[The camera opens to the vibrant casino floor of a Las Vegas establishment. Slot machines echo with jingles, and the air is alive with the energy of risk and reward. Edwin Ellis, a rising star in P:V, stands amidst the colorful chaos, a determined look in his eyes.]

Edwin Ellis: Las Vegas, the city of dreams, risks, and opportunities. Tonight, my journey in Project: Violence takes an unexpected turn. Brandon Snyder, you and I are about to make some memories on this very casino floor, but the stakes are higher than any game these machines can offer.

[Ellis glances around, absorbing the casino ambiance.]

Edwin Ellis: Brandon, you’ve made a name for yourself as a heel in P:V, but tonight, you face someone eager to carve his own path. You see, Vegas is all about seizing opportunities, and our match is a golden opportunity for me.

[He paces through the casino, the sounds of the slot machines accompanying his words.]

Edwin Ellis: The ring is our battleground, and in this city that never sleeps, our clash will resonate. Snyder, you might be accustomed to playing dirty, but I bring something different to the table – determination, hunger, and the will to make my name echo in every corner of P:V.

[Ellis stops near a poker table, his eyes focused on the metaphorical gamble ahead.]

Edwin Ellis: Vegas teaches us that luck favors the bold. Tonight, I step into that ring with a clear goal – to make a mark, to showcase my skills, and to let the world know that Edwin Ellis is here to stay.

[He looks directly into the camera, the casino lights reflecting in his eyes.]

Edwin Ellis: Snyder, whether you like it or not, tonight, on this casino floor, a new chapter begins. Project: Violence, get ready for a display of talent, determination, and a hunger that only Vegas can inspire. Brandon, you’re just another roll of the dice, and tonight, I’m aiming for the jackpot.

[As Ellis walks away, the sounds of the casino continue, setting the stage for the impending clash on P:V Uprising.]

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