Interview with Howie Banks – 15th December 2007
By Candi Cross

CANDI CROSS – Howie, you have been with the sVo for quite some time now, who do you see as your biggest rival in the federation?

HOWIE BANKS – What kind of question is that? What? No introduction to me or anything? I’m Howie Banks damn it! You’re just lucky everybody knows my name already! As far as your little question about who I think is my biggest rival in the federation, well there’s only one man that I’ve taken on that’s at my level and that man’s name is no one!

CANDI CROSS – Recently you have been feuding with fellow roster member Captain D, how did this come about?

HOWIE BANKS – Captain D and I have already wrestled a few Showdown’s again and he got his ass whooped once. So really I don’t understand why he has to get in my business and bump into me backstage when he knows if he goes up against me for a second, third, hell it don’t matter how many times you put the diddler against me, I’ll always come out on top and I can and always will say that I whooped Captain D’s ass!

CANDI CROSS – Despite losing to Psyko Stevo in a #1 contendership for the International Championship at the last PPV, you have been tipped as someone that will soon win gold here in the sVo, do you see 2008 as the year this will come true?

HOWIE BANKS – 2007 has been kind of rocky especially towards the end but that was the past with a bunch of other federations and this is now in the Sanctioned Violence Organisation. You can bet your ass that sVo will be seeing an even better “Hollywood” Howie Banks come the year 2008.

CANDI CROSS – Recently sVo has been feuding with rival wrestling federation Hostility Wrestling. As someone who has been a member of both rosters, how do you see this ending up and what is your opinion of Hostility?

HOWIE BANKS – The sVo and HWF promotions can bitch and moan and bitch and moan until their all blue in the face but the real deal within this all is that everyone surrounding me is good and I am great! Hostility couldn’t handle “Hollywood”, Candi and that’s why yours truly is here in the sVo, because HWF didn’t have enough money to keep me happy!

CANDI CROSS – If you could bring one person from your past into the sVo, who would it be and why?

HOWIE BANKS – If I could bring anybody from the past into sVo I would probably say my father, Edward just so I could get his old crippled ass into a ring and beat the living hell out of him and show him how his son has grown up to be a bigger man then he is!

CANDI CROSS – You have a tough match this week against current sVo Champion Mike Polowy, how do you rate your chances and your opponent?

HOWIE BANKS – Mike Polowy is a great champion there’s no doubt about that, but someday “Hollywood” Howie Banks will be an even BETTER World Champion it’s only just a matter of time. My chances against Mike Polowy are about as good as anybody else’s, because the man is nothing but a cheater and he couldn’t beat Howie Banks fair and square on his best day if he wanted too, son!

CANDI CROSS – It is expected that you will take on Captain D at Seasons Beatings, if you could fight him in any kind of match what would it be and why?

HOWIE BANKS – Expected? I don’t want to face that no good piece of crap! I’ve beaten him once, how many times do I have to prove myself? But if that’s what it calls for, then sure I’ll show up at Season’s Beatings and give him another punch in the mouth! As far as any match is concerned, I would love to get that son of a bitch in a Singapore cane match, show him a little trick or two from my days of wrestling in Japan, that or maybe even have a few games of Texas Hold Em’ cause I know he won’t beat me in the ring anyways!

CANDI CROSS – What has been the main motivation behind your career as a wrestler to date?

HOWIE BANKS – My main motivation to being a professional wrestler and getting up every single day is that I like to go that ring, I like to give my all in every performance by putting on great wrestling maneuvers and beating someone’s ass! Most importantly I get motivated to get in this business because I like to talk trash and I like to be recognized.

CANDI CROSS – What do you see as your biggest achievement in a wrestling ring?

HOWIE BANKS – My biggest achievement should probably be when I won the Paramount Championship Wrestling’s World Heavyweight Championship, but seeing as how after one damn show the place closed up, I took that piece of crap title belt and I tossed in a flaming garbage can! So therefore my biggest achievement hasn’t happened yet! But mark my words, come hell or high water, I will be the sVo World Champion in the near future and you can bank on that day as being my biggest achievement in a wrestling ring!

CANDI CROSS – If you could say one thing to the sVo fans, what would it be?

HOWIE BANKS – The fans can either love me or hate me, it makes no difference, but you fans better know that when I come walking through that curtain out from my dressing room, and I get in that ring and I put on the greatest wrestling match that you have ever seen… Then you had better appreciate “Hollywood” Howie Banks for making your life even better! As for the rest of you fans world wide, you can all kiss my ass!

CANDI CROSS – And lastly what does the year 2008 hold for Howie Banks?

HOWIE BANKS – The year 2008 holds the raising of my new baby girl, the 2008 year will be one that “Hollywood” Howie Banks runs. 2008 marks the year I will be the NEW sVo World Champion! Now if you don’t mind, Candi. I’ve got business to take care of. Show business……………………………… that is!

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