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The Highway to Havoc

[The scene opens in a dimly lit biker bar, the air thick with the smell of sweat and engine oil. Dutch Ramirez, a rugged wrestler with a biker gang persona, stands in the center of the room, a pool table in the background. He is still wearing his wrestling gear, the bruises from his match at “Uprising” visible on his face.]

Dutch Ramirez: [Gruff voice, addressing the camera] You see this face? These bruises? This blood? This ain’t just the aftermath of any ol’ match, folks. This is the aftermath of war. Last night at “Uprising,” I stepped into that ring with Brandon Snyder, and I showed him what it means to ride with the bad boys.

[He gestures to the scars on his arms, proudly displaying his allegiance to his biker gang.]

Dutch Ramirez: Snyder thought he could roll into my turf and walk away unscathed. But he found out the hard way that you don’t mess with the Reaper’s Road Warriors. You step into my ring, you’re stepping into our territory, and there ain’t no mercy for the weak.

[His eyes blaze with intensity as he recalls the match, the adrenaline still pumping through his veins.]

Dutch Ramirez: But you know what really grinds my gears? What really gets my engine revving? It’s when some punk like Puck thinks he can crash the party and make a name for himself by blindsiding me after the match. You want a piece of me, Puck? You think you’re tough enough to run with the big dogs?

[He cracks his knuckles, a menacing grin spreading across his face.]

Dutch Ramirez: Well, let me tell you something, Puck. You may have caught me off guard last night, but mark my words, payback’s coming. You think you’re the king of the road? You’re nothing but a two-bit hitchhiker trying to catch a ride on my highway to glory.

[He takes a step forward, the aura of danger radiating from him like heat from a burning engine.]

Dutch Ramirez: So listen up, Puck, and listen good. You may have started this war, but I’m gonna finish it. And when I’m done with you, you’ll be nothing but a grease stain on the pavement of Project:Violence. Because when you mess with Dutch Ramirez, you’re playing with fire. And in the end, you’re gonna get burned.

[He stares into the camera with a steely gaze, his message delivered loud and clear to anyone who dares to cross his path.]

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