at, the ref starts to count




Chambers gets up and moves towards the ladder



Chambers picks up Spiker, and sets him up for The End…Chamber’s finishing move…Chambers picks him up in a gorilla press slam…and jumps off of the ladder. Spiker’s head hits the ground, and Joe bangs his arm on the announcer’s table





Wyld Thyng jumps out of the crowd, and gets in the ring…the ref is distracted by him, and Chambers gets up…he grabs Spiker and moves him towards the ring…as Chambers slides Spiker into the ring, the ref just shrugs his shoulders, and asks Spiker if he gives up or not…Spiker declines, and starts to shake his way up onto one knee as Chambers comes over and kicks him…Spiker grabs Chambers’ leg and flips him into an ankle lock…the ref asks Chambers if he gives up, and all he can do is shake his head no.

Chambers tries to move towards the ropes, but Spiker has him in the middle of the ring…Chambers raises his arm as if he is going to give up, but Chooch runs down the ramp, and distracts the ref, as Chambers taps out…the ref does not see, and Spiker relinquishes the hold…Chambers is in great relief…as Spiker fights with the ref, Wyld throws a chair in the ring…Chambers crawls over to it, and manages to get up…Spiker turns around and Chambers clashes the chair into the forehead of The Spiker…Spiker is unconscious…Chambers throws the chair out of the ring, and goes for the pin, as Chooch gets off of the apron…the ref sees the pin, and drops to the ground…



Kickout by Spiker!

Chambers can’t believe it as Spiker kicks out. Chambers then lifts up Spiker and goes to hit him with a suplex but Spiker counters. Spiker then spins around Chambers and nails him with the Spiker drop! Both men are now down in the ring. Spiker drapes a hand across Chambers chest



Kickout by Chambers

Both men now get to their feet. Spiker hits a right hand on Chambers and then a powerslam! Spiker locks on the figure 4-leg lock but Chambers refuses to tap. It seems that Chambers is fading from the pain, Chambers then falls back and the referee drops to make the cover




The Winner of the match the Internet Champion and new Dynasty Commissioner – The Spiker!!

TLS Tag Team Title Match – Spaz and Viper Vs. Wyld Thyng and Mike Lazarus Vs. The Owl and M.O.P (c) Vs. Darrius and The Ripper

Rob Zombie’s ‘Never Gonna Stop me’ hits the sound system and the fans begin to boo as Spaz and Viper appear on the entrance stage. Both men lift their hands into the air before proceeding down the ramp towards the ring. Spaz and Viper walk past the tables, ladders and sledgehammers that are piled up at ringside and they slide into the ring. Metallica’s ‘Enter the Sandman’ then begins to boom out around the arena. The fans boo again as Wyld Thyng and Mike Lazarus sprint down the ramp and slide into the ring as Spaz and Viper step out. Lazarus and Wyld then taunt the fans and get booed even more.

“Zero” by The Smashing Pumpkins then hits the sound system and The Ripper and Darrius appear on the entrance stage. The two men walk down as the fans boo them. They stop at ringside and look around at the huge stacks of possible weapons at their disposal. They then slide into the ring. The fans then come to their feet and cheer, as ‘Ace of Spades’ plays around the arena and the tag team champion, Owl and M.O.P come out to a thunderous ovation. They lift their tag belts above their heads before walking down to ringside. Owl and Master stop at ringside and Owl picks up a sledgehammer and the champions then charge into the ring.

Owl swings with the sledgehammer at Darrius, but he ducks and hits him with a knee to the midsection and then takes him down with a gut wrench slam. Owl then gets to his feet but Darrius nails him with a kick to the head and then locks on the cobra clutch submission move. As Master runs over to break it he is caught with a double team clothesline from Spaz and Viper. Spaz and Viper then pick up the huge body of Master and slams him back down with a double team suplex.

Outside the ring The Ripper is battling against Wyld and Lazarus. Lazarus grabs Ripper and throws him against the security wall before Wyld starts to lay into him with sharp kicks. Lazarus then grabs Ripper and slams him into the ring post headfirst. As Lazarus and Wyld continue the vicious beating on the outside, Rippers partner Darrius is having more luck against The Owl. Darrius who still has the cobra clutch on Owl realises that he can’t win the match by submission and lets go. Darrius then picks up the sledgehammer that was brought in by Owl and holds it above his head. But Owl starts to fire back on Darrius with right hands before knocking him over the top rope with a clothesline.

