[ACE MMA Fight Night Pre-Event Press Conference – Goodfellas Casino, Las Vegas]

[The press conference takes place in a lavish hall at the Goodfellas Casino, adorned with ACE MMA banners and posters. The stage is set, with a long table at the center and microphones for the fighters and the owner, Jon Page. Journalists and media personnel are seated, eagerly awaiting the start of the conference. The atmosphere is buzzing with anticipation.]

Moderator: Ladies and gentlemen, fight fans, members of the press, welcome to the ACE MMA Fight Night Pre-Event Press Conference! We have the honor of being joined by the fighters of the co-main event, Luther Nash and Preston Jack, as well as the owner of ACE MMA, Jon Page. Let’s start by introducing our fighters and hearing their thoughts on their upcoming bout.

[Luther Nash and Preston Jack take their seats on opposite sides of the table, both looking focused and determined. Jon Page sits at the center, ready to address the media.]

Moderator: Luther, you’re stepping into the octagon against Preston Jack. What’s your mindset going into this fight, and what can the fans expect from you?

Luther Nash: First off, thanks for having us here. Preston’s a tough competitor, no doubt, but I’m ready for this challenge. My mindset is simple: I’m here to show why I belong on the big stage. Fans can expect a fight that’ll leave them on the edge of their seats. It’s gonna be fireworks.

Moderator: Preston, your opponent is known for his striking prowess. How do you plan to handle his style and come out victorious?

Preston Jack: Thanks for having us as well. Luther’s got his strengths, but I’ve faced tough strikers before. My plan is to mix up my game, keep him guessing, and take control. This fight isn’t just about striking; it’s about who’s the better fighter overall, and I believe that’s me.

Moderator: Jon Page, this event marks the debut of ACE MMA. How does it feel to see your vision come to life, and what sets ACE apart from other promotions?

Jon Page: Thank you. It’s an incredible feeling to stand here today, seeing the culmination of hard work and dedication. ACE MMA is about creating a platform where fighters can showcase their skills, where passion and respect drive the competition. We’re here to give fans a new level of entertainment, and I believe our commitment to quality sets us apart.

Moderator: Luther, do you think a victory in this bout could potentially put you in line for a title shot down the road?

Luther Nash: Absolutely. Every fight is an opportunity to prove yourself, to climb the ladder. A victory over Preston would be a significant step forward in my career, and I’m keeping my eyes on the bigger picture.

Moderator: Preston, your response to Luther’s confidence in potentially earning a title shot with a win?

Preston Jack: Respect to Luther for his confidence, but he’ll have to go through me first. I’m focused on this fight and this fight alone. Titles come when they come, and I’m not letting anyone stand in my way.

Moderator: Jon Page, as the owner of ACE MMA, how do you see this co-main event contributing to the success of the promotion’s inaugural event?

Jon Page: This co-main event is a perfect example of the caliber of fights you can expect from ACE MMA. Luther and Preston are both skilled fighters, and their clash will set the tone for the night. We’re here to give the fans memorable fights, and this bout promises exactly that.

Moderator: Thank you all for your insights. We’re looking forward to an incredible night of fights at ACE MMA Fight Night. Don’t miss the action, everyone!

[The press conference concludes with the fighters and Jon Page rising from their seats, exchanging respectful nods and handshakes before leaving the stage. The media personnel are abuzz with excitement, armed with the anticipation of witnessing the first-ever ACE MMA event at the Goodfellas Casino Arena.]

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