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The Promise

[Masafumi Satake stands proudly with his arms crossed in front of a Project: Violence banner. The 38 year old wrestling veteran glistens with sweat, and wipes his brow as he breathes heavily. He had just defeated Dash Diaz at P:V Uprising #57 live on PWA:TV. He speaks confidently.]

SATAKE: You would think that a Japanese tour would have come easier to the great Masafumi Satake. But to say that I had to work hard for it would absolutely be an understatement.

[Masafumi was born in Japan, but raised in Bellevue, Washington since the age of five. His goal throughout his career had always been to compete in the land of the rising sun. After a long pause, he then continues.]

SATAKE: After participating in the North American Indie scene for 20 years, I finally reached my peak in January of 2023. It was everything and more. It was an injection of adrenaline and excitement in a fading career.

[Satake refers to his time with Japanese based promotions Carnage Pro and HyperFight over the last 11 months.]

SATAKE: My career fades no more. At 38 years old I feel more fit, more focused and more alive than ever before.

[Masafumi pounds his chest triumphantly.]

SATAKE: I did not plan to come back  to America so soon and I admit it is with mixed emotions, but I come with open arms and an open heart. I promise to give it my all each and every night that I am in front of the Las Vegas faithful.

[The fan favorite lets out a grin.]

SATAKE: I finally achieved my dream of wrestling in Japan, and now I’m going to achieve my dreams of cementing myself as the best in the business here in the country that raised me. I want to send my regards to Dash Diaz for an amazing debut match. You were a true test, and I look forward to the day that we share the squared circle again.

[He takes a deep breath before finishing.]

SATAKE: Project Violence, I hope you are ready for the best Masafumi Satake that there ever was!

[Satake, filled with optimism, ends on a high note before walking off camera. The promise has been made. Masafumi Satake is ready to take Project: Violence to new heights.]

[Tune in next week for P:V Uprising #58!]

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