As Spaz and Viper continue to pound on Master inside the ring Spaz stops and fetches a table from the outside of the ring. Spaz then sets up the table in the corner of the ring as Viper hits Master with mounted punches. Viper then picks up Master and slams him with a powerslam to the mat. Spaz then calls over to his partner and he drags Master over to the table. They position Master for a double team suplex but he reverses and suplexes them both at the same time! Master then grabs Spaz by the throat and chokeslams him through the table! Master then gets hit with a clothesline from Viper that sends both men over the top rope.

Lazarus and Wyld then roll Ripper into the ring. Ripper fights back with a low blow onto Lazarus and then starts to his punches onto Wyld than knocks him back into the corner. Ripper then starts to hits chops across the chest of Wyld and then whips him to the other corner, which he bounces out of and falls to the floor. Ripper then starts to stomp away on Wyld as Lazarus rolls to the outside. Lazarus grabs one of the huge ladders at ringside and rolls into the ring with it. As Ripper has his back turned to him, Lazarus throws the ladder at Ripper, which knocks him to the floor. Lazarus then sets up the ladder in the middle of the ring and starts to climb.

Just as Lazarus gets half way up the ladder The Owl rolls back into the ring and punches Lazarus in the back. Owl then positions himself and hits Lazarus with a powerbomb! Owl then begins to climb the ladder. As Owl gets quite a way up Darrius gets back into the ring and he puts Owl on his shoulders. Darrius then moves Owl away from the ladder as Wyld Thyng climbs to the top rope. Wyld Thyng then comes off of the top rope hitting the Doomsday Device on Owl! Darrius then grabs Wyld Thyng and tosses him to the outside of the ring and then begins to climb the ladder, as he does Viper rolls into the ring with a sledgehammer in his hand. Viper lifts up the sledgehammer and sends it slamming into Darrius causing him to fall from the ladder. Viper then taunts the crowd and does not see Master get into the ring with another ladder. Master positions the ladder next to the other one and then spins Viper around. Viper ducks a punch from Master and nails him with the sledgehammer.

Now every man is down in the ring apart from Ripper and Viper. Viper swings again with the sledgehammer but Ripper ducks and back body drops Viper over the top rope. Ripper then goes to the outside and grabs a ladder and slides it in to the ring. Ripper sets the ladder up next to the other two in the ring and then sees Viper getting back into the ring. But both men have the same idea and hit each other with a double clothesline. Now everyone is down in the ring.

As the men begin to stir everyone starts to climb the ladders. All the wrestlers reach the top and begin a fistfight. Owl begins punching away at Ripper and then punches him off the ladder. Ripper drops to the floor but lands on his feet by bouncing against the ropes but he bounces back and knocks Master and Mike Lazarus off of their ladder. Viper then grabs Wyld on top of the ladder and positions him for a suplex. Viper then comes flying off of the ladder hitting a huge suplerplex onto Wyld Thyng. Now there is only Owl, Darrius and Spaz battling it out for the tag titles at the top of the ladders. Owl begins to kick Darrius and Spaz’s ladder and it begins to sway. But just before it falls Spaz steps over to Owls ladder as Darrius and his ladder fall to the floor and Darrius is catapulted to the outside of the ring.

Now Spaz and Owl exchange right hands on top of the ladder as Master and Viper get to their feet. Both men reach for the titles at the same time but Master grabs Viper and whips him into the ladder causing it to fall and both Spaz and Owl are left holding onto the metal ring that holds the tag team belts. As Master and Viper fight over the ladder Lazarus and Wyld have got to their feet and got a table into the ring. They position the table just under the two men that are swinging on the metal ring. As Viper low blows Master he grabs the ladder and throws it at Owl. The ladder hits Owl and causes him to fall off of the metal ring and to crash through the table below. As Spaz holds on for dear life Lazarus and Wyld double team Viper and knock him to the floor with a double team shoulder block. Darrius and Ripper then get in to the ring and grab Lazarus and Wyld. Darrius nails Lazarus with the ‘Phoenix Kick’ and Ripper hits Wyld with the ‘Let it Rip’.

Darrius and Ripper then stand under Spaz trying to knock him down but he falls and lands on them knocking them both down. As Master begins to stir so does Viper. Master sets up the ladder and starts to climb but half way up Viper grabs him by the throat. Viper then hits a huge chokeslam onto Master. As Viper looks up at the belts he begins to climb and the fans boo as he nears the top, he reaches for the belts just as Owl climbs to the top rope, Owl comes off of the top rope with a missile dropkick, but it was just too late as Viper unhooks the belt before getting knocked to the floor!

