Listen up, all of you! I’m Jacob Izaz, and I’m done with being treated like some afterthought in the sVo. I’ve busted my ass, put in the work day in and day out, and for what? To be brushed aside, disrespected, and overlooked? Well, those days are over.

I’ve had enough of being the guy everyone thinks they can push around. I’ve had enough of being looked past while others get the opportunities I’ve earned. It’s time for me to take control of my destiny, to show the world that I’m not just another name on the roster. I’m a damn force of nature, a fighter who’s been grinding to make his mark.

So mark my words, sVo and the entire wrestling world – I’m here to turn heads, to demand the spotlight that’s rightfully mine. I’m not waiting for permission or validation anymore. I’m stepping into that ring with fire in my eyes, a burning hunger to prove myself to every doubter out there.

They can keep underestimating me, keep thinking I’m some kind of underdog. But let me tell you, I’m about to shatter expectations. I’m about to show them what happens when you push Jacob Izaz too far. The sVo might have ignored me till now, but they won’t be able to any longer.

I’m not just making a statement; I’m making a legacy. I’m here to dominate, to make sure my name is etched in the history books. So get ready, because Jacob Izaz is about to unleash a storm that’ll tear through this industry. I’ve earned my spot, and I’m damn well going to take it, whether they like it or not!

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