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Sanctioned Violence Celebrates a Banner Week in Viewership Across Its Diverse Array of Shows

The past week was a blockbuster for the Sanctioned Violence Network, as our array of wrestling shows delivered top-notch entertainment and garnered impressive viewership numbers (Week 14). Fans across the globe tuned in, solidifying SV’s status as a powerhouse in the wrestling world. Here’s a breakdown of how each show performed:

1. P:V Uprising 72 – Topping the Charts

Leading the pack was P:V Uprising 72, marking the first episode following their electrifying pay-per-view event. The spotlight was on the newly crowned P:V Champion, Adam Garcia, whose presence and charisma have captivated a wide audience. The aftermath of the PPV and the new storylines unfolding proved to be a massive draw for viewers, setting a high bar for the week.

2. sVo Showdown 179 – High Stakes Drama

Close on the heels of Uprising 72, sVo Showdown 179 featured the intense ongoing feud between sVo Champion Anthony Moretti and the formidable contender, James Von Drake. This episode’s blend of high stakes and personal vendettas captured the audience’s attention, maintaining strong viewership numbers and highlighting the deep narrative layers sVo is known for.

3. Rising Sun Pro Wrestling Carnage 3 – International Appeal

Rising Sun Pro Wrestling’s Carnage 3 held its ground with a compelling tournament arc to crown its first-ever champion. Broadcasting from Japan, Carnage 3 tapped into an international market, showcasing the global appeal of the Sanctioned Violence brand and highlighting the unique style of Japanese wrestling.

4. sVo Proving Grounds 31 – Future Stars Shine

sVo Proving Grounds 31, a platform for rising stars within the sVo universe, also drew significant numbers. This show is crucial for fans who follow the development of new talent, promising fresh matchups and future headline performers.

5. Philadelphia Fight Club ‘Episode 1’ – A Promising Start

The debut of Philadelphia Fight Club made a solid impact, drawing viewers curious to see the birth of a new promotion under the Sanctioned Violence banner. The initial episode laid down a strong foundation for what promises to be an exciting addition to the SV lineup.

6. Canadian Crown Wrestling ‘Episode 4’ – Consistent Quality

Canadian Crown Wrestling’s fourth episode continued to showcase the top wrestling action from Canada. Its consistent quality and engaging matchups ensure a dedicated viewership that appreciates the robust wrestling culture of Canada.

7. Glory Championship Wrestling ‘Episode 6’ – West Meets East

Finally, Glory Championship Wrestling’s sixth episode, which saw California’s up-and-comers invading Philadelphia during Wrestlemania weekend, provided fans an exciting crossover experience. Although it placed last in this week’s viewership, the strategic positioning and unique event concept hint at potential growth in future episodes.

Closing Thoughts

It’s been an extraordinary week for Sanctioned Violence, with diverse offerings catering to a wide array of wrestling enthusiasts. Each show’s unique flavor contributes to SV’s overall ecosystem, providing entertainment and thrilling sportsmanship. We are excited about the future, as our promotions continue to evolve and captivate audiences worldwide.

As always, stay tuned to the Sanctioned Violence for the best in professional wrestling, and make sure you catch up on any episodes you may have missed through our on-demand services. Here’s to more thrilling action in the weeks to come!

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