The Winner of the match and new Tag Team Champions – Spaz and Viper!!

International and Hardcore Title Ladder Match – Adam Striker (Hardcore Champion) Vs. Chooch (International Champion)
Loser walks away with the Hardcore Title

The lights go out and I’m Coming starts to play as fans begin to boo. After a few seconds BOOM, pryo goes off, the lights come back on. Chooch is standing on the stage with his hands in the air. Then Chooch walks to the ring with a chorus of boos from the fans. Then Chooch gets into the ring throws his hands in the air and Pyro’s blast from all 4 corners. “Your Unbelievable” by Thousand Foot Krutch hits the arena. All fans come to a huge pop, and the lights quickly go out and blue spotlights float around the audience. Orange explosives go off on the stage, while Adam Striker walks out on to the stage, and starts walking down the ramp. The fans chant, “Striker!!! Striker!!! Striker!!!” repeatedly, while he begins to be introduced. Striker reaches the ring, and slides right in it. He looks at Nirvana Kidd, then jumps up on a turnbuckle and puts his fist up in the air. The fans give a hug pop. He walks across the ring, again looking straight at Chooch, and jumps on the turnbuckle to stick his fist in the air for yet another large pop from the live-n-roaring crowd.

Striker and Chooch lock up from the start. Chooch gets the better of the exchange with a front face lock on Striker and then goes for the suplex. Striker holds his ground and blocks the suplex and then hits a suplex of his own on the International Champion, which sends him cannoning to the floor. Striker then leaps on to Chooch hitting him with mounted punches which get the crowd cheering. Striker then takes a run and bounces off of the ropes before coming back and hitting Chooch with a knee drop right to his head. The fans then begin to chant for Striker again as he whips Chooch into the ropes and then slams him to the mat with a sidewalk slam. Striker then stands over his opponent looking down at him before rolling to the outside and getting the all-important ladder.

Striker folds up the ladder and then slides it into the ring. Striker taunts the crowd, which gets a pop before sliding into the ring and picking the ladder up. As Striker sets up the ladder in the middle of the ring Chooch begins to stir. Instead of climbing up the ladder Striker walks over to Chooch and picks him up. Striker then sends Chooch half way across the ring with a perfectly executed belly-to-belly suplex.

The fans begin to chant for Striker again as he drags Chooch over to the corner of the ring and slams his head into the turnbuckle. Striker then takes Chooch by the head and tries to throw him into the ladder but Chooch counters with a low blow to the Hardcore Champion. Chooch then grabs Striker in a waist lock a powers him to the mat with a German Suplex. The fans boo as Chooch taunts Striker before hitting him with a T-Bone suplex. Chooch then picks up the Hardcore Champion from the mat and throws him to the outside where he follows him out.

Chooch then whips Striker into the ring steps before knocking him down with a clothesline. Chooch taunts the crowd and gets boo’s as Striker struggles to his feet. As Chooch runs at him Striker manages to gather enough energy to back body drop him. Both men are now down on the outside of the ring. As Striker begins to stir he slowly gets to his feet and rolls inside the ring. Adam Striker then begins to climb the ladder just as Chooch is getting in the ring. Chooch grabs Striker on the ladder and a fistfight ensues. Chooch gets the better of Striker and climbs up two rungs of the ladder. Chooch then gets Striker in a front face lock and to the cheers of even the crowd hits the inverted DDT on Striker off of the ladder!

Chooch begins to get to his feet and he walks over to the ladder and slowly begins to climb. Chooch is getting closer and closer to the top of the ladder and still Adam Striker is not moving. Chooch is nearly at the top and the fans are booing as Striker is still down. But who is this running down the entranceway? Art Quicksilver the new Dynasty Wrestling signing slides into the ring and knocks Chooch off of the ladder! Quicksilver then grabs Chooch and nails him with the ‘Quickenddriver’. The fans cheer as Art Quicksilver then climbs to the top rope. Quicksilver then comes off the top rope gaining great height and hitting Chooch with a moonsalut. Quicksilver then jumps out of the ring and leaves out of the crowd. The fans cheer as Striker crawls over to the ladder and begins to climb, Striker keeps climbing up more rungs until he is at last at the top, Striker reaches out and grabs the International Title!

The Winner of the match and new International Champion – Adam Striker!!
The New Hardcore Champion – Chooch!!

