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Just a pawn

Ladies and gentlemen, you can silence the whispers and lower your voices because the Don of the sVo has something to say. Anthony Moretti, the man behind the curtain, the orchestrator of chaos. Last night at Jackpot, I stood face-to-face with destiny in the form of Night, the so-called champion of this so-called company.

[Moretti smirks, adjusting the Tag Team Championship draped over his shoulder.]

Night, you may have retained your precious title, but don’t get comfortable. Last night was just a taste, a mere prelude to what awaits you. See, Blood Money isn’t just a name; it’s a way of life. It’s power, it’s influence, and it’s the reason why I am who I am today.

[He looks directly into the camera, his eyes gleaming with a sinister confidence.]

But let’s talk about family, the blood that runs thicker than water. Johnny, my dear half-brother, you had the audacity to return and cost me the sVo Championship. Blood Money is about loyalty, and you betrayed that. You were expelled from this family for a reason, Johnny, and you’ll soon realize the gravity of your mistake.

[Moretti paces, a predatory grace in his movements.]

I should be standing here as the new sVo Champion, but the cards were stacked against me. Night, you’re just a pawn in this game, and soon the entire sVo roster will understand that Blood Money isn’t just a faction; it’s a force that will dismantle everything in its path.

[He glances at the Tag Team Championship.]

Joe Barone and I, we’re the reigning Tag Team Champions, a testament to the power we wield. Night, you may have your victory, but I assure you, your reign is on borrowed time.

[With a chilling smile, Moretti lowers the microphone and exits the scene, leaving an air of intimidation lingering in his wake.]

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"I make my own rules. I don’t follow orders from Jon Page. The scumbag disgust’s me, and since I make my own rules I decided that I won’t fight in any title matches unless it’s for the sVo championship. That’s giving up alot right. I may never see a World Title bout, but that’s all that matters to me. That title. I could’ve easily won the Las Vegas title here tonight, but that won’t make me. Only the sVo Championship will."

- Colt Cooper (19th November 2012)

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