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Et tu, Brute?

Date: 05.30.24


After a busy week, the wrestlers of Project:Violence catch their flights from Ohio to their respective homes in order in most cases to go to New York as their next destination, some of them watch from the windows of the plane the lights of the big city, illuminating like stars the streets and corners of this Metropolis, however in this plane there is one person missing. Almost a day’s flight away, we are on the coast of Spain, the tourist city of Malaga welcomes us with rays of sunshine indicating the arrival of summer, and yet this person does not seem to be happy about it.

Through the windows of the Benalmádena Hospital we observe a young man covered in bandages, his face still bears the scars made by his ex-associate with his faithful weapon, some spikes are still stuck in his left cheek while the other one simply reminds the viewer of a few wounds and marks.

It is in that room that P:V champion Adam Garcia lies, his belt is his only remaining companion after the departure of their nurse, along with the sound of the TV, as if in a trance, his eyes are glued to its screen, the same scene is repeated both in the broadcast and in his mind, the betrayal of his ‘so called friend’. Rage and fury run free in his veins, his nostrils open and close furiously causing the young Spaniard to heave in response, almost a week after the events, he still hasn’t processed the information.

Each piece, coldly placed in a grand plan to bring him down, a long scheme that has led him to this moment, away not only from the Main Event, from the cameras, from the ring, from the fans, but from what for the first time in years he could consider a friendship, however strange it might be. 

Like so often before, the bull is completely alone, abandoned, but this time unlike in his past, it seems to affect him, this time he doesn’t feel like a belligerent young bull, nor like the Spanish ace, but like the self-centered, lonely boy of years gone that had just been injured and forgotten by all that mattered to him. 

His rage doesn’t feel like pre-battle ecstasy, it’s the anger of a poor kid alienated from what he loves most once again, having been shown how easy it is to give up after he’s just recovered from his insecurities.

The arrival of cameras and microphones awakens him from his trance, he is no longer just a teenager taking his first steps in the industry, he is the champion of one of the most respected companies in the business, sighing he tries to hide the fear and anger fused in his head, fixing his dressing gown he gets out of bed buckling his championship around his waist and looking at the camera, the traces of weakness and tiredness are hidden once again behind the mask, feeding his anger.

Adam Garcia: “It was obvious wasn’t it, silly me for falling for the most overused gimmick in the sport”.

A faint smile forms on his lips, his fists clenched tightly.

Adam Garcia: “I threw my body on the line to save your ass, WEEK,AFTER, WEEK.I delayed my duties as champion to give you what you wanted. Tell me Hate, what did you want to gain from this? WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?”

A burst of strength surges through his body as he slams one of the walls, shocking the cameramen.

Adam Garcia: “You wanted the title? You could have fought for it if you hadn’t brought that bunch of assholes…But no, you’re not that simple, are you. You fucking hate for the sake of hating, Hate. But it doesn’t matter…You’re not the first, nor the last, who’s tried to take advantage of me, I’m used to backstabs…”

Between the pauses in his words there is a certain sense of sadness that Garcia tries to hide word after word.

Adam Garcia: “And now? I’m running out of patience, this week in the hospital has only fueled my desire to end your career. Your three personal goons won’t be able to put me down, JD James’ guards won’t be able to STOP me. I’m going to prove why ‘How I could Just Kill a Man’ was the right entrance theme, I’m going to spread your guts in the ring. I’m going to demolish everything you stand for, I’m going to turn your hatred into the passion behind every single one of my punches.”

His nostrils flare at a rapid pace, his eyes turn red in anger veins popping out of his forehead.

Adam Garcia: “Because my mistake was one I can learn from, yours was taking the restraints off a bloodthirsty beast, I’m going to kill you Hate, there’s nothing anyone can do to stop me.’”

His fist slowly detaches from the wall, its hand now slightly bloody as it falls next to his legs, his gaze however is held high, the aura the fighter emits is that of a beast about to go on a killing spree.

Adam Garcia: “There won’t be any room for you to hide, and your scumbag bodyguards will end up under the same fate that I put Knight through to take this title, I’m going to make an example out of your corpse. I’m going to show the rest of the locker room why I’m the champion, and as soon as I’m done with you, I’m going to finish anyone delusional enough to think they can keep up with me. So thanks mate, for awakening a long lost rage inside me. Voy a por ti.”

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