World Title Triple Threat #1 Contenders Match – Wild Boar Vs. Agent Orange Vs. Genocide

‘The Fight Song’ by Marilyn Manson blasts over the P.A System, causing the fans in the sold out arena give a loud chorus of boos and jeers. After a few moments Wild Boar steps out from under the Dynasty-Tron, he is warring his usual attire (a sleeveless, dark blue shirt, regular, black jogging bottoms, a scruffy pair of white training shoes, black wraps and elbow pads). He stands at the top of the ramp and pauses, folding his large arms across his huge chest; he watches the booing fans, smiling mockingly at them. He holds the pose for a few seconds, then breaks it and begins to slowly walk to ringside, shouting abuse at the occasional fan as he goes. He gets to the ring and steps up onto the ring apron, pauses for a second, then steps over the second rope and enters the ring. Without wasting any time Wild Boar goes over to the opposite corner and climbs onto the second turnbuckle, he raises his arms aloft, causing an array of boos that rise loudly from the pumped up crowd. Wild Boar slowly brings his arms down, and then spends a few seconds leaning over the ropes shouting abuse to the front row fans before stepping off the turnbuckle and heading towards the centre of the ring.

‘Agent Orange’ by Cage then hits the sound system and Agent Orange’s entrance video starts to play and the fans begin to cheer. Agent Orange then steps out from under the Dynasty-Tron and begins to look around the huge arena with the waves and waves of fans that for once and actually chanting his name. Agent Orange then lifts up his arms and the fans let out a big roar. Orange then sees one of his opponents standing in the ring. Orange sprints down the ramp way and slides into the ring. Orange opens up with right hands on Wild Boar knocking him down to the floor. Orange then begins to stomp away at WB in the corner before choking him with his foot. The crowd cheer as Orange takes it to one of the most hated men in Dynasty, Wild Boar.

Slipknot’s “People=Shit” then hits the sound system and the fans come to their feet with a defining roar as Genocide appears on the entrance stage. Genocide slowly strolls down the ramp as Agent Orange continues the beating of Wild Boar. Genocide the slides into the ring and goes face to face with Agent Orange. Genocide and Orange stare into each other’s eyes as the crowd waits in anticipation. Both men then turn around and knock down Genocide with a double team shoulder block. Genocide and Orange then pick up WB and whip him into the ropes before hitting him with a double team flapjack.

WB crawls out of the ring to grab some air as Genocide and Orange come face to face again. Both men hit each other with right hands and they trade punches. Orange then gets the better of Genocide and hits a knee to the midsection before taking him down with an arm bar takedown. Orange the locks on the arm bar on Genocide but it doesn’t last long as WB pulls Agent Orange to the outside of the ring. Orange and WB then begin to trade punches until WB hits a low blow on Orange. WB then grabs Orange and hits him with a snake eyes over the security barrier.

WB then rolls into the ring where he is met by Genocide. Genocide knocks down WB with a clothesline and then takes him back down with a snap suplex. The Australian then begins to stomp away at WB before hitting him with a neckbreaker. Genocide then goes for the cover on WB.



Kickout By WB.

Genocide the picks up Wild Boar again and drills him down with a Reverse DDT. As Agent Orange begins to stir in the outside of the ring Genocide whips Wild Boar into the ropes and goes for a back body drop but Wild Boar counters with a kick to the face and then a sit out spine buster. Wild Boar then taunts the crowd before nailing Genocide with the ‘Boar Bomb’. Wild Boar then goes for the cover on Genocide.



Wild Boar is pulled out of the ring! Wild Boar gets to his feet on the outside of the ring and is pounded by Ice with big right hands. Ice another new Dynasty signing then whips Wild Boar into the security wall and then picks him up. Ice taunts which gets a cheer from the crowd before nailing Wild Boar with a Tombstone Piledriver on the outside!

Back inside the ring Agent Orange is up and is stalking Genocide, Genocide then turns around and Orange grabs him. Orange then nails Genocide with the ‘Battering Ram’ before climbing to the top rope. Orange comes off the top rope with his finishing move the ‘Purple Heart’. Orange then goes for the cover on Genocide.




The Winner of the match #1 Contender for the World Title – Agent Orange!!

