Tag Team Match – The Starr Brothers vs Rebel Society

  • The Starr Brothers entered the P:V tag division at Deadly Habits after their sVo contracts ended, quickly setting their sights on the gold. However first they must battle Rebel Society for position!

Single Match – Masafumi Satake vs Greg Stanley

  • Masafumi Satake has been on one hell of a run since joining, vanquishing his rival Puck at the PPV. But after the mysterious video after his match at the PPV, will he take his eye off the ball against Greg Stanley?

Fatal Four-way Match – Darwin Jones vs Brandon Snyder vs Puck vs Dash Diaz

  • Darwin Jones overcame Boyd Jackson to win big at the PPV, he looks to build to a Heavyweight Championship shot in this match whilst Snyder, Puck and Diaz all look to bounce back from losses!

Single Match – Adam Garcia vs James Mendoza

  • Both men scored massive PPV wins last week and will now surely be looking up the card towards a shot at some gold! Can Garcia continue his winning streak or will Mendoza use the momentum of his emotional PPV win to see him through?

Single Match – Lucy von Drake vs. Jakucho Akechi

  • Jakucho Akechi has been controversial since her first minute, but has been picking up win after win. She has now caught the eye of Lucy Von Drake who is also looking to re establish herself now that the roster has grown. Can Lucy pick up a statement win or will Jakucho Akechi continue to make waves?

Tag Team Match – Midas & Edwin Ellis vs Teddy Rush & Bjorn Asulf

  • It wasn’t a good PPV for Rush and Asulf, with Rush losing and then being attacked post match by Midas and Asulf being defeated for the TV Championship. The former rivals reunite on Uprising to take on the Egyptian Machine Midas and Edwin Ellis, who they had a run in with weeks ago.

Main Event

Single Match – Athena vs Elijah Drake

  • It looked like it was a perfect night for the Legends Club at Deadly Habits and claiming all the gold and running P:V…. That was until the very last seconds and the shocking return on Elijah Drake with JD James. The new TV Champion Athena takes on Drake in the main event for his first match in P:V since 2007, but what are Elijah’s intentions for the Legends Club?

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