It had been over a year since he had been home to Bellevue, Washington. His mother still lived in his childhood home, a place of nurturing and warmth that he had known since he was five years old. The first few years in Bellevue only held pleasant memories, but as he grew older and attended middle school, life became more complicated. Masafumi was bullied, tormented and intimidated for his Japanese origins and accent. 

Ultimately, this helped mold him into the man that he is today. But, the true reason he had become a dedicated and passionate professional was standing right in front of him.

“Hi, mama,” Masafumi calmly said with a smile, greeting his elderly mother at the door of their modest home on the outskirts of the city. His mother immediately fell into her son’s arms. Masafumi embraced her with a loving hug. It had been a long twelve months.

Although this visit would be short, Satake was ecstatic to see her. There was nothing better than a home cooked meal, and he couldn’t wait to tell her about his time in Japan over the last year. A lot had changed, but at the same time, a lot had stayed the same. Now that he had permanently relocated to Las Vegas and signed with Project: Violence, he would be so much closer to her. No more long car rides driving from promotion to promotion. No more shitty paychecks. No more bullshit.

2024 was going to be different.

Or at least he hoped…

The journey in 2024 would all start with the “Maple Menace”. After wrestling to a grueling 60 minute draw, encountering a brutal post-match attack, and exchanging heated words, the rivalry between Masafumi Satake and Puck had evolved into pure hatred. Now on January 5th at Deadly Habits there would finally be a resolution.

The match was set for no disqualification and no time limit. There was only one option for Satake; a dominant victory.

The time to put Puck in his place was near.

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