I hadn’t been on Twitter a whole lot however I loaded up the app on my battered IPhone for the first time a few days ago as the notifications got too intriguing to ignore. I flicked through the normal crap that was on there until I managed to find what was causing my phone to chirp and nearly dropped my phone in surprise….

It had been nearly 2013 since I was in the sVo when I went out holding the Tag Team Championship belts with one Scott Washington. It felt like a life time ago and my body felt like it had 100 matches under my belt since then, hell it probably did. I suppose that was why the rumours of the return of the sVo were such a surprise to me.

I was aware that twitter, like many social media sites, was full of what had recently been termed ‘Fake News’ and that the recent rumours around the sVo were not new, I had been reading similar online chatter about a return every few years since 2013. However somehow this time it seemed different, it felt like there was some more substance behind the speculation. This time there were comments from the likes of Johnny All Star, there was a no comment from Amy Page which was maybe even more powerful…. My old partner turned nemesis Scott Washington had been spotted in Las Vegas.

If Washington was in town then I for damn sure didn’t want to miss out. It was one of the biggest regrets of my career that I never got the chance to hold the sVo Championship. However I had come to accept it somewhat, it wasn’t that I had blown any shots at it, it was just that my career never lined up with the time that the sVo was around, it wasn’t to be…. However this speculation opened up the door to potentially scratch that itch on the back nine of my career.

So now here I was, getting an uber to LAX, booking a flight down to Vegas…. Ready to get to the bottom of these rumours and ready to shoot my shot back in my own hometown.

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