World Title Scaffold Match – Havoc (World Champion) Vs. Chris Cage

‘Bad Boy for Life’ By P Diddy hits the arena as Havoc walks down to a chant of YOU SUCK or many boos from the crowd, he looks about with an angry expression on his face but with a slight smile. He goes over to a few members of the crowd and shouts obscenities back. This just makes the crowd boo even more but he pays no attention and just smile evilly. Havoc then holds up the World Title for all to see. Havoc then continues to walk to the ring. Havoc slides into the ring and looks up at the huge platform above him. He then hands the belt to the referee who climbs up the ladder and onto the scaffold platform. The referee the climbs up another ladder on the scaffolding and hands the belt up. The referee with help from his other colleges then takes away both ladders and places them outside of the ring. Havoc then stands in the ring awaiting the arrival of his opponent.

“I disappear” hits the P.A system as the crowd erupts. Chris Cage steps through the curtains to a standing ovation from the crowd. He is wearing his usual ring attire, black long leather pants, and black boots. He starts making his way to the ring as pyros starts shooting up the ramp. Chris Cage stands just outside of the ring knowing that this could well be his last ever match. Cage then climbs up onto the ring apron starring straight at Havoc. As both men lock eyes they stand still as the crowd silences. Cage then steps into the ring and the fans begin to cheer. Cage and Havoc now stand both in the ring together.

Ca0ge suddenly runs at Havoc taking him down with a spear and opening up on him with big right hands and lots of them. Havoc then struggles to his feet but Cage takes him down by the throat and begins to choke him. Havoc then gets back up and struggles over to a corner as Chris Cage stands tall in the middle of the ring. Both men lunge forward into a tie up. Both men in a test of strength try to push back their opponent both men don’t give an inch. Finally Havoc stops the tie up with a knee to Cage and then a Snapmare takedown. Havoc goes to lock on a surfboard stretch but Cage twists out of the move and positions Havoc for a Piledriver. Havoc counters the Piledriver into a back drop and then picks up Cage. Havoc lifts Cage into a vertical suplex, but Cage gets out of the move in mid air and falls behind Havoc. Cage grabs Havoc in a waist lock and then takes him down with a German suplex.

Cage then slides to the outside of the ring and gets a ladder. Cage slides the ladder into the ring and props it up against the 2nd rope in the corner. Cage then drags Havoc over to the ladder, but Havoc suddenly starts to fight back with big right hands and then a clothesline. Havoc whips Cage into the ropes and then takes him down with a Thesz Press. Havoc then pulls Cage towards the ladder and hits him with a suplex onto the ladder! The fans start to boo as Havoc kicks Cage off of the ladder and sets it up just below the scaffold platform. Havoc then begins to climb the ladder but there is still no sign of Chris Cage getting up.

Havoc finally makes it up onto he scaffolding and pulls the ladder up with him. Havoc then positions the ladder just below the World Title belt as Chris Cage begins to stir. Havoc sees Chris Cage getting up below him and waves down at him with a smile on his face. Cages sees what is going on and rolls out of the ring and brings in another ladder. Cage begins to climb the ladder up to the scaffolding as Havoc begins to climb up to get his World Title belt. Cage finally gets up onto the scaffolding just as Havoc is reaching for the belt. Cage runs and pulls Havoc down from the ladder just as he was touching the belt.

The crowd cheer as Cage hits right hands on Havoc and then a spinebuster. Chris Cage then locks on the sharpshooter on Havoc on top of the scaffolding! The fans cheer as Havoc squirms in pain but Cage is relentless. Havoc finally begins to tap out but the match can’t be one by submission! Cage finally releases the hold on Havoc and begins to stomp away at him. Cage brings Havoc to his feet and then slams his head into a metal pole. Cage then taunts the crowd, which gets a huge crowd reaction before turning back to Havoc. Cage then pulls Havoc to the edge of the scaffolding right next to the announcer’s tables. Cage begins to punch Havoc trying to knock him off the side of the scaffolding. But Havoc fights back with right hands off his own and then a leg sweep on Cage.

Havoc then positions Cage for a powerbomb off of the side or the scaffolding! The crowd boo as Havoc taunts Cage and then taunts the crowd. Havoc then goes to lift up Cage but he counters with a back drop sending Havoc off of the scaffolding and 15 feet down crashing through the announcers table. The crowd cheer as Cage looks down at the limp body of Havoc and give him the middle finger. Cage then walks over to the ladder and begins to climb. The crowd cheer louder with every rung that Cage climbs and then Cage reaches higher and touches the World Title. Cage reaches higher and unhooks the World Title!

The Winner of the match and New World Champion – Chris Cage!!

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